Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Winchester
Corporate NameDiocese of Winchester
RelationshipsFollowing the sixteenth-century Reformation, this diocese became part of the Church of England
InternalStructuresOriginally divided into two archdeaconries: Winchester and Surrey. It covered Hampshire (entirely until 1927, partly from 1927), the Isle of Wight (until 1927), Surrey (entirely until 1845, reduced progressively from 1845-1927, and excepting the archbishop of Canterbury's peculiar jurisdiction in the deanery of Croydon), and the Channel Islands.
SourceFrederick A. Youngs, Jr., Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England (Royal Historical Society, 1979), volume I: Southern England (Royal Historical Society, 1979); Smith, Guide to Bishops' Registers, (1981) p. 203.

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Lang 172, ff. 381-6 passimEvangelistic campaign in the Diocese of WINCHESTER1938-1939Lang/1-186/172/381-6 passim
Davidson 76, ff.277-88Diocese of WINCHESTER.1902Davidson/27-217/76/277-88
Davidson 73, ff.266-82Diocese of WINCHESTER 1901Davidson/27-217/73/266-82
Fisher 110, ff. 279-87Diocese of WINCHESTER1951-1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/110/279-87
Fisher 182, ff. 235-9Diocese of WINCHESTER1955-1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/182/235-9
Davidson 46, ff.352-3BISHOPS - Duties and funding of suffragan bishops 1896Davidson/27-217/46/352-3
Davidson 48, ff.365-73NAVVY MISSION SOCIETY.1897Davidson/27-217/48/365-73
Davidson 72, ff.143-5Diocese of WINCHESTER1901Davidson/27-217/72/143-5
Davidson 41, ff.1-8Boundaries of rural deaneries in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/41/1-8
Davidson 58, ff.272-87Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/58/272-87
Davidson 89, ff.1-8Diocese of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/89/1-8
Davidson 71, ff.206-11Diocese of WINCHESTER1901Davidson/27-217/71/206-11
Davidson 77, ff.52-83Diocese of WINCHESTER1902Davidson/27-217/77/52-83
Davidson 40, ff.11-20Reports on parishes in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/40/11-20
Davidson 63, f.92Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/63/92
Davidson 65, ff.71-2Diocese of WINCHESTER.1900Davidson/27-217/65/71-2
Davidson 57, ff.408-13Proposed inventory of church plate in Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/57/408-13
Davidson 63, ff.109-34Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/63/109-34
Davidson 44, ff.82-6, 170-3Administration of charities in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1896Davidson/27-217/44/82-6, 170-3
Davidson 188, ff.170-1Intercessions for use in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1913Davidson/27-217/188/170-1
Davidson 61, ff.386-92CHAPLAINS 1899Davidson/27-217/61/386-92
Davidson 98, ff.1-12Religious instruction in schools in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1904Davidson/27-217/98/1-12
Davidson 50, ff.394-407Diocese of WINCHESTER.1897Davidson/27-217/50/394-407
Davidson 63, ff.41-2Episcopal regulations on the conduct of services in Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/63/41-2
Davidson 64, ff.196-281 passimDiocese of WINCHESTER1898-1900Davidson/27-217/64/196-281 passim
Davidson 41, ff.217-30Church defence in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/41/217-30
Davidson 40, ff.228-39, 262-4Augmentation of benefices in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/40/228-39, 262-4
Davidson 46, ff.385-95Diocese of WINCHESTER.1896Davidson/27-217/46/385-95
Tait 213 ff. 193-6WINCHESTER, Diocese of1875Tait/161-296/213/193-6
Tait 268 ff. 147-50WINCHESTER, Diocese of1880Tait/161-296/268/147-50
Tait 205 ff. 139-40WINCHESTER, Diocese of1874Tait/161-296/205/139-40
Tait 204 ff. 364-7WINCHESTER, Diocese of1874Tait/161-296/204/364-7
Davidson 52, ff.137-9Religious instruction in schools in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1898Davidson/27-217/52/137-9
Davidson 73, ff.122-48Diocese of WINCHESTER.1901Davidson/27-217/73/122-48
Tait 268 ff. 321-4Report on the neglect of baptism in the diocese of WINCHESTER1880Tait/161-296/268/321-4
Tait 209 ff. 253-8WINCHESTER, Diocese of1872Tait/161-296/209/253-8
Tait 293 ff. 34-74Papers on the episcopal visitation of the diocese of WINCHESTER1878Tait/161-296/293/34-74
Davidson 68, ff.151-63Diocese of WINCHESTER 1900Davidson/27-217/68/151-63
Davidson 72, ff.280-321 passimRecruitment of ordinands in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1901Davidson/27-217/72/280-321 passim
Davidson 69, ff.23-39Diocese of WINCHESTER.1900Davidson/27-217/69/23-39
Davidson 65, f.79Diocese of WINCHESTER.1900Davidson/27-217/65/79
Davidson 57, ff.414-15Episcopal regulations on the conduct of services in Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/57/414-15
Davidson 73, ff.149-61Recruitment of ordinands in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1901Davidson/27-217/73/149-61
MS 4424Dioceses of London, Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Rochester, Salisbury, Winchester, Worcester.MSS/4400-4433/4422-4425/4424
Tait 166 ff. 38, 53-6, 81-2, 96WINCHESTER, Diocese of1869Tait/161-296/166/38, 53-6, 81-2, 96
Ramsey 187, ff.36, 127-31ALLISON (Sherard Falkner), bishop of Winchester.1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/36, 127-31
Davidson 55, ff.228-77Diocese of WINCHESTER.1898Davidson/27-217/55/228-77
Davidson 83, ff.107-12Income of Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/83/107-12
Davidson 282, ff.1-221Supervision of deaconesses in diocese of WINCHESTER.1896-1905Davidson/218-516/282/1-221
Davidson 70, ff.167-74Diocese of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/70/167-74
Davidson 522, ff.267-79Parochial missions in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1897-1902Davidson/517-523/522/267-79
Ramsey 187, ff.128-9WINCHESTER, diocese of.1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/128-9
Davidson 56, ff.261-316Diocese of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/56/261-316
Davidson 47, ff.96-101CHAPLAINS Davidson/27-217/47/96-101
Davidson 40, ff.300-3Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/40/300-3
Davidson 58, ff.125-30Diocese of WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/58/125-30
Davidson 58, ff.1-93Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/58/1-93
Davidson 64, ff.1-15Diocese of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/64/1-15
Davidson 46, ff.374-80MARRIAGE 1895Davidson/27-217/46/374-80
Davidson 75, ff.397-440Diocese of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/75/397-440
Davidson 514Winchester1912-1925Davidson/218-516/514
Coggan 11, ff.231-308Exorcism23 Apr-29 Dec 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/11/231-308
Davidson 53, ff.272-87Boundaries of rural deaneries in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1898Davidson/27-217/53/272-87
Benson 22 ff.179-85Diocese of WINCHESTER.1883Benson/22/179-85
FP Porteus 6, pp.7-37 passimWILMOT (John), M.P.; secretary of the Committee for the Relief of French Refugee Clergy.1796FP/Porteus/6/7-37 passim
Davidson 54, ff.54-66Diocese of WINCHESTER.1898Davidson/27-217/54/54-66
Davidson 58, ff.435-7Religious instruction in schools in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/58/435-7
MS 2623 ff. 143-213Papers on the Farnham Conference on the doctrine of the Reservation of the sacrament, diocese of Winchester1925MSS/2615-2650/2623/143-213
MS 2024, ff.201-233Seale1909MSS/2023-2025/2024/201-233
Davidson 62, ff.284-93Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/62/284-93
Davidson 47, ff.353-7Diocese of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/47/353-7
Davidson 71, ff.9-14BISHOPS - Duties and funding of suffragan bishops1901Davidson/27-217/71/9-14
Davidson 70, ff.13-16, 21-7Diocese of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/70/13-16, 21-7
Davidson 63, ff.135-60Diocese of WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/63/135-60
Ramsey 182, ff.135-7, 146, 160, 204ALLISON (Sherard Falkner), bishop of Winchester.1969-1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/135-7, 146, 160, 204
Davidson 69, ff.14-22Position of Sunday school teachers in Diocese of WINCHESTER1900Davidson/27-217/69/14-22
Runcie/MAIN/1985/383Winchester diocese1985Runcie/MAIN/1985/383
Davidson 68, ff.75-150Boundaries of rural deaneries in Diocese of WINCHESTER.1900Davidson/27-217/68/75-150
Davidson 41, ff.384-91Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/41/384-91
Davidson 47, ff.406-10, 433-5Foundation and use of the Clergy Sustentation Fund for Diocese of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/47/406-10, 433-5
FP Porteus 14, ff.72-3RIDDING (John), chapter clerk, Winchester.1791FP/Porteus/14/72-3
W.T.A./GEN/5/8W.T.A. Development Campaign Dioceses W-Y1972-1974WTA/GEN/5/8
Davidson 43, ff.368-70Diocese of WINCHESTER.1896Davidson/27-217/43/368-70
MS 585 pag. 776Historica quaedam de Statu Ecclesiastico Insularum Guernsey et Jersey, et de subjectione earum diversis Sedibus Episcopalibus facta. MSS/585/217
CU 96Parochial Returns1954CU/E/96
Davidson 550Survey of churches in the diocese of Winchester1899Davidson/549-554/550
Fisher 92, ff. 409-11HOLY COMMUNION - reservation of the sacrament; reservation of the sacrament in the Diocese of WINCHESTER 1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/92/409-11
Davidson 56, ff.83-5Diocese of WINCHESTERDavidson/27-217/56/83-5
MS 2023, ff.97-121Ash, Surrey1909MSS/2023-2025/2023/97-121
MS 928b, MS 928cRELIEF OF THE VAUDOIS1699-1700MSS/928b, 928c
Davidson 98 ff.45-7Diocese of WINCHESTER1904Davidson/27-217/98/45-7
Davidson 40, ff.244-61Diocese of WINCHESTER.1895Davidson/27-217/40/244-61
ICBS DIOC 46Diocese of Winchester1914-1979ICBS/DIOC/46
Davidson 54, ff.106-31EDUCATION - Proposals for the re-organisation of schools1898Davidson/27-217/54/106-31
ACUPA/C/1/12WIN-YOR27 Sep 1983-1 Feb 1985ACUPA/C/1/12
Davidson 60, ff.362-415NAVVY MISSION SOCIETY.1899Davidson/27-217/60/362-415
MS 3446, ff.125, 189Winchester, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3446/125, 189
MS 3455Replies1962MSS/3444-3458/3449-3455/3455
Davidson 78, ff.76-122 passimDiocese of WINCHESTER.1902Davidson/27-217/78/76-122 passim
Davidson 72, ff.88-93Diocese of WINCHESTER1901Davidson/27-217/72/88-93
Davidson 51, ff.414-25Foundation and use of the Clergy Sustentation Fund for Diocese of WINCHESTER.1898Davidson/27-217/51/414-25
Davidson 74, ff.343-76Diocese of WINCHESTER1901Davidson/27-217/74/343-76
Davidson 52, ff.101-2, 109-36Operation of the 1897 Voluntary Schools Act in Diocese of WINCHESTER1898Davidson/27-217/52/101-2, 109-36
