Authorized Form of NameWhite; Henry Julian (1859-1934); Dean of Christ Church Oxford; Biblical Scholar
ForenamesHenry Julian
EpithetDean of Christ Church Oxford; Biblical Scholar
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 3906Correspondence of Henry Julian White as Secretary of a Committee on the Churches of the East established by Archibald Robertson, Bishop of Exeter1915MSS/3901-3912/3906
MS 3436, ff.109, 133White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford (1920).1909MSS/3436/109, 133
Bell 220, f. 5Correspondence with Henry Julian WHITE, dean of Christ Church, Oxford.Bell/184-368/219-220/220/5
Bell 191, ff. 9-10, 15-18, 20, 263-4Correspondence with Henry Julian WHITE, dean of Christ Church, Oxford.Bell/184-368/191/9-10, 15-18, 20, 263-4
MS 2617 f. 144, 155White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1913MSS/2615-2650/2617/144, 155
MS 2912 f. 102Horner (Revd. George), Coptic scholar1906MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/102
MS 2334, f.92Letter from Henry Julian White, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford (1920)1912MSS/2327-2340/2334/1-109/92
Douglas 70, ff. 145-8, 183WHITE, Henry Julian, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1922 Douglas/70/145-8, 183
MS 2910 ff. 53, 67White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, OxfordMSS/2908-2925/2910/53, 67
Douglas 10, f. 118WHITE, Henry Julian, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1922Douglas/10/1-136/118
MS 2912 f. 89Bollmann (C. W.), former Lutheran pastor1913MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/89
MS 2910 ff. 158-69White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, OxfordMSS/2908-2925/2910/158-69
MS 2617 f. 145White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1913MSS/2615-2650/2617/145
MS 2912 ff. 265-89Alexeieff (Lucy)1906-1914MSS/2908-2925/2912/265-331/265-89
MS 2912 f. 419Bollmann (C. W.), former Lutheran pastorMSS/2908-2925/2912/359-420/419
MS 2912 ff. 108-149vLias (John James), Rector of East Bergholt1901-1907MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/108-149v
MS 2910 f. 57Hale (Charles Reuben), Bishop of Cairo, U.SA.1897MSS/2908-2925/2910/57
MS 2346 f. 238, 277White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1919-1920MSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2346/238, 277
MS 2912 ff. 349-52Storm (A. V.), Swedish pastor[1900]-1901MSS/2908-2925/2912/346-58/349-52
MS 2910 ff. 51, 59, 77, 81, 126Temple (Frederick), Archbishop of Canterbury1897-1898MSS/2908-2925/2910/51, 59, 77, 81, 126
MS 2912 f. 93White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1899MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/93
MS 2912 ff. 86-88vBell (George Kennedy Allen), Bishop of Chichester1920-1923MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/86-88v
MS 2912 f. 150Macmillan (John Victor), Bishop of Guildford1913MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/150
MS 2912 f. 106Lang (Cosmo Gordon), Archbishop of Canterbury1932MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/106
MS 2910 ff. 87-110White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1897MSS/2908-2925/2910/87-110
MS 2912 f. 183Bourdery (E.), of the French Evangelical Church1912MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/183
Bell 192, ff. 282-5, 292Correspondence with Henry Julian WHITE, dean of Christ Church, Oxford.Bell/184-368/192/282-5, 292
CFR CFR 7/1AFinances: formation of General Fund1921-1954CFR/1/3/7-1A
LC 79 ff. 196-7, 203-5, 411-12Letters from WHITE (Henry Julian), dean of Canterbury (1920).1898-1913LC/1908/79/196-7, 203-5, 411-12
MS 3904Letters to Henry Julian White as Secretary of the Anglican and Foreign Church Society (previously the Anglo-Continental Society)1907-1912MSS/3901-3912/3904
LC 47 ff. 66-89WHITE (Henry Julian), dean of Canterbury (1920).1897LC/1897/47/66-89
LC 47 ff. 66-91Report of the proceedings at the IVth International Congress of Old Catholics at Vienna in September, 1897, by the Rev. Henry Julian White, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford.14 March 1898LC/1897/47/66-91
