Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Rochester
Corporate NameDiocese of Rochester
RelationshipsFollowing the sixteenth-century Reformation, this diocese became part of the Church of England
InternalStructuresOriginally the diocese consisted of a single archdeaconry, which was divided into the rural deaneries of Rochester, Dartford, Malling and Shoreham. Topographically, it covered Kent west of the river Medway. It also had a peculiar jurisdiction in the deanery of Isleham, which consisted of the parishes of Isleham (Cambridgeshire) and Freckenham (Suffolk). It included most of Essex from 1846-1877, most of Hertfordshire from 1845-1877 and part of Surrey from 1877-1905.
SourceFrederick A. Youngs, Jr., Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England (Royal Historical Society, 1979), volume I: Southern England (Royal Historical Society, 1979); Smith, Guide to Bishops' Registers, (1981) p. 171.

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Lang 98, f. 124Appeal for funds for church building in the Diocese of ROCHESTER1929Lang/1-186/98/124
Tait 293 ff. 75-84ROCHESTER, Diocese of1881Tait/161-296/293/75-84
Davidson 35, ff.250-5Funds for the diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/35/250-5
Tait 204 f. 323ROCHESTER, Diocese of1874Tait/161-296/204/323
Davidson 42, ff.303-18Funding of suffragan bishops in the diocese of ROCHESTER1895Davidson/27-217/42/303-18
Davidson 40, ff.132-52Status of non-parochial clergy in Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894-1895Davidson/27-217/40/132-52
Davidson 37, ff.328-49Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/37/328-49
Davidson 33, ff.391-6Diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/33/391-6
Benson 62 ff.430-1, 453-64ROCHESTER, Diocese of.1888Benson/62/430-1, 453-64
Davidson 522, ff.264-6Parochial missions in diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/517-523/522/264-6
Benson 94 ff.115-16ROCHESTER, Diocese of.1891Benson/94/115-16
Ramsey 187, ff.108-11Pastoral letter to the clergy of diocese of ROCHESTER1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/108-11
Tait 284 ff. 84-7ROCHESTER, Diocese of1881Tait/161-296/284/84-7
Tait 239 ff. 239-50ROCHESTER, Diocese of1878Tait/161-296/239/239-50
MS 4424Dioceses of London, Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Rochester, Salisbury, Winchester, Worcester.MSS/4400-4433/4422-4425/4424
Davidson 39, ff.299-300Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/39/299-300
Davidson 36, ff.286-301Diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/36/286-301
MS 1586 ff. 19-28"Notes on marriage procedure and fees for the [guidance] of the clergy of the Diocese of Rochester", by Dibdin.1887MSS/1586-1589/1586/19-28
Davidson 42, ff.121-4Management of church schools in Diocese of ROCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/42/121-4
Davidson 281, ff.1-203Supervision of deaconesses in the diocese of ROCHESTER.1892-1906Davidson/218-516/281/1-203
Davidson 35, ff.182-94Diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/35/182-94
Tait 260 ff. 216-40ROCHESTER, Diocese of1880Tait/161-296/260/216-40
Ramsey 187, ff.36, 108-11SAY (Richard David), bishop of Rochester.1968Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/36, 108-11
Davidson 41, ff.156-66Wearing of a badge by lay readers in Diocese of ROCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/41/156-66
Davidson 549Liber cleri for the diocese of Rochester1894Davidson/549-554/549
Tait 173 ff. 191-4CLAUGHTON (Thomas Legh), Bishop of Rochester, and (1877) of St. Albans1871Tait/161-296/173/191-4
F. Temple 6, ff. 228-31ROCHESTER, Diocese of: Rochester Diocesan Society.1897F.Temple/6/228-31
MS 1586 ff. 11-14Case concerning lay organization in the Diocese of Rochester submitted for the opinion of Sir J. Fitzjames Stephen and Henry Richmond Droop. 1878MSS/1586-1589/1586/11-14
MS 1587 ff. 267-286Address to the Rochester Diocesan Society on the housing of the poor 1890sMSS/1586-1589/1587/267-286
MS 1586 ff. 122-124William Robert Moore, lawyer, to Dibdin, concerning surrogates (f. 122).1896MSS/1586-1589/1586/122-124
MS 1586 ff. 29-31Notes by Dibdin of evidence in an application by the Rector and Churchwardens of St. Margaret's Lee for a faculty to introduce a second Holy Table and erect chancel gates, heard in the Consistory Court of Rochester.1887MSS/1586-1589/1586/29-31
MS 1588 f. 34Judgement in the Consistory Court of Rochester in application by the rector and churchwardens of St. Margaret's Lee for a faculty to erect chancel gates, etc. "The Record." 21 October 1887MSS/1586-1589/1588/34
Davidson 36, ff.342-7Funds for the diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/36/342-7
Davidson 35, ff.382Diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/35/382
MS 1587 ff. 29-46Address to candidates for ordination in the Diocese of Rochester, concerning relations with the laity.1887MSS/1586-1589/1587/29-46
Davidson 32, ff.271-83Alteration of the boundaries of rural deaneries in the diocese of ROCHESTER.1892Davidson/27-217/32/271-83
Davidson 38, ff.24-8Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/38/24-8
CM XIII/52List of clergy with degrees and dates of institutions for the deaneries of Malling and Dartford, Canterburyc. 1591-1592CM/13/52
Davidson 39, ff.236-7Funds for the diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/39/236-7
Davidson 29, ff.348-9Reports and notes on parishes in the diocese of ROCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/29/348-9
Davidson 28, ff.364-7Alteration of the boundaries of rural deaneries in the diocese of ROCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/28/364-7
MS 1588 f. 42Judgement in the Consistory Court of Rochester in application for faculty to erect tower and peal of bells at St. Peter's, Brockley. MSS/1586-1589/1588/42
Davidson 35, ff.419-20Alteration of the boundaries of rural deaneries in the diocese of ROCHESTER.1893Davidson/27-217/35/419-20
Davidson 33, ff.431-54LONDON - Funds for church work in greater LondonDavidson/27-217/33/431-54
Ramsey 182, ff.135-7, 152-3, 204SAY (Richard David), bishop of Rochester.1969-1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/135-7, 152-3, 204
Davidson 38, ff.421-3, 428Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/38/421-3, 428
Davidson 30, ff.148-56Enquiry about 16th century episcopal records in the diocese of ROCHESTER.1891Davidson/27-217/30/148-56
LC 79 ff. 329-31BARKER (Rebecca), head deaconess of the Rochester and Southwark Diocesan Deaconess Institution.1909LC/1908/79/329-31
FP Porteus 14, ff.56-8, 83-5TWOPENY (William) and TWOPENY (Edward), chapter clerks, Rochester.1791FP/Porteus/14/56-8, 83-5
CU 95Parochial Returns1954CU/E/95
MS 928b, MS 928cRELIEF OF THE VAUDOIS1699-1700MSS/928b, 928c
MS 594 pag. 121Determinationes Similes [regarding the jurisdiction of the pope] 131 Monasteriorum, Coenobiorum, Prioratuum, Conventuum, Collegiorum, Capitulorum Ecclesiarum Cath. &c. in Diocesibus Cantuar. Roffen. London. Norwic. Lincoln. Wigorn. Bathon. et Wellen. Exon. Menev. Landav. Asav. et in Academia Oxon. MSS/594/80
Davidson 38, ff.215-35Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/38/215-35
Davidson 38, ff.181-214Formation of NOVATE NOVALE, a society of mission preachers in the diocese of ROCHESTER.1892-1894Davidson/27-217/38/181-214
F. Temple 45, f. 2ROCHESTER, Diocese of: Rochester Diocesan Conference.1899F.Temple/45/2
F. Temple 45, f. 102CANTERBURY, Diocese of; ROCHESTER, Diocese of.1901F.Temple/45/102
F. Temple 15, ff. 76-81ROCHESTER, Diocese of: Rochester Diocesan Conference; WINCHESTER, Diocese of 1898F.Temple/15/76-81
Benson 29 ff.207-17THOROLD (Anthony Wilson), Bishop of Winchester.1885Benson/29/207-17
Davidson 38, ff.429-49Alteration of the boundaries of rural deaneries in the diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/38/429-49
MS 1754 ff. 98-101vGeorge IV's nominee for the See of Rochester1827MSS/1754/98-101v
Benson 62 ff.239-500 passim, 570ROCHESTER, Diocese of.1887-1888Benson/62/239-500 passim, 570
Davidson 36, ff.100-2SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL - Activities of diocesan branches1893Davidson/27-217/36/100-2
MS 934Miscellaneous Papers1619-1714MSS/929-942/934
MS 1908'A Repertory of the Endowments of Vicarages', by Andrew Coltee Ducarel1772MSS/1907-1908/1908
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
W.T.A./GEN/5/6W.T.A. Development Campaign Dioceses O-R1972-1974WTA/GEN/5/6
ICBS M1466 ff 19-20Church name: HEXTABLE, St. Peter1978ICBS/FILE/M1466ff19-20
ICBS 10928 ff 75-85Church name: SLADES GREEN, St. Augustine1933-1934ICBS/FILE/10928ff75-85
ICBS DIOC 37Diocese of Rochester1915-1979ICBS/DIOC/37
ICBS 5980Church name: SHENFIELD, St. Mary the Virgin1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05980
ICBS 5499Church name: LISTON, Parish Church1859ICBS/FILE/05499
ICBS 968Church name: BEXLEY, St. Michael, East Wickham1828ICBS/FILE/00968
ICBS 447Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Margaret1823-1826ICBS/FILE/00447
ICBS 1223Church name: FAWKHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1830ICBS/FILE/01223
ICBS 445Church name: PECKHAM, EAST, St. Michael1823-1830ICBS/FILE/00445
ICBS 438Church name: PEMBURY, St. Peter1823ICBS/FILE/00438
ICBS 1545Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Peter & St. Paul, Milton1833ICBS/FILE/01545
ICBS 985Church name: SOUTHBOROUGH, St. Peter1828-1829ICBS/FILE/00985
ICBS 1211Church name: FARNINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1830ICBS/FILE/01211
ICBS 1264Church name: BECKENHAM, St. George1830-1833ICBS/FILE/01264
ICBS 1405Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Margaret1831ICBS/FILE/01405
ICBS 5787Church name: STAPLEFORD ABBOTS, St. Mary1861ICBS/FILE/05787
