Authorized Form of NameCanterbury Cathedral Priory; 997-1540; Benedictine religious house
Corporate NameCanterbury Cathedral Priory
EpithetBenedictine religious house
OtherFormsOfNameChrist Church, Canterbury
DatesAndPlacesfounded in 997; dissolved in 1540 (replaced by a collegiate chapter with a dean and twelve prebendaries)
SourceKnowles and Hadcock, Medieval Religious Houses, (1953) p. 61.

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CM 51/204Wingham College[c. 1503-1532]CM/51/30-205/204
CM 26/1-7Estates of the Archbishop and Prior and Convent of Christ Church, Canterbury1424-1706CM/26/1-7
CM VI/123Grant by John Adam of Thanet to the Prior and Convent of Christ Church and the poor in their almonry, of 1 acre and rood of land (in Thanet?) Jan. 1260-1. Jan. 1260-1261. CM/6/123
CM VI/83Inquisition as to the extent of a new enclosure and of 'drowned land' at le Flet, in which the Archbishop [William Courtenay], the Prior of Canterbury and the Abbot of Robertsbridge are all interested. 17 Jan. 1390-1.17 Jan. 1391CM/6/83
CM VI/89Lease for 99 years (?copy) by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury to James Knoldan of Rucking, of 3a. of land in Rucking. Rent 5 shillings. 3 Jan. 1463-4. 3 Jan. 1464. CM/6/89
MS 585 pag. 388Nota de Opusculis Goscelini, Monachi Cant. in Codice vetusto Cottoniano simul congestis, nec non Excerpta quaedam ex iisdem. MSS/585/141
MS 590 pag. 20Ex antiquo admodum Ecclesiae Cantuar. Obituario, ibidem [Bibliothecâ Cottonianâ] asservato. MSS/590/8
MS 585 pag. 461Excerpta ex xij aliis Ecclesiae Cant. Registris, quae agunt de rebus inter Annos 1277 et 1503 gestisMSS/585/164
CM VI/126Grant and quitclaim of right by Robert Mol, son of Ralph Field (de Campo), to the Prior and Convent of Christ Church, Canterbury, for the use of the almonry, of 1½ acres in Monkton near the street (strata) from Wade to Hassling. Jan. 1260-1Jan. 1261CM/6/126
CM 52/9-10Christ Church, Canterbury 6 Dec 1533CM/52/3-14/9-10
CM VI/92A note of payments made from the manor of Googyhall by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, including 6s. 8d. to the bursar of All Souls. 1484-1485CM/6/92
CM VI/143Memorandum of a holding of the Prior of Canterbury in Great Chart manor, measured by William Harlakynden farmer there. June 1474CM/6/143
CM VI/102Letter from Henry Essherst to Master Halys of St. George's parish, Canterbury, concerning his grievances as a tenant against the Prior of Christ Churchc. 1500CM/6/102
CM VI/142Grant by William, son of Osmund of Fulebourne, to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury for the lights of SS. Dunstan and Alphage, of a rent of fivepence from an acre of land held by Reiner the miller, (no. place).c. 1235-1236CM/6/142
CM XIX/1Draft or copy of lease by Prior and Convent of Canterbury to [ ] of the manor of Tenterden.Early 16th century CM/19/1
CM VI/107Draft case by which Thomas Prior of Canterbury claims rents and lands in Great ChartLate 15th centuryCM/6/107
CM VI/140Grant by Alditha, daughter of Elwric, to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury to the use of the poor, of her tenement in Bedgeburyc.1220CM/6/140
CM VI/133Notification of quitclaim by J. [? John of Sittingbourne], the Prior, and Convent of Canterbury, to the Abbess and Convent of Malling, of all right in a tenement in their manor of Well which they had claimed from the abbess.Nov. 1232CM/6/133
CM VI/130Grant and quitclaim by Robert Wodecok, son of Symon the smith of Langebeck, to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury of all right in the tenement he holds of them of the curia of Westwell. Roger of Pette bailiff of Westwell. Late 13th centuryCM/6/130