Davidson 54, ff.109-205Diocese of WINCHESTER1898Davidson/27-217/54/189-205
Davidson 200, ff.232-9Diocese of WINCHESTER.1921Davidson/27-217/200/232-9
Tait 268 ff. 224-9"The Girls' Friendly Society. A short account of its working in the diocese of Winchester" by YONGE (Charlotte Mary), novelist[1879]Tait/161-296/268/224-9
Tait 271 ff. 331-2JONES (William Thomas), Rector of St. Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey1881Tait/161-296/271/331-2
Davidson 66, f.217Diocese of WINCHESTER.1900Davidson/27-217/66/217
Davidson 67, ff.87-8NAVVY MISSION SOCIETY.1900Davidson/27-217/67/87-8
Davidson 499, ff.11-13, 22-50TEMPERANCE. - Temperance work and the treatment of alcoholism in England1896-1897Davidson/218-516/499/11-13, 22-50
Ramsey 339/44/4Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: part 41971-1972Ramsey/339/44-4
MS 1908'A Repertory of the Endowments of Vicarages', by Andrew Coltee Ducarel1772MSS/1907-1908/1908
MS 2190, ff.42-593. Miscellaneous addresses to Howley1832-1843 MSS/2184-2213/2190/42-59
Coggan 49, ff.302-311Central Board of Finance (CBF)19 Apr-8 Jun 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/49/302-311
Davidson 54, ff.389-404SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL - Activities of diocesan branches1896-1898Davidson/27-217/54/389-404
ICBS 1148Church name: BIGHTON, All Saints1829-1839ICBS/FILE/01148
ACUPA/R/2/1/20/22Winchester26 Mar 1984ACUPA/R/2/1/20/22
Davidson 40, ff.413-19Diocese of WINCHESTER - Care and custody of diocesan records1895Davidson/27-217/40/413-19
Tait 163 ff. 141-2KINGSCOTE (Henry Robert), philanthropist1869Tait/161-296/163/141-2
Davidson 40, ff.438-53BISHOPS - Duties and funding of suffragan bishops1895Davidson/27-217/40/438-53
FP Porteus 14, ff.74-7WINCHESTER, diocese of.1757FP/Porteus/14/74-7
FP Jackson 33Surnames Tozer - Webber1851-1885FP/Jackson/D/33
CM XVIII/14Subsidy list of the clergy of the archdeaconry of Winchester, returned by John Incent, Official of the Archdeacon, to the Archbishop [Thomas Wolsey] July 1513CM/18/14
ICBS 802Church name: FRESHWATER, All Saints1826-1827ICBS/FILE/00802
ICBS 7908Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Luke1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07908
ICBS 196 ff 1-4Church name: GUILDFORD, St. Nicholas1819-1822ICBS/FILE/00196ff1-4
ICBS 207Church name: RYDE, St. Thomas1819-1827ICBS/FILE/00207
ICBS 563Church name: WICKHAM, St. Nicholas1824ICBS/FILE/00563
ICBS 267Church name: BASINGSTOKE, St. Michael1820-1821ICBS/FILE/00267
ICBS 196 ff 5-34Church name: GUILDFORD, St. Nicholas1836-1838ICBS/FILE/00196ff5-34
ICBS 342 ff 1-7Church name: COBHAM, St. Andrew1821-1823ICBS/FILE/00342ff1-7
ICBS 350Church name: DORKING, New Church1821-1823ICBS/FILE/00350
ICBS 321 ff 20-25Church name: PEARTREE GREEN, Jesus Chapel1843-1844ICBS/FILE/00321ff20-25
ICBS 342 ff 8-21Church name: COBHAM, St. Andrew1826-1827ICBS/FILE/00342ff8-21
ICBS 336Church name: ST. AUBIN'S BAY, St. Matthew1819ICBS/FILE/00336
ICBS 241Church name: TWYFORD, St. Mary1820ICBS/FILE/00241
ICBS 367 ff 1-14Church name: FARLINGTON, St. Andrew1822-1825ICBS/FILE/00367ff1-14
ICBS 401Church name: BEDDINGTON, St. Mary the Virgin1822-1824ICBS/FILE/00401
ICBS 375 f 19Church name: FAWLEY, St. John the Baptist, Hythe1887ICBS/FILE/00375f19
ICBS 375 ff 1-18Church name: FAWLEY, St. John the Baptist, Hythe1822-1827ICBS/FILE/00375ff1-18
ICBS 412Church name: WALTON-ON-THE-HILL, St. Peter1822ICBS/FILE/00412
ICBS 474Church name: EWELL, St. Mary the Virgin1823ICBS/FILE/00474
ICBS 505Church name: SEND AND RIPLEY, St. Mary, Ripley1823-1827ICBS/FILE/00505
ICBS 755Church name: BASINGSTOKE, St. Michael1826-1827ICBS/FILE/00755
ICBS 3063Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Thomas, Elson1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03063
ICBS 741Church name: DIBDEN, All Saints1826ICBS/FILE/00741
ICBS 788Church name: GUILDFORD, St. John, Stoke1826ICBS/FILE/00788
ICBS 943 ff 1-2Church name: WORTING, St. Thomas of Canterbury1828ICBS/FILE/00943ff1-2
ICBS 828 ff 13-15Church name: BROCKENHURST, St. Peter1895ICBS/FILE/00828ff13-15
ICBS 346Church name: ROMSEY, St. Mary & St. Ethelfleda (Abbey)1821-1824ICBS/FILE/00346
ICBS 897Church name: WALLOP, NETHER, St. Andrew1827ICBS/FILE/00897
ICBS 920Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, New Church1828ICBS/FILE/00920
ICBS 1139Church name: LISS, St. Peter & St. Mary the Virgin1829-1831ICBS/FILE/01139
ICBS 1087Church name: WONSTON, Holy Trinity1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01087
ICBS 1127Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, New Church1829ICBS/FILE/01127
ICBS 2374Church name: KNIGHTS ENHAM, St. Michael & All Angels1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02374
ICBS 504Church name: ALTON, St. Laurence1824-1836ICBS/FILE/00504
ICBS 1891Church name: THAMES DITTON, St. Nicholas1835ICBS/FILE/01891
ICBS 1419Church name: SWAY, New Church1832ICBS/FILE/01419
ICBS 1593Church name: ST. HELIER, St. Helier1833ICBS/FILE/01593
ICBS 1456Church name: ITCHEN ABBAS, St. John the Baptist1832-1834ICBS/FILE/01456
ICBS 1428Church name: BURSLEDON, St. Leonard1832-1833ICBS/FILE/01428
ICBS 1868Church name: KINGSWOOD, St. Andrew1835-1844ICBS/FILE/01868
ICBS 1339Church name: CARSHALTON, All Saints1831ICBS/FILE/01339
ICBS 4502Church name: MONXTON, St. Mary1852-1853ICBS/FILE/04502
ICBS 1590Church name: COWES, St. Mary, West Cowes1833ICBS/FILE/01590
ICBS 2208Church name: DORKING, St. John the Evangelist, Holmwood1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02208
ICBS 3632Church name: ALFOLD, St. Nicholas1845-1846ICBS/FILE/03632
ICBS 1644 ff 1-4Church name: BRAMLEY, Holy Trinity1834ICBS/FILE/01644ff1-4
ICBS 1825Church name: ST. PETER PORT, New Church1835ICBS/FILE/01825
ICBS 1873Church name: DORKING, St. Martin1835-1837ICBS/FILE/01873
ICBS 1882Church name: CHERTSEY, New Church1835-1837ICBS/FILE/01882
ICBS 1644 ff 5-6Church name: BRAMLEY, Holy Trinity1847ICBS/FILE/01644ff5-6
ICBS 1705Church name: LYMINGTON, St. Thomas1834ICBS/FILE/01705
ICBS 1653Church name: COULSDON, St. John the Evangelist1834ICBS/FILE/01653
ICBS 4047Church name: ASH, St. Michael, York Town1848-1854ICBS/FILE/04047
ICBS 2209Church name: ROTHERHITHE, All Saints1837-1841ICBS/FILE/02209
ICBS 2711Church name: HORSELL, St. Mary the Virgin1840ICBS/FILE/02711
ICBS 2301Church name: BURLEY, St. John the Baptist1838-1845ICBS/FILE/02301
ICBS 2231Church name: FARNBOROUGH, St. Peter1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02231
ICBS 2377Church name: SEND AND RIPLEY, St. Mary, Ripley1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02377
ICBS 2540Church name: EMSWORTH, St. James1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02540
ICBS 2661Church name: MILLBROOK, St. Matthew1840ICBS/FILE/02661
ICBS 2567Church name: CHILBOLTON, St. Mary the Less1839ICBS/FILE/02567
ICBS 5643Church name: FAIR OAK, St. Thomas1860-1863ICBS/FILE/05643
ICBS 3914Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, Holy Rood1847ICBS/FILE/03914
ICBS 2955Church name: CHOBHAM, Holy Trinity, West End1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02955
ICBS 3456Church name: CATHERINGTON, All Saints1844ICBS/FILE/03456
ICBS 3270Church name: MEON, WEST, St. John the Evangelist1843-1847ICBS/FILE/03270
ICBS 3662Church name: ELSTEAD, St. James1845-1846ICBS/FILE/03662
ICBS 3492Church name: SANDOWN, Christ Church1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03492
ICBS 3238Church name: SWANMORE, St. Barnabas1843ICBS/FILE/03238
ICBS 3416Church name: LYNE, Holy Trinity1844-1849ICBS/FILE/03416
ICBS 3467Church name: GOSPORT, Holy Trinity1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03467
ICBS 6530Church name: TILFORD, All Saints1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06530
ICBS 3614Church name: WYKE, St. Mark1845-1847ICBS/FILE/03614
ICBS 7157Church name: WEEKE, St. Anastasius1870ICBS/FILE/07157
ICBS 4163Church name: GRATELY, St. Leonard1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04163
ICBS 3599Church name: SHALDEN, St. Peter & St. Paul1845ICBS/FILE/03599
ICBS 4363Church name: ROTHERHITHE, Holy Trinity1851ICBS/FILE/04363
ICBS 3937Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Stephen, Kent Street1847ICBS/FILE/03937
ICBS 3858Church name: SOBERTON, St. Peter1846ICBS/FILE/03858
ICBS 3710Church name: SHALFORD, St. Mary1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03710
ICBS 3797Church name: MOLESEY, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1846ICBS/FILE/03797
ICBS 11603 ff 1-8Church name: EPSOM, St. Barnabas1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11603ff1-8
ICBS 4278Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Mary Magdalene1850ICBS/FILE/04278
ICBS 7179Church name: KENLEY, All Saints1870-1885ICBS/FILE/07179
ICBS 3933Church name: MEDSTEAD, St. Andrew1847ICBS/FILE/03933
ICBS 3817Church name: MICHELMERSH, St. Mary the Virgin1846ICBS/FILE/03817
ICBS 5088Church name: MOLESEY, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1857ICBS/FILE/05088
ICBS 4020Church name: LEIGH, St. Bartholomew1848-1853ICBS/FILE/04020
ICBS 5214Church name: SHERFIELD ENGLISH, St. Leonard1858ICBS/FILE/05214
ICBS 4365Church name: WINCHESTER, Holy Trinity1851-1854ICBS/FILE/04365
ICBS 4822Church name: ST. PIERRE DU BOIS, St. Pierre du Bois1854ICBS/FILE/04822
ICBS 4743Church name: LAMBETH, St. Mary the Virgin1854ICBS/FILE/04743
ICBS 4096Church name: NEWPORT, St. Thomas1848-1858ICBS/FILE/04096
ICBS 4414Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Jude1851ICBS/FILE/04414
ICBS 4877Church name: SHERFIELD ENGLISH, St. Leonard1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04877
ICBS 4366Church name: GUILDFORD, St. John, Stoke1850-1853ICBS/FILE/04366
ICBS 12612 ff 20-21Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Lawrence1981ICBS/FILE/12612ff20-21
ICBS 4434Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary1851-1853ICBS/FILE/04434
ICBS 5085Church name: EMSWORTH, St. James1857ICBS/FILE/05085
ICBS 4525Church name: HAM, St. John the Baptist, Robin Hood1852ICBS/FILE/04525
ICBS 5964Church name: ST. PETER PORT, Holy Trinity1862ICBS/FILE/05964
ICBS 4531Church name: ESHER, Christ Church1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04531
ICBS 12413 f 19Church name: FARLEIGH WALLOP, St. Andrew1948ICBS/FILE/12413f19
ICBS 11308 ff 15-19Church name: HOLDENHURST, St. John the Baptist, Moordown1925-1926ICBS/FILE/11308ff15-19
ICBS 5194Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. James, Pokesdown1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05194
ICBS 4807Church name: FARNHAM, St. Andrew1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04807