ICBS 11983 ff 23-33Church name: LULLINGSTONE, St. Botolph1978-1981ICBS/FILE/11983ff23-33
ICBS 6167Church name: LAVER, HIGH, All Saints1863-1864ICBS/FILE/06167
ICBS 2321Church name: FARNBOROUGH, St. Giles the Abbot1838ICBS/FILE/02321
ICBS 2428Church name: SUTTON-AT-HONE, New Church, Swanley1838ICBS/FILE/02428
ICBS 2748Church name: CHATHAM, Christ Church, Luton1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02748
ICBS 3588Church name: GADDESDEN, GREAT, St. John the Baptist1845ICBS/FILE/03588
ICBS 3057 ff 1-30Church name: WOOLWICH, St. John the Baptist1842-1847ICBS/FILE/03057ff1-30
ICBS 3425Church name: WALKERN, St. Mary1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03425
ICBS 2906Church name: GRAVESEND, Holy Trinity, Milton1845ICBS/FILE/02906
ICBS 3696Church name: PEMBURY, St. Peter1845-1848ICBS/FILE/03696
ICBS 4793Church name: HATFIELD BROAD OAK, Holy Trinity, Hatfield Heath1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04793
ICBS 4105Church name: ROMFORD, St. Edward the Confessor1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04105
ICBS 11808Church name: OFFHAM, St. Michael1927-1928ICBS/FILE/11808
ICBS 4216Church name: ST. PAUL'S WALDEN, All Saints1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04216
ICBS 4156 ff 27-41Church name: GRAVESEND, St. James1897ICBS/FILE/04156ff27-41
ICBS 5009Church name: ASHEN, St. Augustine of Canterbury1853-1863ICBS/FILE/05009
ICBS 6474Church name: MALDON, All Saints1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06474
ICBS 4156 ff 1-26Church name: GRAVESEND, St. James1848-1852ICBS/FILE/04156ff1-26
ICBS 4238Church name: TILBURY JUXTA CLARE, St. Margaret1850-1851ICBS/FILE/04238
ICBS 3699Church name: WOOLWICH, St. Thomas1845-1850ICBS/FILE/03699
ICBS 4956 ff 26-29Church name: HATFIELD BROAD OAK, Holy Trinity, Hatfield Heath1882ICBS/FILE/04956ff26-29
ICBS 7211Church name: COOLING, St. James the Great1870ICBS/FILE/07211
ICBS 4479Church name: BLACKMORE, St. Laurence1852ICBS/FILE/04479
ICBS 4541Church name: FYFIELD, St. Nicholas1852-1855ICBS/FILE/04541
ICBS 4398Church name: PURLEIGH, All Saints1851-1857ICBS/FILE/04398
ICBS 7692 ff 33-37Church name: CANNING TOWN, St. Gabriel1899ICBS/FILE/07692ff33-37
ICBS 3083Church name: LEWISHAM, St. John, Southend1842-1843ICBS/FILE/03083
ICBS 7274 ff 30-34Church name: LOUGHTON, St. Mary the Virgin1895ICBS/FILE/07274ff30-34
ICBS 4706Church name: LATCHINGDON, Christ Church1853-1856ICBS/FILE/04706
ICBS 4792Church name: HATFIELD FOREST, New Church1854ICBS/FILE/04792
ICBS 4991Church name: HADLEIGH, St. James the Less1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04991
ICBS 6836Church name: BROOMFIELD, St. Mary1868ICBS/FILE/06836
ICBS 6190 ff 37-38Church name: SYDENHAM, St. Philip1874ICBS/FILE/06190ff37-38
ICBS 5428Church name: TWINSTEAD, St. John the Evangelist1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05428
ICBS 8883 ff 31-34Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Andrew1895ICBS/FILE/08883ff31-34
ICBS 4717Church name: MYLAND, St. Michael & All Angels1852-1855ICBS/FILE/04717
ICBS 11440 ff 26-27Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1953ICBS/FILE/11440ff26-27
ICBS 4674Church name: BENGEO, Holy Trinity1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04674
ICBS 4961Church name: BRAXTED, LITTLE, St. Nicholas1856ICBS/FILE/04961
ICBS 5364Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Giles1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05364
ICBS 5813Church name: FORDHAM, All Saints1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05813
ICBS 5975Church name: AMWELL, LITTLE, Holy Trinity1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05975
ICBS 10332 ff 30-31Church name: ROTHERHITHE, St. Katherine1935ICBS/FILE/10332ff30-31
ICBS 6106Church name: STIFFORD, St. Mary1863ICBS/FILE/06106
ICBS 5298Church name: MIMMS, NORTH, St. Mary1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05298
ICBS 8259Church name: PURLEY, Christ Church1876-1878ICBS/FILE/08259
ICBS 5271Church name: ROMFORD, St. Andrew1858-1862ICBS/FILE/05271
ICBS 6238Church name: HODDESDON, St. Paul1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06238
ICBS 5480Church name: WALTHAM ABBEY, Holy Cross & St. Laurence1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05480
ICBS 5714Church name: STEVENAGE, Holy Trinity1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05714
ICBS 7731Church name: BENTLEY, GREAT, St. Mary1874ICBS/FILE/07731
ICBS 5746Church name: STRETHALL, St. Mary the Virgin1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05746
ICBS 11440 ff 22-25Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1938-1940ICBS/FILE/11440ff22-25
ICBS 12368 ff 18-26Church name: GREEN STREET GREEN, St. Mary1959ICBS/FILE/12368ff18-26
ICBS 5996Church name: BARLING, All Saints1862-1864ICBS/FILE/05996
ICBS 6237Church name: POTTEN END, Holy Trinity1864ICBS/FILE/06237
ICBS 7526 ff 18-21Church name: WEST HAM, St. Luke, Victoria Docks1882ICBS/FILE/07526ff18-21
ICBS 6500Church name: MAYLAND, St. Barnabas1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06500
ICBS 6543Church name: ASHELDAM, St. Laurence1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06543
ICBS 14371Church name: DARTFORD, Holy Trinity1966ICBS/FILE/14371
ICBS 6420Church name: BLACKMORE END, St. Mary the Virgin1865-1868ICBS/FILE/06420
ICBS 7037Church name: BUCKHURST HILL, St. John the Baptist1869ICBS/FILE/07037
ICBS 11983 ff 1-22Church name: LULLINGSTONE, St. Botolph1930-1931ICBS/FILE/11983ff1-22
ICBS 7118Church name: YELDHAM, LITTLE, St. John the Baptist1870ICBS/FILE/07118
ICBS 6584Church name: SHENFIELD, St. Mary the Virgin1867ICBS/FILE/06584
ICBS 7128Church name: ST. ALBANS, St. John1870ICBS/FILE/07128
ICBS 6713Church name: ASHWELL, St. Mary the Virgin1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06713
ICBS 7039 ff 1-13Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Paul1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07039ff1-13
ICBS 12311 f 34Church name: BARNEHURST, St. Martin1968ICBS/FILE/12311f34
ICBS 7000Church name: FOREST HILL, Christ Church1869-1878ICBS/FILE/07000
ICBS 10096Church name: GREENWICH, St. Andrew1898-1899ICBS/FILE/10096
ICBS 7667Church name: BROXTED, St. Mary the Virgin1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07667
ICBS 9869Church name: STREATHAM, All Saints1895-1897ICBS/FILE/09869
ICBS 8578Church name: DORMANS LAND, St. John the Evangelist1881-1884ICBS/FILE/08578
ICBS 7339Church name: SHALFORD, St. Andrew1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07339
ICBS 10195 ff 38-52Church name: MALLING, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1930-1931ICBS/FILE/10195ff38-52
ICBS 7410Church name: DUNTON, St. Mary1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07410
ICBS 8848Church name: CLIFFE, St. Helen1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08848
ICBS 7669Church name: BULVAN, St. Mary1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07669
ICBS 7643Church name: CANFIELD, GREAT, St. Peter1873-1879ICBS/FILE/07643
ICBS 7936Church name: FELSTEAD, Holy Cross1874-1878ICBS/FILE/07936
ICBS 12925 ff 58-66Church name: CHALK, St. Mary the Virgin1973-1974ICBS/FILE/12925ff58-66
ICBS 7837Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Nicholas1875-1882ICBS/FILE/07837
ICBS 7840Church name: NETTESWELL, St. Andrew1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07840
ICBS 9985Church name: KENLEY, All Saints1897ICBS/FILE/09985
ICBS 7760Church name: WALTHAM, GREAT, St. Mary & St. Laurence1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07760
ICBS 9844 ff 30-37Church name: GRAVESEND, St. George1932ICBS/FILE/09844ff30-37
ICBS 11440 f 19Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1927ICBS/FILE/11440f19
ICBS 12013Church name: WROTHAM, St. George1930-1931ICBS/FILE/12013
ICBS 11440 ff 28-30Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1958-1959ICBS/FILE/11440ff28-30
ICBS 9145Church name: MALDEN, NEW, Christ Church1886-1891ICBS/FILE/09145
ICBS 8883 ff 1-30Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Andrew1884-1885ICBS/FILE/08883ff1-30
ICBS 13293Church name: LUTON, Christ Church1954-1955ICBS/FILE/13293
ICBS 10060 ff 49-66Church name: BECKENHAM, St. Michael, Birkbeck1928-1931ICBS/FILE/10060ff49-66
ICBS 9179Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, St. Luke1886-1887ICBS/FILE/09179
ICBS 10451 ff 7-14Church name: SNODLAND, All Saints1963ICBS/FILE/10451ff7-14
ICBS 8527Church name: BALHAM, St. John the Divine1879-1887ICBS/FILE/08527
ICBS 8436 ff 1-17Church name: HORNE, St. Mary the Virgin1879-1880ICBS/FILE/08436ff1-17
ICBS 8775Church name: BALHAM, Ascension, Balham Hill1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08775
ICBS 8851Church name: BURSTOW, St. Bartholomew1879-1884ICBS/FILE/08851
ICBS 13179 ff 23-32Church name: RIDLEY, St. Peter1963-1964ICBS/FILE/13179ff23-32
ICBS 9713 ff 1-48Church name: WOOLWICH, All Saints, New Eltham1892-1898ICBS/FILE/09713ff1-48
ICBS 13006Church name: BELVEDERE, All Saints1951-1952ICBS/FILE/13006
ICBS 12764 ff 33-39Church name: EYNSFORD, St. Martin1978-1980ICBS/FILE/12764ff33-39
ICBS 8861Church name: FRINDSBURY, All Saints1882-1885ICBS/FILE/08861
ICBS 8838 ff 1-38Church name: GODSTONE, St. John, Blindley Heath1883-1888ICBS/FILE/08838ff1-38
ICBS 8327Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Crispin1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08327
ICBS 8752Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Paul1881-1884ICBS/FILE/08752
ICBS 8849Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Luke1883-1885ICBS/FILE/08849
ICBS 10172Church name: WOLDINGHAM, St. Agatha1899ICBS/FILE/10172
ICBS 10060 ff 67-71Church name: BECKENHAM, St. Michael, Birkbeck1935ICBS/FILE/10060ff67-71
