Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Lincoln
Corporate NameDiocese of Lincoln
RelationshipsFollowing the sixteenth-century Reformation, this diocese became part of the Church of England
InternalStructuresOriginally divided into eight archdeaconries: Leicester, Bedford, Oxford, Buckingham, Northampton, Huntingdon, Lincoln and Stow. Primarily Lincolnshire; included Oxfordshire parishes until 1542; Huntingdonshire parishes until 1837; Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and partly Hertfordshire parishes until 1845; included Rutland and Northamptonshire parishes until 1541, and Leicestershire until 1837; included Nottinghamshire parishes from 1839-1884.
SourceFrederick A. Youngs, Jr., Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England, volume I: Southern England (Royal Historical Society, 1979); Frederick A. Youngs, Jr., Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England, volume ii: Northern England (Royal Historical Society, 1991);
Smith, Guide to Bishops' Registers, (1981) p. 105.

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Tait 244 ff. 116-17, 244-5Papers on burial in the Diocese of LINCOLNTait/161-296/244/116-17, 244-5
Tait 267 ff. 389-90Papers on burial in the Diocese of LINCOLN1880Tait/161-296/267/389-90
Benson 149 ff.151-4LINCOLN, Diocese of1895Benson/149/151-4
Ramsey 187, ff.185-6Diocese of LINCOLN1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/185-6
MS 4423Dioceses of Ely, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Lichfield, Lincoln.n.dMSS/4400-4433/4422-4425/4423
Ramsey 187, ff.25-6, 28-30, 33-6, 106-7, 146-7, 182-94Correspondence on Anglican-Methodist relations in the diocese of LINCOLN1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/25-6, 28-30, 33-6, 106-7, 146-7, 182-94
Tait 222 ff. 291-4LINCOLN, Diocese of1876Tait/161-296/222/291-4
MS 2146, f.375Resolution of diocesan conference, Lincoln (printed)[1884]MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2146/375
MS 2547 ff. 154-157vCertificate1734MSS/2547/154-157v
Benson 1 ff.424-31LINCOLN, Diocese of1883Benson/1/424-31
CM V/16Lists of fees for exhibits at the visitation of the diocese of Lincoln by the official sede vacante; archdeaconries of Huntingdon, Bedford and Buckingham. 1613CM/5/16
Ramsey 276, ff. 217-235Lincoln, Bishop and Diocese of 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/276/217-235
FP Porteus 14, ff.25-6, 48-52LINCOLN, diocese of.1791FP/Porteus/14/25-6, 48-52
CU 93Parochial Returns1954CU/E/93
Ramsey 182, ff.135-7, 182-3, 204RICHES (Kenneth), bishop of Lincoln.1969-1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/135-7, 182-3, 204
MS 928b, MS 928cRELIEF OF THE VAUDOIS1699-1700MSS/928b, 928c
MS 422REGISTRUM BREVIUM15th centuryMSS/422
MS 594 pag. 121Determinationes Similes [regarding the jurisdiction of the pope] 131 Monasteriorum, Coenobiorum, Prioratuum, Conventuum, Collegiorum, Capitulorum Ecclesiarum Cath. &c. in Diocesibus Cantuar. Roffen. London. Norwic. Lincoln. Wigorn. Bathon. et Wellen. Exon. Menev. Landav. Asav. et in Academia Oxon. MSS/594/80
Lang 135, ff. 317-23Diocese of LINCOLN1935Lang/1-186/135/317-23
CM XIII/40Certificate of the acts performed during the vacancy of the see of Lincoln after the death of Bishop William Barlow, 1613. Signed by William Styrrope notary public, chapter clerk. 1613CM/13/40
Tait 96 ff. 176, 256-8, 302-3Diocese of LICHFIELD and Diocese of LINCOLN1876Tait/76-104/96/176, 256-8, 302-3
Tait 182 ff. 303-8MANTELL (Edward Reginald), Dean of Stamford1872Tait/161-296/182/303-8
MS 1978Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Surrey, Sussex.April-May 1840MSS/1977-1993/1978
Tait 211 ff. 190-7LINCOLN, Diocese of1875Tait/161-296/211/190-7
MS 582Manuscript volumeMSS/582
Coggan 7, ff.271-275Canterbury, Archbishop of: letters of greeting answered by stock letter 26-24 Jan 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/7/271-275