ICBS 5990 ff 1-20Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Mary1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05990ff1-20
ICBS 4791Church name: STREATHAM, Holy Trinity, Upper Tooting1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04791
ICBS 4953Church name: WILDHERN, Christ Church1856-1857ICBS/FILE/04953
ICBS 6668aChurch name: MOLESEY, EAST, St. Paul1883ICBS/FILE/06668a
ICBS 4899Church name: BOLDRE, St. John1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04899
ICBS 6569Church name: RAMSDELL, Christ Church1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06569
ICBS 6084Church name: FACCOMBE, St. Barnabas1863ICBS/FILE/06084
ICBS 4925Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Paul, Westminster Road1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04925
ICBS 5057Church name: WHERWELL, St. Peter & Holy Cross1854-1858ICBS/FILE/05057
ICBS 5172Church name: SOUTHWARK, Christ Church, Blackfriars1857ICBS/FILE/05172
ICBS 5323Church name: ENGLEFIELD GREEN, St. Simon & St. Jude1858ICBS/FILE/05323
ICBS 5429Church name: MOLESEY, WEST, Parish Church1859ICBS/FILE/05429
ICBS 5396Church name: CHILCOMB, St. Andrew1859ICBS/FILE/05396
ICBS 7944Church name: WOODMANSTERNE, St. Peter1876-1877ICBS/FILE/07944
ICBS 11355 ff 1-16Church name: WYKE, St. Mark1917-1919ICBS/FILE/11355ff1-16
ICBS 7718Church name: OUTWOOD, St. John the Baptist1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07718
ICBS 6692Church name: LOWFIELD HEATH, St. Michael & All Angels1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06692
ICBS 6095Church name: EMERY DOWN, Christ Church1863-1864ICBS/FILE/06095
ICBS 10855Church name: WOOTTON, New Church, Wootton Bridge1908ICBS/FILE/10855
ICBS 5991Church name: GOSPORT, Christ Church1862-1865ICBS/FILE/05991
ICBS 3077Church name: COVE, St. John1842-1844ICBS/FILE/03077
ICBS 5783Church name: MOLESEY, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1861-1866ICBS/FILE/05783
ICBS 5313Church name: BURPHAM CUM SUTTON, St. Luke1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05313
ICBS 7449Church name: DORKING, St. Martin1872-1878ICBS/FILE/07449
ICBS 5498Church name: HAM, St. John the Baptist, Robin Hood1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05498
ICBS 7040Church name: MARCHWOOD, Christ Church, Colbury1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07040
ICBS 6343Church name: CHOBHAM, St. Laurence1865-1868ICBS/FILE/06343
ICBS 5864Church name: VAUXHALL, St. Peter1861-1864ICBS/FILE/05864
ICBS 6447Church name: VALLEY END, St. Saviour1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06447
ICBS 9421Church name: VENTNOR, St. Alban1890ICBS/FILE/09421
ICBS 5626Church name: BISHOPSTOKE, St. Mary1860ICBS/FILE/05626
ICBS 6066Church name: SHAMLEY GREEN, Christ Church1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06066
ICBS 6927Church name: ROTHERHITHE, All Saints1869ICBS/FILE/06927
ICBS 7048Church name: BLETCHINGLEY, St. Mary the Virgin1869ICBS/FILE/07048
ICBS 5677Church name: SWANMORE, St. Barnabas1860ICBS/FILE/05677
ICBS 5988Church name: STREATHAM, St. Leonard1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05988
ICBS 5878Church name: ITCHEN ABBAS, St. John the Baptist1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05878
ICBS 5792Church name: CLAPHAM, Christ Church1861-1867ICBS/FILE/05792
ICBS 7095Church name: MEONSTOKE, St. Andrew1869-1872ICBS/FILE/07095
ICBS 7907Church name: LAMBETH, St. James, Kennington1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07907
ICBS 7555Church name: HEDGE END, St. John the Evangelist1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07555
ICBS 6600Church name: SHEET, St. Mary1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06600
ICBS 6220Church name: BYFLEET, St. Mary the Virgin1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06220
ICBS 6623Church name: STOCKWELL, St. Andrew1867ICBS/FILE/06623
ICBS 6579Church name: HEADLEY, St. Peter1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06579
ICBS 6703Church name: HAYLING ISLAND, St. Mary1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06703
ICBS 6850Church name: STREATHAM, St. Peter1868-1871ICBS/FILE/06850
ICBS 6647Church name: EASTLEIGH, Resurrection1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06647
ICBS 7030Church name: RICHMOND, Holy Trinity1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07030
ICBS 6612Church name: WHITCHURCH, All Hallows1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06612
ICBS 11587Church name: BINSTEAD, Holy Cross1924ICBS/FILE/11587
ICBS 6964Church name: ST. OUEN, St. Ouen1869-1874ICBS/FILE/06964
ICBS 12615Church name: MORESTEAD, Parish Church1946-1947ICBS/FILE/12615
ICBS 5267Church name: LYNDHURST, St. Michael & All Angels1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05267
ICBS 7093Church name: THORLEY, St. Swithun1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07093
ICBS 7038Church name: MITCHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07038
ICBS 8535Church name: TIMSBURY, St. Andrew1880-1883ICBS/FILE/08535
ICBS 6939Church name: YATELEY, St. Peter1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06939
ICBS 7616Church name: WEYBRIDGE, St. Michael & All Angels1873-1874ICBS/FILE/07616
ICBS 14792Church name: HALE, St. Mary1972ICBS/FILE/14792
ICBS 7657Church name: SHEDFIELD, St. John the Baptist1874-1880ICBS/FILE/07657
ICBS 7322Church name: ST. PETER PORT, St. Barnabas1871-1875ICBS/FILE/07322
ICBS 2029Church name: HEADLEY, St. Peter1836-1837ICBS/FILE/02029
ICBS 8031Church name: TWYFORD, St. Mary1876-1878ICBS/FILE/08031
ICBS 8088Church name: SELBORNE, St. Mary1877ICBS/FILE/08088
ICBS 12770Church name: ST. PETER, St. Peter1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12770
ICBS 7367Church name: TANGLEY, St. John the Baptist1872-1876ICBS/FILE/07367
ICBS 7868Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Jude, Peckham1875-1881ICBS/FILE/07868
ICBS 7851Church name: MITCHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07851
ICBS 9049Church name: HERSHAM, St. Peter1885-1887ICBS/FILE/09049
ICBS 12564Church name: WARNBOROUGH, SOUTH, St. Andrew1939-1943ICBS/FILE/12564
ICBS 3415Church name: SWANMORE, St. Barnabas1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03415
ICBS 8700Church name: PEARTREE GREEN, Jesus Chapel1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08700
ICBS 8172 ff 1-31Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary1876-1879ICBS/FILE/08172ff1-31
ICBS 7991Church name: SWANMORE, St. Barnabas1876-1878ICBS/FILE/07991
ICBS 8721Church name: GOSPORT, Christ Church1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08721
ICBS 8130Church name: HAVANT, St. Faith1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08130
ICBS 8351Church name: CLANFIELD, St. James1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08351
ICBS 8656Church name: COMBE, St. Swithun1881ICBS/FILE/08656
ICBS 11400Church name: NEWTOWN, Holy Ghost1920-1921ICBS/FILE/11400
ICBS 8258Church name: HOLYBOURNE, Holy Rood1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08258
ICBS 9503Church name: FOREST, St. Margarete1890ICBS/FILE/09503
ICBS 10018Church name: BASSETT, St. Michael1897-1910ICBS/FILE/10018
ICBS 8824Church name: CHURT, St. John1883ICBS/FILE/08824
ICBS 10248Church name: FARNBOROUGH, St. Peter1900-1901ICBS/FILE/10248
ICBS 11815 ff 35-51Church name: MILTON, St. Mary Magdalene1956-1958ICBS/FILE/11815ff35-51
ICBS 10888Church name: BYFLEET, St. John the Baptist1909ICBS/FILE/10888
ICBS 10150 ff 39-48Church name: EASTLEIGH, Resurrection1970-1971ICBS/FILE/10150ff39-48
ICBS 14642Church name: HOUGHTON, All Saints1970ICBS/FILE/14642
ICBS 9258Church name: WEEKE, St. Paul1888ICBS/FILE/09258
ICBS 12602Church name: BROWN CANDOVER, St. Peter1944-1946ICBS/FILE/12602
ICBS 10362 ff 21-27Church name: WEEKE, St. Paul1910ICBS/FILE/10362ff21-27
ICBS 9137Church name: BURLEY, St. John the Baptist1886-1889ICBS/FILE/09137
ICBS 1282Church name: APPLESHAW, Parish Church1830-1831ICBS/FILE/01282
ICBS 11414Church name: SEAVIEW, St. Peter1920-1921ICBS/FILE/11414
ICBS 9588Church name: ELING, St. Mary, North Eling1891-1892ICBS/FILE/09588
ICBS 10383Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Barnabas1902-1909ICBS/FILE/10383
ICBS 12131Church name: LECKFORD, St. Nicholas1932-1933ICBS/FILE/12131
ICBS 12956 ff 9-12Church name: PRESTON CANDOVER, St. Mary the Virgin1958ICBS/FILE/12956ff9-12
ICBS 6381Church name: ST. HELIER, St. Simon1865-1871ICBS/FILE/06381
ICBS 7283Church name: SEAVIEW, St. Peter1871ICBS/FILE/07283
ICBS 7436Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Michael1872ICBS/FILE/07436
ICBS 7607Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Michael1873ICBS/FILE/07607
ICBS 14855Church name: LYNDHURST, St. Michael & All Angels1972-1973ICBS/FILE/14855
ICBS 7437Church name: BRANSGORE, St. Mary1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07437
ICBS 10234Church name: WESTON GREEN, All Saints1900-1909ICBS/FILE/10234
ICBS 10251Church name: CORHAMPTON, Parish Church1900-1901ICBS/FILE/10251
ICBS 10585 ff 48-57Church name: CHOBHAM, Holy Trinity, West End1922-1923ICBS/FILE/10585ff48-57
ICBS 943 ff 3-29Church name: WORTING, St. Thomas of Canterbury1847-1853ICBS/FILE/00943ff3-29
ICBS 12872Church name: WESTEND, St. James1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12872
ICBS 12038 ff 46-48Church name: ST. MARY BOURNE, St. Peter1953ICBS/FILE/12038ff46-48
ICBS 12628 ff 17-19Church name: BASING, St. Mary1961ICBS/FILE/12628ff17-19
ICBS 11443 ff 24-25Church name: KINGSCLERE, St. Paul, Kingsclere Woodlands1946ICBS/FILE/11443ff24-25
ICBS 11390Church name: EGHAM, St. John the Baptist1920ICBS/FILE/11390
ICBS 11968 ff 2-5Church name: FAREHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1970ICBS/FILE/11968ff2-5
ICBS 11340Church name: CHAWTON, Treloar Cripples Hospital Chapel1916ICBS/FILE/11340
ICBS 14216Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Barnabas, Queen's Park1962-1964ICBS/FILE/14216
ICBS 14377Church name: HORDLE, All Saints1966-1972ICBS/FILE/14377
ICBS 10810Church name: EPSOM, St. Barnabas1908-1909ICBS/FILE/10810
ICBS 10983 ff 28-47Church name: LOWER BOURNE, St. Thomas1925-1926ICBS/FILE/10983ff28-47
ICBS 1234Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Thomas & St. Clement1830-1842ICBS/FILE/01234
ICBS 1173Church name: CHIPSTEAD, St. Margaret1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01173
ICBS 996Church name: ST. HELENS, St. Helen1828-1832ICBS/FILE/00996
ICBS 11152Church name: HAMBLEDON, St. Peter1911-1914ICBS/FILE/11152
ICBS 11369Church name: BISLEY, St. John the Baptist1917-1922ICBS/FILE/11369