ICBS 9220Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Andrew, Earlsfield1887-1890ICBS/FILE/09220
ICBS 10185 ff 26-32Church name: BROMLEY, St. Mary, Plaistow1959ICBS/FILE/10185ff26-32
ICBS 11181Church name: CHATHAM, All Saints1913ICBS/FILE/11181
ICBS 11779 ff 1-12Church name: HIGHAM, St. Mary1925-1926ICBS/FILE/11779ff1-12
ICBS 12105Church name: SHORNE, St. Peter & St. Paul1932ICBS/FILE/12105
ICBS 11923Church name: GRAVESEND, Holy Trinity, Milton1929ICBS/FILE/11923
ICBS 10332 ff 1-29Church name: ROTHERHITHE, St. Katherine1901-1909ICBS/FILE/10332ff1-29
ICBS 12465 ff 16-17Church name: PECKHAM, WEST, St. Dunstan1961ICBS/FILE/12465ff16-17
ICBS 9932Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Saviour, Battersea Park1896ICBS/FILE/09932
ICBS 9975Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Mary Magdalene1896-1909ICBS/FILE/09975
ICBS 9176Church name: HALSTOW, HIGH, St. Margaret1887-1888ICBS/FILE/09176
ICBS 10037 ff 59-70Church name: SEVENOAKS, St. John the Baptist1955-1956ICBS/FILE/10037ff59-70
ICBS 9256Church name: WALWORTH, Lady Margaret Mission Church1887-1890ICBS/FILE/09256
ICBS 10297Church name: WOLDINGHAM, St. Agatha1901ICBS/FILE/10297
ICBS 9525 ff 1-24Church name: WIMBLEDON, All Saints, South Wimbledon1891-1894ICBS/FILE/09525ff1-24
ICBS 11601 ff 46-47Church name: PADDOCK WOOD, St. Andrew1970ICBS/FILE/11601ff46-47
ICBS 12383 ff 16-17Church name: HARTLEY, All Saints1954ICBS/FILE/12383ff16-17
ICBS 9426 ff 22-34Church name: STOCKWELL, St. Andrew1960-1963ICBS/FILE/09426ff22-34
ICBS 11440 ff 20-21Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1936ICBS/FILE/11440ff20-21
ICBS 15469Church name: BROMLEY, St. Luke, Bromley Common1981ICBS/FILE/15469
ICBS 12270 ff 10-15Church name: NORTHFLEET, All Saints, Perry Street1963ICBS/FILE/12270ff10-15
ICBS 13541Church name: ST. MARY CRAY, St. Mary1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13541
ICBS 10291 ff 26-39Church name: ALLHALLOWS, All Saints, Hoo1960-1966ICBS/FILE/10291ff26-39
ICBS 13654 ff 1-11Church name: WOULDHAM, All Saints1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13654ff1-11
ICBS 9676Church name: CAMBERWELL, Camden Chapel1892ICBS/FILE/09676
ICBS 15197Church name: TUNBRIDGE WELLS, King Charles the Martyr1977-1978ICBS/FILE/15197
ICBS 12442 ff 26-45Church name: HADLOW, St. Mary1961-1968ICBS/FILE/12442ff26-45
ICBS 8599Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Stephen1881ICBS/FILE/08599
ICBS 10451 ff 1-6Church name: SNODLAND, All Saints1903ICBS/FILE/10451ff1-6
ICBS 12307 ff 26-27Church name: STONE, St. Mary the Virgin1954ICBS/FILE/12307ff26-27
ICBS 9783Church name: STREATHAM, St. Thomas, Streatham Hill1894-1905ICBS/FILE/09783
ICBS 10037 ff 1-58Church name: SEVENOAKS, St. John the Baptist1897-1900ICBS/FILE/10037ff1-58
ICBS 9992Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Philip the Evangelist1897ICBS/FILE/09992
ICBS 12486Church name: CHIDDINGSTONE, St. Mary the Virgin1938-1939ICBS/FILE/12486
ICBS 11879Church name: BIDBOROUGH, St. Laurence1928-1929ICBS/FILE/11879
ICBS 10116Church name: BROCKLEY, St. Cyprian1898-1901ICBS/FILE/10116
ICBS 13256Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Margaret1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13256
ICBS 12502 ff 17-20Church name: BURHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1951ICBS/FILE/12502ff17-20
ICBS 12764 ff 5-12Church name: EYNSFORD, St. Martin1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12764ff5-12
ICBS 11946Church name: HIGH BROOMS, St. Matthew1930ICBS/FILE/11946
ICBS 10137Church name: GREENWICH, Emmanuel, West Greenwich1899ICBS/FILE/10137
ICBS 12640Church name: SWANLEY, St. Mary the Virgin1947-1948ICBS/FILE/12640
ICBS 12676 ff 1-13Church name: MEOPHAM, St. John the Baptist1948ICBS/FILE/12676ff1-13
ICBS 11627Church name: TROTTISCLIFFE, St. Peter & St. Paul1925ICBS/FILE/11627
ICBS 10668Church name: NORTHFLEET, St. Botolph1905-1907ICBS/FILE/10668
ICBS 10355Church name: STREATHAM, St. Augustine, Upper Tooting1902ICBS/FILE/10355
ICBS 13234 ff 1-23Church name: BEXLEY, St. Mary the Virgin1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13234ff1-23
ICBS 14118 ff 1-22Church name: CUXTON, St. Michael & All Angels1963-1965ICBS/FILE/14118ff1-22
ICBS 10946Church name: TUNBRIDGE WELLS, St. Luke1909ICBS/FILE/10946
ICBS 11548 ff 1-17Church name: NURSTEAD, St. Mildred1923-1924ICBS/FILE/11548ff1-17
ICBS 11601 ff 1-17Church name: PADDOCK WOOD, St. Andrew1924ICBS/FILE/11601ff1-17
ICBS 11423Church name: GILLINGHAM, Holy Trinity, Brompton1921-1922ICBS/FILE/11423
ICBS 11145Church name: GROOMBRIDGE, St. John the Evangelist1912-1913ICBS/FILE/11145
ICBS 11121Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Barnabas1911-1914ICBS/FILE/11121
ICBS 4347Church name: ST. OSYTH, St. Peter & St. Paul1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04347
ICBS 11473 ff 34-48Church name: COWDEN, St. Mary Magdalene1954-1955ICBS/FILE/11473ff34-48
ICBS 12925 ff 67-75Church name: CHALK, St. Mary the Virgin1978ICBS/FILE/12925ff67-75
ICBS 11614 ff 23-33Church name: NORTHFLEET, St. Botolph1949-1952ICBS/FILE/11614ff23-33
ICBS 11474 ff 47-56Church name: WILMINGTON, St. Michael & All Angels1953ICBS/FILE/11474ff47-56
ICBS 11520Church name: NETTLESTEAD, St. Mary the Virgin1923-1925ICBS/FILE/11520
ICBS 11866Church name: FRINDSBURY, All Saints1925-1929ICBS/FILE/11866
ICBS 11474 ff 1-20Church name: WILMINGTON, St. Michael & All Angels1922-1923ICBS/FILE/11474ff1-20
ICBS 11548 ff 18-31Church name: NURSTEAD, St. Mildred1953-1954ICBS/FILE/11548ff18-31
ICBS 11646 ff 1-22Church name: WELLING, St. John the Evangelist1925-1926ICBS/FILE/11646ff1-22
ICBS 12502 ff 1-16Church name: BURHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1938-1939ICBS/FILE/12502ff1-16
ICBS 14118 ff 23-51Church name: CUXTON, St. Michael & All Angels1981-1982ICBS/FILE/14118ff23-51
ICBS 10576 ff 1-17Church name: RAYNES PARK, St. Saviour1905-1908ICBS/FILE/10576ff1-17
ICBS 13542Church name: ST. PAUL'S CRAY, St. Paulinus1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13542
ICBS 14032Church name: HEVER, St. Peter1962-1963ICBS/FILE/14032
ICBS 12029 ff 1-10Church name: BARMING, EAST, St. Margaret1930-1931ICBS/FILE/12029ff1-10
ICBS 11360 ff 17-27Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Mary Magdalene1935-1936ICBS/FILE/11360ff17-27
ICBS 12311 ff 1-24Church name: BARNEHURST, St. Martin1936-1937ICBS/FILE/12311ff1-24
ICBS 12496 ff 14-23Church name: SUNDRIDGE, St. Mary the Virgin1956-1962ICBS/FILE/12496ff14-23
ICBS 12313 ff 1-20Church name: BIRLING, All Saints1936-1937ICBS/FILE/12313ff1-20
ICBS 10515 f 59Church name: BORSTAL, St. Matthew1957ICBS/FILE/10515f59
ICBS 11440 ff 1-18Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1921-1922ICBS/FILE/11440ff1-18
ICBS 12465 ff 18-26Church name: PECKHAM, WEST, St. Dunstan1969-1975ICBS/FILE/12465ff18-26
ICBS 11938 ff 23-31Church name: OTFORD, St. Bartholomew1947-1948ICBS/FILE/11938ff23-31
ICBS 11907Church name: LONGFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1930ICBS/FILE/11907
ICBS 11949 ff 1-18Church name: BIRLING, Christ Church, Lower Birling1930ICBS/FILE/11949ff1-18
ICBS 12147Church name: COBHAM, St. Mary Magdalene1933-1934ICBS/FILE/12147
ICBS 12313 ff 21-40Church name: BIRLING, All Saints1957-1964ICBS/FILE/12313ff21-40
ICBS 11614 ff 1-22Church name: NORTHFLEET, St. Botolph1924-1927ICBS/FILE/11614ff1-22
ICBS 7196Church name: SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, Annunciation, Prittlewell1870ICBS/FILE/07196
ICBS 12852Church name: FARLEIGH, EAST, St. Mary1950ICBS/FILE/12852
ICBS 12676 ff 25-35Church name: MEOPHAM, St. John the Baptist1959-1960ICBS/FILE/12676ff25-35
ICBS 12385Church name: BELVEDERE, All Saints1937ICBS/FILE/12385
ICBS 12135 ff 16-39Church name: GRAVESEND, Christ Church, Milton1934-1936ICBS/FILE/12135ff16-39
ICBS 12307 ff 1-25Church name: STONE, St. Mary the Virgin1934-1939ICBS/FILE/12307ff1-25
ICBS 12024Church name: BECKENHAM, St. Augustine1933ICBS/FILE/12024
ICBS 10546 ff 42-62Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Luke, New Brompton1924-1927ICBS/FILE/10546ff42-62
ICBS 9426 ff 1-21Church name: STOCKWELL, St. Andrew1890-1891ICBS/FILE/09426ff1-21
ICBS 11938 ff 20-22Church name: OTFORD, St. Bartholomew1939ICBS/FILE/11938ff20-22
ICBS 12311 ff 25-33Church name: BARNEHURST, St. Martin1953-1955ICBS/FILE/12311ff25-33
ICBS 12083Church name: EYNSFORD, St. Martin1931-1932ICBS/FILE/12083
ICBS 13026 ff 22-32Church name: LAMBERHURST, St. Mary1962ICBS/FILE/13026ff22-32
ICBS 12134Church name: STROOD, St. Mary1929-1933ICBS/FILE/12134
ICBS 12029 ff 11-23Church name: BARMING, EAST, St. Margaret1959-1961ICBS/FILE/12029ff11-23
ICBS 12442 ff 1-25Church name: HADLOW, St. Mary1938ICBS/FILE/12442ff1-25
ICBS 15027 ff 19-23Church name: ERITH, St. John the Baptist1976ICBS/FILE/15027ff19-23
ICBS 13179 ff 33-51Church name: RIDLEY, St. Peter1981-1982ICBS/FILE/13179ff33-51
ICBS 11473 ff 1-14Church name: COWDEN, St. Mary Magdalene1922-1923ICBS/FILE/11473ff1-14
ICBS 13657Church name: SOUTHFLEET, St. Nicholas1958-1964ICBS/FILE/13657
ICBS 8643Church name: SUTTON, St. Barnabas, New Town1881-1892ICBS/FILE/08643
ICBS 13824Church name: HAYES, St. Mary the Virgin1960ICBS/FILE/13824
ICBS 12383 ff 1-15Church name: HARTLEY, All Saints1936-1938ICBS/FILE/12383ff1-15
ICBS 9600Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Peter & St. Paul, Milton1891-1895ICBS/FILE/09600
ICBS 12383 ff 18-35Church name: HARTLEY, All Saints1974-1976ICBS/FILE/12383ff18-35
ICBS 12756 ff 1-5Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Andrew Waterside Mission Church1949ICBS/FILE/12756ff1-5
ICBS 11938 ff 32-40Church name: OTFORD, St. Bartholomew1953-1954ICBS/FILE/11938ff32-40
ICBS 13699Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Peter1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13699
ICBS 9753Church name: MALDEN, NEW, Christ Church1893ICBS/FILE/09753
