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MS 3954Journal of visit to Oberammergau, Austria1930MSS/3917-3969/3953-3956/3954
Fisher 47, ff. 109-14Visit by Bishop S.C. Neill to AUSTRIA1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/47/109-14
Lang 140, ff. 219-30AUSTRIA1936Lang/1-186/140/219-30
Fisher 186 ff. 338-50 passimAUSTRIA1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/186/338-50 passim
Tait 244 ff. 58, 113-114Letters on the burials law in AUSTRIA1875-1876Tait/161-296/244/58, 113-114
Tait 161 ff. 64-5, 70-85Letters and papers on army chaplains in AUSTRIA1860, 1865Tait/161-296/161/64-5, 70-85
CFR CFC 46-47 Old Catholic Church: Austria Sep 1935-Dec 1981CFR/3/3/3
MS 4872 ff. 19-36Papers relating to an appeal for refugees in Germany and Austria1951-1952MSS/4866-4872/4872/19-36
MS 2650 ff. 223-8Memorandum on Protestantism in Austriac. 1940MSS/2615-2650/2650/191-236/223-8
MS 2639 ff. 188-95'An example of Hitler-diplomacy - the case of Austria'1939MSS/2615-2650/2639/188-95
MS 2654 ff. 40-9Persecution of Jews in AUSTRIA1938MSS/2651-2655/2654/40-9
MS 3606Keene PhotographsMSS/3601-3610/3606
Tait 23 ff. 36-79 passimAUSTRIA and GERMANY1851Tait/1-75/23/36-79 passim
CFR CFR DOC 1/1-50CFR Meetings: bound documents series 1[1934]CFR/1/2/1/1/43
CFR AC 12/3Europe1977-1978CFR/1/5/12-3
MS 4656Travel Journal of Rev. Laughton Alison 10 Jun-5 Jul 1871MSS/4654-4659/4656
W.Temple 3, ff. 380-87AUSTRIA6 July-18 Sep 1942W.Temple/1-62/3/380-87
CFR CFR 27/4Assistant General Secretaries: Revd. Michael Halliwell1950-1962CFR/1/3/27-4
CFR RC 116-117Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: AustriaCFR/6/3/3
CFR LRC 1-2Austria1 Aug 1933-5 Apr 1975CFR/4/3/1
CFR CFC 27Old Catholic Church: general: Contacts: Society of St Willibrord1951-1969CFR/3/3/1/27
CFR CFR 24General Secretary: Canon Michael Moore's travels1973-1975CFR/1/3/24
CFR CFR 26General Secretary: Canon Michael Moore's travels1978-1981CFR/1/3/26
Runcie/ECFC/1985/3Old Catholic Church: Austria: Bishop Hummel1985Runcie/ECFC/1985/3
Benson 15 ff.259-62LEVESON-GOWER (Granville George), 2nd Earl Granville - Correspondence on the Church of England in Austria1884Benson/15/259-62
W.Temple 3, ff. 388-90AUSTRIA26-28 Apr 1944W.Temple/1-62/3/388-90
Benson 18 ff.212-26LEVESON-GOWER (Granville George), 2nd Earl Granville - Correspondence on the Church of England in Austria1884Benson/18/212-26
Lang 123, ff. 100-4AUSTRIA1934Lang/1-186/123/100-4
Runcie/EG/1982/2Austria, Archbishop's private visit to1982Runcie/EG/1982/2
MS 3473Letters and papers on relations with Francec.1600-1630MSS/3470-3533/3473
MS 4549, ff. 123-219Letters from Charles Thomas Longley to his sister Catherine Longley. 1864-1868MSS/4545-4549/4549/123-219
MS 4658Travel Journal of Rev. Laughton Alison 16 Sep 1880-16 Oct 1880MSS/4654-4659/4658
MS 1859BISHOP OF FULHAM PAPERS20th CenturyMSS/1847-1860/1859
MS 1602-1603JENKINS PAPERS: JOURNAL OF A TOUR OF EGYPT AND PALESTINE9 December 1872-18 June 1873MSS/1590-1679/1602-1603
FP Winnington-Ingram 4Correspondence1901-1907FP/Winnington-Ingram/4
Tait 10 ff. 1-50 passimAUSTRIA, GERMANY and ITALY1837Tait/1-75/10/1-50 passim
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