MS 585 pag. 12Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesias Cant. de libertatibus, privilegiis, et juribus ejusdem. MSS/585/4
MS 582 pag. 105Excerpta ex Registro ejusdem Ecclesiae [Canterbury], agente de rebus ejusdem ab A°. 1320 ad 1370. MSS/582/26
MS 585 pag. 25Excerpta ex duobus Registris Ecclesiae Cantuar. pertingentibus ab A°. 1360 ad 1453. MSS/585/19
MS 582 pag. 101Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. agente de rebus ejusdem Ecclesiae ab A°. 1290 ad 1350. MSS/582/25
MS 582 pag. 128Excerpta ex alio ejusdem Ecclesiae [Canterbury Cathedral Priory] Registro antiquo, quod agit de prisco ejusdem Ecclesiae statu ante Lanfranci tempora. pag. 128.MSS/582/41
F I/Vv f. 65vMuniment book1536F/1/1Vv/65v
MS 4415Summaries and excerpts, mainly from the registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury, the Bishop of Chichester, and Christ Church Canterburyn.dMSS/4400-4433/4415-4417/4415
MS 585 pag.1Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. magno, agente de rebus et possessionibus ejusdem Ecclesiae extra Cantiam sitis.MSS/585/1
MS 582 pag. 110Excerpta ex Thomae Cawston, Monachi Cantuar. Historiâ de admissionibus, professonibus, et obitibus Monachorum Ecclesiae Cant. ab A°. 1207 ad 1507. MSS/582/30
MS 582 pag. 120Excerpta ex Registro insigni ejusdem Ecclesiae [Canterbury Cathedral Priory], quod continet Bullas Paparum, Cartas Regum, Diplomata Archiepiscoporum et Episc. &c. eidem data ordine Chronologico. pag. 120.MSS/582/35
MS 582 pag. 132Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cant. agente de rebus ejusdem circa Annum 1400. MSS/582/46
MS 582 pag. 131Excerpta ex Regiftro Ecclesiae Cantuar. agente de rebus ejusdem ab A°. 1506 ad 1531. MSS/582/44
MS 582 pag. 136Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar agente de rebus ejusdem ab A°. 1348 ad 1374. MSS/582/50
MS 582 pag. 51Computus Conventus Ecclesiae Christi Cantuar. de receptis et expensis A°. 1336. MSS/582/4
MS 582 pag. 127Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. ab A°. 1500 ad 1505. pertingente. pag. 127.MSS/582/39
MS 594 pag. 49Excerpta ex Chronico quodam brevi Ecclesiae Christi Cantuar. MSS/594/32
MS 582 pag. 127Excerpta ex Registro ejusdem [Canterbury Cathedral Priory] de expensis Henrici de Eastry Prioris. MSS/582/40
MS 585 pag. 460Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cant. ab Anno 1390 ad 1493. pertingente. MSS/585/163
MS 594 pag. 149Collectanea de Manerio et Ecclesicâ de Chartham ex quodam Ecclesiae Cantuar Registro. MSS/594/87
ED IIChrist Church Canterbury Estates: Prior and ConventED/2
P.D. 33GREGORY IX 16 April 1238PD/33
F I/Vv f. 137rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/137r
MS 582 pag. 52-70Excerpta ex immensa congerie Chartarum, Chirographorum, aliorumque Instrumentorum et Monumentorum Originalium in Archivis Ecclesiae Christi Cantuar.MSS/582/6
MS Film 206-227Microfilm copy1284-1661MSFilm/206-227
CM VI/144Grant by Robert de Akholte to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, to the necessary uses of the almonry, of half an acre in Monkton. February 1268-9.February 1269CM/6/144
CM XII/20Petition to the Crown by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, concerning their ancient right to hold the fish market in Burgate Street in Canterbury, which is disputed by William atte Woode and other citizens of Canterbury. ?Star Chamber.c. 1520CM/12/20
CM XI/14Chirograph of agreement between Archbishop Boniface and the subprior and Convent of Canterbury as to the election of a new prior, the troubles of the realm having created difficulties and the archbishop being overseas. 25 Jan. 1263-425 Jan. 1264CM/11/14