W.T.A./GEN/5/4W.T.A. Development Campaign Dioceses L1972-1974WTA/GEN/5/4
CC/ARCH/4/21/27Stamford, Lincolnshire; St. Michael. Diocese: Lincolnc.1961-c.1961CC/ARCH/4/21/27
ICBS DIOC 25Diocese of Lincoln1914-1979ICBS/DIOC/25
ICBS 2038Church name: WRAGBY, All Saints1836-1839ICBS/FILE/02038
ICBS 11045 ff 20-30Church name: WELTON, St. Mary1972ICBS/FILE/11045ff20-30
ICBS 3259Church name: AYLESBURY, St. John the Evangelist1844ICBS/FILE/03259
ICBS 13921Church name: HALTON, WEST, St. Etheldreda1961-1963ICBS/FILE/13921
ICBS 481Church name: BIRSTALL, St. James1823-1827ICBS/FILE/00481
ICBS 30Church name: BRILL, All Saints1818-1836ICBS/FILE/00030
ICBS 55Church name: HINCKLEY, St. Mary the Virgin1818-1820ICBS/FILE/00055
MS 1094MISCELLANY15th -16th centuryMSS/1094
FP Jackson 33Surnames Tozer - Webber1851-1885FP/Jackson/D/33
Benson 35 ff.24-122Diocese of LINCOLN - Correspondence and papers on ritualist practices in the cathedral1886Benson/35/24-122
CM II/1Certificate by John Longland, Bishop of Lincoln, of execution of metropolitical inhibition [Archbishop Parker] in diocese of Lincoln.29 July 1534CM/2/1
BSR/DMSW/DIO/20Diocese of Lichfield1935-1983BSR/4/5/20
BSR/SPC/DIO/C/21Correspondence with the Diocese of Lincoln1974-1982BSR/4/5/21
ICBS 158Church name: ETON, Parish Church1819ICBS/FILE/00158
ICBS 958Church name: SWABY, St. Nicholas1828ICBS/FILE/00958
ICBS 160Church name: BERKHAMSTEAD, GREAT, St. Peter1819-1821ICBS/FILE/00160
ICBS 403Church name: SHEFFORD, St. Michael & All Angels1822-1824ICBS/FILE/00403
ICBS 110Church name: FARNHAM ROYAL, St. Mary1819-1822ICBS/FILE/00110
ICBS 141Church name: ISLEY WALTON, All Saints1818-1820ICBS/FILE/00141
ICBS 182Church name: BOSTON, New Church1819-1820ICBS/FILE/00182
ICBS 230Church name: HARSTON, St. Michael & All Angels1820-1826ICBS/FILE/00230
ICBS 213Church name: WORTHINGTON, St. Matthew1819-1822ICBS/FILE/00213
ICBS 201Church name: SWINFORD, All Saints1819-1820ICBS/FILE/00201
ICBS 286Church name: QUAINTON, St. Mary with Holy Cross1820-1830ICBS/FILE/00286
ICBS 2483Church name: HORSINGTON, All Saints1839ICBS/FILE/02483
ICBS 291Church name: HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, St. Mary1820-1822ICBS/FILE/00291
ICBS 722Church name: PRINCES RISBOROUGH, St. Mary1825-1827ICBS/FILE/00722
ICBS 485Church name: WOUGHTON-ON-THE-GREEN, St. Mary the Virgin1823ICBS/FILE/00485
ICBS 2181Church name: PYTCHLEY, All Saints1837ICBS/FILE/02181
ICBS 195Church name: PRINCES RISBOROUGH, St. John, Lacy Green1819-1825ICBS/FILE/00195
ICBS 2156Church name: WORLABY, St. Clement1837ICBS/FILE/02156
ICBS 574Church name: DATCHWORTH, All Saints1824-1825ICBS/FILE/00574
ICBS 545Church name: MAULDEN, St. Mary the Virgin1824-1825ICBS/FILE/00545
ICBS 732Church name: HERTINGFORDBURY, St. John1826-1845ICBS/FILE/00732
ICBS 719Church name: EARL SHILTON, St. Simon & St. Jude1825-1826ICBS/FILE/00719
ICBS 779Church name: GAWCOTT, Holy Trinity1826ICBS/FILE/00779
ICBS 1800Church name: DALBY, OLD, St. John the Baptist1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01800
ICBS 6582Church name: CORBY, St. John the Evangelist, Corby Glen1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06582
ICBS 987Church name: MOULTON CHAPEL, St. James1828ICBS/FILE/00987
ICBS 837Church name: CLOPHILL, St. Mary1827-1839ICBS/FILE/00837
ICBS 1130Church name: MILLBROOK, St. Michael & All Angels1829ICBS/FILE/01130
ICBS 1715Church name: ILMER, St. Peter1834ICBS/FILE/01715
ICBS 1235Church name: FOSCOTT, St. Leonard1830ICBS/FILE/01235
ICBS 1018Church name: MELTON MOWBRAY, St. Mary1828ICBS/FILE/01018
ICBS 1097Church name: KIBWORTH BEAUCHAMP, St. Wilfrid1829ICBS/FILE/01097
ICBS 1124Church name: SPILSBY, St. James1829ICBS/FILE/01124
ICBS 3963Church name: CROWLE, St. Oswald1847-1853ICBS/FILE/03963
ICBS 2266Church name: GUNNESS, St. Barnabas1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02266
ICBS 1466Church name: THURNBY, St. Luke1832ICBS/FILE/01466
ICBS 1379Church name: BERKHAMSTEAD, LITTLE, St. Andrew1831ICBS/FILE/01379
