Authorized Form of NameSociety of All Saints' Sisters of the Poor; 1851-; Anglican sisterhood
Corporate NameSociety of All Saints' Sisters of the Poor
EpithetAnglican sisterhood
SourceAnson "The Call of the Cloister" (SPCK 1964)

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Tait 258 ff. 90-110Correspondence on a complaint about the SISTERHOOD of All Saints1880Tait/161-296/258/90-110
Benson 100 ff.318-32SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1891Benson/100/318-32
Tait 235 ff. 379-99SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints1878Tait/161-296/235/379-99
F. Temple 1, ff. 1-8SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1895-1896F.Temple/1/1-8
Benson 11 ff.214-15SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1883Benson/11/214-15
Benson 110 ff.383-427SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1892Benson/110/383-427
Benson 114 ff.112-23SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1893Benson/114/112-23
Tait 167 ff. 20-5SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints1870Tait/161-296/167/20-5
Tait 209 ff. 36-8SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints1875Tait/161-296/209/36-8
Benson 111 ff.403-15SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1892Benson/111/403-15
Benson 11 ff.218-22SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1883Benson/11/218-22
Tait 133 ff 342a-dRELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Society of All Saints1863Tait/105-160/133/342a-d
Tait 200 ff. 432-42SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints1874Tait/161-296/200/432-42
Benson 42 ff.381-430SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1887Benson/42/381-430
Benson 42 ff.293-380SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.Benson/42/293-380
Benson 81 ff.327-444SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1890Benson/81/327-444
Benson 65 ff.147-8SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints.1888Benson/65/147-8
Ramsey 320, ff. 350-351Sermons, addresses and articles25 December 1987Ramsey/314-320/320/350-351
FP Creighton 14Correspondence1899FP/Creighton/14
SSJE/9/2/3/9General correspondence1879-1899SSJE/9/2/3/9
SSJE/8/1/1Retreats Vol.11869SSJE/8/1/1
SSJE/6/5/2/4/20Letters from 19111 Jan 1911-18 Dec 1911SSJE/6/5/2/4/20
SSJE/9/2/3/5Correspondence of Sisters of the All Saints Sisters of the Poor14 Feb 1881-2 Oct 1898SSJE/9/2/3/5
SSJE/6/3/2/8Correspondence re. loan of money for a new Mission House11 Sep 1897-24 Sep 1897SSJE/6/3/2/8
SSJE/9/1/4/5Correspondence of Sister Gladys6 Jan 1899-9 Aug 1899SSJE/9/1/4/5
SSJE/6/9/1/1/2Letters sent in 18842 Jan 1884-9 Apr 1884SSJE/6/9/1/1/2
SSJE/6/9/1/1/6Letters sent in 188818 Jan 1888-5 Dec 1888SSJE/6/9/1/1/6
FP Jackson 58Ritualism, including Society of the Holy Cross, sisterhoods and brotherhoods1869-1884FP/Jackson/H/58
Benson 40 ff.5-15Protestant Episcopal Church in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; SISTERHOODS: Sisterhood of All Saints - Correspondence on work in U.S.A.1886Benson/40/5-15
Benson 55 ff.18-32BENSON (Richard Meux), former Vicar of Cowley St. John, Oxon.: Correspondence on SISTERHOODS - Sisterhood of All Saints.1885, 1887Benson/55/18-32
F. Temple 50, f. 175SISTERHOODS1901 (?)F.Temple/50/175
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