CM X/97Counterpart lease, for ten years, by Prior of Christ Church Canterbury to Maurice Hode husbandman, of Tenterden, Kent, of 3 pieces of wood land and arable in Tenterden. Rent of 3s. 4d. 20 Dec. 1516CM/10/97
CM III/14Return by Stephen Thornherst to Baron Hales about the boundaries of Ketemarshe and the boundaries of the plot there belonging to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury measured 18 December 1529. 1529CM/3/14
CM VI/148Indenture of composition of a dispute between the Prior and Convent of Dover concerning the claim of Canterbury to nominate the subprior of Dover. 1235CM/6/148
CM XVII/3Contemporary copies of leases by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, of manors and rectories, giving details of stock, equipment and furnishings. 1381-98. 1381-1398CM/17/3
CM XI/12Notification by King John that he has confirmed to Archbishop Hubert and the church of Canterbury the fee of William de Ros. Witnesses: John Gray, Bishop of Norwich, William des Roches, seneschal of Anjou, Peter de Pratellis, William Briwer, Hubert de Burgh, chamberlain, Garin de Glapion, Peter of Stokes. La Fleche, per manum nostrum, 10 Jan. 1201-210 Jan. 1202CM/11/12
CM VI/129Agreement between John [John Wodnesbergh], the Prior, and the Convent of Christ Church Canterbury on one part, and William Gailer, mayor, and the barons and commonalty of the town of Sandwich on the other.6 Aug. 1422CM/6/129
CM VI/101Copy of a lease for 99 years, by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury to James Knoldan, of Rucking, 2 pieces of land called Danielland in Rucking.6 July 1465CM/6/101
CM VI/122Note of quittance by the Prior of Christ Church Canterbury, farmer of Googyhall, to Richard Ludwich, bursar of All Souls. 8 Oct. 1480CM/6/122
CM XXI/41Copy (early 18th century) of an entry in [?] Prior Henry of Eastry's register, recording a request by the Prior and Convent of Canterbury to Gilbert Segrave, Bishop of London, to make provision for their clerk Mr. Michael de Bereham, whom they have nominated to him.6 Aug. 1315.CM/21/41
Reg. IslipRegister of Simon Islip1349-1366V/A/4Islip
MS 1232FRAGMENT14th-15th centuryMSS/1232
MS 580 Section 3Prologi, Seu Praefationes Librorum Seqq.MSS/580/3
CM VI/128Grant of confraternity by Henry [Henry of Eastry], the Prior and the Chapter of Canterbury to the Prior and Convent of Norwich, setting out the provisions of such a grant. 15 April 1302CM/6/128
F I/Vv f. 161vMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/161v
MS 585 pag. 21Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cant. agente de Vacatione Sedis Archiepiscopalis ab A°. 1292 ad 1348. MSS/585/16
CM X/21Copy of an inquisition and return ad quod damnum of the manor of Caldecote next Canterbury, which Archbishop Walter Reynolds proposes to grant to the Prior and Convent of Christ Church Canterbury. Writ dated 18 Jan., return 16 Feb. 1325-6.January-February 1326CM/10/21
CM XI/42Inspeximus by Fulco, Bishop of Lisieux, and the Abbots of Bernay and Cormeilles, of the charters of St. Philibert by Montfort, in the diocese of Lisieux, relating to the church of Saltwood. 10 March 1241CM/11/42
CM XVI/4A series of proofs (intended for production on 1 July 1528) of the separateness of the manor and Iugum of Ashford, co. Kent 'as of the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, as of Great Chart.'1528CM/16/4
CM VI/146Grant by Richard son of Thomas, the baker of Westwell, to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, of his wood next Langebech.c. 1260CM/6/146