ICBS 1172Church name: HUNTINGDON, St. Mary1829ICBS/FILE/01172
ICBS 1291Church name: DEEPING ST. JAMES, St. James (Priory)1830-1831ICBS/FILE/01291
ICBS 1013Church name: WATER STRATFORD, St. Giles1828-1830ICBS/FILE/01013
ICBS 1287Church name: LANE END, Holy Trinity1830ICBS/FILE/01287
ICBS 1495Church name: WYMESWOLD, St. Mary1832ICBS/FILE/01495
ICBS 1188Church name: STAMFORD, St. Mary1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01188
ICBS 1314 ff 1-2Church name: STOKE GOLDING, St. Margaret the Virgin1831ICBS/FILE/01314ff1-2
ICBS 915Church name: HAMPDEN, GREAT, St. Mary Magdalene1828ICBS/FILE/00915
ICBS 1398Church name: WOOLSTONE, GREAT, Holy Trinity1831ICBS/FILE/01398
ICBS 1831Church name: SOMERSBY, St. Margaret1835ICBS/FILE/01831
ICBS 1737Church name: SNARESTONE, St. Bartholomew1834ICBS/FILE/01737
ICBS 1585 ff 1-2Church name: QUORNDON, St. Bartholomew1833ICBS/FILE/01585ff1-2
ICBS 1884Church name: OLNEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1835ICBS/FILE/01884
ICBS 1746Church name: TETNEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1834ICBS/FILE/01746
ICBS 1712Church name: WYCOMBE, CHIPPING, St. Peter, Loudwater1834ICBS/FILE/01712
ICBS 1845Church name: YAXLEY, St. Peter1835-1841ICBS/FILE/01845
ICBS 2696Church name: COLD HANWORTH, All Saints1840ICBS/FILE/02696
ICBS 2136Church name: MARKET HARBOROUGH, St. Dionysus1837ICBS/FILE/02136
ICBS 4334Church name: WHAPLODE, St. Mary1849-1854ICBS/FILE/04334
ICBS 2307Church name: FLECKNEY, St. Nicholas1838ICBS/FILE/02307
ICBS 3895Church name: HAWERBY, St. Margaret1847ICBS/FILE/03895
ICBS 4208Church name: AMCOTTS, St. Mark1849-1853ICBS/FILE/04208
ICBS 2009Church name: KILWORTH, SOUTH, St. Nicholas1836ICBS/FILE/02009
ICBS 2319Church name: BURTON OVERY, St. Andrew1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02319
ICBS 2203Church name: MANSFIELD, New Church1844ICBS/FILE/02203
ICBS 2186Church name: COLSTERWORTH, St. John the Baptist1837ICBS/FILE/02186
ICBS 2678Church name: BRIGG, St. John the Evangelist1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02678
ICBS 3145Church name: BESTHORPE, Holy Trinity1842-1843ICBS/FILE/03145
ICBS 3457Church name: STOCKWITH, EAST, St. Peter1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03457
ICBS 2618Church name: FRIESTHORPE, St. Peter1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02618
ICBS 2657Church name: LEAKE, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1840ICBS/FILE/02657
ICBS 2493Church name: BEESBY IN THE MARSH, St. Andrew1839ICBS/FILE/02493
ICBS 2960Church name: TRUSTHORPE, St. Peter1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02960
ICBS 2532Church name: NUTTALL, St. Patrick1839ICBS/FILE/02532
ICBS 3156Church name: BEESTON, St. John the Baptist1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03156
ICBS 2688Church name: NORTON, St. Nicholas1840ICBS/FILE/02688
ICBS 2580Church name: BRAMCOTE, St. Michael & All Angels1839ICBS/FILE/02580
ICBS 2855Church name: LANGAR, St. Andrew1841ICBS/FILE/02855
ICBS 3215Church name: STAMFORD, St. George1843-1844ICBS/FILE/03215
ICBS 2778Church name: HOLBEACH, St. Luke, Holbeach Hurn1840ICBS/FILE/02778
ICBS 3143Church name: UPTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03143
ICBS 3219Church name: HERTFORD, St. Andrew1843ICBS/FILE/03219
ICBS 2705Church name: BENGEO, Holy Trinity1840ICBS/FILE/02705
ICBS 2772Church name: GAINSBOROUGH, St. Michael & All Angels1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02772
ICBS 2804Church name: RETFORD, EAST, New Church, South Retford1840ICBS/FILE/02804
ICBS 3036Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. John, Carrington1842ICBS/FILE/03036
ICBS 6158Church name: RESTON, SOUTH, St. Edith1863-1866ICBS/FILE/06158
ICBS 4464Church name: LACEBY, St. Margaret1851-1853ICBS/FILE/04464
ICBS 3435Church name: WYMONDLEY, GREAT, St. Mary1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03435