ICBS 11443 ff 1-23Church name: KINGSCLERE, St. Paul, Kingsclere Woodlands1921-1922ICBS/FILE/11443ff1-23
ICBS 570Church name: MILLBROOK, Holy Trinity1824-1828ICBS/FILE/00570
ICBS 1792Church name: SARISBURY, St. Paul1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01792
ICBS 12512Church name: ALDERSHOT, Ascension1939ICBS/FILE/12512
ICBS 11118Church name: EASTROP, St. Mary1909-1912ICBS/FILE/11118
ICBS 11302Church name: ADDLESTONE, St. Augustine1913-1915ICBS/FILE/11302
ICBS 12985Church name: BRADLEY, All Saints1951ICBS/FILE/12985
ICBS 11525 ff 30-34Church name: EWSHOTT, St. Mary1934ICBS/FILE/11525ff30-34
ICBS 1388Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary1831-1833ICBS/FILE/01388
ICBS 11968 f 1Church name: FAREHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1930ICBS/FILE/11968f1
ICBS 126Church name: FRIMLEY, St. Peter1819-1826ICBS/FILE/00126
ICBS 2541Church name: FARNHAM, St. Peter, Wrecclesham1839-1840ICBS/FILE/02541
ICBS 11522 ff 25-36Church name: GOSPORT, Christ Church1930-1932ICBS/FILE/11522ff25-36
ICBS 11525 ff 1-29Church name: EWSHOTT, St. Mary1923-1924ICBS/FILE/11525ff1-29
ICBS 12885Church name: CHERITON, St. Michael & All Angels1950ICBS/FILE/12885
ICBS 10585 ff 46-47Church name: CHOBHAM, Holy Trinity, West End1915ICBS/FILE/10585ff46-47
ICBS 11592 ff 1-22Church name: TICHBORNE, St. Andrew1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11592ff1-22
ICBS 11687 ff 1-15Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Thomas, Elson1926ICBS/FILE/11687ff1-15
ICBS 7573Church name: CHEAM, St. Philip, Cheam Common1873ICBS/FILE/07573
ICBS 11790Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Mary1925-1934ICBS/FILE/11790
ICBS 7309Church name: KINGSTON, St. James1871ICBS/FILE/07309
ICBS 12511 ff 26-44Church name: WALLOP, NETHER, St. Andrew1957-1960ICBS/FILE/12511ff26-44
ICBS 11592 ff 23-35Church name: TICHBORNE, St. Andrew1974-1975ICBS/FILE/11592ff23-35
ICBS 11687 ff 17-25Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Thomas, Elson1971-1972ICBS/FILE/11687ff17-25
ICBS 12815 ff 1-4Church name: OWSLEBURY, St. Andrew1950ICBS/FILE/12815ff1-4
ICBS 11747 ff 1-21Church name: PORTSMOUTH, All Saints, Landport1927-1933ICBS/FILE/11747ff1-21
ICBS 11897Church name: CHANDLER'S FORD, St. Boniface1928-1930ICBS/FILE/11897
ICBS 12325 ff 18-20Church name: AMPORT, St. Mary1947-1948ICBS/FILE/12325ff18-20
ICBS 6711Church name: ENGLEFIELD GREEN, St. Simon & St. Jude1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06711
ICBS 12413 ff 1-18Church name: FARLEIGH WALLOP, St. Andrew1937-1938ICBS/FILE/12413ff1-18
ICBS 11657Church name: ROWLEDGE, St. James1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11657
ICBS 8965 ff 23-24Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mary, Portsea1906ICBS/FILE/08965ff23-24
ICBS 12168 ff 18-29Church name: COLDEN COMMON, Holy Trinity1951-1952ICBS/FILE/12168ff18-29
ICBS 13090 ff 1-9Church name: HEDGE END, St. John the Evangelist1952-1954ICBS/FILE/13090ff1-9
ICBS 358Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Michael1821-1827ICBS/FILE/00358
ICBS 12168 ff 1-17Church name: COLDEN COMMON, Holy Trinity1933-1934ICBS/FILE/12168ff1-17
ICBS 12176Church name: ROWNHAMS, St. John1933-1935ICBS/FILE/12176
ICBS 12626Church name: SUTTON, LONG, All Saints1946-1949ICBS/FILE/12626
ICBS 12956 ff 1-8Church name: PRESTON CANDOVER, St. Mary the Virgin1951ICBS/FILE/12956ff1-8
ICBS 12375Church name: STOCKBRIDGE, St. Peter1936-1937ICBS/FILE/12375
ICBS 1741Church name: BENTLEY, St. Mary1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01741
ICBS 11966 ff 34-42Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. James, Pokesdown1952ICBS/FILE/11966ff34-42
ICBS 1953Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, New Church, West End1836-1839ICBS/FILE/01953
ICBS 12413 ff 20-37Church name: FARLEIGH WALLOP, St. Andrew1959-1960ICBS/FILE/12413ff20-37
ICBS 10605Church name: ST. MARY BOURNE, St. Peter1905-1912ICBS/FILE/10605
ICBS 10687 ff 1-18Church name: HINDHEAD, St. Alban1906ICBS/FILE/10687ff1-18
ICBS 10694 ff 53-64Church name: EASTLEIGH, All Saints1979ICBS/FILE/10694ff53-64
ICBS 7159Church name: HASLEMERE, St. Bartholomew1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07159
ICBS 12612 ff 1-19Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Lawrence1946-1947ICBS/FILE/12612ff1-19
ICBS 7693 ff 1-19Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Philip the Evangelist1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07693ff1-19
ICBS 14598Church name: HOLYBOURNE, Holy Rood1969-1975ICBS/FILE/14598
ICBS 11280Church name: PORTSWOOD, Christ Church1914ICBS/FILE/11280
ICBS 13390Church name: WALLOP, OVER, St. Peter1955ICBS/FILE/13390
ICBS 13090 ff 10-20Church name: HEDGE END, St. John the Evangelist1963-1964ICBS/FILE/13090ff10-20
ICBS 11308 ff 1-14Church name: HOLDENHURST, St. John the Baptist, Moordown1914-1915ICBS/FILE/11308ff1-14
ICBS 1146Church name: MEONSTOKE, St. Andrew1829ICBS/FILE/01146
ICBS 12815 ff 12-19Church name: OWSLEBURY, St. Andrew1981-1982ICBS/FILE/12815ff12-19
ICBS 11331Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. John the Baptist, Rudmore1915-1919ICBS/FILE/11331
ICBS 12014 ff 30-42Church name: LYMINGTON, St. Thomas1948-1950ICBS/FILE/12014ff30-42
ICBS 14564Church name: CRUX EASTON, St. Michael & All Angels1969ICBS/FILE/14564
ICBS 9590Church name: GURNARD, All Saints1891-1893ICBS/FILE/09590
ICBS 10384Church name: HASLEMERE, St. Christopher, Clay Hill1902-1903ICBS/FILE/10384
ICBS 10679Church name: ST. SAMPSON, St. Sampson1906ICBS/FILE/10679
ICBS 12038 ff 29-45Church name: ST. MARY BOURNE, St. Peter1936ICBS/FILE/12038ff29-45
ICBS 7474Church name: MILLBROOK, Holy Trinity1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07474
ICBS 7741Church name: BATTERSEA, St. George1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07741
ICBS 9777Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Agatha, Landport1894-1898ICBS/FILE/09777
ICBS 7903Church name: FRESHWATER, All Saints1875-1878ICBS/FILE/07903
ICBS 1779Church name: HOLYBOURNE, Holy Rood1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01779
ICBS 14543 ff 1-9Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary, South Stoneham1968-1969ICBS/FILE/14543ff1-9
ICBS 12776Church name: CHILCOMB, St. Andrew1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12776
ICBS M1168Church name: COPNOR, St. Alban the Martyr1906-1907ICBS/FILE/M1168
ICBS 12168 ff 30-36Church name: COLDEN COMMON, Holy Trinity1965ICBS/FILE/12168ff30-36
ICBS 14341Church name: FACCOMBE, St. Barnabas1966ICBS/FILE/14341
ICBS 11215 ff 1-22Church name: TISTED, WEST, St. Mary Magdalene1912-1914ICBS/FILE/11215ff1-22
ICBS 12815 ff 5-11Church name: OWSLEBURY, St. Andrew1954-1956ICBS/FILE/12815ff5-11
ICBS M0053Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Mary Magdalene1865ICBS/FILE/M0053
ICBS 12511 ff 45-56Church name: WALLOP, NETHER, St. Andrew1978ICBS/FILE/12511ff45-56
ICBS M0181Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Saviour1873ICBS/FILE/M0181
ICBS 10640Church name: ASH VALE, St. Mary1906ICBS/FILE/10640
ICBS 7557Church name: FARNCOMBE, St. John the Evangelist1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07557
ICBS 7323Church name: FARLINGTON, St. Andrew1871-1877ICBS/FILE/07323
ICBS 7323aChurch name: FARLINGTON, St. John, Purbrook1877ICBS/FILE/07323a
ICBS 1394Church name: TYTHERLEY, WEST, St. Peter1831-1835ICBS/FILE/01394
ICBS M0628Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Portsea1887ICBS/FILE/M0628
ICBS 1114Church name: WALTHAM, NORTH, St. Michael1829-1831ICBS/FILE/01114
ICBS 7593Church name: BURTON, St. Luke1873-1876ICBS/FILE/07593
ICBS 14840Church name: WORTING, St. Thomas of Canterbury1972-1973ICBS/FILE/14840
ICBS 960Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mary Magdalene, Widley1828-1829ICBS/FILE/00960
ICBS 116Church name: MITCHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1819-1823ICBS/FILE/00116
ICBS 14867Church name: MICHELMERSH, St. Mary the Virgin1972-1973ICBS/FILE/14867
ICBS M0223Church name: VINCHELEZ, Mission Church1875ICBS/FILE/M0223
ICBS 11101Church name: FRIMLEY, St. Andrew, Frimley Green1911-1912ICBS/FILE/11101
ICBS M0065Church name: LAMBETH, St. John the Divine, Kennington1867-1868ICBS/FILE/M0065
ICBS 7305Church name: CHAWTON, St. Nicholas1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07305
ICBS 8254Church name: LONGSTOCK, St. Mary1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08254
ICBS M0200Church name: BATTERSEA, Mission Church1870-1877ICBS/FILE/M0200
ICBS M0030Church name: CAMBERWELL, Mission Church1860ICBS/FILE/M0030
ICBS 7712Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, St. Paul, Kingston Hill1873-1880ICBS/FILE/07712
ICBS 12575 ff 29-39Church name: DEAN, EAST, St. Winfrid1957-1959ICBS/FILE/12575ff29-39
ICBS 7356Church name: ELSTEAD, St. James1872ICBS/FILE/07356
ICBS 12628 ff 1-16Church name: BASING, St. Mary1946ICBS/FILE/12628ff1-16
ICBS M0390Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Walton Road1880ICBS/FILE/M0390
ICBS M0050Church name: LAMBETH, Mission Church, South Kennington1864ICBS/FILE/M0050
ICBS 7222Church name: LINKENHOLT, St. Peter1869-1871ICBS/FILE/07222
ICBS M0086Church name: WANDSWORTH, Mission Church, Wandsworth Common1870ICBS/FILE/M0086
ICBS M0073Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Portsea1865ICBS/FILE/M0073
ICBS M0021Church name: SOUTHWARK, Mission Church, Blackfriars1859ICBS/FILE/M0021
ICBS 166Church name: FARNHAM, St. Andrew1819-1826ICBS/FILE/00166
ICBS 367 ff 15-38Church name: FARLINGTON, St. Andrew1829-1830ICBS/FILE/00367ff15-38
ICBS 476Church name: MICKLEHAM, St. Michael1823-1826ICBS/FILE/00476
ICBS 1019Church name: IBSLEY, St. Martin1828-1832ICBS/FILE/01019
ICBS 1191Church name: HORDLE, All Saints1829-1831ICBS/FILE/01191
ICBS 752Church name: WALTON-ON-THE-HILL, St. Peter1826ICBS/FILE/00752
ICBS 1121Church name: UPHAM, Parish Church1829-1836ICBS/FILE/01121
ICBS 1161Church name: KEW, St. Anne1829-1838ICBS/FILE/01161
ICBS 1126Church name: HAM, St. Andrew1829-1832ICBS/FILE/01126
ICBS 1821Church name: BOTLEY, All Saints1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01821
ICBS 1439Church name: LISS, St. Peter & St. Mary the Virgin1832ICBS/FILE/01439
ICBS 1626Church name: BRAMSHOTT, St. Mary1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01626
ICBS 1349Church name: BISHOPS SUTTON, St. Nicholas1831ICBS/FILE/01349
ICBS 2271Church name: STEEP, All Saints1837-1840ICBS/FILE/02271
ICBS 2149Church name: HAVANT, St. John the Baptist, Redhill1837ICBS/FILE/02149
ICBS 2416Church name: BASING, St. Mary1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02416