CM XIX/27Memoranda of articles of agreement between the Prior and Convent of Canterbury and the Mayor and Commonalty of Canterbury, concerning the suitors of the priory High Court at Well and the lease of a meadow called the Rosary.Late 15th centuryCM/19/27
CM XIII/6iiCharters and documents in a case 'now in the custody of the Lord King' with notes headed 'abusiones nove carte'late 13th centuryCM/13/6ii
CM VI/147Counterpart lease. Prior and Convent of Canterbury to Robert at Leghe of Westwell, husbandman, of seven pieces of land, parcel of the demesne of Westwell. 2 Jan. 1514-15.2 Jan. 1515CM/6/147
CM VI/135Counterpart lease by Thomas [Thomas Goldston], the Prior, and the Convent of Canterbury to Alan Merden of Benenden Kent, tanner, of 6 acres of land in Benenden. 27 Feb. 1463-427 Feb. 1464CM/6/135
CM XIII/1Inspeximus by King Charles II (initial portrait and historiated border) of royal grants to Christ Church, Canterbury, of lands, liberties and churches in Kent. Made at Archbishop Sheldon's request. 31 Oct. 1664CM/13/1
CM XII/33Inspeximus of earlier charters to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury as in CM XI/1-6 by Edward IV 15 April 1463CM/12/33
CM VI/149Copy of charters relating to the possessions of the Prior and Convent of Canterbury in Well. 17th centuryCM/6/149
CM VI/125Grant by Walter of Eversle to the Prior and Convent of Christ Church, Canterbury, of all his wood next Pulleharesdane, near Langebecke Wood and Herlewinesland.Late 13th centuryCM/6/125
CM XIII/27Draft indenture between the Prior and Convent of Canterbury and the Mayor and commonalty of Canterbury settling disputes about the use of the Fishmarket in Burgate in the city of Canterbury. 1503-4. 1503-1504CM/13/27
CM VI/137Counterpart lease by Thomas [Thomas Goldston], the Prior and Convent of Canterbury to John Balsyr, tanner, of Westgate, Canterbury, and John Balsyr of St. Andrews Canterbury, of 4 ½a. and 29p., parcel of the manor of Bekesbourne in a field called Eastdowne. 6 April 1467CM/6/137
CM XII/32Inspeximus, apparently by King Henry VI, of earlier charters to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury as in CM XI/1-6. [15th century]CM/12/32
CM VI/141Grant by Henry Pansard to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury of nine dayworks of wood near Langebeck.c. 1240CM/6/141
MS 582 pag. 119Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. circa An. 1375 scripto.MSS/582/34
MS 594 pag. 121Determinatio Similis [regarding the jurisdiction of the pope] Prioris et Conventûs Ecclesiae Christi Cantuar. MSS/594/79
MS 582 pag. 116Excerpta ex tribus aliis Ecclesiae Cant. Registris. MSS/582/32
MS 582 pag. 114Excerpta ex Libro de computis Ecclesias Cantuar. A°. 1400 ad A[nn]um. 1420.MSS/582/31
MS 580 Section 5Excerpta Breviora Ex Libris SequentibusMSS/580/5
MS 585 pag. 24Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cant. agente de rebus ejusdem [Sedis Archiepiscopalis] ab A°. 1272 ad 1307. MSS/585/17
MS 585 pag. 19Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. agente de Vacationibus Sedis Archiepiscopalis inter annos 1348 et 1413. MSS/585/15
MS 582 pag. 100Excerpta ex Registro antiquo Ecclesiae Cantuar. MSS/582/24
MS 582Manuscript volumeMSS/582
ED 1448Rental: places mentioned include Great Bishopsden and Walkhurst in Benenden, Shrimpenden in Bethersden, Yardhurst and Bevenden in Great Chart [and ? Newenden in Smarden] [Prior and convent of Christ Church, Canterbury]Late 15th cent.ED/11/B/TAV/1448
MS 951/1MISCELLANY13th-18th centuryMSS/951/1
CM XIX/26Copy (early 16 c.) of a repetition and confirmation by Archbishop Arundel, dated 9 April 1403, of an agreement concerning tithes, between the Prior and Convent of Canterbury and Nicholas Ryschton, Ll.D., rector of Cliffe (Clyve).8 April 1403CM/19/26