ICBS 3246Church name: SAUSTHORPE, St. Andrew1843ICBS/FILE/03246
ICBS 3466Church name: ARDELEY, St. Laurence1844ICBS/FILE/03466
ICBS 3473Church name: CROPWELL BUTLER, St. Peter1844ICBS/FILE/03473
ICBS 3191Church name: HOUGH-ON-THE-HILL, All Saints1843-1845ICBS/FILE/03191
ICBS 3173Church name: TUXFORD, St. Nicholas1843ICBS/FILE/03173
ICBS 3275Church name: HOLME, St. Giles1843ICBS/FILE/03275
ICBS 3679Church name: PINCHBECK, St. Bartholomew & St. Matthias, West Pinchbeck1845ICBS/FILE/03679
ICBS 3362Church name: SLOUGH, St. Mary1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03362
ICBS 3590Church name: HACKTHORN, St. Michael1845ICBS/FILE/03590
ICBS 3552Church name: KIRTON IN LINDSEY, St. Andrew1845ICBS/FILE/03552
ICBS 3572Church name: WOOLSTHORPE, St. James the Great1845-1847ICBS/FILE/03572
ICBS 5816Church name: WOLD NEWTON, All Saints1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05816
ICBS 3807Church name: GARTHORPE, St. Mary1846-1850ICBS/FILE/03807
ICBS 4199Church name: DRIBY, St. Michael1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04199
ICBS 4310Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Nicholas1850ICBS/FILE/04310
ICBS 12025 ff 1-12Church name: TRUSTHORPE, St. Peter1929-1931ICBS/FILE/12025ff1-12
ICBS 12267 ff 16-17Church name: GLENTHAM, St. Peter1953ICBS/FILE/12267ff16-17
ICBS 4697Church name: SWINDERBY, All Souls1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04697
ICBS 6450Church name: COLWICK, St. John the Baptist1865-1879ICBS/FILE/06450
ICBS 5073Church name: STRUBBY, St. Oswald1857ICBS/FILE/05073
ICBS 5110Church name: FIRSBY, St. Andrew1857ICBS/FILE/05110
ICBS 12667Church name: COLEBY, All Saints1948ICBS/FILE/12667
ICBS 4830Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Augustine, New Basford1854-1860ICBS/FILE/04830
ICBS 4823Church name: HELPRINGHAM, St. Andrew1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04823
ICBS 6021Church name: LUDFORD, St. Mary & St. Peter1862-1864ICBS/FILE/06021
ICBS 4842Church name: BROUGHTON, UPPER, St. Luke1854ICBS/FILE/04842
ICBS 8242Church name: THORESWAY, St. Mary1877-1880ICBS/FILE/08242
ICBS 13643Church name: DUNHOLME, St. Chad1958-1964ICBS/FILE/13643
ICBS 14208Church name: WICKENBY, St. Peter & St. Laurence1964-1965ICBS/FILE/14208
ICBS 14141Church name: ELSHAM, All Saints1963-1966ICBS/FILE/14141
ICBS 4905Church name: LAMBLEY, Holy Trinity1855ICBS/FILE/04905
ICBS 5827Church name: AUBOURN, St. Peter1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05827
ICBS 4873Church name: STAMFORD, St. John the Baptist1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04873
ICBS 14984Church name: DUNSTON, St. Peter1974-1975ICBS/FILE/14984
ICBS 5074Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Luke1857-1861ICBS/FILE/05074
ICBS 5944Church name: WISPINGTON, St. Margaret1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05944
ICBS 4870Church name: SIBSEY, St. Margaret1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04870
ICBS 12562Church name: WINCEBY, St. Margaret1939ICBS/FILE/12562
ICBS 6055 f 30Church name: ALTHORPE, St. Oswald1884ICBS/FILE/06055f30
ICBS 5673Church name: FOLKINGHAM, St. Andrew1860ICBS/FILE/05673
ICBS 5282Church name: HORSINGTON, All Saints1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05282
ICBS 13948Church name: SLEAFORD, NEW, St. Denys1961ICBS/FILE/13948
ICBS 12292 ff 20-22Church name: FISHTOFT, St. Guthlac1948ICBS/FILE/12292ff20-22
ICBS 5900Church name: COWBIT, St. Mary1862ICBS/FILE/05900
ICBS 6700Church name: THORESBY, SOUTH, St. Andrew1867-1877ICBS/FILE/06700
ICBS 5820Church name: DALBY, St. Laurence & Bishop Edward King1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05820
ICBS 6807Church name: HOLBEACH, St. Mark, Holbeach Marsh1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06807
ICBS 11975Church name: TORKSEY, St. Peter1930ICBS/FILE/11975
ICBS 5861Church name: LOUTH, St. Michael1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05861