ICBS 13117 ff 1-12Church name: HYTHE, NEW, Holy Trinity1952-1953ICBS/FILE/13117ff1-12
ICBS 12135 ff 1-15Church name: GRAVESEND, Christ Church, Milton1932-1933ICBS/FILE/12135ff1-15
ICBS 8924Church name: WOOLWICH, Holy Trinity1884ICBS/FILE/08924
ICBS 12270 ff 16-24Church name: NORTHFLEET, All Saints, Perry Street1978-1981ICBS/FILE/12270ff16-24
ICBS 12392Church name: FARNBOROUGH, St. Giles the Abbot1937ICBS/FILE/12392
ICBS 13310 ff 8-19Church name: SUTTON-AT-HONE, St. John the Baptist1978-1979ICBS/FILE/13310ff8-19
ICBS 9592Church name: DULWICH, Emmanuel, West Dulwich1891-1896ICBS/FILE/09592
ICBS 12313 ff 41-54Church name: BIRLING, All Saints1977-1978ICBS/FILE/12313ff41-54
ICBS 12925 ff 39-57Church name: CHALK, St. Mary the Virgin1967ICBS/FILE/12925ff39-57
ICBS 12465 ff 1-15Church name: PECKHAM, WEST, St. Dunstan1938-1939ICBS/FILE/12465ff1-15
ICBS 12764 ff 26-32Church name: EYNSFORD, St. Martin1968-1969ICBS/FILE/12764ff26-32
ICBS 15190Church name: HUNTON, St. Mary the Virgin1977-1978ICBS/FILE/15190
ICBS 7138Church name: DEPTFORD, St. Luke1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07138
ICBS 29Church name: WATERINGBURY, St. John the Baptist1818-1822ICBS/FILE/00029
ICBS 167Church name: TONBRIDGE, St. Peter & St. Paul1819-1827ICBS/FILE/00167
ICBS 10869Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Nicholas1908-1909ICBS/FILE/10869
ICBS 10928 ff 54-74Church name: SLADES GREEN, St. Augustine1912-1913ICBS/FILE/10928ff54-74
ICBS 13543Church name: IGHTHAM, St. Peter1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13543
ICBS 12107Church name: SOUTHFLEET, St. Nicholas1932ICBS/FILE/12107
ICBS 10728Church name: BEXLEY, Holy Trinity, Lamorbey1906-1912ICBS/FILE/10728
ICBS 11473 ff 15-33Church name: COWDEN, St. Mary Magdalene1926-1930ICBS/FILE/11473ff15-33
ICBS 15202Church name: PEMBURY, St. Peter1977-1979ICBS/FILE/15202
ICBS 12764 ff 1-4Church name: EYNSFORD, St. Martin1949ICBS/FILE/12764ff1-4
ICBS 11938 ff 1-19Church name: OTFORD, St. Bartholomew1929-1931ICBS/FILE/11938ff1-19
ICBS 52Church name: GROOMBRIDGE, St. John the Evangelist1820-1821ICBS/FILE/00052
ICBS 11986Church name: SHOREHAM, St. Mary, Woodlands1930-1931ICBS/FILE/11986
ICBS 13026 ff 1-21Church name: LAMBERHURST, St. Mary1952-1959ICBS/FILE/13026ff1-21
ICBS 13168Church name: KINGSDOWN, St. Edmund1953-1955ICBS/FILE/13168
ICBS 13453Church name: BEXLEYHEATH, St. Peter1956-1958ICBS/FILE/13453
ICBS 13124 ff 27-31Church name: ROSHERVILLE, St. Mark1962ICBS/FILE/13124ff27-31
ICBS 13179 ff 1-22Church name: RIDLEY, St. Peter1953-1961ICBS/FILE/13179ff1-22
ICBS 13159Church name: SHORTLANDS, St. Mary1953-1954ICBS/FILE/13159
ICBS 13124 ff 1-26Church name: ROSHERVILLE, St. Mark1952-1954ICBS/FILE/13124ff1-26
ICBS 7235Church name: RICKMANSWORTH, All Saints, Croxley Green1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07235
ICBS 13104Church name: DITTON, St. Peter1953ICBS/FILE/13104
ICBS 10928 ff 86-106Church name: SLADES GREEN, St. Augustine1980-1981ICBS/FILE/10928ff86-106
ICBS 7274 ff 1-29Church name: LOUGHTON, St. Mary the Virgin1871-1883ICBS/FILE/07274ff1-29
ICBS 14928Church name: HOO ST. WERBURGH, St. Werburgh1974-1976ICBS/FILE/14928
ICBS 7835 ff 1-23Church name: WICKFORD, St. Katharine1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07835ff1-23
ICBS 7661Church name: WALTHAM CROSS, Holy Trinity1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07661
ICBS 11714Church name: COOLING, St. James the Great1926-1928ICBS/FILE/11714
ICBS 14904Church name: AYLESFORD, St. Peter & St. Paul1973ICBS/FILE/14904
ICBS 11949 ff 19-23Church name: BIRLING, Christ Church, Lower Birling1944ICBS/FILE/11949ff19-23
ICBS 10195 ff 53-61Church name: MALLING, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1958-1959ICBS/FILE/10195ff53-61
ICBS 15686Church name: HAYES, St. Mary the Virgin1982-1983ICBS/FILE/15686
ICBS 12676 ff 14-24Church name: MEOPHAM, St. John the Baptist1953ICBS/FILE/12676ff14-24
ICBS 7265Church name: LEWISHAM, St. George, Perry Hill1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07265
ICBS M0156Church name: MOUNTNESSING, Mission Church1873ICBS/FILE/M0156
ICBS 9206Church name: DEPTFORD, St. Michael, Hatcham1888ICBS/FILE/09206
ICBS 12270 ff 1-9Church name: NORTHFLEET, All Saints, Perry Street1935ICBS/FILE/12270ff1-9
ICBS M0015Church name: CHATHAM, School Chapel1859ICBS/FILE/M0015
ICBS 11593Church name: FAWKHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1924-1927ICBS/FILE/11593
ICBS 9713 ff 49-69Church name: WOOLWICH, All Saints, New Eltham1930ICBS/FILE/09713ff49-69
ICBS 15065Church name: FOOTSCRAY, All Saints1975-1976ICBS/FILE/15065
ICBS 13983Church name: ASHURST, St. Martin of Tours1962-1963ICBS/FILE/13983
ICBS 14727Church name: SEAL, St. Margaret, Underriver1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14727
ICBS 11600Church name: SOUTHBOROUGH, St. Thomas1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11600
ICBS 14395Church name: STANSTED, St. Mary the Virgin1966-1967ICBS/FILE/14395
ICBS 11474 ff 57-68Church name: WILMINGTON, St. Michael & All Angels1979-1980ICBS/FILE/11474ff57-68
ICBS 12756 ff 6-19Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Andrew Waterside Mission Church1965-1966ICBS/FILE/12756ff6-19
ICBS 10524Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Mary the Virgin1904-1905ICBS/FILE/10524
ICBS 10022Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Bartholomew1897-1902ICBS/FILE/10022
ICBS 10515 ff 48-58Church name: BORSTAL, St. Matthew1952-1953ICBS/FILE/10515ff48-58
ICBS 11474 ff 21-46Church name: WILMINGTON, St. Michael & All Angels1928-1930ICBS/FILE/11474ff21-46
ICBS M0264Church name: BUCKHURST HILL, Mission Church1876ICBS/FILE/M0264
ICBS 13310 ff 1-7Church name: SUTTON-AT-HONE, St. John the Baptist1955ICBS/FILE/13310ff1-7
ICBS M0094Church name: WYCH, HIGH, Mission Church1870ICBS/FILE/M0094
ICBS 1803Church name: FARLEIGH, EAST, St. Mary1835-1837ICBS/FILE/01803
ICBS 12764 ff 13-25Church name: EYNSFORD, St. Martin1958-1961ICBS/FILE/12764ff13-25
ICBS 9754Church name: DULWICH, St. Barnabas1891-1894ICBS/FILE/09754
ICBS M0150Church name: WOOLWICH, All Saints, Shooter's Hill1872ICBS/FILE/M0150
ICBS 12517Church name: FARLEIGH, WEST, All Saints1939ICBS/FILE/12517
ICBS M0106Church name: SEWERS END, School Chapel1871ICBS/FILE/M0106
ICBS M0097Church name: MEOPHAM, Mission Church1870ICBS/FILE/M0097
ICBS 7341Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Mary-at-the-Walls1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07341
ICBS 7649Church name: STAMBOURNE, St. Peter & St. Thomas1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07649
ICBS 7266Church name: PITSEA, St. Michael1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07266
ICBS 15490Church name: TESTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1980-1982ICBS/FILE/15490
ICBS 15372Church name: PENSHURST, St. John the Baptist1979-1980ICBS/FILE/15372
ICBS 8097Church name: BRIGHTLINGSEA, All Saints1876-1880ICBS/FILE/08097
ICBS 15104Church name: PECKHAM, EAST, Holy Trinity1976ICBS/FILE/15104
ICBS M0471Church name: ROTHERHITHE, Mission Church1882ICBS/FILE/M0471
ICBS 8748 ff 1-23Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Faith1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08748ff1-23
ICBS M0051Church name: GRAVESEND, Mission Church, Milton Range Halt1864ICBS/FILE/M0051
ICBS 1739Church name: RIDLEY, St. Peter1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01739
ICBS 587Church name: WATERINGBURY, St. John the Baptist1824ICBS/FILE/00587
ICBS 5269Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Peter1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05269
ICBS 3299Church name: GRAVESEND, Holy Trinity, Milton1843-1847ICBS/FILE/03299
ICBS 4202Church name: DENGIE, St. James1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04202
ICBS 4161Church name: HALSTEAD, St. Andrew1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04161
ICBS 3917Church name: ST. ALBANS, St. Peter1847-1849ICBS/FILE/03917
ICBS 4042Church name: REDBOURN, St. Mary the Virgin1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04042
ICBS 4146Church name: WITHAM, St. Nicholas1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04146
ICBS 4718Church name: ALDHAM, St. Margaret1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04718
ICBS 4565Church name: WALTHAM ABBEY, St Paul, High Beech1852ICBS/FILE/04565
ICBS 4825Church name: INGRAVE, St. Nicholas1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04825
ICBS 1215Church name: RIVERHEAD, St. Mary the Virgin1830-1831ICBS/FILE/01215
ICBS 4837Church name: ARKESDEN, St. Mary the Virgin1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04837
ICBS 4913Church name: ROYDON, St. Peter1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04913
ICBS 5575Church name: WYCH, HIGH, St. James1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05575
ICBS 5537Church name: WYDDIAL, St. Giles1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05537
ICBS 5926Church name: WORMLEY, St. Laurence1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05926
ICBS 5779Church name: MAPLESTEAD, GREAT, St. Giles1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05779
ICBS 7743Church name: RICKMANSWORTH, St. Peter, Mill End1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07743
ICBS 7897 ff 20-31Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Peter1897-1898ICBS/FILE/07897ff20-31
ICBS 7112Church name: LITTLEBURY, Holy Trinity1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07112
ICBS 6910Church name: MARGARETTING, St. Margaret1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06910
ICBS 7721Church name: MAGDALEN LAVER, St. Mary Magdalene1873-1874ICBS/FILE/07721
ICBS 9905Church name: WALWORTH, St. Peter1896ICBS/FILE/09905