MS 62RIC. PRATELLENSIS IN GENESIM. [Richard of Dumellis, Abbot of Préaux]12th centuryMSS/62
F I/Vv f. 41vMuniment book1535 (?)F/1/1Vv/41v
CM VI/145Copy of a lease by G., the Prior, and the Convent of Canterbury to John Gige, clerk10 May 1412CM/6/145
CM XIII/15Portion of the almoner's cartulary, Christ Church CanterburyEarly 14th centuryCM/13/15
CM VI/139Bond of Ralph Roger gent, of Great Chart, Richard Sprott butcher, of Hynkyshyll, (?) Richard Filpott smith, of Kennington, and Thomas Brett cooper, of Great Chart to pay £100 to Thomas [Thomas Goldwell], the Prior of Christ Church, at Christmas next coming. 10 June 1528CM/6/139
CM VI/82Letter from Thomas Carsey of Deopham to the Prior of Canterbury [late 15th century]CM/6/82
CM VI/124Notification (chirograph) of a grant in fee by Roger [Roger of St. Alphege], the Prior, and the Convent of Canterbury to Bartholomew of Everle of 50 acres of land called Le Hoc (in Wells.) Jan. 1259CM/6/124
CM VI/131Notification of a grant by William son of Simon of Bercheltune and Dionisia, daughter of Walter Bues, to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury.Feb. 1236CM/6/131
CM X/133Counterpart of deed to lead the uses of a feoffment.11 Aug. 1404CM/10/133
CM XI/9Notification by King Henry II of confirmation to Archbishop Theobald and his successors and the church of Canterbury, of the church of St. Martin of Dover, with the new tithe of fish for the whole year given to it by the burgesses of Dover, subject to the maintenance of the Benedictine rule there.c. 1156CM/11/9
CM XIII/6iComposition about estates and the appointment of obedientiaries between Archbishop Boniface and the Prior and Convent of Canterbury9 December 1259CM/13/6i
CM XVII/2Transcript of plea ad quod damnum in the Exchequer, octave of St. Martin 1339, concerning a request by John Stratford, Archbishop of Canterbury, to alienate to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury the manor of Caldecote. 1339CM/17/2
CM X/128Quitclaim and renunciation, by Bartholomew of Everle, of his right to the common pasture of the Prior and Convent of Canterbury in the wood of Langebeche (no place) about which he has brought a suit of novel disseizin before Hugh Bygot, Justiciar of England.1258-1259CM/10/128
CM VI/134Grant by Cecilia, widow of Walter le Beuf (sic)c. 1236CM/6/134
CM XI/16Notification by Peter of Stokes that he has sworn to keep the fee of William de Ros, which the king has returned to Archbishop Hubert and the church of Canterbury and which the Archbishop has committed to his charge, faithfully and without waste throughout the minority of the heirs.(1193-1205)CM/11/16
CM X/109Confirmation by King Henry I (English and Anglo Saxon) to Archbishop William of Corbeil and the monks of Canterbury, of all the lands and liberties which they had in the times of King Edward and King William. No date but 1123-35. [1123-1135]CM/10/109
CM VI/121Unsealed chirograph recording a grant of demesne lands and escheats by Geoffrey the Prior, and the Convent of Christ Church to certain men, saving the custom they are used to pay at CoptonLate 12th CenturyCM/6/121
CM XI/10Charter of King John 4 May 1202CM/11/10
Reg. StaffordReg. KempRegister of John Stafford and John Kemp [Kempe]1443-1454V/A/11Stafford
Sion L40.2/L2PSALTERc.1260SionMSS/L/2
MS 580 Section 4Excerpta Ampla Seu Prolixa Ex Libris SequentibusMSS/580/4
MS 585 pag. 11Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. MSS/585/3
MS 1370GOSPELS OF MACDURNAN9th centuryMSS/1370
MS 952MISCELLANY1349-1756MSS/952
