Authorized Form of NameGeorge VI (1895-1952); King of Great Britain and Ireland
SurnameGeorge VI
TitleKing of Great Britain and Ireland

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LC 176 ff. 296-304Correspondence with GEORGE VI, king of England.1948LC/1948/176/296-304
Lang 21, ff. 149-354Coronation of GEORGE VI, King of EnglandLang/1-186/21/149-354
Lang 190, f. 199Marriage of GEORGE VI, King of England1923Lang/189-192/190/199
Lang 152, ff. 1-3Coronation of GEORGE VI, King of England1937Lang/1-186/152/1-3
Lang 223, ff. 234-56Coronation of GEORGE VI, King of EnglandLang/199-223/223/234-56
Lang 193/20Coronation of GEORGE VI, King of EnglandLang/193/20
MS 3208 (ff. 163-309v)Papers1934-1942MSS/3208/163-309v
Lang 18, ff. 284-93Loyal addresses by the Convocations to GEORGE VI, King of England1937Lang/1-186/18/284-93
Lang 192, ff. 333-40GEORGE VI, King of England1933, 1936Lang/189-192/192/333-40
Lang 318 ff. 53-55Two letters from Queen Mary to Archbishop Lang4 May, 27 May 1937Lang/318/46-77/53-55
Fisher 103, ff. 1-140Death and funeral of GEORGE VI, King of England1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/103/1-140
Fisher 92, ff. 331-5AUSTRALIA - GEORGE VI, King of England, requested to open the Sydney Show1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/92/331-5
Fisher 85, ff. 385-6Death and funeral of GEORGE VI, King of England1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/85/385-6
Fisher 98, ff. 114-25GEORGE VI, King of England1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/98/114-25
Fisher 87, ff. 86-100Death and funeral of GEORGE VI, King of England1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/87/86-100
Bell 205, ff. 169-80BELL (Henrietta Millicent Grace), wife of Bishop Bell1937Bell/184-368/204-218/205/169-80
Lang 23, ff. 170-280 passimCoronation of GEORGE VI, King of EnglandLang/1-186/23/170-280 passim
Douglas 8, f. 275GEORGE VI, King of England1946Douglas/8/210-373/275
Bell 354, ff. 129-33Bell's memorial sermon on GEORGE VI, king of England.February 1952Bell/184-368/342-355/354/129-33
Ellison P/1/3/3ScrapbookSep-Nov 1943Ellison/P/1/3/3
Lang 318 ff. 142-162George VI1923-1945Lang/318/142-162
Fisher 330/150-152Letter to the King 14 Jun 1951Fisher/330/75-217/150-152
Lang 318 ff. 230-231Letter from Mary [Princess Royal] to Archbishop Lang23 December 1937Lang/318/218-238/230-231
LC 188 ff. 108-11, 155-6Correspondence with GEORGE VI, king of England.1948LC/1948/188/108-11, 155-6
MS 3217Coronation Service1937-1953MSS/3217
Fisher 39, ff. 318-24AUSTRALIA - GEORGE VI, King of England, requested to open the Sydney Show1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/39/318-24
Fisher 49, ff. 62-8GEORGE VI, King of England1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/49/62-8
Fisher 106, ff. 105-14Death and funeral of GEORGE VI, King of England1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/106/105-14
Lang 22Coronation of GEORGE VI, King of England (passim)1936-1938Lang/1-186/22
CFR AOC 97/1Syrian Orthodox Church: South India: Contacts1936-1963CFR/2/3/6/97-1
CFR LRC 95/3Latvia: Contacts: Archbishop Grunbergs30 Jun 1949-18 Jun 1962CFR/4/3/16/95-3
CFR OC 53/1Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I October 1948-January 1958CFR/5/3/5/53-1
Ellison P/1/3/2ScrapbookJan 1942-Nov 1943Ellison/P/1/3/2
Fisher 70, ff. 1-13Loyal addresses to the Sovereign from the CONVOCATION OF CANTERBURY; GEORGE VI, King of England - loyal addresses from the Convocation of Canterbury1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/70/1-13
W.Temple 56WAR 1939-458 May 1942-1 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/56
CFR OC 51Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Benjamin January 1936-March 1946CFR/5/3/5/51
CFR LRC 105/5Norway: Contacts: Bishop Smemo19 Jan 1951-24 Jul 1961CFR/4/3/19/105-5
CM 46/25Appointment of Lewis Collins as chaplain in the R.A.F.12 Jul 1940CM/46/25
CFR OC 256/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: Contacts: Serbian Bishops1938-1959CFR/5/3/27/256-2
Davidson 20, ff.400-6Engagement and wedding of George (later GEORGE VI, king of England) to ELIZABETH (later queen-consort)1923Davidson/1-26/20/400-6
CFR CFC 42/1Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: ContactsFeb 1937-May 1979CFR/3/3/2/42-1
Lang 290Newspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury1936-1938 Lang/274-292/290
Lang 291Newspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury1938-1942Lang/274-292/291
Bell 99South Africa1949 - 1957Bell/65-117/99
Ellison P/14/3Photographs1939-1976Ellison/P/14/3
Ellison P/20/6/7, f. 1King's inspection of scouts at Windsor25/04/1937Ellison/P/20/6/7/1
Lang 150, ff. 27-31Appointment of the Clerk of the Closet to GEORGE VI, King of England; Thomas Banks STRONG, Bishop of Oxford - resignation as Clerk of the Closet1937Lang/1-186/150/27-31
Lang 218Death and funeral of GEORGE V, King of England, and coronation of GEORGE VI, King of England1936-1938Lang/199-223/218
Lang 281Newspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury1918-1923Lang/274-292/281
Lang 283Newspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury1923-1928Lang/274-292/283
Lang 301A f. 36Photograph of the unveiling of the Windsor Memorial to King George V23rd April 1937Lang/299-301A/301A/36
Lang 318 ff. 163-165Letter from the Duchess of York [later Queen Elizabeth] to Archbishop Lang26 June 1925Lang/318/163-203/163-165
Lang 318 ff. 177-180Letter from Queen Elizabeth to Archbishop Lang12 December 1936Lang/318/163-203/177-180
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