ICBS 5679Church name: AUNSBY, St. Thomas a Becket1860ICBS/FILE/05679
ICBS 14217 ff 21-36Church name: CLAYPOLE, St. Peter1980-1981ICBS/FILE/14217ff21-36
ICBS 5695Church name: WOOD ENDERBY, St. Benedict1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05695
ICBS 14414Church name: WILLOUGHBY, St. Helen1966-1967ICBS/FILE/14414
ICBS 12249 ff 15-17Church name: HOUGHAM, All Saints1937ICBS/FILE/12249ff15-17
ICBS 9625Church name: WOODHALL SPA, St. Andrew1892-1893ICBS/FILE/09625
ICBS 9418Church name: CARLTON-LE-MOORLAND, St. Mary1890ICBS/FILE/09418
ICBS 8109Church name: WROOT, St. Pancras1876-1877ICBS/FILE/08109
ICBS 6205Church name: CODDINGTON, All Saints1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06205
ICBS 14089 ff 11-20Church name: HARLAXTON, St. Mary & St. Peter1969-1971ICBS/FILE/14089ff11-20
ICBS 6128Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Ann1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06128
ICBS 11705 ff 15-37Church name: CORBY, St. John the Evangelist, Corby Glen1971ICBS/FILE/11705ff15-37
ICBS 6905Church name: GUNBY, St. Peter1868-1871ICBS/FILE/06905
ICBS 14217 ff 1-20Church name: CLAYPOLE, St. Peter1964-1969ICBS/FILE/14217ff1-20
ICBS 6815Church name: HOLBEACH, St. Matthew, Holbeach Marsh1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06815
ICBS 12504 ff 25-27Church name: INGOLDMELLS, St. Peter & St. Paul1968ICBS/FILE/12504ff25-27
ICBS 9386 ff 36-50Church name: NORMANBY BY SPITAL, St. Peter1961-1962ICBS/FILE/09386ff36-50
ICBS 6273Church name: LOUTH, Holy Trinity1863-1868ICBS/FILE/06273
ICBS 8881Church name: CROWLE, St. Oswald1884ICBS/FILE/08881
ICBS 7027Church name: WRAWBY, St. Mary1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07027
ICBS 9750 ff 21-28Church name: BONBY, St. Andrew1958-1959ICBS/FILE/09750ff21-28
ICBS 6995Church name: HOLBEACH, St. Luke, Holbeach Hurn1869-1870ICBS/FILE/06995
ICBS 1789Church name: BARKBY, St. Mary1834-1838ICBS/FILE/01789
ICBS 10734Church name: SAXILBY, St. Botolph1905-1907ICBS/FILE/10734
ICBS 13413 ff 1-8Church name: SYSTON, St. Mary1956-1958ICBS/FILE/13413ff1-8
ICBS 14717Church name: WITHCALL, St. Martin1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14717
ICBS 14786Church name: SCOTTER, St. Peter1975ICBS/FILE/14786
ICBS 13634Church name: HAUGHAM, All Saints1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13634
ICBS 11828 ff 14-24Church name: ROPSLEY, St. Peter1952-1955ICBS/FILE/11828ff14-24
ICBS 8136Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Jude, Mapperley1877-1892ICBS/FILE/08136
ICBS 7081Church name: LINCOLN, St. Martin1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07081
ICBS 14909Church name: MIDDLE RASEN, St. Peter & St. Paul1973-1974ICBS/FILE/14909
ICBS 12853Church name: MAVIS ENDERBY, St. Michael1950ICBS/FILE/12853
ICBS 7231Church name: LINCOLN, St. Mark1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07231
ICBS 9010Church name: STEWTON, St. Andrew1885ICBS/FILE/09010
ICBS 7252Church name: KEYWORTH, St. Mary Magdalene1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07252
ICBS 12000Church name: WELBY, St. Bartholomew1930-1931ICBS/FILE/12000
ICBS 7630Church name: MARTIN, Holy Trinity1873-1877ICBS/FILE/07630
ICBS 12627 ff 19-27Church name: WELBOURN, St. Chad1965ICBS/FILE/12627ff19-27
ICBS 8558Church name: WYBERTON, St. Leodegar1880ICBS/FILE/08558
ICBS 13423 ff 6-16Church name: DOWSBY, St. Andrew1978-1980ICBS/FILE/13423ff6-16
ICBS 7997Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Philip1875-1879ICBS/FILE/07997
ICBS 10803 ff 33-44Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Paul1954ICBS/FILE/10803ff33-44
ICBS 8454Church name: SKEGNESS, St. Matthew1879-1885ICBS/FILE/08454
ICBS 9670Church name: SCAMBLESBY, St. Martin1892ICBS/FILE/09670
ICBS 7480Church name: BITCHFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1871-1875ICBS/FILE/07480
ICBS 7771Church name: KYME, NORTH, St. Luke1874ICBS/FILE/07771
ICBS 8461Church name: MARKBY, St. Peter1878-1883ICBS/FILE/08461
