Authorized Form of NameWillis; John Jamieson (1872-1954); Bishop of Uganda
ForenamesJohn Jamieson
EpithetBishop of Uganda
ActivityAssistant Bishop of Leicester (1935-1949)

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LC 148 f. 174WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1930LC/1930/148/174
LC 143 no. 174Photograph of WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1920LC/1920/143/174
LC 107 no. 106WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1920LC/1920/107/106
MS 3122, ff.292-330Willis (John Jamieson), Bishop of Uganda.1931-1933MSS/3121-3128/3122/292-330
LC 109 ff. 149-50WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1920LC/1920/109/149-50
LC 168 no. 25John Jamieson Willis, Bishop of Uganda, The proposed East African province.1930LC/1930/168/25
LC 106 ff. 30-5 passimWILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1920LC/1920/106/30-5 passim
LC 79 ff. 31-4Correspondence with Willis (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda. LC/1908/79/31-4
LC 147 f. 132WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1930LC/1930/147/132
LC 170 no. 77Photograph of WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1930LC/1930/170/77
LC 114 ff. 39-40Correspondence with John Jamieson Willis, Bishop of Uganda, on the discussion of the scheme of missionary alliance for British East Africa (Kikuyu Conference)March 1920LC/1920/114/39-40
LC 146 ff. 328-34WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1930LC/1930/146/328-34
W.Temple 5, ff. 345-51BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY18-26 Aug 1943W.Temple/1-62/5/345-51
Davidson 174, ff.189-220 passimWILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1911Davidson/27-217/174/189-220 passim
MS 2250 ff. 5-62'The Kikuyu Conference', [by Bishop Willis].1913MSS/2245-2320/2250/5-62
MS 2250 ff. 197-201'Notes on addresses to missionaries' by Bishop Willis.15 January 1932MSS/2245-2320/2250/197-201
MU/OS/5/13/33General file for the Diocese of Uganda1910-1928MU/1/OS/5/13/33
MS 2251 ff. 151-188Lectures and addresses apparently by Bishop Willis on African subjects. MSS/2245-2320/2251/151-188
MS 2245WILLIS PAPERS30 August 1900-12 August 1901MSS/2245-2320/2245
MS 2252-2284WILLIS PAPERS1907-1945MSS/2245-2320/2252-2284
MS 2311WILLIS PAPERS1846-1937MSS/2245-2320/2311
MS 2250 ff. 267-286Memoranda by Bishop Willis for the C.M.S. on the government, commerce, and missions of tropical Africa, and an account of Uganda in the same period.1900-1938MSS/2245-2320/2250/267-286
MS 2250 ff. 142-146Sermon by Bishop Willis on "The church in the mission field," preached in Westminster Abbey (proof)MSS/2245-2320/2250/142-146
MS 2314WILLIS PAPERS1924-1953MSS/2245-2320/2314
MS 2312WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2312
MS 2251 ff. 47-54Account [by Bishop Willis] of missionary work at Maseno, Uganda20th cent.MSS/2245-2320/2251/47-54
MS 2251 ff. 237-238Biographical note by Bishop Willis on Walter Edwin Owen, Archdeacon of Kavirondo. [1953]MSS/2245-2320/2251/237-238
MS 2313WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2313
MS 2251 f. 240Unpublished letter from Bishop J.J. Willis to "The Times," on African representation on the Council of Ministers in Kenya.19 March 1954MSS/2245-2320/2251/240
MS 2247WILLIS PAPERS1910-1949MSS/2245-2320/2247
Davidson 181, ff.195-203Appointment of bishop of UGANDA 1912Davidson/27-217/181/195-203
MS 2250 ff. 95-102Account of 'Uganda in the present day', [by Bishop Willis]. n.d.MSS/2245-2320/2250/95-102
MS 2245-2320WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320
LC 135 ff. 93-6Correspondence with Willis (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.LC/1920/135/93-6
LCC 5 ff. 279-81Correspondence with Willis (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.LC/LCC/5/279-81
LC 113 f. 440Correspondence with Willis (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.LC/1920/113/440
LC 149 ff. 92-4WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1930LC/1930/149/92-4
MS 2995 f. 273Willis (John Jamieson), former Bishop of Uganda1942MSS/2965-3015/2995/273
Davidson 207, ff.81-8Publication of An African Church in building by WILLIS (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.1925Davidson/27-217/207/81-8
MS 2250 f. 1Appointment of the Revd. J. J. Willis as Archdeacon of Kavirondo27 September 1909MSS/2245-2320/2250/1
MS 2251 ff. 1-11Memorandum by Bishop Willis on the Hilton-Young Commission on East African closer union.[1928] MSS/2245-2320/2251/1-11
MS 2251 ff. 12-46Native marriage19 April 1938MSS/2245-2320/2251/12-46
MS 2992 ff. 25, 131Willis (John Jamieson), former Bishop of Uganda1946MSS/2965-3015/2992/25, 131
MS 2251 ff. 202-235Papers about the South India Church Union Scheme. 1943MSS/2245-2320/2251/202-235
MS 2310WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2310
MS 2250 ff. 134-141Rasden sermon "The African child races and their future." preached by Bishop Willis at Oxford on 23 May 1920 (proof)1920MSS/2245-2320/2250/134-141
CM 25/6-10Willis, John Jamieson (1872-1954) 1912-1934CM/25/6-10
MS 2246WILLIS PAPERS1901-1909MSS/2245-2320/2246
LCC 3 ff. 70-1, 91-3Correspondence with Willis (John Jamieson), bishop of Uganda.LC/LCC/3/70-1, 91-3
EV 2/1/1Episcopi Vagantes: African Orthodox Church19/08/1929 - 08/04/1933EV/2/1-1
MS 2250 ff. 147-196Pamphlets, etc., concerning the jubilee of the C.M.S. in Uganda1927MSS/2245-2320/2250/147-196
MS 2306-2309WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2306-2309
MS 2319WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2319
MS 2320WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2320
MS 2249WILLIS PAPERSMSS/2245-2320/2249
Lang 122, ff. 187-94 passimAppointment of the Bishop of UGANDA1933Lang/1-186/122/187-94 passim
W.Temple 28SOUTH INDIA6 Jan 1942-30 Oct 1943W.Temple/1-62/28
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