Authorized Form of NameRugby School; 1567-
Corporate NameRugby School

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Davidson 43, ff.61-8Erection of memorials at RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.1897Davidson/27-217/43/61-8
Tait 103 ff. 179-80, 234-5Correspondence and papers on RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.Tait/76-104/103/179-80, 234-5
Tait 79 ff. 138-40a, 149Correspondence and papers on RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.Tait/76-104/79/138-40a, 149
Tait 102 ff. 134-5, 211-309 passim, 334-40, 343-8Correspondence and papers on RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.Tait/76-104/102/134-5, 211-309 passim, 334-40, 343-8
Tait 100 ff. 59-62Correspondence and papers on RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.Tait/76-104/100/59-62
Tait 86 ff. 310-19, 347-50aCorrespondence and papers on RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.1869Tait/76-104/86/310-19, 347-50a
Runcie/MAIN/1982/242Rugby School1982Runcie/MAIN/1982/242
Tait 357SermonsJan.-April 1849Tait/307-389/357
Tait 78 ff. 104-6LAKE (William Charles), Dean of Durham1850Tait/76-104/78/104-6
Tait 92 ff. 11-29HAYMAN (Rev. Henry), Headmaster of Rugby1873Tait/76-104/92/11-29
Tait 351SermonsFeb.-May 1847Tait/307-389/351
Tait 82 ff. 51-2MUNBY (George Frederick Woodhouse), Rector of Turvey, Beds.1865Tait/76-104/82/51-2
Tait 77 ff. 177-81, 217-21, 224-7LAKE (William Charles), Dean of Durham1842Tait/76-104/77/177-81, 217-21, 224-7
Davidson 33, ff.70-1Erection of memorials at RUGBY SCHOOL1892Davidson/27-217/33/70-1
Lang 189, ff. 20-2Godfrey Fox BRADBY, Assistant Master at Rugby School1889Lang/189-192/189/20-2
Tait 104 ff. 59-62MUNBY (George Frederick Woodhouse), Rector of Turvey, Beds.1885Tait/76-104/104/59-62
Tait 198 ff. 192-203HAYMAN (Rev. Henry), Headmaster of Rugby1874Tait/161-296/198/192-203
MS 4514 ff. 1-119Papers concerning Temple's appointment as headmaster of Rugby School1857MSS/4514-4534/4514/1-119
Tait 78 ff. 1-44, 76-82, 85-99, 177-8Correspondence and papers on RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws.Tait/76-104/78/1-44, 76-82, 85-99, 177-8
MS 4500 item 1Presentation inscription to A.C. Tait and Catharine Tait, accompanying a gift from Rugby School1 May 1850MSS/4497-4502/4500/1
STOTT/11/8/1/3Correspondence with Robert L. Bickersteth27 Dec 1933-10 Aug 1945STOTT/11/8/1/3
MS 698Shrewsbury Papers1539-1599MSS/694-710/698
Tait 90 ff. 62-4BRADLEY (George Granville), Dean of Westminster1872Tait/76-104/90/62-4
MS 4514 ff. 120-137Papers concerning Essays and Reviews 1861MSS/4514-4534/4514/120-137
MS 4515 ff. 238-257Papers relating to the biography of William Temple by F. A. Iremonger and to Temple's papers30 Sep 1946 - 1 Mar 1949MSS/4514-4534/4515/212-266/238-257
FP Jackson 59Penitentiaries; Hospitals; Schools; Gardner's Charity for the Blind (Gardner's Trust); Burial; Marriage1857-1885FP/Jackson/H/59
Davidson 160, ff.244-7RUGBY SCHOOL, Warws. - Appointment of the headmaster1909Davidson/27-217/160/244-7
Tait 77 ff. 177-264TAIT (Archibald Campbell), Archbishop of Canterbury1842Tait/76-104/77/177-264
Tait 89 ff. 303-7HAYMAN (Rev. Henry), Headmaster of Rugby1871Tait/76-104/89/303-7
Tait 330SermonsFeb.-Sep. 1842Tait/307-389/330
Tait 331SermonsSep.-Nov. 1842Tait/307-389/331
Tait 332SermonsNov.-Dec. 1842Tait/307-389/332
Tait 333SermonsFeb.-March 1843Tait/307-389/333
Tait 334SermonsMarch-May 1843Tait/307-389/334
Tait 335SermonsJune-Aug. 1843Tait/307-389/335
Tait 336SermonsSep.-Oct. 1843.Tait/307-389/336
Tait 337SermonsNov.-Dec. 1843Tait/307-389/337
Tait 338SermonsFeb.-March 1844Tait/307-389/338
Tait 339SermonsMarch-May 1844Tait/307-389/339
Tait 340SermonsMay-Sep. 1844Tait/307-389/340
Tait 341SermonsSep.-Dec. 1844Tait/307-389/341
Tait 342SermonsFeb.-April 1845Tait/307-389/342
Tait 343SermonsMay-June 1845Tait/307-389/343
Tait 344SermonsAug.-Oct. 1845Tait/307-389/344
Tait 345SermonsOct.-Dec. 1845Tait/307-389/345
Tait 346SermonsFeb.-March 1846Tait/307-389/346
Tait 347SermonsApril-June 1846Tait/307-389/347
Tait 348SermonsAug.-Oct. 1846Tait/307-389/348
Tait 349SermonsNov.-Dec. 1846Tait/307-389/349
Tait 350Readings in Rugby School hall1846-1850Tait/307-389/350
Tait 352SermonsMay-Oct. 1847Tait/307-389/352
Tait 353SermonsOct.-Dec. 1847Tait/307-389/353
Tait 354SermonsFeb.-Oct. 1848Tait/307-389/354
Tait 355SermonsOct.-Dec. 1848Tait/307-389/355
Tait 356SermonsJune 1848Tait/307-389/356
Tait 358SermonsApril-June 1849Tait/307-389/358
Tait 359SermonsAug.-Dec. 1849Tait/307-389/359
Tait 360SermonsJan.-March 1850Tait/307-389/360
Tait 361SermonsApril-May 1850Tait/307-389/361
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