ICBS 11871 ff 29-31Church name: THURLBY, St. Firmin1970ICBS/FILE/11871ff29-31
ICBS 8104Church name: CARLTON SCROOP, St. Nicholas1877-1878ICBS/FILE/08104
ICBS 8032Church name: CROXTON, St. John1876-1881ICBS/FILE/08032
ICBS 7763Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Mary & St. James1874ICBS/FILE/07763
ICBS 8274Church name: LINCOLN, St. Nicholas1878-1888ICBS/FILE/08274
ICBS 9750 ff 1-18Church name: BONBY, St. Andrew1893-1894ICBS/FILE/09750ff1-18
ICBS 7776Church name: SKIRBECK, St. Nicholas1873-1880ICBS/FILE/07776
ICBS 11461 ff 19-28Church name: RIPPINGALE, St. Andrew1952-1953ICBS/FILE/11461ff19-28
ICBS 9971 ff 29-37Church name: KIRTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1899ICBS/FILE/09971ff29-37
ICBS 9095Church name: AUKBOROUGH, St. John the Baptist1886-1890ICBS/FILE/09095
ICBS 9479Church name: LANGTON, St. Margaret1890ICBS/FILE/09479
ICBS 13391 ff 10-20Church name: CARLTON, NORTH, Parish Church1962-1964ICBS/FILE/13391ff10-20
ICBS 8201Church name: WROOT, St. Pancras1877ICBS/FILE/08201
ICBS 13421 ff 1-8Church name: WILSFORD, St. Mary1956ICBS/FILE/13421ff1-8
ICBS 259Church name: BUCKINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1820-1821ICBS/FILE/00259
ICBS 8642 ff 1-27Church name: BALDERTON, St. Giles1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08642ff1-27
ICBS 14588Church name: FOSDYKE, All Saints1969ICBS/FILE/14588
ICBS 9363Church name: TOFT, St. Peter & St. Paul1889-1891ICBS/FILE/09363
ICBS 9411Church name: STEEPING, GREAT, All Saints1889-1891ICBS/FILE/09411
ICBS 22Church name: BARTON UPON HUMBER, St. Mary1819-1820ICBS/FILE/00022
ICBS 11346 ff 12-20Church name: SCREDINGTON, St. Andrew1956-1959ICBS/FILE/11346ff12-20
ICBS 3430Church name: WINTERTON, All Saints1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03430
ICBS 10572 ff 52-59Church name: MARTON, St. Margaret of Antioch1979ICBS/FILE/10572ff52-59
ICBS 10388Church name: CRANWELL, St. Andrew1902ICBS/FILE/10388
ICBS 13878 ff 1-10Church name: LANGWORTH, St. Hugh1957-1962ICBS/FILE/13878ff1-10
ICBS 10340 ff 27-31Church name: GAINSBOROUGH, St. John the Divine1904ICBS/FILE/10340ff27-31
ICBS 15302Church name: SPRINGTHORPE, St. George & St. Lawrence1979ICBS/FILE/15302
ICBS 9701Church name: LINCOLN, St. Faith1892-1895ICBS/FILE/09701
ICBS 11667Church name: WESTON, St. Mary1925ICBS/FILE/11667
ICBS 10410 ff 28-31Church name: MUMBY, St. Thomas1948ICBS/FILE/10410ff28-31
ICBS 8802 ff 38-45Church name: NOTTINGHAM, Emmanuel1889-1892ICBS/FILE/08802ff38-45
ICBS 13890Church name: GUNBY, St. Nicholas1961-1968ICBS/FILE/13890
ICBS 11798Church name: SOTBY, St. Peter1925-1926ICBS/FILE/11798
ICBS 10302 ff 45-47Church name: GREETHAM, All Saints1962ICBS/FILE/10302ff45-47
ICBS 13547Church name: ROXBY, St. Mary1956-1962ICBS/FILE/13547
ICBS 14282 ff 10-19Church name: WALCOT NEAR FOLKINGHAM, St. Nicholas1977-1979ICBS/FILE/14282ff10-19
ICBS 15562Church name: HONINGTON, St. Wilfrid1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15562
ICBS 9734 ff 54-64Church name: ANCASTER, St. Martin1958-1964ICBS/FILE/09734ff54-64
ICBS 11787Church name: NEWTON, St. Botolph1925-1927ICBS/FILE/11787
ICBS 10545 ff 57-65Church name: KEELBY, St. Bartholomew1951-1952ICBS/FILE/10545ff57-65
ICBS 9361Church name: BEELSBY, St. Andrew1889-1890ICBS/FILE/09361
ICBS 9468 ff 21-25Church name: HELPRINGHAM, St. Andrew1933ICBS/FILE/09468ff21-25
ICBS 9742Church name: TOTHILL, St. Mary1893-1894ICBS/FILE/09742
ICBS 12766 ff 5-14Church name: ASHBY, WEST, All Saints1965-1979ICBS/FILE/12766ff5-14
ICBS 10856 ff 27-30Church name: HORSINGTON, All Saints1919ICBS/FILE/10856ff27-30
ICBS 12683Church name: ROUGHTON, St. Margaret of Antioch1948-1949ICBS/FILE/12683
ICBS 12292 f 35Church name: FISHTOFT, St. Guthlac1969ICBS/FILE/12292f35
ICBS 9449Church name: MORTON, St. Paul1890-1891ICBS/FILE/09449
ICBS 10312Church name: ROWSTON, St. Clement1901ICBS/FILE/10312
ICBS 9419Church name: FALDINGWORTH, All Saints1889-1891ICBS/FILE/09419