ICBS 7190Church name: DOWNHAM, St. Margaret1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07190
ICBS 7441Church name: HATFIELD PEVEREL, St. Andrew1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07441
ICBS 7526 ff 1-17Church name: WEST HAM, St. Luke, Victoria Docks1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07526ff1-17
ICBS 7582Church name: ELTHAM, St. John the Baptist1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07582
ICBS 7596Church name: EASTWOOD, St. Laurence1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07596
ICBS 7826Church name: MOUNT BURES, St. John1875ICBS/FILE/07826
ICBS 8603 ff 1-27Church name: BURHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1880-1882ICBS/FILE/08603ff1-27
ICBS 8083Church name: WITHAM, St. Nicholas1877-1878ICBS/FILE/08083
ICBS 8139Church name: PLUMSTEAD, St. John the Baptist1877-1884ICBS/FILE/08139
ICBS 10146Church name: BALHAM, St. John the Divine1899-1901ICBS/FILE/10146
ICBS 8253 ff 1-46Church name: SOUTHWARK, All Hallows1878-1892ICBS/FILE/08253ff1-46
ICBS 8607Church name: HORLEY, St. Bartholomew1880-1882ICBS/FILE/08607
ICBS 8771Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. John, Horsleydown1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08771
ICBS 8893Church name: LUTON, Christ Church1882-1888ICBS/FILE/08893
ICBS 9047Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Stephen, Battersea Park1885-1887ICBS/FILE/09047
ICBS 9889Church name: CLIFFE, St. Helen1893-1898ICBS/FILE/09889
ICBS 9516 ff 1-17Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Anne1890-1892ICBS/FILE/09516ff1-17
ICBS 9310 ff 1-15Church name: TOOTING GRAVENEY, St. Nicholas1888-1889ICBS/FILE/09310ff1-15
ICBS 10028Church name: CHATHAM, St. Mary1897-1904ICBS/FILE/10028
ICBS 10434Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Barnabas1903ICBS/FILE/10434
ICBS 11360 ff 1-16Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Mary Magdalene1918-1920ICBS/FILE/11360ff1-16
ICBS 11440 ff 31-47Church name: HORTON KIRBY, St. Mary1979-1980ICBS/FILE/11440ff31-47
ICBS 10535 ff 1-43Church name: BARNES, St. Mary the Virgin1904-1906ICBS/FILE/10535ff1-43
ICBS 11567Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Nicholas1924-1928ICBS/FILE/11567
ICBS 10546 ff 1-41Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Luke, New Brompton1904-1909ICBS/FILE/10546ff1-41
ICBS 13078Church name: GRAVESEND, Holy Trinity, Milton1951-1953ICBS/FILE/13078
ICBS 11646 ff 23-39Church name: WELLING, St. John the Evangelist1934-1935ICBS/FILE/11646ff23-39
ICBS 12434Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Mary1938ICBS/FILE/12434
ICBS 11779 ff 13-20Church name: HIGHAM, St. Mary1970-1972ICBS/FILE/11779ff13-20
ICBS 14177Church name: WIGMORE, St. Matthew, Woodside1963-1965ICBS/FILE/14177
ICBS 12832 ff 1-20Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Peter & St. Paul, Milton1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12832ff1-20
ICBS 10762 ff 31-43Church name: DARTFORD, Christ Church1918-1920ICBS/FILE/10762ff31-43
ICBS 13216Church name: CLIFFE, St. Helen1954-1959ICBS/FILE/13216
ICBS 10508Church name: RICHMOND, St. John the Divine1903-1905ICBS/FILE/10508
ICBS 10486 ff 1-26Church name: HITHER GREEN, St. Swithun1904ICBS/FILE/10486ff1-26
ICBS 10515 ff 1-45Church name: BORSTAL, St. Matthew1904-1905ICBS/FILE/10515ff1-45
ICBS 14158Church name: ST. MARY CRAY, St. Barnabas1963-1970ICBS/FILE/14158
ICBS 4532Church name: DEBDEN, St. Mary the Virgin & All Saints1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04532
ICBS 12547Church name: BEXLEYHEATH, Christ Church1939ICBS/FILE/12547
ICBS M0428Church name: WALWORTH, Mission Church1881ICBS/FILE/M0428
ICBS M0080Church name: LUDDESDOWNE, School Church, Holly Hill1869ICBS/FILE/M0080
ICBS M0108Church name: WALTHAMSTOW, Mission Church1871ICBS/FILE/M0108
ICBS M0338Church name: LAMBETH, Mission Church1879ICBS/FILE/M0338
ICBS M0159Church name: WOOLWICH, Mission Church1873ICBS/FILE/M0159
ICBS M0232Church name: CHATHAM, St. John (School Chapel)1875ICBS/FILE/M0232
ICBS M0199Church name: ERITH, Mission Church, Northumberland Heath1874ICBS/FILE/M0199
ICBS M0515Church name: DARTFORD, Mission Church, The Brent1883ICBS/FILE/M0515
ICBS M0227Church name: DUNMOW, GREAT, Mission Church1875-1877ICBS/FILE/M0227
ICBS M0626Church name: WALWORTH, Mission Church1887ICBS/FILE/M0626
ICBS M0370Church name: WOOLWICH, Mission Church1880-1889ICBS/FILE/M0370
ICBS M0284Church name: CAMBERWELL, Mission Church1877ICBS/FILE/M0284
ICBS M0301aChurch name: ROTHERHITHE, School Chapel1878ICBS/FILE/M0301a
ICBS M0579Church name: ROTHERHITHE, Clare College Mission Church1885-1888ICBS/FILE/M0579
ICBS M0538Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, Mission Church, Norbiton1884ICBS/FILE/M0538
ICBS M0388Church name: SOUTHWARK, Mission Church1880-1883ICBS/FILE/M0388
ICBS M0346Church name: BATTERSEA, Mission Church, Battersea Park1879ICBS/FILE/M0346
ICBS M0426Church name: SALFORDS, Mission Church1881ICBS/FILE/M0426
ICBS M0452Church name: BATTERSEA, Mission Church, Britannia1881ICBS/FILE/M0452
ICBS M0363Church name: LAMBETH, Mission Church, Kennington1879ICBS/FILE/M0363
ICBS M0403Church name: HERNE HILL, Mission Church, Milkwood1880ICBS/FILE/M0403
ICBS M0377Church name: BATTERSEA, Mission Church, Chatham Road1880ICBS/FILE/M0377
ICBS M0492Church name: WALWORTH, Mission Church, Surrey Gardens1883ICBS/FILE/M0492
ICBS M0501Church name: CATFORD, Mission Church1883ICBS/FILE/M0501
ICBS M0400Church name: WANDSWORTH, Mission Church1880ICBS/FILE/M0400
ICBS M0652Church name: GREENWICH, Mission Church1887ICBS/FILE/M0652
ICBS M1080Church name: PLUMSTEAD, St. Alban1902-1903ICBS/FILE/M1080
ICBS M0464Church name: BERMONDSEY, Mission Church, Abbey Street1882ICBS/FILE/M0464
ICBS M0536Church name: LAMBETH, St. Michael, Kennington1884ICBS/FILE/M0536
ICBS M0460Church name: BROOK, Mission Church1882ICBS/FILE/M0460
ICBS M0494Church name: NELSON'S FIELDS, Mission Church1883-1884ICBS/FILE/M0494
ICBS M1399Church name: EDENBRIDGE, Mission Church, Marsh Green1929ICBS/FILE/M1399
ICBS M0520Church name: CAMBERWELL, Mission Church1883ICBS/FILE/M0520
ICBS M0561Church name: WANDSWORTH, Mission Church, Garratt Lane1884ICBS/FILE/M0561
ICBS M0506Church name: ROTHERHITHE, Mission Church, St. Helena's Gardens1883ICBS/FILE/M0506
ICBS M0525Church name: HITHER GREEN, School Chapel1883ICBS/FILE/M0525
ICBS M0708Church name: GRAVESEND, Mission Church1889ICBS/FILE/M0708
ICBS M1003Church name: CHATHAM, St. Luke1899ICBS/FILE/M1003
ICBS M0590Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Barnabas1886ICBS/FILE/M0590
ICBS M0514Church name: MALDEN, NEW, Mission Church1883ICBS/FILE/M0514
ICBS M0758Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Bartholomew1890ICBS/FILE/M0758
ICBS M0578Church name: BATTERSEA, Ascension, Lavender Hill1885-1886ICBS/FILE/M0578
ICBS M0630Church name: LAMBETH, St. Anselm, Kennington Cross1887ICBS/FILE/M0630
ICBS M0620Church name: REIGATE, Mission Church, Edes Fields1887ICBS/FILE/M0620
ICBS M1405Church name: BEXLEYHEATH, St. Peter1930ICBS/FILE/M1405
ICBS M0705Church name: PENGE, Mission Church, Arpley Road1889-1890ICBS/FILE/M0705
ICBS M0638Church name: WALWORTH, Wellington College Mission1887ICBS/FILE/M0638
ICBS M0883Church name: HONOR OAK, Mission Church, Waverley Park1894ICBS/FILE/M0883
ICBS M0661Church name: DELCE, Mission Church1888ICBS/FILE/M0661
ICBS M0703Church name: GILLINGHAM, Mission Church, Brompton1889-1890ICBS/FILE/M0703
ICBS M0723Church name: CAMBERWELL, Mission Church, Peckham1889ICBS/FILE/M0723
ICBS M0864Church name: BERMONDSEY, Mission Church1894ICBS/FILE/M0864
ICBS M0809Church name: NUNHEAD, Cheltenham College Mission Church1892ICBS/FILE/M0809
ICBS M1412Church name: BLUEBELL HILL, Mission Church1931ICBS/FILE/M1412
ICBS M0946Church name: WOOLWICH, Mission Church1897ICBS/FILE/M0946
ICBS M0960Church name: BATTERSEA, Caius College Mission Church1897ICBS/FILE/M0960
ICBS M1039Church name: CROFTON PARK, St. Hilda1899-1900ICBS/FILE/M1039
ICBS M0881Church name: BATTERSEA, Caius College Mission Church1892-1893ICBS/FILE/M0881
ICBS M1249Church name: BROOK, Mission Church1910ICBS/FILE/M1249
ICBS M0931Church name: ROTHERHITHE, Clare College Mission Church1896ICBS/FILE/M0931
ICBS M1327Church name: CHATTENDEN, Mission Church1914ICBS/FILE/M1327
ICBS M1033Church name: CATFORD, St. Andrew1900ICBS/FILE/M1033
ICBS M1143Church name: HEXTABLE, Mission Church1905ICBS/FILE/M1143
ICBS M1304Church name: CROFTON, St. Paul1913ICBS/FILE/M1304
ICBS 448Church name: LEWISHAM, St. John, Southend1823ICBS/FILE/00448
ICBS M1369 ff 46-55Church name: WIGMORE, St. Matthew, Woodside1950-1951ICBS/FILE/M1369ff46-55
ICBS 1078Church name: BROMLEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01078
ICBS 4529Church name: CODICOTE, St. Giles1852-1853ICBS/FILE/04529
ICBS 5273Church name: BADDOW, LITTLE, St. Mary the Virgin1858ICBS/FILE/05273
ICBS 10717Church name: EDENBRIDGE, St. Peter & St. Paul1907-1909ICBS/FILE/10717
ICBS 5217Church name: PANFIELD, St. Mary1858ICBS/FILE/05217
ICBS 8644 ff 1-43Church name: HOOK, St. Paul1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08644ff1-43
ACCM/CAND/SEL/11/31Diocese of Rochester1959-1977ACCM/2/1/13/10/31
Davidson 58, ff.133-271, 457Alteration of the diocesan boundaries of ROCHESTER and WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/58/133-271, 457
ICBS 9310 ff 16-22Church name: TOOTING GRAVENEY, St. Nicholas1938ICBS/FILE/09310ff16-22
CC/ARCH/4/31/31Shortlands , Kent; St. Michael . Diocese: Rochester1971 - 1971CC/ARCH/4/31/31
CC/ARCH/4/31/22Holderness, Hilston, Kent; St. Francis. Diocese: RochesterndCC/ARCH/4/31/22
CC/ARCH/4/31/35Walderslade, Kent; All Saints. Diocese: Rochester1959 - 1960CC/ARCH/4/31/35
CC/ARCH/4/31/2Beckenham, Kent; St. Martin. Diocese: Rochester1965 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/2
