Authorized Form of NameShoreditch, Middlesex; St Leonard; ancient parish
Corporate NameSt Leonard
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionShoreditch, Middlesex

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Tait 440/350SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1858Tait/409-442/425-442/440/350
FP Randolph 14, ff.47-8SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1812FP/Randolph/14/47-8
FP Porteus 35, f.156SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1793FP/Porteus/35-36/35/156
FP Terrick 23, ff.29-30SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1767FP/Terrick/21-23/23/29-30
FP Jackson 2/470SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1883FP/Jackson/A/2/470
FP Terrick 20, ff.143-4SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. LeonardFP/Terrick/20/143-4
F I/A p. 45Muniment book1544F/1/2A/45
Arches E 26/198BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/E/26/198
Arches J 11/30BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/J/11/30
FP Randolph 10/145SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1810FP/Randolph/9-12/10/145
Arches G 10/3BENSON V BUTTERFIELD1668Arches/G/10/3
CM VII/93St. Leonard Shoreditch, John Squier, vicar, John Noble and Edward Hudson, churchwardens. List of 14 other inhabitants, vestrymen. 21 Feb. 1635-6.21 Feb. 1636.CM/7/93
FP Blomfield 24, f. 92YARROW (-) 1840FP/Blomfield/1-60/24/92
FP Howley 39, ff. 164-71Letter and report on building additional churches in SHOREDITCH, Middx.1819, 1820FP/Howley/24-46/39/164-71
Arches G 132/30DAY V DENNE1758Arches/G/132/30
Arches Aa 33/11BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/Aa/33/11
Arches B 15/105BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/B/15/105
Arches G 132/29STALLWOOD V JACKSON AND DENNE1758Arches/G/132/29
Arches Ee 12/18KING V FOSTER, ETC.n.d. [1670]Arches/Ee/12/18
FP Terrick 6, f.103SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1772FP/Terrick/6/103
FP Blomfield 42, ff. 234-41, 268-74SHOREDITCH, Middx., St. Leonard1845FP/Blomfield/1-60/42/234-41, 268-74
FP Randolph 13, f.88SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1810FP/Randolph/13/88
FP Blomfield 42, f. 362YEOWELL (James), of Shoreditch, Middx. 1845FP/Blomfield/1-60/42/362
FP Blomfield 28, ff. 22-4POTT (Joseph Holden), Archdeacon of London1841FP/Blomfield/1-60/28/22-4
FP Blomfield 44, f. 56the churchwardens, St. Leonard, SHOREDITCH, Middx.1846FP/Blomfield/1-60/44/56
Tait 441/421SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1862Tait/409-442/425-442/441/421
FP Creighton 1/152SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1900FP/Creighton/1-3/1/152
FP Porteus 28/23SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. Leonard1790FP/Porteus/24-30/28/23
Arches D 247BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/D/247
Arches A 33DAY V DENNE1758Arches/A/33/43
Arches Aa 32/113BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/Aa/32/113
FP Jackson 26Surnames Linklater - Lyne1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/26
FP Blomfield 53, f. 100SHOREDITCH, Middx., St. Leonard1851FP/Blomfield/1-60/53/100
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
Arches F 10 f. 66BRIDGEN V PIGEON1726Arches/F/10/66
Arches A 33STALLWOOD V JACKSON AND DENNE1758Arches/A/33/154
Arches Ee 9/125BRIDGEN V PIGEON1726Arches/Ee/9/125
Arches A 8 ff. 28,121BENSON V BUTTERFIELD1670-1671Arches/A/8/28,121
Arches D 589DAY V DENNE1758Arches/D/589
Arches E 27/67BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/E/27/67
Arches G 94/29BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/G/94/29
Arches G 132/24DAY V DENNE1758Arches/G/132/24
Arches B 8/99KING V FOSTER, ETC.1670Arches/B/8/99
MS 4247A petition to the House of Commons against John Squire (d. 1653), Vicar of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, with a reply by Squire1641MSS/4247
Arches C 4 f.248BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/C/4/248
Arches Ee 3 ff. 214-215,309-311BENSON V BUTTERFIELD1668Arches/Ee/3/214-215,309-311
Arches F 5 ff. 67-76,134-136,153-154,167-168,169-188ST. LEONARD SHOREDITCH RECTORY1574-1585Arches/F/5/67-76,134-136,153-154,167-168,169-188
Arches A 6 ff. 3,15,72,105,106BENSON V BUTTERFIELD1668-1669Arches/A/6/3,15,72,105,106
FP Blomfield 28, f. 37VANCE (William Ford), Chaplain of the Refuge for the Destitute, Shoreditch, Middx.1841FP/Blomfield/1-60/28/37
FP Terrick 5, ff.70, 177-8SHOREDITCH, Middlesex, St. LeonardFP/Terrick/5/70, 177-8
FP Lowth 1Diocesan correspondence1777-1786FP/Lowth/1
Arches A 5 ff. 269,275,278,289,295BENSON V BUTTERFIELD1668Arches/A/5/269,275,278,289,295
Arches A 11KING V FOSTER, ETC.1670Arches/A/11/292
Arches Ee 3 ff. 604-607KING V FOSTER, ETC.1671Arches/Ee/3/604-607
Arches Eee 4 ff. 174-181,329-331KING V FOSTER, ETC.1671Arches/Eee/4/174-181,329-331
Arches A 8 ff. 23,75,93,101KING V FOSTER, ETC.1670-1671Arches/A/8/23,75,93,101
Arches A 9 ff. 8,21,60,86,107KING V FOSTER, ETC.1671Arches/A/9/8,21,60,86,107
Arches A 10 ff. 13,237,238-239,243,251,255,268,280,284,293KING V FOSTER, ETC.1672-1674Arches/A/10/13,237,238-239,243,251,255,268,280,284,293
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