CM X/104Copy of writ and inquisition ad quod damnum concerning Archbishop Walter Reynolds' proposed gift of his manor of Calcott to the Prior and Convent of Canterbury, with survey of manor. 17 Feb. 1325-617 Feb. 1326CM/10/104
CM X/96Lease for 13 years by Archbishop Simon Islep to Geoffrey [de Chaddesley], the Prior, and the Convent, of Merton, of the demesne lands, meadows and pastures of his manor of Wimbledon.26 Oct. 1363CM/10/96
CM XI/4Notification by King Henry II to monks of Canterbury, of confirmation of all rights given to them by King Henry his grandfather.1175-1179CM/11/4
CM XVI/8Transcript of a cause from the 'Coram Rege' rolls, Trinity term 1529, between Thomas Pyrry, vicar of Bearsted, and the Prior of Canterbury, rector or parson of Bearsted, for recovery of £55. 6. 8, claimed by the vicar as arrears of a rent charge of 5 marks. 1529CM/16/8
CM XX/7Lease by William [William Sellyng], Prior, and the Convent of Christ Church, Canterbury 15 Dec. 1477CM/20/7
CM VI/120Grant and quitclaim of right by Walter, son of Thomas Achard, to Roger of St. Alphage, Prior of Christ Church.Early 13th centuryCM/6/120
CM XI/7Letter of King John to the Prior and monks of Christ Church, inviting them to return from exile. 24 May 1213CM/11/7
CM XI/5Notification by King Richard I of confirmation to the church of Canterbury of all its liberties, as in CM XI/4. 17 Sep. 1189CM/11/5
CM XI/1Notification in Latin and English by King Henry I to all in whose shires Archbishop Anselm and the monks of Canterbury have lands, that he has confirmed to them all the lands they held in the time of King Edward and King William. [c. 1100]CM/11/1
CM VI/138Inspeximus by H. [Henry of Eastry], the Prior, and the Convent of Canterbury of a charter of Archbishop Theobald confirming the endowments of the church of Leeds.9 April 1291CM/6/138
CM XII/23Copy of an indenture of grant30 Nov. 1537CM/12/23
CM XVII/4Transcript (contemporary) of settlement of differences between Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Prior [Thomas] Chillenden and the Convent of Christchurch on one hand and the Abbot and Convent of St. Edmunda, Bury [Bury St Edmund] on the other.Nov. 1408CM/17/4
MS 580 Section 2Epistolae, Diplomata, Aliaque Instrumenta Integra SequentiaMSS/580/2
MS 585 pagg. 2-11Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar.MSS/585/2
MS 585 pagg. 61-112Notae de Codicibus MSS. Historicis aliisque magis insignibus in Bibliotheca Collegii Corporis Christi Cantabrig.MSS/585/35
MS 585 pag. 159Commemoratio Johannis Bokingham Ex-Episcopi Lincoln, ex Obituario Ecclesiae Cantuar. descripta. MSS/585/55
MS 585 pag. 197Notae quaedam Historicae valdè insignes de Episcopis quibusdam priscis Landavensibus per Archiepiscopos Cant. consecratosMSS/585/76
MS 585 pag. 466Execerpta ex Registro grandi ejusdem Ecclesiae [Canterbury Cathedral Priory] continente Testamenta probata in Vacationibus Sedis Cant. Annis 1500, et 1503.MSS/585/165
MS 585 pag. 599Excerpta ex Registro Ecclesiae Cantuar. continente Acta Visitationis Metropoliticae factae à Capitulo Cant. durante Vacatione Sedis Cant A°. 1501.MSS/585/183
MS 1025MISCELLANY1356-1689MSS/1025
Sion L40.2/L31GIOVANNI D'ANDREAc.1300-c.1350SionMSS/L/31
Reg. ReynoldsRegister of Walter Reynolds1313-1328V/A/3Reynolds
Sion L40.2/L32JOHN LATHBURY15th centurySionMSS/L/32
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
MS 1212Cartulary of the See of Canterbury13th century-14th centuryMSS/1212
MS 78W. CHARTHAM SPECULUM PARVULORUM15th century (pre 1448)MSS/78
MS 558PSALTER ETC. (CANTERBURY)Late 13th century, early 15th centuryMSS/558
MS 59ANSELMI EPISTOLAE ETC.12th century, 15th centuryMSS/59
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