CC/ARCH/4/31/5Bickley, Kent; St. Edmund. Diocese: Rochester1956 - 1956CC/ARCH/4/31/5
CC/ARCH/4/31/6Biggin Hill, Kent; Holy Trinity. Diocese: Rochester1957 - 1957CC/ARCH/4/31/6
CC/ARCH/4/31/21Hildenborough, Kent; St. Mary. Diocese: Rochester1965 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/21
CC/ARCH/4/31/13Chelsfield, Kent; St. James. Diocese: Rochester1966 - 1966CC/ARCH/4/31/13
CC/ARCH/4/31Diocese of RochesterCC/ARCH/4/31
CC/ARCH/4/31/17Twydall Green, Gillingham, Kent; St. Justus. Diocese: Rochester1952 - 1955CC/ARCH/4/31/17
CC/ARCH/4/31/18Gravesend, Kent; St. Barnabas. Diocese: Rochester1965 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/18
CC/ARCH/4/31/7Bostall Heath, Kent; St. Aidan. Diocese: Rochester1956 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/7
CC/ARCH/4/31/24North Cray, Sidcup, Kent; St. Philip and St. James. Diocese: Rochester1958 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/24
CC/ARCH/4/31/27Perry Street, Northfleet, Kent; Christ Church. Diocese: Rochesterc.1959 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/27
CC/ARCH/4/31/20Gravesend, Kent; St. Mary. Diocese: Rochesterc.1959 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/20
CC/ARCH/4/31/11Chatham, Kent; St. Mary. Diocese: Rochester1960 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/11
Davidson 68, ff.403-13Diocese of SOUTHWARK - Foundation of the diocese1900Davidson/27-217/68/403-13
Ellison O/1/1/57Compton Commission Report: Diocesan Organisation in Greater London24 March 1975-Aug 1976Ellison/O/1/1/57
ICBS 2148Church name: CUXTON, St. Michael & All Angels1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02148
ICBS 2790Church name: PECKHAM, EAST, Holy Trinity1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02790
ICBS 5180Church name: HEYDON, Holy Trinity1857-1861ICBS/FILE/05180
ICBS 6364Church name: CHIGWELL, All Saints, Chigwell Row1865-1868ICBS/FILE/06364
ICBS 6432Church name: CLAVERING, St. Mary & St. Clement1863-1866ICBS/FILE/06432
ICBS 7099Church name: WEST HAM, St. John, North Woolwich1870-1873ICBS/FILE/07099
ICBS 8095 ff 1-25Church name: FOREST GATE, Emmanuel1876-1880ICBS/FILE/08095ff1-25
ICBS 9311Church name: WOOLWICH, St. Mary Magdalene1889-1894ICBS/FILE/09311
ICBS 10415 ff 1-50Church name: SWANSCOMBE, St. Peter & St. Paul1902-1903ICBS/FILE/10415ff1-50
ICBS 10444Church name: CATFORD, St. Andrew1903-1905ICBS/FILE/10444
ICBS 12925 ff 1-38Church name: CHALK, St. Mary the Virgin1950-1954ICBS/FILE/12925ff1-38
ICBS 15283Church name: RAINHAM, St. Margaret1978-1980ICBS/FILE/15283
ICBS 13654 ff 12-21Church name: WOULDHAM, All Saints1968-1970ICBS/FILE/13654ff12-21
ICBS M1465Church name: CHATHAM, St. Stephen1951-1952ICBS/FILE/M1465
ICBS 5682Church name: KIMPTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05682
ICBS 12341Church name: BEXLEY, St. John the Evangelist1936ICBS/FILE/12341
ICBS 4149Church name: LAYER DE LA HAYE, St. John the Baptist1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04149
ICBS 3057 ff 31-34Church name: WOOLWICH, St. John the Baptist1878-1886ICBS/FILE/03057ff31-34
ICBS 588Church name: SPELDHURST, St. Mary1824-1833ICBS/FILE/00588
ICBS 357Church name: GREENWICH, Holy Trinity1821-1841ICBS/FILE/00357
ICBS 2451Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Margaret1839-1840ICBS/FILE/02451
ICBS 2629Church name: BROMLEY, Holy Trinity, Bromley Common1840-1844ICBS/FILE/02629
ICBS 3147Church name: HILDENBOROUGH, St. John the Divine1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03147
ICBS 4005Church name: CANVEY ISLAND, St. Peter1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04005
ICBS 4035Church name: FOULNESS, St. Mary the Virgin1848-1852ICBS/FILE/04035
ICBS 4178Church name: NORTHFLEET, St. Botolph1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04178
ICBS 4275Church name: BISHOP'S STORTFORD, All Saints, Hockerill1849-1855ICBS/FILE/04275
ICBS 4302Church name: CASTLE HEDINGHAM, St. Nicholas1850-1852ICBS/FILE/04302
ICBS 4358Church name: ASTON, St. Mary1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04358
ICBS 4448Church name: LEAVESDEN, All Saints1852-1853ICBS/FILE/04448
ICBS 4467Church name: BISHOP'S STORTFORD, St. Michael1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04467
ICBS 4510Church name: WILLINGALE DOE, St. Christopher1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04510
ICBS 4606Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Mary Magdalene1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04606
ICBS 4686Church name: WATFORD, St. Andrew1853ICBS/FILE/04686
ICBS 4737Church name: WIVENHOE, St. Mary the Virgin1853-1860ICBS/FILE/04737
ICBS 4806Church name: PERRY GREEN, St. Thomas1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04806
ICBS 4955Church name: BUSH END, St. John the Evangelist1856-1857ICBS/FILE/04955
ICBS 4956 ff 1-25Church name: HATFIELD BROAD OAK, Holy Trinity, Hatfield Heath1856-1860ICBS/FILE/04956ff1-25
ICBS 4980Church name: BRAINTREE, St. Michael1856-1866ICBS/FILE/04980
ICBS 4938Church name: PARNDON, GREAT, St. Mary1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04938
ICBS 4930Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Andrew, Greenstead1854-1857ICBS/FILE/04930
ICBS 4966Church name: BRENTWOOD, St. Thomas the Martyr1856-1857ICBS/FILE/04966
ICBS 5105Church name: BROXBOURNE, St. Augustine1857-1861ICBS/FILE/05105
ICBS 5121Church name: WIGGINTON, St. Bartholomew1856-1858ICBS/FILE/05121
ICBS 5106Church name: SALING, GREAT, St. James1857-1865ICBS/FILE/05106
ICBS 5175Church name: CHADWELL, St. Mary the Virgin1857-1858ICBS/FILE/05175
ICBS 5134Church name: BISHOP'S STORTFORD, Holy Trinity1857-1860ICBS/FILE/05134
ICBS 5195Church name: SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, St. Andrew, South Shoebury1857ICBS/FILE/05195
ICBS 5742Church name: HARTLEY, All Saints1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05742
ICBS 5710Church name: BRADWELL-NEAR-THE-SEA, St. Thomas1860-1865ICBS/FILE/05710
ICBS 5754Church name: HARPENDEN, St. Nicholas1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05754
ICBS 6003Church name: LANGHAM, St. Mary1862-1864ICBS/FILE/06003
ICBS 5830Church name: TRING, St. Peter & St. Paul1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05830
ICBS 5807Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Nicholas1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05807
ICBS 5970Church name: STAPLEFORD TAWNEY, St. Mary1862ICBS/FILE/05970
ICBS 5876Church name: BENFLEET, SOUTH, St. Mary1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05876
ICBS 6482Church name: WOODHAM WALTER, St. Michael1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06482
ICBS 5943Church name: PLESHEY, Holy Trinity1862ICBS/FILE/05943
ICBS 5987Church name: ROCHFORD, St. Andrew1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05987
ICBS 5933Church name: COLCHESTER, St. John1862ICBS/FILE/05933
ICBS 5969Church name: TILLINGHAM, St. Nicholas1862-1866ICBS/FILE/05969
ICBS 6049Church name: AMWELL, GREAT, St. John the Baptist1863-1866ICBS/FILE/06049
ICBS 6100Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Mark, New Brompton1863-1873ICBS/FILE/06100
ICBS 6140Church name: STANDON, St. Mary the Virgin1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06140
ICBS 6089Church name: BUCKHURST HILL, St. John the Baptist1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06089
ICBS 6265Church name: WHEATHAMPSTEAD, St. Helen1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06265
ICBS 6706Church name: BERDEN, St. Nicholas1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06706
ICBS 6300Church name: EASTER, HIGH, St. Mary the Virgin1864-1868ICBS/FILE/06300
ICBS 6402Church name: MUNDEN, GREAT, St. Nicholas1865-1868ICBS/FILE/06402
ICBS 6367Church name: FINCHINGFIELD, St. John the Baptist1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06367
ICBS 6720Church name: CHRISHALL, Holy Trinity1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06720
ICBS 6375Church name: SARRATT, Holy Cross1865-1868ICBS/FILE/06375
ICBS 6433Church name: COLCHESTER, St. Leonard-at-the-Hythe1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06433
ICBS 6448Church name: LUDDESDOWN, St. Peter & St. Paul1865-1870ICBS/FILE/06448
ICBS 6429Church name: CLACTON, GREAT, St. John the Baptist1865-1867ICBS/FILE/06429
ICBS 7079Church name: WALTHAM, GREAT, St. John, Ford End1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07079
ICBS 6507Church name: DANBURY, St. John the Baptist1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06507
ICBS 6511Church name: INGATESTONE, St. Mary the Virgin1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06511
ICBS 6602Church name: CHATHAM, St. John the Divine1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06602
ICBS 6566Church name: SPRINGFIELD, All Saints1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06566
ICBS 6617Church name: NORTHFLEET, All Saints, Perry Street1867-1871ICBS/FILE/06617
ICBS 6594Church name: PLAISTOW, St. Andrew1867ICBS/FILE/06594
ICBS 6828Church name: CRESSING, All Saints1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06828
ICBS 6840Church name: HERTFORD, St. Andrew1868ICBS/FILE/06840
ICBS 12496 ff 1-13Church name: SUNDRIDGE, St. Mary the Virgin1938-1941ICBS/FILE/12496ff1-13
ICBS 6881Church name: ELTHAM, Holy Trinity1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06881
ICBS 6737Church name: WIDFORD, St. Luke1868ICBS/FILE/06737
ICBS 6843Church name: MISTLEY, St. Mary the Virgin1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06843
ICBS 6773Church name: BARNET, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06773
ICBS 6947Church name: TOTTERIDGE, St. Andrew1869-1870ICBS/FILE/06947
ICBS 6968Church name: FRYERNING, St. Mary1869-1871ICBS/FILE/06968
