Authorized Form of NameChurch of South India; 1947-
Corporate NameChurch of South India
DatesAndPlacesFormed in 1947 by the union of churches of varying traditions (Anglican, Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian).
InternalStructuresIn 1947 the dioceses of Dornakal, Madras, Tinnevelly and Tranvacore and Cochin became part of the newly inaugurated Church of South India.
SourceLambeth Palace Library printed books catalogue

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MS 3814Southern India1948-1952MSS/3779-3827/3812-3822/3814
MS 3813Southern India1935-1947 MSS/3779-3827/3812-3822/3813
MS 4294 ff. 44-61Claude Beaufort Moss, 'The South Indian church proposals compared with the agreement between the Church of England and the Church of Finland'26 July 1943MSS/4284-4296/4294/44-61
MS 4346Correspondence and papers relating to the Church of South India1941-1952MSS/4341-4355/4346
LC 187 no. 6Proposed scheme of church union in South India. 1943LC/1948/187/6
MS 2983Church union in South India1929-1930 MSS/2965-3015/2982-2985/2983
LC 187 no. 7Order of service for the inauguration of church union in South India, by the Church of South India.[1947]LC/1948/187/7
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MS 4798 ff. 194-280Papers of Alfred Edward John Rawlinson (1884-1960)1944-1952MSS/4798-4802/4798/194-280
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Bell 178Church of South India1948 - 1951Bell/118-183/178
MS 3978Smethurst, Arthur Frederick (1904-1957)1949-1957MSS/3978
CFR AC 36/2Lambeth Conference, 1958: preparations for1957-1961CFR/1/5/36-2
BM 12/220-221Agenda12th October 1948BM/12/220-221
BM 12/306-307Agenda11th January 1950BM/12/306-307
CFR AC 23/1South Africa: general1953-1978CFR/1/5/23-1
CFR AC 41/6Lambeth Conference, 1968: ecumenical observers: CESA, CSI, WCC and Free Churches1967-1968CFR/1/5/41-6
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Ramsey 266, ff. 1-5South India, Church of1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/266/1-5
MS 2979PALMER PAPERS1927-1929MSS/2965-3015/2979
MS 2980PALMER PAPERS1929-1932MSS/2965-3015/2980
MS 2981PALMER PAPERS1933-1951MSS/2965-3015/2981
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Fisher 227, f. 283ORDINATION1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/227/283
Fisher 101, ff. 246-9INDIA - Church union in south India; ORDINATION - admission of a presbyter of the Church of South India, formerly a Roman Catholic priest, to Anglican orders 1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/101/246-9
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Fisher 235, ff 65-73Admission of members of other Churches to HOLY COMMUNION; INDIA - Church union in south India1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/235/65-73
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Fisher 142, ff. 310-15INDIA1954Fisher/1-271/134-151/142/310-15
CFR CFC 76-78 Church of South India Jan 1936-Sep 1980CFR/3/3/15
Fisher 330/135Standing Committee Meeting 30 Apr 1947 Fisher/330/75-217/135
MU/OS/5/26Overseas correspondence and report files for Asia: The Church of South India1947-1979MU/1/OS/5/26
Ramsey 340/2Miscellaneous Papers: Special Letters1962-1974Ramsey/340/2
Fisher 8, ff. 1-146INDIA1945Fisher/1-271/1-10/8/1-146
Runcie/EG/1984/14Church of South India1984Runcie/EG/1984/14
MC/OV/CSIChurch of South India (CSI)1949-1963MCOC/20/5
BMU/OV/CSIChurch of South India1969-1990BMU/10/25/11
Runcie/EG/1985/51Unity: Church of South India1985Runcie/EG/1985/51
MEC/OB/13/2Church of South India1961-1969 MEC/13/13/2
MEC/OB/13/3Church of South India Council in Great Britain1960-MEC/13/13/3
Runcie/ELRC/1987/16Sweden: consecration1986-1987Runcie/ELRC/1987/16
Runcie/EG/1985/50United Churches: South India1983-1985Runcie/EG/1985/50
Fisher 225, ff. 255-8HOLY COMMUNION - celebration by a bishop of the Church of South India in England: James Edward Lesslie NEWBIGIN, Bishop in Madura and Ramnad (Church of South India)1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/225/255-8
Coggan 60, ff.138-144South India, Church of18-26 Apr 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/60/138-144
Runcie/ACP/1988/71Extra-provincial dioceses: South India1988Runcie/ACP/1988/71
Fisher 208, ff. 193-216 passimHOLY COMMUNION - use of foreign rites in Anglican churches; INDIA - Church union in south India1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/208/193-216 passim
LC 153Correspondence and papersMay 1928- July 1932LC/1930/153
LC 186 no. 11DIX (Gregory), prior of Nashdom Abbey, Bucks, HOLLIS (Arthur Michael), bishop in Madras, and LEGG (Arnold Henry), bishop in South Travancore.[1948]LC/1948/186/11
W.Temple 28SOUTH INDIA6 Jan 1942-30 Oct 1943W.Temple/1-62/28
Ramsey 218, ff.34-72Advisory Council for the Church's Ministry1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/218/34-72
LC 209Lambeth Conference 1968: Conference planning and business: Attendance: Observers1966-1968LC/1968/205-218/209
Fisher 18, ff. 11-269INDIA1946Fisher/1-271/11-22/18/11-269
Runcie/LC/44Bishops invited1982-1988Runcie/LC/44
Runcie/EG/1987/40United Churches in India etc.1986-1987Runcie/EG/1987/40
MS 4803-4806MICHAEL BRUCE1943-1956MSS/4803-4806
MS 2966 ff. 178-299Letters and papers concerning the episcopal synod30 December 1912-4 January 1913 MSS/2965-3015/2966/178-299
MS 2978PALMER PAPERS1919-1926MSS/2965-3015/2978
MS 2986 f. 150r-vNote by the Revd. John Albert Douglas, Hon. General Secretary to the Council on Foreign Relations, on the Orthodox and the South Indian union scheme14 October 1943 MSS/2965-3015/2986/150r-v
MS 2987PALMER PAPERS1909-1934MSS/2965-3015/2987
MS 2647HEADLAM PAPERS1932-1944MSS/2615-2650/2647
MS 2620 ff. 63-118vPapers concerning the South India church union scheme, including (f. 116) 'A manifesto on church union', 1919. 1930-1945MSS/2615-2650/2620/63-118v
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