ICBS 12766 ff 1-4Church name: ASHBY, WEST, All Saints1948-1950ICBS/FILE/12766ff1-4
ICBS 12267 ff 1-12Church name: GLENTHAM, St. Peter1935-1937ICBS/FILE/12267ff1-12
ICBS 3378Church name: DUDDINGTON, St. Mary1844ICBS/FILE/03378
ICBS 9386 ff 1-35Church name: NORMANBY BY SPITAL, St. Peter1889-1890ICBS/FILE/09386ff1-35
ICBS 13675Church name: BLANKNEY, St. Oswald1958-1960ICBS/FILE/13675
ICBS 10545 ff 42-56Church name: KEELBY, St. Bartholomew1909ICBS/FILE/10545ff42-56
ICBS 12704Church name: BUCKNALL, St. Margaret of Antioch1948-1950ICBS/FILE/12704
ICBS 8544Church name: WEELSBY, New Church1880ICBS/FILE/08544
ICBS 13423 ff 1-5Church name: DOWSBY, St. Andrew1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13423ff1-5
ICBS 9468 ff 26-42Church name: HELPRINGHAM, St. Andrew1939-1940ICBS/FILE/09468ff26-42
ICBS 10808 ff 35-40Church name: LINCOLN, St. Nicholas1958-1960ICBS/FILE/10808ff35-40
ICBS 11827Church name: CUXWOLD, St. Nicholas1927-1928ICBS/FILE/11827
ICBS 15287Church name: HOLBEACH, All Saints1978-1980ICBS/FILE/15287
ICBS 12259Church name: CLEE, Holy Trinity1935-1937ICBS/FILE/12259
ICBS 11322 ff 48-55Church name: HUTTOFT, St. Margaret1956-1958ICBS/FILE/11322ff48-55
ICBS 14499Church name: BASSINGTHORPE, St. Thomas a Becket1968ICBS/FILE/14499
ICBS 11206 ff 36-46Church name: BRIGSLEY, St. Helen1928-1938ICBS/FILE/11206ff36-46
ICBS 15427Church name: BUCKNALL, St. Margaret of Antioch1981ICBS/FILE/15427
ICBS 13663Church name: CLEE, St. John the Evangelist, New Clee1958-1960ICBS/FILE/13663
ICBS 15032Church name: BURTON ON STATHER, St. Andrew1975ICBS/FILE/15032
ICBS 9792Church name: WITHERNE, St. Margaret1894ICBS/FILE/09792
ICBS 14702Church name: EDLINGTON, St. Helen1970-1973ICBS/FILE/14702
ICBS 10474 ff 27-38Church name: WINTERTON, All Saints1951-1953ICBS/FILE/10474ff27-38
ICBS 12766 ff 15-22Church name: ASHBY, WEST, All Saints1972-1973ICBS/FILE/12766ff15-22
ICBS 11963 ff 1-14Church name: MARSTON, St. Mary1930ICBS/FILE/11963ff1-14
ICBS 13625Church name: HIBALDSTOW, St. Hybald1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13625
ICBS 11094aChurch name: WALESBY, All Saints (Old Church)1981-1982ICBS/FILE/11094a
ICBS 11345Church name: WINTHORPE, St. Mary1916-1919ICBS/FILE/11345
ICBS 12117Church name: LINCOLN, St. Benedict1932-1933ICBS/FILE/12117
ICBS 14136Church name: SWARBY, St. Mary & All Saints1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14136
ICBS 10171 ff 30-35Church name: SURFLEET, St. Laurence1964ICBS/FILE/10171ff30-35
ICBS 12141 f 38Church name: CARLBY, St. Stephen1946ICBS/FILE/12141f38
ICBS 13888 ff 22-25Church name: RAITHBY, St. Peter1962ICBS/FILE/13888ff22-25
ICBS 13211Church name: FULBECK, St. Nicholas1953-1957ICBS/FILE/13211
ICBS 10401 ff 27-35Church name: SKEGNESS, St. Matthew1962-1963ICBS/FILE/10401ff27-35
ICBS 9971 ff 1-28Church name: KIRTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1896-1897ICBS/FILE/09971ff1-28
ICBS 11171 ff 47-58Church name: LEAKE, OLD, St. Mary the Virgin1953-1956ICBS/FILE/11171ff47-58
ICBS 10714 ff 20-35Church name: SILK WILLOUGHBY, St. Denys1963-1964ICBS/FILE/10714ff20-35
ICBS 14089 ff 21-28Church name: HARLAXTON, St. Mary & St. Peter1979-1981ICBS/FILE/14089ff21-28
ICBS 11252 ff 52-56Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Stephen1959ICBS/FILE/11252ff52-56
ICBS 10474 ff 1-26Church name: WINTERTON, All Saints1903-1904ICBS/FILE/10474ff1-26
ICBS 13032 ff 33-40Church name: HECKINGTON, St. Andrew1976-1977ICBS/FILE/13032ff33-40
ICBS 13073 ff 1-6Church name: HORKSTOW, St. Maurice1952ICBS/FILE/13073ff1-6
ICBS 15066Church name: SUTTON, ST. EDMUND, St. Edmund1975-1976ICBS/FILE/15066
ICBS 11733 ff 15-27Church name: GRIMOLDBY, St. Edith1949-1951ICBS/FILE/11733ff15-27
ICBS 13717 ff 1-6Church name: CANDLESBY, St. Benedict1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13717ff1-6
ICBS 10344Church name: SALTFLEETBY ALL SAINTS, All Saints1901-1903ICBS/FILE/10344