ICBS 6913Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Mary Magdalene1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06913
ICBS 6951Church name: CHORLEYWOOD, Christ Church1869-1871ICBS/FILE/06951
ICBS 7062Church name: WATFORD, St. Mary1869-1871ICBS/FILE/07062
ICBS 7096Church name: COLCHESTER, St. James1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07096
ICBS 13084Church name: BECKENHAM, St. Michael, New Beckenham1950-1954ICBS/FILE/13084
ICBS 7121Church name: BUSHEY, St. James1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07121
ICBS 7440Church name: TOLLESBURY, St. Mary1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07440
ICBS 7338Church name: DUNMOW, LITTLE, St. Mary (Priory)1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07338
ICBS 7279 ff 28-33Church name: WOOLWICH, All Saints, Shooter's Hill1876-1881ICBS/FILE/07279ff28-33
ICBS 7279 ff 1-27Church name: WOOLWICH, All Saints, Shooter's Hill1868-1876ICBS/FILE/07279ff1-27
ICBS 7340Church name: DUNMOW, GREAT, St. Mary the Virgin1871-1874ICBS/FILE/07340
ICBS 7320Church name: ROCHESTER, St. Margaret1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07320
ICBS 7346Church name: ULTING, All Saints1871-1874ICBS/FILE/07346
ICBS 7395Church name: CHESHUNT, St. Mary1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07395
ICBS 7612Church name: KELVEDON HATCH, St. Nicholas1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07612
ICBS 7377 ff 1-12Church name: WALTON-ON-THE-NAZE, All Saints1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07377ff1-12
ICBS 7426Church name: COLNE ENGAINE, St. Andrew1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07426
ICBS 7755 ff 36-53Church name: NEWINGTON, St. Agnes, Kennington Park1889ICBS/FILE/07755ff36-53
ICBS 7668 ff 1-35Church name: WOOLWICH, St. Michael & All Angels1873-1885ICBS/FILE/07668ff1-35
ICBS 7694Church name: WETHERSFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07694
ICBS 7692 ff 1-32Church name: CANNING TOWN, St. Gabriel1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07692ff1-32
ICBS 7774Church name: AYOT ST. PETER, St. Peter1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07774
ICBS 7819Church name: WYMONDLEY, LITTLE, St. Mary the Virgin1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07819
ICBS 7811Church name: CANVEY ISLAND, St. Katharine1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07811
ICBS 7844Church name: THORPE-LE-SOKEN, St. Michael1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07844
ICBS 7975Church name: STANFORD-LE-HOPE, St. Margaret1875-1878ICBS/FILE/07975
ICBS 7947Church name: INWORTH, All Saints1876-1877ICBS/FILE/07947
ICBS 8042Church name: LEYTON, Holy Trinity, Harrow Green1876-1878ICBS/FILE/08042
ICBS 8213Church name: LONG DITTON, St. Mary1877-1880ICBS/FILE/08213
ICBS 8298 ff 1-30Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Mark1878-1887ICBS/FILE/08298ff1-30
ICBS 8603 ff 28-29Church name: BURHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1929ICBS/FILE/08603ff28-29
ICBS 8386Church name: MOTTINGHAM, St. Andrew1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08386
ICBS 8339Church name: BORSTAL, St. Matthew1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08339
ICBS 8746Church name: REIGATE, St. Luke1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08746
ICBS 8636Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Mark, Peckham1881-1884ICBS/FILE/08636
ICBS 8617 ff 1-14Church name: TATSFIELD, St. Mary1881-1882ICBS/FILE/08617ff1-14
ICBS 8634Church name: LEWISHAM, Transfiguration1880-1886ICBS/FILE/08634
ICBS 8641 ff 1-25Church name: CATERHAM VALLEY, St. John the Evangelist1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08641ff1-25
ICBS 8873Church name: ROTHERHITHE, St. Katherine1883-1884ICBS/FILE/08873
ICBS 8987Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Bartholomew1885-1887ICBS/FILE/08987
ICBS 8919Church name: PENGE, Christ Church1884-1886ICBS/FILE/08919
ICBS 9089Church name: CATFORD, St. Laurence1886-1887ICBS/FILE/09089
ICBS 9159Church name: HALLING, St. John the Baptist1886-1888ICBS/FILE/09159
ICBS 9293 ff 1-35Church name: STREATHAM, Holy Trinity, Upper Tooting1888-1894ICBS/FILE/09293ff1-35
ICBS 10366Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Paul1902-1903ICBS/FILE/10366
ICBS 9516 ff 18-43Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Anne1895-1896ICBS/FILE/09516ff18-43
ICBS 9602Church name: HITHER GREEN, St. Swithun1891-1893ICBS/FILE/09602
ICBS 9548 ff 1-44Church name: BARNES, St. Michael & All Angels1889-1899ICBS/FILE/09548ff1-44
ICBS 9694Church name: BATTERSEA, Ascension, Lavender Hill1892-1898ICBS/FILE/09694
ICBS 9874 ff 1-18Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Mary1895-1896ICBS/FILE/09874ff1-18
ICBS 9823Church name: CHARLWOOD, St. Nicholas1894-1895ICBS/FILE/09823
ICBS 10060 ff 72-99Church name: BECKENHAM, St. Michael, Birkbeck1954-1957ICBS/FILE/10060ff72-99
ICBS 9844 ff 1-29Church name: GRAVESEND, St. George1895-1899ICBS/FILE/09844ff1-29
ICBS 9890 ff 1-67Church name: SOUTHFIELDS, St. Michael & All Angels1896-1907ICBS/FILE/09890ff1-67
ICBS 9955 ff 1-33Church name: MITCHAM, St. Mark1896-1904ICBS/FILE/09955ff1-33
ICBS 10280Church name: CLAPHAM, St. Peter1901-1902ICBS/FILE/10280
ICBS 10208 ff 1-29Church name: HORLEY, St. Bartholomew1900-1901ICBS/FILE/10208ff1-29
ICBS 10316 ff 1-35Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Mary, Summerstown1900-1904ICBS/FILE/10316ff1-35
ICBS 10291 ff 1-25Church name: ALLHALLOWS, All Saints, Hoo1901ICBS/FILE/10291ff1-25
ICBS 10415 ff 51-55Church name: SWANSCOMBE, St. Peter & St. Paul1971-1972ICBS/FILE/10415ff51-55
ICBS 13172Church name: WESTERHAM, St. Mary1953-1961ICBS/FILE/13172
ICBS 10928 ff 1-53Church name: SLADES GREEN, St. Augustine1909-1911ICBS/FILE/10928ff1-53
ICBS 11448Church name: PLATT, St. Mary the Virgin1922-1923ICBS/FILE/11448
ICBS 11105Church name: BECKENHAM, St. Barnabas1912ICBS/FILE/11105
ICBS 11601 ff 18-45Church name: PADDOCK WOOD, St. Andrew1953-1956ICBS/FILE/11601ff18-45
ICBS 11298 ff 41-63Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Augustine1933-1936ICBS/FILE/11298ff41-63
ICBS 11298 ff 1-40Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Augustine1913-1917ICBS/FILE/11298ff1-40
ICBS 11885Church name: BROMLEY, St. Andrew1928-1930ICBS/FILE/11885
ICBS 12368 ff 1-17Church name: GREEN STREET GREEN, St. Mary1937-1938ICBS/FILE/12368ff1-17
ICBS 12254Church name: CHELSFIELD, St. Martin of Tours1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12254
ICBS 12257Church name: ELMER'S END, St. James1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12257
ICBS 12975Church name: GREENHITHE, St. Mary the Virgin1951-1952ICBS/FILE/12975
ICBS 12961Church name: ASH NEXT RIDLEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1951-1958ICBS/FILE/12961
ICBS 13234 ff 24-37Church name: BEXLEY, St. Mary the Virgin1977ICBS/FILE/13234ff24-37
ICBS 13801 ff 1-15Church name: FARNINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1960ICBS/FILE/13801ff1-15
ICBS 14076Church name: GILLINGHAM, Holy Trinity, Twydall Green1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14076
ICBS 14734Church name: WALDERSLADE, St. William1971-1973ICBS/FILE/14734
ICBS 15027 ff 1-18Church name: ERITH, St. John the Baptist1975ICBS/FILE/15027ff1-18
ICBS 15522Church name: PENGE, St. John the Evangelist1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15522
ICBS M1466 ff 1-18Church name: HEXTABLE, St. Peter1952-1955ICBS/FILE/M1466ff1-18
ICBS M1483Church name: WELLING, Bishop Ridley Memorial Church1957-1958ICBS/FILE/M1483
ICBS 2164Church name: COWDEN, St. Mary Magdalene1837ICBS/FILE/02164
ICBS 3912Church name: CHIGNAL SMEALY, St. Nicholas1847-1848ICBS/FILE/03912
ICBS 4287Church name: CHELMSFORD, St. John, Moulsham1850-1852ICBS/FILE/04287
ICBS 4443Church name: COGGESHALL, GREAT, St. Peter ad Vincula1852-1869ICBS/FILE/04443
ICBS 4885Church name: TOLLESHUNT KNIGHTS, St. Luke, Tiptree1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04885
ICBS 6415Church name: WIDDINGTON, St. Mary1865-1873ICBS/FILE/06415
ICBS 6620Church name: CHILDERDITCH, All Saints & St. Faith1867-1870ICBS/FILE/06620
ICBS 7013Church name: RAMSDEN CRAYS, St. Mary1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07013
ICBS 7057Church name: WORMINGFORD, St. Andrew1869-1871ICBS/FILE/07057
ICBS 7668 ff 36-102Church name: WOOLWICH, St. Michael & All Angels1888-1919ICBS/FILE/07668ff36-102
ICBS 8405Church name: SYDENHAM, St. Matthew1879-1885ICBS/FILE/08405
ICBS 8417Church name: BATTERSEA, All Saints1879-1883ICBS/FILE/08417
ICBS 8651Church name: STREATHAM, St. Anselm1881-1898ICBS/FILE/08651
ICBS 9278Church name: GILLINGHAM, St. Barnabas1888-1901ICBS/FILE/09278
ICBS 9333Church name: SOUTHWARK, Christ Church, Blackfriars1888-1890ICBS/FILE/09333
ICBS 9874 ff 19-40Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Mary1901-1903ICBS/FILE/09874ff19-40
ICBS 10097 ff 1-103Church name: PLUMSTEAD, St. Mark1898-1911ICBS/FILE/10097ff1-103
ICBS 10166Church name: PLUMSTEAD, St. Paul1899-1902ICBS/FILE/10166
ICBS 10174 ff 1-30Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Mary Magdalene, Wandsworth Common1899-1900ICBS/FILE/10174ff1-30
ICBS 11224Church name: SEAL, St. Peter & St. Paul1913-1914ICBS/FILE/11224
ICBS 9473Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Saviour (Cathedral)1890-1895ICBS/FILE/09473
ICBS 4654Church name: ROXWELL, St. Michael1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04654
ICBS 10081Church name: STREATHAM, St. Margaret, Streatham Hill1898-1900ICBS/FILE/10081
ICBS 10201Church name: NUNHEAD, St. Silas, Waverley Park1898-1913ICBS/FILE/10201
ICBS 13801 ff 16-38Church name: FARNINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1981-1983ICBS/FILE/13801ff16-38
