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Runcie/ACP/1986/90Extra-provincial dioceses: Pakistan1986Runcie/ACP/1986/90
MS 4575 ff. 212-220'With the Piffers'. PakistanApr 1986MSS/4573-4575/4575/212-220
MS 4573 ff. 83-135'Indian itinerary'. India and Pakistan.Nov 1961 - Mar 1962MSS/4573-4575/4573/83-135
LC 175 ff. 270-7Suggested elements in the constitution of the United Church of North India and Pakistan.1948LC/1948/175/270-7
Fisher 272, ff. 185-7Visit by Archbishop Fisher to PAKISTAN1959Fisher/272-8/272/185-7
Ramsey 79, ff. 48-64 passimINDIA; PAKISTAN1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/79/48-64 passim
Ramsey 57, ff. 234-68Correspondence and papers on the persecution of Christians in PAKISTAN1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/57/234-68
Fisher 231, ff. 35-6Visit by Archbishop Fisher to INDIA; visit by Archbishop Fisher to PAKISTAN1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/231/35-6
Ramsey 116, ff. 178-86PAKISTAN1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/116/178-86
Ramsey 159, ff.208-13Correspondence and papers on educational institutions in PAKISTAN1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/159/208-13
Fisher 29, ff. 171-206Funds for relief work in INDIA; appeal for relief work in PAKISTAN1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/29/171-206
Bell 180Church Union in India, Pakistan and Ceylon1947 - 1958Bell/118-183/180
MS 2966 ff. 22-4Statement on St. John's College, Agra, PAKISTAN[1909]MSS/2965-3015/2966/1-24/22-4
Coggan 57, ff.27-44Pakistan, Church of 14 Jan-20 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/57/27-44
Runcie/ACP/1990/56United Churches: Pakistan1990Runcie/ACP/1990/56
Coggan 86, ff.239-249Pakistan Christian Welfare Organisation16 Jun-25 Jul 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/86/239-249
MS 4868Pakistan, India, Hong Kong and JapanMarch - April 1959MSS/4866-4872/4866-4870/4868
MS 3127Reports to the Missionary Council1932-1953MSS/3121-3128/3127
LC 199 no. 14Plan of church union in North India and Pakistan, prepared by the negotiating committee.1957LC/1958/199/14
LC 175 ff. 266-9Proposed basis of negotiation of the church of North India and Pakistan.1948LC/1948/175/266-9
Fisher 222, ff. 160-332 passimVisit by Archbishop Fisher to INDIA; visit by Archbishop Fisher to PAKISTAN1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/222/160-332 passim
Ramsey 120, ff. 5-17CHURCH UNION - correspondence and papers on church union in North INDIA and PAKISTAN 1963-1966Ramsey/4-287/1967/120/5-17
Coggan 26, ff.307-315Asia, Tour of8 Oct-6 Nov 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/26/307-315
Coggan 39, ff.277-283Pakistan, Disturbances in8 Dec 1976-5 Jan 1977Coggan/4-220/26-46/39/277-283
Coggan 39, ff.284-305Pakistan, Visit to28 Jul-29 Dec 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/39/284-305
Ramsey 219, ff.10-17Bangladesh, Church in1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/219/10-17
LCC 5 ff. 260-7Church of India, Burma, and Ceylon. Address of the episcopal synod to the Central Consultative Committee on reunion.1938LC/LCC/5/260-7
Runcie/ACV/1990/11Pakistan: planning and reports 1988-1990Runcie/ACV/1990/11
Runcie/ACP/1981/38Extra-provincial dioceses: Pakistan1980-1981Runcie/ACP/1981/38
BMU/BCC/CFWM/WG/5Pakistan Committee1983-1989BMU/10/21/9/6/5
Coggan 3, ff.67-71Anglican Methodist Scheme Again2 Jul 1971Coggan/3/1/67-71
BMU/OV/NINorth India and Pakistan1961-1982BMU/10/25/9
CFR CFR 29/1Archbishops of Canterbury: Archbishop Fisher1944-1961CFR/1/3/29-1
Runcie/ACV/1990/10Pakistan: addresses1989-1990Runcie/ACV/1990/10
Runcie/ACV/1990/13Pakistan: itinerary, briefing, and background1990Runcie/ACV/1990/13
CFR CFC 79 Church of North India, Pakistan and Ceylon May 1954-Jan 1970CFR/3/3/16
LC 174 ff. 222-3Order of confirmation, authorized for use in Church of India, Burma and Ceylon.[1944]LC/1948/174/222-3
LC 197 ff. 154-62Memorandum on the recognition of saints, submitted to the 1958 Lambeth Conference by the Church of India, Pakstan, Burma, and Ceylon.1958LC/1958/197/154-62
Runcie/ACV/1990/12Pakistan and Bangladesh: itinerary and supporting papers1989-1990Runcie/ACV/1990/12
Bell 181Derby Committee1955 - 1958Bell/118-183/181
MS 3559, ff. 269-274v'Relationships between the Church of England and the newly united Churches of North India and of Pakistan'[1972]MSS/3555-3560/3559/269-274v
Carey/PHOTO/36Pakistan4-7 December 1997Carey/PHOTO/36
CU 104/2/2Theological Committee documents7 January 1959-July 1963CU/E/104/2/2
LC 198 no. 3Principles of prayer book revision: the report of a select committee of the Church of India, Pakstan, Burma, and Ceylon appointed by the metropolitan.1957LC/1958/198/3
Carey/ACP/1991/63Extra-provincial dioceses: Pakistan1991Carey/ACP/1991/63
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