ICBS 3791Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Paul1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03791
ICBS 2747Church name: GODSTONE, St. John, Blindley Heath1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02747
ICBS 2612Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. James the Great, Milton1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02612
ICBS 2882Church name: PETERSFIELD, St. Peter1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02882
ICBS 2930Church name: BYFLEET, St. Mary the Virgin1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02930
ICBS 2702Church name: CHRISTCHURCH, Holy Trinity1840-1841ICBS/FILE/02702
ICBS 3327Church name: FAWLEY, All Saints1843-1845ICBS/FILE/03327
ICBS 2894Church name: BISTERNE, St. Paul1841-1843ICBS/FILE/02894
ICBS 2918Church name: OWSLEBURY, Holy Trinity, Coldon Common1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02918
ICBS 2883Church name: ANGLESEY, St. Mark1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02883
ICBS 3103Church name: CRONDALL, All Saints1835-1846ICBS/FILE/03103
ICBS 2968Church name: RYDE, St. John, Oakfield1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02968
ICBS 3547Church name: NUTLEY, St. Mary1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03547
ICBS 3427Church name: KINGSCLERE, St. Paul, Kingsclere Woodlands1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03427
ICBS 3655Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Thomas & St. Clement1845-1847ICBS/FILE/03655
ICBS 3604Church name: BAUGHURST, St. Stephen1845-1847ICBS/FILE/03604
ICBS 3464Church name: BOOKHAM, GREAT, St. Nicholas1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03464
ICBS 3805Church name: EWELL, St. Mary the Virgin1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03805
ICBS 5475Church name: WINCHESTER, Christ Church1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05475
ICBS 4892Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Peter1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04892
ICBS 4888Church name: WESTCOTT, Holy Trinity1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04888
ICBS 5993Church name: GUILDFORD, St. Mary the Virgin1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05993
ICBS 5156Church name: FETCHAM, St. Mary1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05156
ICBS 5321Church name: CHARLWOOD, St. Nicholas1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05321
ICBS 5401Church name: MILFORD, St. John1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05401
ICBS 5855Church name: LAMBETH, St. Philip1861-1864ICBS/FILE/05855
ICBS 5422Church name: MEDSTEAD, St. Andrew1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05422
ICBS 5708Church name: SANDOWN, Christ Church1860-1863ICBS/FILE/05708
ICBS 5534Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, Christ Church, Northam1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05534
ICBS 5946Church name: CHEAM, St. Dunstan1862-1865ICBS/FILE/05946
ICBS 6086Church name: BINSTED, Holy Cross1863-1864ICBS/FILE/06086
ICBS 6246Church name: ASH, St. Peter1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06246
ICBS 5976Church name: WEYHILL, St. Michael & All Angels1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05976
ICBS 5925Church name: BATTERSEA, St. John1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05925
ICBS 6536Church name: AMPORT, St. Mary1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06536
ICBS 6210Church name: THAMES DITTON, St. Nicholas1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06210
ICBS 6255Church name: ASH, St. Michael, York Town1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06255
ICBS 6999Church name: CHERTSEY, St. Peter1869-1870ICBS/FILE/06999
ICBS 6630Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Matthew1867-1870ICBS/FILE/06630
ICBS 6932Church name: HARTLEY WINTNEY, St. John the Evangelist1869-1884ICBS/FILE/06932
ICBS 12038 ff 1-28Church name: ST. MARY BOURNE, St. Peter1931ICBS/FILE/12038ff1-28
ICBS 7860Church name: AWBRIDGE, All Saints1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07860
ICBS 14449Church name: SILCHESTER, St. Mary the Virgin1967-1968ICBS/FILE/14449
ICBS 7184Church name: GREYWELL, St. Mary1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07184
ICBS 8208Church name: SANDOWN, St. John, Lower Sandown1877-1884ICBS/FILE/08208
ICBS 7514Church name: TOOTING GRAVENEY, St. Nicholas1872-1878ICBS/FILE/07514
ICBS 7485Church name: BISLEY, St. John the Baptist1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07485
ICBS 8132Church name: CROFTON, Holy Rood, Old Crofton1877-1881ICBS/FILE/08132
ICBS 8933 ff 21-33Church name: SHERBORNE ST. JOHN, St. Andrew1972-1973ICBS/FILE/08933ff21-33
ICBS 9359Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mark, Fitzhugh1889-1892ICBS/FILE/09359
ICBS 9813Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Barnabas1894ICBS/FILE/09813
ICBS 10362 ff 1-20Church name: WEEKE, St. Paul1902-1910ICBS/FILE/10362ff1-20
ICBS 10294Church name: BADSHOT LEA, St. George1901-1904ICBS/FILE/10294
ICBS 11054Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. James the Great, Milton1911-1913ICBS/FILE/11054
ICBS 12668Church name: KINGSCLERE, St. Mary1948-1949ICBS/FILE/12668
ICBS 10478Church name: KNAPP HILL, Holy Trinity1903-1908ICBS/FILE/10478
ICBS 10680Church name: WOODHAM, All Saints1906-1908ICBS/FILE/10680
ICBS 1070Church name: TISTED, WEST, St. Mary Magdalene1829ICBS/FILE/01070
ICBS 1491Church name: COPYTHORNE, St. Mary1832-1835ICBS/FILE/01491
ICBS 14381Church name: MARCHWOOD, St. John the Apostle1966ICBS/FILE/14381
ICBS 14718Church name: BAUGHURST, St. Stephen1971ICBS/FILE/14718
ICBS 12325 ff 1-17Church name: AMPORT, St. Mary1936-1937ICBS/FILE/12325ff1-17
ICBS 12126Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Christopher, Southbourne1932-1934ICBS/FILE/12126
ICBS 12275Church name: IFORD, St. Saviour1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12275
ICBS 12575 ff 1-28Church name: DEAN, EAST, St. Winfrid1940-1941ICBS/FILE/12575ff1-28
ICBS M0102Church name: CLAPHAM, Mission Church, Nightingale Lane1870ICBS/FILE/M0102
ICBS 10956Church name: ALDERSHOT, St. Michael1910ICBS/FILE/10956
ICBS 12691Church name: WOODSIDE, All Saints1948-1949ICBS/FILE/12691
ICBS 10747Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Alban1907-1910ICBS/FILE/10747
ICBS 12077Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Alban1932-1933ICBS/FILE/12077
ICBS 11456Church name: VENTNOR, St. Alban1923ICBS/FILE/11456
ICBS 10694 ff 1-52Church name: EASTLEIGH, All Saints1906-1909ICBS/FILE/10694ff1-52
ICBS 12014 ff 1-29Church name: LYMINGTON, St. Thomas1930-1932ICBS/FILE/12014ff1-29
ICBS 15088Church name: BASINGSTOKE, Shared Church, Brighton Hill1974-1977ICBS/FILE/15088
ICBS 1629Church name: SHEDFIELD, St. John the Baptist1830-1834ICBS/FILE/01629
ICBS 844Church name: HAWKLEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1827-1829ICBS/FILE/00844
ICBS M0642Church name: ALDERSHOT, Mission Church1887ICBS/FILE/M0642
ICBS 396Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, New Church1822ICBS/FILE/00396
ICBS 5191Church name: HEADLEY, All Saints1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05191
ICBS 12964 ff 1-7Church name: LITCHFIELD, St. James the Less1951ICBS/FILE/12964ff1-7
ICBS M0217Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, Mission Church1875ICBS/FILE/M0217
ICBS M0310Church name: ASHEY, Mission Church1878ICBS/FILE/M0310
ICBS M0178aChurch name: CAMBERWELL, St. Luke1873-1874ICBS/FILE/M0178a
ICBS M0255Church name: WALWORTH, Mission Church1876ICBS/FILE/M0255
ICBS M0128Church name: BERMONDSEY, Mission Church1872ICBS/FILE/M0128
ICBS M0210Church name: WANDSWORTH, Mission Church1874ICBS/FILE/M0210
ICBS M0247Church name: BERMONDSEY, Bishop Sumner Mission Church1876ICBS/FILE/M0247
ICBS M0285Church name: LAMBETH, St. Silas, South Lambeth1878-1881ICBS/FILE/M0285
ICBS M0685Church name: TADLEY, St. Saviour1888ICBS/FILE/M0685
ICBS M0612Church name: HORDLE, St. Andrew, Ainewood1886-1887ICBS/FILE/M0612
ICBS M0540Church name: VENTNOR, Mission Church, Lowtherville1884ICBS/FILE/M0540
ICBS M1173Church name: BASINGSTOKE, Mission Church1907ICBS/FILE/M1173
ICBS 795Church name: HAVANT, St. Faith1826-1828ICBS/FILE/00795
ICBS M0542Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Agatha, Landport1884ICBS/FILE/M0542
ICBS M0836Church name: WONSTON, Mission Church1893ICBS/FILE/M0836
ICBS 1870Church name: OWSLEBURY, St. Andrew1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01870
ICBS M0815Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Boniface, Portsea1892ICBS/FILE/M0815
ICBS 1203Church name: COULSDON, St. John the Evangelist1830ICBS/FILE/01203
ICBS M0797Church name: ADDLESTONE, St. Augustine1891ICBS/FILE/M0797
ICBS M0726Church name: ELING, Chapel1889ICBS/FILE/M0726
ICBS M1270Church name: HAW, NEW, All Saints1911ICBS/FILE/M1270
ICBS M1098Church name: HORDLE, Mission Church1904ICBS/FILE/M1098
ICBS M0934Church name: FOURPOSTS, Mission Church1897ICBS/FILE/M0934
ICBS 482Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, All Saints1823ICBS/FILE/00482
ICBS M1371Church name: WORPLESDON, Mission Church, Wood Street1925ICBS/FILE/M1371
ICBS 1254Church name: TOOTING GRAVENEY, St. Nicholas1830-1835ICBS/FILE/01254
ICBS M1251Church name: DOCKENFIELD, Mission Church1910ICBS/FILE/M1251
ICBS M1158Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Wilfrid, Portsea1906ICBS/FILE/M1158
ICBS 168Church name: ST. PETER, St. Peter1819-1826ICBS/FILE/00168
ICBS M1268Church name: HEATHFIELD, Mission Church1911ICBS/FILE/M1268
ICBS M1204Church name: FRESHWATER, Mission Church, Freshwater Bay1908ICBS/FILE/M1204
ICBS 970Church name: BRAMSHAW, St. Peter1828-1830ICBS/FILE/00970
ICBS M1279Church name: ALVERSTOKE, Mission Church, Bridgmary1911ICBS/FILE/M1279
ICBS 1936Church name: TUFTON, St. Mary1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01936
ICBS 558Church name: KINGSWORTHY, St. Mary1824-1827ICBS/FILE/00558
ICBS 513Church name: GODSTONE, St. Nicholas1824-1826ICBS/FILE/00513
ICBS 321 ff 1-19Church name: PEARTREE GREEN, Jesus Chapel1821-1826ICBS/FILE/00321ff1-19
ICBS 129Church name: GODSHILL, All Saints1819ICBS/FILE/00129
ICBS M1360Church name: COWPLAIN, Mission Church1923ICBS/FILE/M1360
ICBS 1983Church name: HAMBLEDON, St. Peter & St. Paul1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01983
ICBS 85Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary1818-1827ICBS/FILE/00085
ICBS 1815Church name: CHAWTON, St. Nicholas1835-1838ICBS/FILE/01815
ICBS 10585 ff 1-45Church name: CHOBHAM, Holy Trinity, West End1905-1913ICBS/FILE/10585ff1-45
ICBS 1271Church name: MILTON, St. Mary Magdalene1830-1832ICBS/FILE/01271