MS 3905Correspondence and papers of Henry Julian White as a member of the Committee of the Anglican and Eastern Association, some undated1916-1924MSS/3901-3912/3905
MS 1619 f. 82WHITE, Henry Julian; Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1905-1910MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1619/82
MS 1617 f. 159WHITE, Henry Julian; Dean of Christ Church, Oxford1905-1910MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1617/159
MS 2912 ff. 186-193vChevalier (J.), French theologian1907MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/186-193v
MS 2912 f. 344White (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, OxfordMSS/2908-2925/2912/332v-345v/344
MS 2912 f. 171Young (Robert F.), Hon. Secretary to Czech Society of Great Britain1920MSS/2908-2925/2912/167-175/171
MS 2912 f. 185Dukes (Edwin Joshua), Congregationalist minister1914MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/185
MS 2414 f. 30aSwete (Revd. Henry Barclay), Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1910MSS/2414/30a
MS 2912 f. 105Küry (Adolph), Old Catholic Bishop of Berne1921MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/105
MS 2912 f. 158Richards (Revd. George Chatterton), Professor of Greek, DurhamMSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/158
MS 2912 ff. 338-343vMeyrick (Frederick), Rector of Blickling1900MSS/2908-2925/2912/332v-345v/338-343v
MS 2912 f. 417Herzog (Eduard), Old Catholic Bishop of BerneMSS/2908-2925/2912/359-420/417
MS 2912 ff. 374-8Macmillan (John Victor), Bishop of Guildford1913MSS/2908-2925/2912/359-420/374-8
MS 2912 f. 379Davidson (Randall Thomas), Archbishop of Canterbury1914MSS/2908-2925/2912/359-420/379
MS 2165, ff.139-164vThe manuscript of 'De successione episcoporum in ecclesia anglicana epistola', by John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury. 1890MSS/2165/139-164v
MS 4483Society of St Willibrord correspondence and papers 1887, 1908-101887-1910MSS/4480-4495/4483
MS 2910 f. 65Oldham (Richard Samuel), Rector of Little Chart; Secretary to Anglo-Continental SocietyMSS/2908-2925/2910/65
MS 2912 ff. 41-77vWhite (Henry Julian), Dean of Christ Church, OxfordMSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/41-77v
MS 2912 ff. 95-100Dowling (Theodore Edward), Archdeacon in Syria1906-1907MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/95-100
MS 2912 f. 101Fynes-Clinton (Revd. Henry Joy), General Secretary to the Anglican and Eastern AssociationMSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/101
MS 2912 ff. 152-157vOldham (Richard Samuel), Rector of Little Chart; Secretary to Anglo-Continental SocietyMSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/152-157v
MS 2912 f. 160Thiel (Johannes Jacobus Van), Old Catholic Bishop of Haarlem1906MSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/160
MS 2912 ff. 162-164vWigram (William Ainger), Canon of St. Paul's, MaltaMSS/2908-2925/2912/86-166v/162-164v
MS 2912 ff. 209-224vVolet (Georges), French Old Catholic1905-1912MSS/2908-2925/2912/176-224v/209-224v
MS 2912 f. 290Bell (George Kennedy Allen), Bishop of ChichesterMSS/2908-2925/2912/265-331/290
MS 2912 ff. 332v-336vCabrera (Juan Bautista), Bishop of the Spanish Reformed Church1900-1901MSS/2908-2925/2912/332v-345v/332v-336v
MS 2912 f. 357Richards (Revd. George Chatterton), Professor of Greek, DurhamMSS/2908-2925/2912/346-58/357
MS 2912 ff. 415-16Bell (George Kennedy Allen), Bishop of ChichesterMSS/2908-2925/2912/359-420/415-16
MS 2913 f. 311Gwynne (Llewellyn Henry), Bishop in Egypt (1945)MSS/2908-2925/2913/138-312v/311
MS 2414 f. 30bMaclean (Arthur John), Bishop of Moray, Ross, and Caithness1910MSS/2414/30b
MS 1617 f. 158WATSON, Revd Edward William; Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford1905-1917MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1617/158
Douglas 76, f. 39Photograph of Anglicans, Orthodox and Old Anglicans taken at the World Conference on FAITH AND ORDER at Lausanne1927Douglas/76/39-65/39
Lang 117, ff. 65-101City of OXFORD - appointment of the Dean of Christ Church1932-1933Lang/1-186/117/65-101
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