MS 585 pagg. 61-112Notae de Codicibus MSS. Historicis aliisque magis insignibus in Bibliotheca Collegii Corporis Christi Cantabrig.MSS/585/35
Davidson 39, ff.255-76Diocese of ROCHESTER.1894Davidson/27-217/39/255-76
ICBS 6823Church name: SUTTON, All Saints1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06823
ICBS 10245 ff 1-26Church name: SYDENHAM, All Saints1900-1907ICBS/FILE/10245ff1-26
MS 3445, ff. 89-90Rochester, Diocese of.1962-1963MSS/3444-3458/3445/89-90
MS 3446, ff.39, 115-16, 185Rochester, Diocese of.1962-1963MSS/3444-3458/3446/39, 115-116, 185
MS 3448The Paul Report1962MSS/3444-3458/3448
MS 3454Replies1962MSS/3444-3458/3449-3455/3454
MS 2997PALMER PAPERS1903-1908MSS/2965-3015/2997
MS 3017 ff. 1-115Miscellaneous extracts from the acts of the consistory court of Rochester, 1436-1535 (ff. 1-100), and extracts from records in Rochester diocesan registry mainly concerning the jurisdiction of the Archdeacon of Rochester, 1504-1640 (101-115). 15th-17th centuryMSS/3017/1-115
FP Porteus 15, ff.73-5 passimNumbers of non-resident clergy by diocese.1804-1807FP/Porteus/15/73-5 passim
Reg. Whitgift 1Register of John Whitgift1583-1592V/A/19Whitgift1
Reg. BancroftRegister of Richard Bancroft1604-1610V/A/20Bancroft
ICBS M1369 ff 1-45Church name: WIGMORE, St. Matthew, Woodside1924-1926ICBS/FILE/M1369ff1-45
ICBS M1097Church name: ELTHAM, Mission Church1903-1904ICBS/FILE/M1097
ICBS M0636Church name: BERMONDSEY, Mission Church1887ICBS/FILE/M0636
ICBS M0736Church name: CAMBERWELL, Corpus Christi College Mission1889-1891ICBS/FILE/M0736
ICBS M0875Church name: STREATHAM, Mission Church, Leigham Court1895ICBS/FILE/M0875
ICBS M0871Church name: DULWICH, Mission Church, East Dulwich1894ICBS/FILE/M0871
ICBS M1016Church name: CLAPHAM, Mission Church, Clapham Rise1899ICBS/FILE/M1016
ICBS M1122Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Mary, South Bermondsey1905-1906ICBS/FILE/M1122
ICBS 2442Church name: WILMINGTON, St. Michael & All Angels1838-1844ICBS/FILE/02442
ICBS 3952Church name: LEVERSTOCK GREEN, Holy Trinity1847-1850ICBS/FILE/03952
ICBS 4599Church name: HALLINGBURY, LITTLE, St. Mary the Virgin1853-1854ICBS/FILE/04599
ICBS 4650Church name: GRAVESEND, Christ Church1853-1865ICBS/FILE/04650
ICBS 4678Church name: RODING, HIGH, All Saints1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04678
ICBS 5297Church name: PELDON, St. Mary the Virgin1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05297
ICBS 5404Church name: SAWBRIDGEWORTH, St. Mary the Great1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05404
ICBS 5458Church name: DEDHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1859-1863ICBS/FILE/05458
ICBS 5560Church name: CHESHUNT, St. James, Goffs Oak1860-1863ICBS/FILE/05560
ICBS 6048Church name: EARLS COLNE, St. Andrew1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06048
ICBS 6731Church name: PLUMSTEAD, St. Nicholas1868ICBS/FILE/06731
ICBS 6858Church name: BISHOP'S STORTFORD, St. Michael1868-1871ICBS/FILE/06858
ICBS 6885Church name: RADWINTER, St. Mary1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06885
ICBS 6978Church name: SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, St. John the Baptist1869-1875ICBS/FILE/06978
ICBS 14735Church name: WATERINGBURY, St. John the Baptist1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14735
ICBS 7183Church name: SWANSCOMBE, St. Peter & St. Paul1870-1879ICBS/FILE/07183
ICBS 7279 ff 34-74Church name: WOOLWICH, All Saints, Shooter's Hill1879-1881ICBS/FILE/07279ff34-74
ICBS 7377 ff 13-34Church name: WALTON-ON-THE-NAZE, All Saints1881-1882ICBS/FILE/07377ff13-34
ICBS 7794Church name: THERFIELD, St. Mary1873-1882ICBS/FILE/07794
ICBS 8862Church name: LONGFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1883-1890ICBS/FILE/08862
ICBS 9729 ff 1-42Church name: WARLINGHAM, All Saints1893-1894ICBS/FILE/09729ff1-42
ICBS 9879 ff 1-139Church name: MERSTHAM, All Saints, South Merstham1895-1898ICBS/FILE/09879ff1-139
ICBS 10169Church name: GRAYNE, St. James1899-1910ICBS/FILE/10169
ICBS 13026 ff 33-44Church name: LAMBERHURST, St. Mary1963-1964ICBS/FILE/13026ff33-44
ICBS 12832 ff 30-36Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Peter & St. Paul, Milton1961ICBS/FILE/12832ff30-36
ICBS 12832 ff 21-29Church name: GRAVESEND, St. Peter & St. Paul, Milton1954-1961ICBS/FILE/12832ff21-29
ICBS 10762 ff 1-30Church name: DARTFORD, Christ Church1907-1910ICBS/FILE/10762ff1-30
ICBS 11051Church name: BELVEDERE, St. Augustine1911-1917ICBS/FILE/11051
ICBS 12939 ff 1-22Church name: MALLING, EAST, St. James the Great1951ICBS/FILE/12939ff1-22
ICBS 13026 ff 45-75Church name: LAMBERHURST, St. Mary1977-1979ICBS/FILE/13026ff45-75
F. Temple 7, ff. 50-2SOUTHWARK, Surrey, Diocese of, 1905 - Letters and papers on the proposals for a diocese, and the Bishopric of Southwark Bill; ROCHESTER, Diocese of - proposals to divide the diocese; CANTERBURY, Diocese of - alterations to the diocesan boundary 1897F.Temple/7/50-2
F. Temple 15, ff. 76-119SOUTHWARK, Surrey, Diocese of, 1905 - Letters and papers on the proposals for a diocese, and the Bishopric of Southwark Bill 1898F.Temple/15/76-119
F. Temple 45, ff. 1-183SOUTHWARK, Surrey, Diocese of, 1905 - Letters and papers on the proposals for a diocese, and the Bishopric of Southwark Bill1901F.Temple/45/1-183
F. Temple 46, ff. 360-3SOUTHWARK, Surrey, Diocese of, 1905 - Letters and papers on the proposals for a diocese, and the Bishopric of Southwark Bill 1901F.Temple/46/360-3
F. Temple 56, ff. 152-72SOUTHWARK, Surrey, Diocese of, 1905 - Letters and papers on the proposals for a diocese, and the Bishopric of Southwark Bill1902F.Temple/56/152-72
RCED/7Visitation Articles1899-1905RCED/7
Davidson 555Notes on ordinands in the diocese of ROCHESTER1894-1895Davidson/555-559/555
Lang 155, ff. 201-19Courses for Sunday school teachers in the Diocese of CANTERBURY; residential courses for Sunday school teachers in the Diocese of ROCHESTER1935-1937Lang/1-186/155/201-19
Fisher 144, ff. 9-121350th anniversary of the foundation of the Diocese of ROCHESTER1954Fisher/1-271/134-151/144/9-12
Fisher 180, ff. 180-8Stipends of the CLERGY; stipends of curates and women lay workers in the Diocese of ROCHESTER; MINISTRY OF WOMEN - position of lay women in the Church of England1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/180/180-8
Tait 85 ff. 260-2JACKSON (John), Bishop of Lincoln, and (1869) of London1868Tait/76-104/85/260-2
Ramsey 183, ff.17-18, 23-4, 29-33, 35-62Correspondence on the boundaries of the dioceses of CANTERBURY, ROCHESTER and SOUTHWARK1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/183/17-18, 23-4, 29-33, 35-62
Ramsey 339/45/3Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: Hereford-St.Albans1964-1968Ramsey/339/45-3
MS 1588 ff. 31-33vLetter to the Bishop of Rochester (Anthony Wilson Thorold), concerning the fabric of churches. "Rochester Diocesan Chronicle," 1 February 1887 (f. 31). 1887MSS/1586-1589/1588/31-33v
MS 4733Armorialc. 1692-1694MSS/4732-4733/4733
Reg. StaffordReg. KempRegister of John Stafford and John Kemp [Kempe]1443-1454V/A/11Stafford
CC/ARCH/4/31/36Welling, Kent; St. Michael. Diocese: Rochester1963 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/36
CC/ARCH/4/31/19Gravesend, Kent; St. Barnabas. Diocese: Rochester1960 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/19
CC/ARCH/4/31/8Bromley, Kent; St. Aidan. Diocese: Rochester1967 - 1972CC/ARCH/4/31/8
CC/ARCH/4/31/4Bexleyheath, Kent; Christ Church. Diocese: Rochester1956 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/4
CC/ARCH/4/31/3Bexleyheath, Kent; St. Paul. Diocese: Rochester1970 - 1971CC/ARCH/4/31/3
CC/ARCH/4/31/12Chatham, Kent; St. Barnabas. Diocese: Rochester1956 - 1972CC/ARCH/4/31/12
CC/ARCH/4/31/1Barnehurst, Kent; St. Stephen. Diocese: Rochester1958 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/1
CC/ARCH/4/31/23Istead Rise, Kent; Holy Trinity. Diocese: Rochester1960 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/23
ICBS 9131Church name: WANDSWORTH, St. Mary Magdalene1886-1888ICBS/FILE/09131
ICBS 9684Church name: TULSE HILL, St. Matthias, Upper Tulse Hill1892-1893ICBS/FILE/09684
CC/ARCH/4/31/9Bromley, Kent; The Holy Family. Diocese: Rochester1951 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/9
CC/ARCH/4/31/10Bromley Common, Kent; St. John the EvangeliSt. Diocese: Rochester1956 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/31/10
CC/ARCH/4/31/14Orpington, Crofton, Kent; St. Botolph. Diocese: Rochester1956 - 1959CC/ARCH/4/31/14
CC/ARCH/4/31/15Dartford , Kent; St. Andrew. Diocese: Rochester1958 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/15
CC/ARCH/4/31/16Dartford , Kent; All Saints. Diocese: Rochester1954 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/16
CC/ARCH/4/31/25Northfleet, Kent; Bishop Nicholas Ridley. Diocese: Rochester1963 - 1971CC/ARCH/4/31/25
CC/ARCH/4/31/26Paddock Wood, Kent; St. Matthew. Diocese: Rochester1953 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/26
CC/ARCH/4/31/28Rochester, Kent; St. Michael & All Angels. Diocese: Rochester1955 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/28
CC/ARCH/4/31/29St Paul's Cray, Kent; Holy Cross. Diocese: Rochester1960 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/29
CC/ARCH/4/31/30St Paul's Cray, Kent; Holy Cross. Diocese: Rochester1952 - 1955CC/ARCH/4/31/30
CC/ARCH/4/31/32Shortlands , Kent; St. John. Diocese: Rochesterc.1955 - c.1955CC/ARCH/4/31/32
CC/ARCH/4/31/33Strood, Kent; St. Fremund. Diocese: Rochester1958 - 1963CC/ARCH/4/31/33
CC/ARCH/4/31/34Twydall Green, Gillingham, Kent; St. Mary. Diocese: Rochester1961 - 1969CC/ARCH/4/31/34
CC/ARCH/4/31/37Wigmore , Kent; St. John. Diocese: Rochester1962 - 1969CC/ARCH/4/31/37
CC/OF/NB31Diocese of Rochester New Benefice FilesCC/OF/NB/31
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