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CM II/37Letter of attorney, Henry Langley and Nicholas Hulme appoint Thomas Jakelyn and Ralph Morton to deliver seizin of the manor of Knole co. Kent to Ralph Legh esq. and Elizabeth Langley his daughter. 15 May 1444CM/2/37
ED 543, MS 952[5]Sevenoaks, Knole, Bretons, Panthurst and Jacobs inED/1/B/1/KENT/SEV3
CM V/55Grant by Henry Langley and Nicholas Hulme, chaplain, to Ralph Legh esq. and Elizabeth, Henry's daughter, of his manor of Knole. 15 May 1444CM/5/55
CM V/143Grant by Roger Asschbonham to Thomas Nevintone, citizen and mercer of London, Thomas Remys and Richard Aylard, of his manor of Knole in Sevenoaks.9 Nov. 1392.CM/5/143
CM V/191Quitclaim of right by Walter Codyng, son of John Codyng, to Roger Asshebourhamme in a fourth part of the manor of Knole and of lands in Sevenoaks, Malling, Horton next Frennyngham, Hertle, Langefeld, Horsmondenne, Brenchesle and Peapingbury, in Kent, which he inherited after the death of Henry Grofherst, clerk. 18 Aug. 1364CM/5/191
MS 952MISCELLANY1349-1756MSS/952
CM X/45Enfeoffment by Thomas Neweton, citizen of London, Thomas Remys and Richard Aylard, of William son of Roger of Ashbourneham and Anne his wife in the manor of Knole. 17 Oct. 1397.CM/10/45
CM II/38Letter of attorney. James Fenys, Lord Say and Sele, appoints William Grenewod 9 April 1450CM/2/38
CM XII/23Copy of an indenture of grant30 Nov. 1537CM/12/23
CM XIII/6iComposition about estates and the appointment of obedientiaries between Archbishop Boniface and the Prior and Convent of Canterbury9 December 1259CM/13/6i
CM X/74Grant by John Aschebournham to his brother Roger, of a fourth part of a mediety of the manor of Knole, once belonging to Henry Grofherst.20 Feb. 1365.CM/10/74
ED 285Bailiwick of Otford [Knole, Panthurst, Joces and Riverhead in Sevenoaks] 1470-1472ED/1/B/7/285
CM XIII/20Copy of an exchange between Henry VIII and Archbishop Cranmer. 31 July 1538CM/13/20
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