ICBS 1954Church name: ODIHAM, All Saints1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01954
ICBS 2822Church name: KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, St. Peter, Norbiton1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02822
ICBS 4407Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Luke, Newtown1851-1853ICBS/FILE/04407
ICBS 4293Church name: OVERTON, St. Mary1850-1854ICBS/FILE/04293
ICBS 5711Church name: MERSTHAM, St. Katherine1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05711
ICBS 12265Church name: HOOK, St. John the Evangelist1935-1938ICBS/FILE/12265
ICBS 7473Church name: MITCHAM, Christ Church1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07473
ICBS 7546 ff 1-23Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Augustine, South Bermondsey1873-1879ICBS/FILE/07546ff1-23
ICBS 13068Church name: FOUR MARKS, Good Shepherd1952-1959ICBS/FILE/13068
ICBS 4164Church name: CHEAM, St. Dunstan1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04164
ICBS 9921Church name: BISHOPS WALTHAM, St. Peter1896-1899ICBS/FILE/09921
Davidson 63, ff.299-403 passimLicensing and duties of workhouse chaplains in diocese of WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/63/299-403 passim
ACCM/CAND/SEL/11/41Diocese of Winchester1959-1980ACCM/2/1/13/10/41
Davidson 58, ff.133-271, 457Alteration of the diocesan boundaries of ROCHESTER and WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/58/133-271, 457
ICBS 7028Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Saviour, Battersea Park1869-1872ICBS/FILE/07028
ICBS 3483Church name: THORPE, St. Mary1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03483
ICBS 9790Church name: CHILWORTH, St. Denys1894ICBS/FILE/09790
CC/ARCH/4/40/18Milbrook, Hampshire ; Holy Trinity. Diocese: Winchesterc.1954 - c.1954CC/ARCH/4/40/18
CC/ARCH/4/40/11Chandler's Ford, Chandler's Ford, Hampshire ; St. Oswald. Diocese: Winchesterc.1960 - c.1960CC/ARCH/4/40/11
CC/ARCH/4/40/28Sholing, Southampton East, Hampshire ; St. Thomas. Diocese: Winchesterc.1952 - 1958CC/ARCH/4/40/28
CC/ARCH/4/40/9Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire ; St. Richard. Diocese: Winchester1961 - 1961CC/ARCH/4/40/9
CC/ARCH/4/40/32Stanmore, Hampshire ; Christ Church. Diocese: WinchesterndCC/ARCH/4/40/32
Coggan 53, ff.285-288Guildford and Winchester diocesan boundaries28 Jul-11 Aug 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/53/285-288
Davidson 42, ff.125-31Diocese of WINCHESTER - Role of suffragan bishops in the administration of the diocese 1895Davidson/27-217/42/125-31
Coggan 93, ff.70-80Winchester, Bishop and diocese of11 Jul 1977-20 Jul 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/93/70-80
CC/ARCH/4/40/14Dibden Purlieu, Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire ; St. Mary. Diocese: Winchester1967 - 1971CC/ARCH/4/40/14
CC/ARCH/4/40/25Southampton, Hampshire ; James the Deacon. Diocese: Winchesterc.1953 - c.1953CC/ARCH/4/40/25
CC/ARCH/4/40Diocese of WinchesterCC/ARCH/4/40
CC/ARCH/4/40/3Andover, Hampshire ; St. Luke. Diocese: Winchesterc.1959 - c.1959CC/ARCH/4/40/3
CC/ARCH/4/40/5South Ham, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; St. Barnabas. Diocese: Winchesterc.1954 - 1958CC/ARCH/4/40/5
CC/ARCH/4/40/6South Ham, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; Good Shepherd . Diocese: Winchester1971 - 1971CC/ARCH/4/40/6
CC/ARCH/4/40/26Southampton, Hampshire ; St. Mark. Diocese: Winchester1952 - c.1956CC/ARCH/4/40/26
CC/ARCH/4/40/27Redbridge, Southampton, Hampshire ; Lingdale Mission Room. Diocese: Winchester1955 - 1961CC/ARCH/4/40/27
CC/ARCH/4/40/30Maybush, Southampton , Hampshire ; Holy Nativity. Diocese: Winchester1958 - c.1959CC/ARCH/4/40/30
CC/ARCH/4/40/17Milbrook, Hampshire ; St. Michael. Diocese: Winchester1950 - c.1953CC/ARCH/4/40/17
CC/ARCH/4/40/24Somerford, Hampshire ; James the Deacon. Diocese: Winchester1952 - c.1954CC/ARCH/4/40/24
CC/ARCH/4/40/35Weeke, Hampshire ; St. Nicholas. Diocese: Winchesterc.1955 - c.1955CC/ARCH/4/40/35
Davidson 61, ff.376-85Diocese of WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/61/376-85
Davidson 88, ff.141-8Position of Sunday school teachers in Diocese of WINCHESTER1903Davidson/27-217/88/141-8
Davidson 54, ff.352-69Diocese of WINCHESTER.1898Davidson/27-217/54/352-69
Davidson 58, ff.409-17, 438-41Operation of the 1897 Voluntary Schools Act in Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/58/409-17, 438-41
Davidson 58, ff.294-303Diocese of WINCHESTER.1899Davidson/27-217/58/294-303
Davidson 62, ff.163-71Episcopal regulations on the conduct of services in Diocese of WINCHESTER1899Davidson/27-217/62/163-71
Davidson 70, ff.218-32Diocese of WINCHESTER.Davidson/27-217/70/218-32
Davidson 436, ff.84-106Diocese of WINCHESTERDavidson/218-516/436/ 84-106
Ramsey 339/45/5Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: Portsmouth-Worcester1972-1974Ramsey/339/45-5
Tait 166 ff. 103-6, 129-42SUMNER (Charles Richard), Bishop of WINCHESTER1869Tait/161-296/166/103-6, 129-42
Tait 200 ff. 443-5Upper House of CONVOCATION OF CANTERBURY - Correspondence and papers on the committee on CONFESSION1874Tait/161-296/200/443-5
ICBS 483Church name: EPSOM, St. Martin1823-1825ICBS/FILE/00483
ICBS 1187Church name: ITCHEN STOKE, St. Mary the Virgin1829-1832ICBS/FILE/01187
ICBS 1378Church name: NEWTOWN, St. Mary & St. John the Baptist1831-1833ICBS/FILE/01378
ICBS 2110Church name: BURGHCLERE, Ascension1836-1838ICBS/FILE/02110
ICBS 1566Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Peter, Cheeshill1833-1834ICBS/FILE/01566
ICBS 1622Church name: CATHERINGTON, All Saints1834ICBS/FILE/01622
ICBS 14543 ff 10-21Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary, South Stoneham1973-1974ICBS/FILE/14543ff10-21
ICBS 2300Church name: PENNINGTON, St. Mark1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02300
ICBS 2769Church name: RYDE, Holy Trinity1840-1847ICBS/FILE/02769
ICBS 3111Church name: FARNHAM, St. John the Evangelist, Hale1842-1844ICBS/FILE/03111
ICBS 4954Church name: SMANNELL, Emmanuel1856-1858ICBS/FILE/04954
ICBS 5911Church name: MOTTISTONE, St. Peter & St. Paul1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05911
ICBS 6944 ff 1-19Church name: BEDHAMPTON, St. Thomas1869-1871ICBS/FILE/06944ff1-19
ICBS 7892Church name: NEWDIGATE, St. Peter1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07892
ICBS 8965 ff 1-22Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mary, Portsea1884-1889ICBS/FILE/08965ff1-22
ICBS 9370Church name: HIGHCLIFFE, All Saints1888-1897ICBS/FILE/09370
ICBS 9497Church name: HAYLING, SOUTH, St. Mary1890-1891ICBS/FILE/09497
ICBS 14891Church name: ST. SAVIOUR, St. Apolline, La Perelle1973-1978ICBS/FILE/14891
ICBS 12511 ff 1-25Church name: WALLOP, NETHER, St. Andrew1939-1941ICBS/FILE/12511ff1-25
ICBS 11215 ff 23-40Church name: TISTED, WEST, St. Mary Magdalene1955-1960ICBS/FILE/11215ff23-40
ICBS 11465Church name: MILLBROOK, Holy Trinity1921-1922ICBS/FILE/11465
ICBS 1710Church name: CURDRIDGE, St. Peter1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01710
ICBS 3388Church name: FARNCOMBE, St. John the Evangelist1844-1849ICBS/FILE/03388
ICBS 7064Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. John the Evangelist, Forton1868-1871ICBS/FILE/07064
ICBS 473Church name: BISHOPSTOKE, St. Mary1823-1827ICBS/FILE/00473
ICBS 212Church name: BAGSHOT, St. Anne1819-1821ICBS/FILE/00212
ICBS 252Church name: CHRISTCHURCH, Holy Trinity1820-1829ICBS/FILE/00252
ICBS 1438Church name: PRIVETT, Holy Trinity1832-1835ICBS/FILE/01438
ICBS 340Church name: BEMBRIDGE, Holy Trinity1822-1828ICBS/FILE/00340
ICBS 661Church name: YARMOUTH, St. James1825-1832ICBS/FILE/00661
ICBS 523Church name: GOSPORT, Holy Trinity1824-1831ICBS/FILE/00523
ICBS 536Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Mary1824-1832ICBS/FILE/00536
ICBS 575Church name: SUTTON, St. Nicholas1824-1826ICBS/FILE/00575
ICBS 712Church name: FRENSHAM, St. Mary1825-1827ICBS/FILE/00712
ICBS 747Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Michael1826-1831ICBS/FILE/00747
ICBS 828 ff 1-12Church name: BROCKENHURST, St. Peter1827-1832ICBS/FILE/00828ff1-12
ICBS 918Church name: SHEDFIELD, St. John the Baptist1828-1830ICBS/FILE/00918
ICBS 1058Church name: GODALMING, St. Peter & St. Paul1829-1844ICBS/FILE/01058
ICBS 1063Church name: WATERLOO, St. George, Waterlooville1829-1831ICBS/FILE/01063
ICBS 1122Church name: EASTON, St. Mary1829ICBS/FILE/01122
ICBS 1136Church name: HAVANT, St. Faith1829-1832ICBS/FILE/01136
ICBS 1699Church name: PRESTON CANDOVER, St. Mary the Virgin1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01699
ICBS 1897Church name: CROOKHAM, Christ Church1840-1842ICBS/FILE/01897
ICBS 2061Church name: KIMPTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1836-1839ICBS/FILE/02061
ICBS 2070Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Holy Trinity, Portsea1836-1842ICBS/FILE/02070
ICBS 2153Church name: ROTHERHITHE, Holy Trinity1837-1840ICBS/FILE/02153
ICBS 2323Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Laurence1838-1842ICBS/FILE/02323
ICBS 2402Church name: BOLDRE, St. Paul, East Boldre1838-1852ICBS/FILE/02402
ICBS 2608Church name: BASINGSTOKE, St. Michael1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02608
ICBS 2698Church name: STREATHAM, Christ Church1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02698
ICBS 2703Church name: PETERSHAM, St. Peter1840-1841ICBS/FILE/02703
ICBS 2749Church name: OAKLEY, St. Leonard1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02749
ICBS 2886Church name: FORDINGBRIDGE, St. Mary the Virgin1841-1843ICBS/FILE/02886
ICBS 2846Church name: KINGSTON, St. Mary1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02846
ICBS 2920Church name: WOKING, St. John the Baptist1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02920
ICBS 3079Church name: EPSOM, Christ Church, Epsom Common1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03079
ICBS 3235Church name: COMPTON, St. Nicholas1843ICBS/FILE/03235
ICBS 3198Church name: MOLESEY, WEST, Parish Church1843-1844ICBS/FILE/03198
ICBS 3255Church name: COLEMORE, St. Peter ad Vincula1843-1846ICBS/FILE/03255
ICBS 3709Church name: PEARTREE GREEN, Jesus Chapel1846-1847ICBS/FILE/03709
ICBS 3757Church name: NEWNHAM, St. Nicholas1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03757
ICBS 3658Church name: SEND AND RIPLEY, St. Mary, Ripley1845-1847ICBS/FILE/03658
ICBS 3881Church name: ROPLEY, St. Peter1847-1848ICBS/FILE/03881
ICBS 3836Church name: BERMONDSEY, Christ Church1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03836
ICBS 3967Church name: ST. SAVIOUR, St. Luke1847-1852ICBS/FILE/03967
