Authorized Form of NameShore; Thomas Teignmouth (1841-1911); Canon of Worcester
ForenamesThomas Teignmouth
EpithetCanon of Worcester
SourceWho Was Who

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Tait 257 ff. 176-7SHORE (Thomas Teignmouth), Canon of Worcester (1891)1879Tait/161-296/257/176-7
MS 2499 f. 108Shore (Thomas Teignmouth), Canon of Worcester1891MSS/2452-2502/2499/74-141/108
MS 1965, f.73Print of Thomas Legh Claughton, Bishop of St. Albans; John Gott, Bishop of Truro; William John Knox-Little, Canon of Worcester; David Melville, Canon of Worcester; Thomas Teignmouth Shore, Canon of Worcester1891MSS/1961-1965/1965/73
FP Temple 27, ff. 254-5SHORE (Thomas Teignmouth), canon of Worcester.1891FP/Temple/1-39/27/254-5
FP Temple 16, ff. 168-71SHORE (Thomas Teignmouth), canon of Worcester.1888FP/Temple/1-39/16/168-71
FP Jackson 31Surnames Roper - Spencer, A1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/31
MS 2944 f. 34Perowne (John James Stewart), Dean of Peterborough, and (1891) Bishop of Worcester; Robinson (Revd. Richard Hayes); Shore (Thomas Teignmouth), Canon of Worcester; Thornton (Robinson), Archdeacon of Middlesex (1893); Wilton (Richard), Rector of LondesboroughMSS/2944/1-40/34
Benson 140 ff.113-41SHORE (Thomas Teignmouth), Canon of Worcester: correspondence on the legality of a service for missions1895Benson/140/113-41
Tait 253 ff. 206-9SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London (1889)1879Tait/161-296/253/206-9
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