ICBS 4122Church name: BLENDWORTH, Holy Trinity1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04122
ICBS 4131Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mary Magdalene, Widley1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04131
ICBS 4176Church name: ROTHERHITHE, St. Paul1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04176
ICBS 4476Church name: CROWHURST, St. George1851-1854ICBS/FILE/04476
ICBS 4368Church name: LIMPSFIELD, St. Peter1851ICBS/FILE/04368
ICBS 4442Church name: BITTERNE, Holy Saviour1851-1853ICBS/FILE/04442
ICBS 4367Church name: VERNHAM DEAN, St. Mary the Virgin1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04367
ICBS 4607Church name: NETLEY MARSH, St. Matthew1853-1854ICBS/FILE/04607
ICBS 4795Church name: HYDE, Ascension1852-1856ICBS/FILE/04795
ICBS 4764Church name: SURBITON, St. Mark1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04764
ICBS 4661 ff 1-23Church name: HAVANT, St. John the Baptist, Redhill1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04661ff1-23
ICBS 4750Church name: MILFORD, All Saints1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04750
ICBS 4768Church name: HAM, St. Andrew1854-1859ICBS/FILE/04768
ICBS 4800Church name: WOODMANCOTE, St. James1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04800
ICBS 4874Church name: THURSLEY, St. Michael1855ICBS/FILE/04874
ICBS 4891Church name: LEIGH, St. Bartholomew1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04891
ICBS 4927Church name: HANNINGTON, All Saints1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04927
ICBS 4895Church name: PORTSWOOD, Christ Church1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04895
ICBS 5010Church name: LAMBETH, St. Thomas1856-1857ICBS/FILE/05010
ICBS 4992Church name: HAWLEY, Holy Trinity1856-1857ICBS/FILE/04992
ICBS 5054Church name: CLAPHAM, All Saints, Clapham Park1856-1859ICBS/FILE/05054
ICBS 5244Church name: PENNINGTON, St. Mark1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05244
ICBS 5091Church name: ALRESFORD, NEW, St. John the Baptist1857-1858ICBS/FILE/05091
ICBS 5101Church name: PRIORS DEAN, Parish Church1855-1857ICBS/FILE/05101
ICBS 5250Church name: WINNALL, St. Martin1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05250
ICBS 5291Church name: ALRESFORD, OLD, St. Mary1858ICBS/FILE/05291
ICBS 5320Church name: WHITCHURCH, All Hallows1858-1867ICBS/FILE/05320
ICBS 5442Church name: HAWKLEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05442
ICBS 5335Church name: ASH, St. Michael, York Town1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05335
ICBS 5399Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Luke, Newtown1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05399
ICBS 5479Church name: SEALE, St. Laurence1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05479
ICBS 5559Church name: FARNCOMBE, St. John the Evangelist1860ICBS/FILE/05559
ICBS 5554Church name: HORLEY, Emmanuel, Sidlow Bridge1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05554
ICBS 5656Church name: FROXFIELD, St. Peter1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05656
ICBS 5764Church name: SWANMORE, St. Michael & All Angels1861-1864ICBS/FILE/05764
ICBS 5614Church name: DORKING, St. Paul1860-1863ICBS/FILE/05614
ICBS 5618Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, Christ Church, Freemantle1860-1865ICBS/FILE/05618
ICBS 5739Church name: WICKHAM, St. Nicholas1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05739
ICBS 5789Church name: FARNHAM, St. Peter, Wrecclesham1861ICBS/FILE/05789
ICBS 5761Church name: FARNHAM, St. John the Evangelist, Hale1861ICBS/FILE/05761
ICBS 5831Church name: ST. PETER PORT, St. Stephen1861-1866ICBS/FILE/05831
ICBS 5887Church name: COWES, Holy Trinity, West Cowes1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05887
ICBS 5990 ff 21-41Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Mary1883-1885ICBS/FILE/05990ff21-41
ICBS 6037Church name: SUTTON, St. Nicholas1862-1865ICBS/FILE/06037
ICBS 6028Church name: STOCKBRIDGE, St. Peter1862-1867ICBS/FILE/06028
ICBS 6753Church name: SOPLEY, St. Michael1868ICBS/FILE/06753
ICBS 6169Church name: PORTCHESTER, St. Mary1863-1867ICBS/FILE/06169
ICBS 6172Church name: KINGSWORTHY, St. Mary1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06172
ICBS 6302Church name: WALTHAM, NORTH, St. Michael1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06302
ICBS 6487Church name: WESTON PATRICK, St. Laurence1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06487
ICBS 6486Church name: PORTSWOOD, St. Denys1866-1872ICBS/FILE/06486
ICBS 6513Church name: OAKLEY, St. Leonard1866-1871ICBS/FILE/06513
ICBS 6491Church name: ITCHEN, St. Mark, Woolston1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06491
ICBS 11687 f 16Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. Thomas, Elson1956ICBS/FILE/11687f16
ICBS 6668Church name: MOLESEY, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1867ICBS/FILE/06668
ICBS 13927Church name: ELLISFIELD, St. Martin1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13927
ICBS 6930Church name: WARNBOROUGH, SOUTH, St. Andrew1869-1871ICBS/FILE/06930
ICBS 6944 ff 20-40Church name: BEDHAMPTON, St. Thomas1877-1878ICBS/FILE/06944ff20-40
ICBS 7097Church name: CHELSHAM, St. Leonard1870ICBS/FILE/07097
ICBS 7443Church name: PRESTON CANDOVER, St. Mary the Virgin1872-1885ICBS/FILE/07443
ICBS 6950Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Philip1869-1877ICBS/FILE/06950
ICBS 7046Church name: ROTHERHITHE, St. Barnabas1869-1872ICBS/FILE/07046
ICBS 7326Church name: LAMBETH, St. John the Divine, Kennington1871-1875ICBS/FILE/07326
ICBS 7368Church name: NEWTON VALENCE, St. Mary1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07368
ICBS 7390Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mark, Portsea North End1872-1877ICBS/FILE/07390
ICBS 7530Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Luke, Newtown1873-1874ICBS/FILE/07530
ICBS 7546 ff 24-66Church name: BERMONDSEY, St. Augustine, South Bermondsey1881-1883ICBS/FILE/07546ff24-66
ICBS 7493Church name: GUILDFORD, St. Nicholas1872-1877ICBS/FILE/07493
ICBS 7528Church name: PETERSFIELD, St. Peter1873-1874ICBS/FILE/07528
ICBS 7664Church name: DORKING, St. John the Evangelist, Holmwood1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07664
ICBS 7653Church name: CLANDON, WEST, St. Peter & St. Paul1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07653
ICBS 8036Church name: LAMBETH, St. Silas, South Lambeth1878-1881ICBS/FILE/08036
ICBS 7735Church name: WINDLESHAM, St. John the Baptist1874ICBS/FILE/07735
ICBS 7822Church name: EPSOM, Christ Church, Epsom Common1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07822
ICBS 7880Church name: HAMBLEDON, St. Peter & St. Paul1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07880
ICBS 7897 ff 1-19Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Peter1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07897ff1-19
ICBS 7912Church name: ROTHERHITHE, St. Mary1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07912
ICBS 8038Church name: REIGATE, St. Mary Magdalene1876-1879ICBS/FILE/08038
ICBS 8034Church name: LAMBETH, All Saints, South Lambeth1876-1885ICBS/FILE/08034
ICBS 8180Church name: WHITSBURY, St. Leonard1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08180
ICBS 8172 ff 32-53Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Mary1883-1884ICBS/FILE/08172ff32-53
ICBS 8296Church name: SHIPTON BELLINGER, St. Peter1878-1879ICBS/FILE/08296
ICBS 8515 ff 20-38Church name: FARNBOROUGH, St. Mark, South Farnborough1889-1891ICBS/FILE/08515ff20-38
ICBS 8692Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Michael1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08692
ICBS 8514 ff 1-34Church name: HAMBLEDON, All Saints, Denmead1880ICBS/FILE/08514ff1-34
ICBS 8539Church name: SOBERTON, St. Peter1879-1882ICBS/FILE/08539
ICBS 8515 ff 1-19Church name: FARNBOROUGH, St. Mark, South Farnborough1880-1881ICBS/FILE/08515ff1-19
ICBS 8846Church name: EASTLEIGH, Resurrection1883-1885ICBS/FILE/08846
ICBS 8728Church name: BAGSHOT, St. Ann1882-1888ICBS/FILE/08728
ICBS 8672Church name: HOUGHTON, All Saints1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08672
ICBS 8696Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Peter, Southsea1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08696
ICBS 9103Church name: ITCHEN, St. Mark, Woolston1886-1887ICBS/FILE/09103
ICBS 8933 ff 1-20Church name: SHERBORNE ST. JOHN, St. Andrew1884ICBS/FILE/08933ff1-20
ICBS 9036Church name: NETLEY, St. Edward the Confessor1885-1886ICBS/FILE/09036
ICBS 9483Church name: CHOBHAM, Holy Trinity, West End1890-1891ICBS/FILE/09483
ICBS 10470Church name: CHANDLER'S FORD, St. Boniface1901-1910ICBS/FILE/10470
ICBS 9306Church name: YAVERLAND, St. John the Baptist1889ICBS/FILE/09306
ICBS 9346Church name: BISHOPSTOKE, St. Mary1889-1892ICBS/FILE/09346
ICBS 9390Church name: HURSTBOURNE TARRANT, St. Peter1889-1898ICBS/FILE/09390
ICBS 9517Church name: BOLDRE, St. Paul, East Boldre1891ICBS/FILE/09517
ICBS 9425Church name: CLATFORD, UPPER, All Saints1890-1891ICBS/FILE/09425
ICBS 9589Church name: ALVERSTOKE, St. John the Evangelist, Forton1890-1893ICBS/FILE/09589
ICBS 9672 ff 1-20Church name: BISHOPS SUTTON, St. Nicholas1892-1893ICBS/FILE/09672ff1-20
ICBS 10150 ff 1-38Church name: EASTLEIGH, Resurrection1899-1905ICBS/FILE/10150ff1-38
ICBS 10719 ff 1-24Church name: HEADBOURNE WORTHY, St. Swithun1906-1911ICBS/FILE/10719ff1-24
ICBS 10719 ff 25-38Church name: HEADBOURNE WORTHY, St. Swithun1953-1956ICBS/FILE/10719ff25-38
ICBS 11067Church name: MILLBROOK, St. Nicholas1911ICBS/FILE/11067
ICBS 11546Church name: THORPE, St. Mary1923-1924ICBS/FILE/11546
ICBS 11502Church name: BITTERNE, Ascension, Bitterne Park1923-1927ICBS/FILE/11502
ICBS 11522 ff 1-24Church name: GOSPORT, Christ Church1923-1925ICBS/FILE/11522ff1-24
ICBS 11815 ff 1-34Church name: MILTON, St. Mary Magdalene1927-1929ICBS/FILE/11815ff1-34
ICBS 11966 ff 1-33Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. James, Pokesdown1930-1931ICBS/FILE/11966ff1-33
ICBS 2069Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Mary, Portsea1836-1841ICBS/FILE/02069
ICBS 2233Church name: EWHURST, St. Peter & St. Paul1837-1839ICBS/FILE/02233
ICBS 2439Church name: MORTLAKE, St. Mary the Virgin1838-1841ICBS/FILE/02439
ICBS 2561Church name: WOKING, St. Peter1839-1840ICBS/FILE/02561
ICBS 2797Church name: SOUTHWARK, St. Mary Magdalene1840-1848ICBS/FILE/02797
ICBS 2811Church name: DORKING, St. Mary Magdalene, Holmwood1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02811
ICBS 3072Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Peter1842-1846ICBS/FILE/03072
ICBS 3204Church name: BINSTEAD, Holy Cross1843-1845ICBS/FILE/03204
ICBS 3716Church name: PORTSWOOD, Christ Church1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03716
ICBS 3931Church name: WOODHAY, EAST, St. Thomas, Woolton Hill1847-1851ICBS/FILE/03931
ICBS 4446Church name: COBO, St. Matthew1852-1855ICBS/FILE/04446
ICBS 4595Church name: RINGWOOD, St. Peter & St. Paul1853-1856ICBS/FILE/04595
ICBS 4999Church name: WARLINGHAM, All Saints1856-1857ICBS/FILE/04999
ICBS 5701Church name: RYDE, St. John, Oakfield1860-1864ICBS/FILE/05701
ICBS 6164Church name: CAPEL, St. John the Baptist1863-1870ICBS/FILE/06164
ICBS 6707Church name: SEND AND RIPLEY, St. Mary, Ripley1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06707
ICBS 7425Church name: CAMBERWELL, St. Saviour1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07425
ICBS 7658Church name: BATTERSEA, St. Mark, Battersea Rise1873-1874ICBS/FILE/07658
ICBS 9690Church name: CHILBOLTON, St. Mary the Less1892-1893ICBS/FILE/09690
ICBS 10040 ff 1-51Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Matthew, Southsea1898-1903ICBS/FILE/10040ff1-51
ICBS 10303Church name: GUILDFORD, Emmanuel, Stoughton1901-1903ICBS/FILE/10303
ICBS 10983 ff 1-27Church name: LOWER BOURNE, St. Thomas1910-1911ICBS/FILE/10983ff1-27
ICBS 12038 ff 49-65Church name: ST. MARY BOURNE, St. Peter1979-1981ICBS/FILE/12038ff49-65
ICBS 15Church name: PUTNEY, St. Mary1836-1837ICBS/FILE/00015
ICBS 2356Church name: CALBOURNE, All Saints1838-1841ICBS/FILE/02356
ICBS 2361Church name: WALTON-ON-THAMES, St. Peter, Hersham1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02361
ICBS 4289Church name: MAPLEDURWELL, St. Mary1850-1854ICBS/FILE/04289
ICBS 4642Church name: BRIGHSTONE, St. Mary1853-1854ICBS/FILE/04642
ICBS 10103 ff 1-140Church name: EASTNEY, St. Margaret1898-1922ICBS/FILE/10103ff1-140
ICBS 11023Church name: COPNOR, St. Alban the Martyr1910-1914ICBS/FILE/11023
ICBS 2058Church name: CALBOURNE, All Saints1836-1837ICBS/FILE/02058
ICBS 2546Church name: BARTON, St. Paul1839-1844ICBS/FILE/02546
ICBS 10683Church name: ALDERSHOT, St. Augustine1906-1908ICBS/FILE/10683
ICBS 835Church name: FAREHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1827-1833ICBS/FILE/00835
ICBS 3758Church name: WEYBRIDGE, St. James1846-1852ICBS/FILE/03758
MS 580 Section 2Epistolae, Diplomata, Aliaque Instrumenta Integra SequentiaMSS/580/2
Davidson 61, ff.393-6Diocesan returns to the Privy Council under PLURALITIES ACT, 1838.1899Davidson/27-217/61/393-6
Davidson 66, ff.386, 400-16Diocese of WINCHESTER1900Davidson/27-217/66/386, 400-16
Davidson 45, ff.34-154Support for missionary work in BURMA 1896-1897Davidson/27-217/45/34-154
MS 3445, ff.6-15Winchester, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3445/6-15
MS 2508-2521SURREY CLERGY RELIEF SOCIETY1763-1934MSS/2508-2521
Arches Aaa 33aAssignation Book (composite volume) 3 November 1775 - 4 October 17801775-1780Arches/Aaa/33a
FP Porteus 15, ff.73-5 passimNumbers of non-resident clergy by diocese.1804-1807FP/Porteus/15/73-5 passim
Reg. Arundel 1Register of Thomas Arundel1396-1408V/A/9Arundel1
ICBS M0568Church name: ASH VALE, Mission Church1885ICBS/FILE/M0568
ICBS M0404Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Southsea1880-1882ICBS/FILE/M0404
ICBS M0256Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Southsea1876ICBS/FILE/M0256
ICBS M0229Church name: ALVERSTOKE, Mission Church, Forton1875ICBS/FILE/M0229
ICBS M0357Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Portsea1879ICBS/FILE/M0357
ICBS M0390aChurch name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Walton Road1888ICBS/FILE/M0390a
ICBS M0423Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Buckland1881ICBS/FILE/M0423
ICBS M0424Church name: FARNHAM, Mission Church, Hungry Hill1881ICBS/FILE/M0424
ICBS M0560Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Eastney1884ICBS/FILE/M0560
ICBS M0890Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Barnabas1894-1895ICBS/FILE/M0890
ICBS M0743Church name: ST. SAMPSON, St. Clair1890ICBS/FILE/M0743
ICBS M0682Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Binstead Road1888ICBS/FILE/M0682
ICBS M1491Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. John, Shirley1957-1958ICBS/FILE/M1491
ICBS M1187Church name: PORTSMOUTH, Mission Church, Portsea1907ICBS/FILE/M1187
ICBS M1233Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Cuthbert, Milton1909ICBS/FILE/M1233
ICBS 1179Church name: WINDLESHAM, St. John the Baptist1829-1840ICBS/FILE/01179
ICBS 1134Church name: HOLDENHURST, St. John the Evangelist1829-1834ICBS/FILE/01134
ICBS 1319Church name: COWES, St. James, East Cowes1831-1833ICBS/FILE/01319
ICBS 2089Church name: OTTERBOURNE, St. Matthew1836-1839ICBS/FILE/02089
ICBS 3078Church name: REDHILL, St. John the Evangelist1842-1849ICBS/FILE/03078
ICBS 3506Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, Holy Trinity1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03506
ICBS 3763Church name: LINGFIELD, St. Peter & St. Paul1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03763
ICBS 4320Church name: LAMBETH, St. Mary the Virgin1850-1852ICBS/FILE/04320
ICBS 4585Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Luke, Portsea1852-1865ICBS/FILE/04585
ICBS 4618Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, Christ Church, Northam1853-1856ICBS/FILE/04618
ICBS 5103Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. James, Bernard Street1856-1860ICBS/FILE/05103
ICBS 5276Church name: ALDERSHOT, St. Nicholas1857-1861ICBS/FILE/05276
ICBS 5841Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Paul1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05841
ICBS 5945Church name: ELING, St. Mary1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05945
ICBS 6126Church name: SUTTON, All Saints, Benhilton1863-1867ICBS/FILE/06126
ICBS 6763Church name: RYDE, All Saints1868-1872ICBS/FILE/06763
ICBS 6901Church name: WALTON-ON-THE-HILL, St. Peter1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06901
ICBS 7164Church name: SOUTHAMPTON, St. Augustine, Northam1870-1885ICBS/FILE/07164
ICBS 7494Church name: LAMBETH, St. Mark, Kennington1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07494
ICBS 7517Church name: HOLDENHURST, St. John the Baptist, Moordown1873-1879ICBS/FILE/07517
ICBS 9672 ff 21-40Church name: BISHOPS SUTTON, St. Nicholas1959-1962ICBS/FILE/09672ff21-40
ICBS 9911Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Luke, Winton1896-1915ICBS/FILE/09911
ICBS 10040 ff 52-103Church name: PORTSMOUTH, St. Matthew, Southsea1905-1934ICBS/FILE/10040ff52-103
ICBS 10736Church name: EPSOM, St. Martin1907-1908ICBS/FILE/10736
ICBS 12964 ff 8-14Church name: LITCHFIELD, St. James the Less1960ICBS/FILE/12964ff8-14
ICBS 11256 ff 1-34Church name: COPNOR, St. Cuthbert1913-1915ICBS/FILE/11256ff1-34
ICBS 12620Church name: ODIHAM, All Saints1946-1949ICBS/FILE/12620
ICBS 14894Church name: FORDINGBRIDGE, St. Mary the Virgin1973-1974ICBS/FILE/14894
MS 639MISCELLANY16th century-17th centuryMSS/639
MS 941Miscellaneous Papers1603-1715MSS/929-942/941
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
Benson 59 ff.164-9BROWNE (Edward Harold), Bishop of Winchester - Correspondence on elections to Convocation (Diocese of WINCHESTER)1888Benson/59/164-9
Benson 62 ff.239-500, 570Correspondence and papers on the division of the Diocese of CANTERBURY and WINCHESTER.1887-1888Benson/62/239-500, 570
RCED/7Visitation Articles1899-1905RCED/7
Davidson 556Index: notes on ordinands in the diocese of WINCHESTER1895-1919Davidson/555-559/556
Davidson 557Index: notes on ordinands in the dioceses of WINCHESTER and CANTERBURY1902-1914Davidson/555-559/557
Tait 92 ff. 238-9BROWNE (Edward Harold), Bishop of Ely, and (1873) of Winchester1873Tait/76-104/92/238-9
Tait 93 ff. 9-12, 98-105, 114-21, 136-9BROWNE (Edward Harold), Bishop of Ely, and (1873) of Winchester1874Tait/76-104/93/9-12, 98-105, 114-21, 136-9
Ramsey 339/45/4Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: St. Edmundsbury-Worcester1964-1968Ramsey/339/45-4
MS 4733Armorialc. 1692-1694MSS/4732-4733/4733
CC/ARCH/4/40/2Andover, Hampshire ; St. Jude. Diocese: Winchesterc.1964 - 1969CC/ARCH/4/40/2
CC/ARCH/4/40/12Colbury, Colbury, Hampshire ; St. Chad. Diocese: Winchester1969 - 1971CC/ARCH/4/40/12
CC/ARCH/4/40/13Dibden, Hampshire ; St. Cecilia. Diocese: Winchesterc.1955 - c.1955CC/ARCH/4/40/13
CC/ARCH/4/40/29Southampton East, Southampton , Hampshire ; St. Agnes. Diocese: Winchester1962 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/40/29
CC/ARCH/4/40/33Tadley, Hampshire ; St. Columba. Diocese: Winchester1965 - 1970CC/ARCH/4/40/33
CC/ARCH/4/40/34Weeke, Hampshire ; St. Hilda. Diocese: Winchester1966 - c.1967CC/ARCH/4/40/34
ICBS 2514Church name: WINCHESTER, St. Maurice1839-1844ICBS/FILE/02514
ICBS 7646Church name: BOURNEMOUTH, St. Michael1873-1876ICBS/FILE/07646
CC/ARCH/4/40/1(Aldermaston) Tadley, Hampshire ; St. Peter. Diocese: Winchester1959 - c.1961CC/ARCH/4/40/1
CC/ARCH/4/40/4New Milton-Ashley, New Milton-Ashley, Hampshire ; St. Paul. Diocese: Winchester1955 - c.1957CC/ARCH/4/40/4
CC/ARCH/4/40/7Bitterne Park, Southampton, Hampshire ; St. Andrew. Diocese: Winchesterc.1965 - c.1965CC/ARCH/4/40/7
CC/ARCH/4/40/8Bitterne Park (Midanbury Estate), Southampton, Hampshire ; St. Luke. Diocese: Winchesterc.1951 - 1958CC/ARCH/4/40/8
CC/ARCH/4/40/10Pilands Wood Estate, Bursledon, Hampshire ; St. Peter. Diocese: Winchester1957 - 1962CC/ARCH/4/40/10
CC/ARCH/4/40/15Chestnut Avenue Estate, Eastleigh, Hampshire ; St. Michael & All Angels. Diocese: Winchester1952 - c.1955CC/ARCH/4/40/15
CC/ARCH/4/40/16Four Marks, Hampshire ; St. Andrew. Diocese: Winchester1951 - c.1954CC/ARCH/4/40/16
CC/ARCH/4/40/19Rownhams Road, North Baddesley, Hampshire ; Holy Trinity and St. Matthew. Diocese: Winchester1970 - 1972CC/ARCH/4/40/19
CC/ARCH/4/40/20North Baddesley, North Baddesley, Hampshire ; St. Wulstan. Diocese: Winchesterc.1954 - 1972CC/ARCH/4/40/20
CC/ARCH/4/40/21Redbridge, Redbridge, Hampshire ; St. Wulstan. Diocese: Winchester1963 - 1964CC/ARCH/4/40/21
CC/ARCH/4/40/22Shirley, Shirley, Hampshire ; St. Aidan. Diocese: Winchester1957 - 1965CC/ARCH/4/40/22
CC/ARCH/4/40/23Broadway, Southbourne, Hampshire ; Holy Redeemer. Diocese: Winchester1970 - 1972CC/ARCH/4/40/23
CC/ARCH/4/40/31Warren Avenue, Southampton , Hampshire ; St. Margaret of Scotland. Diocese: Winchester1954 - c.1955CC/ARCH/4/40/31
CC/ARCH/4/40/36Winklebury, Winklebury, Hampshire ; St. Alban. Diocese: Winchester1969 - 1972CC/ARCH/4/40/36
CC/OF/NB41Diocese of Winchester New Benefice FilesCC/OF/NB/41
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