ICBS 10489 ff 25-34Church name: NORTHORPE, St. John the Baptist1968-1970ICBS/FILE/10489ff25-34
ICBS 10196 ff 55-66Church name: BELSHFORD, St. Peter & St. Paul1975-1977ICBS/FILE/10196ff55-66
ICBS 15390Church name: UPTON, All Saints1980-1981ICBS/FILE/15390
ICBS 11045 ff 1-19Church name: WELTON, St. Mary1910-1912ICBS/FILE/11045ff1-19
ICBS 10856 ff 53-56Church name: HORSINGTON, All Saints1956ICBS/FILE/10856ff53-56
ICBS 14001Church name: HANNAH, St. Andrew1962-1966ICBS/FILE/14001
ICBS 14084 ff 18-24Church name: FOLKINGHAM, St. Andrew1972-1974ICBS/FILE/14084ff18-24
ICBS 14070Church name: HAINTON, St. Mary1962-1963ICBS/FILE/14070
ICBS 12267 ff 13-15Church name: GLENTHAM, St. Peter1945-1946ICBS/FILE/12267ff13-15
ICBS 15593Church name: CORRINGHAM, St. Lawrence1982-1983ICBS/FILE/15593
ICBS 13631Church name: SWALLOWBECK, St. George1958-1960ICBS/FILE/13631
ICBS 11052 ff 45-51Church name: ANWICK, St. Edith1976-1977ICBS/FILE/11052ff45-51
ICBS 10328 ff 1-20Church name: GUNNESS, St. Barnabas1901-1902ICBS/FILE/10328ff1-20
ICBS 10862 ff 1-29Church name: DIGBY, St. Thomas a Becket1907-1909ICBS/FILE/10862ff1-29
ICBS 10533Church name: GAINSBOROUGH, St. John the Divine1904ICBS/FILE/10533
ICBS 10461Church name: GRIMSBY, All Saints1903-1905ICBS/FILE/10461
ICBS 11379Church name: MUCKTON, Holy Trinity1919-1921ICBS/FILE/11379
ICBS 10577 ff 47-64Church name: SKIRBECK, St. Nicholas1952-1964ICBS/FILE/10577ff47-64
ICBS 13848 ff 1-18Church name: FILLINGHAM, St. Andrew1960-1964ICBS/FILE/13848ff1-18
ICBS 6240Church name: CLEETHORPES, St. Peter1863-1867ICBS/FILE/06240
ICBS 11186 ff 16-27Church name: LEGSBY, St. Thomas1971-1972ICBS/FILE/11186ff16-27
ICBS 10917 ff 27-35Church name: TETFORD, St. Mary1976-1978ICBS/FILE/10917ff27-35
ICBS 11733 ff 1-14Church name: GRIMOLDBY, St. Edith1926-1927ICBS/FILE/11733ff1-14
ICBS 10862 ff 30-38Church name: DIGBY, St. Thomas a Becket1975ICBS/FILE/10862ff30-38
ICBS 11171 ff 59-67Church name: LEAKE, OLD, St. Mary the Virgin1973ICBS/FILE/11171ff59-67
ICBS 11538Church name: ORBY, All Saints1923-1924ICBS/FILE/11538
ICBS 10496Church name: CLEETHORPES, St. Aidan, New Cleethorpes1904-1906ICBS/FILE/10496
ICBS 10622 ff 59-70Church name: SOMERBY, NEW, St. Anne1962-1963ICBS/FILE/10622ff59-70
ICBS 11252 ff 25-51Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Stephen1929-1933ICBS/FILE/11252ff25-51
ICBS 11649Church name: TATTERSHALL, Holy Trinity1925-1927ICBS/FILE/11649
ICBS 10808 ff 1-34Church name: LINCOLN, St. Nicholas1908-1910ICBS/FILE/10808ff1-34
ICBS 11119Church name: QUARRINGTON, New Church1912ICBS/FILE/11119
ICBS 13957 ff 1-11Church name: BUTTERWICK, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1961-1963ICBS/FILE/13957ff1-11
ICBS 10657 ff 88-93Church name: WHAPLODE, St. John the Baptist, Whaplode Drove1912ICBS/FILE/10657ff88-93
ICBS 11461 ff 29-35Church name: RIPPINGALE, St. Andrew1978-1979ICBS/FILE/11461ff29-35
ICBS 11837 ff 27-40Church name: ALTHORPE, St. Oswald1972-1974ICBS/FILE/11837ff27-40
ICBS 10856 ff 1-26Church name: HORSINGTON, All Saints1908-1909ICBS/FILE/10856ff1-26
ICBS 10905 ff 37-40Church name: WHAPLODE, St. Mary1955ICBS/FILE/10905ff37-40
ICBS 5525Church name: WALKERINGHAM, St. Mary Magdalene1859-1862ICBS/FILE/05525
ICBS 11705 ff 1-14Church name: CORBY, St. John the Evangelist, Corby Glen1926-1927ICBS/FILE/11705ff1-14
ICBS 666Church name: CHAPEL HILL, Holy Trinity1825-1826ICBS/FILE/00666
ICBS 10917 ff 36-43Church name: TETFORD, St. Mary1978-1980ICBS/FILE/10917ff36-43
ICBS 11604Church name: LUTTON, St. Nicholas1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11604
ICBS 12249 ff 1-14Church name: HOUGHAM, All Saints1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12249ff1-14
ICBS 11842 ff 17-27Church name: EPWORTH, St. Andrew1954-1955ICBS/FILE/11842ff17-27
ICBS 11606 ff 18-29Church name: THEDDLETHORPE, ALL SAINTS, All Saints1953-1960ICBS/FILE/11606ff18-29
ICBS 11733 ff 28-40Church name: GRIMOLDBY, St. Edith1956-1961ICBS/FILE/11733ff28-40
ICBS 11052 ff 31-44Church name: ANWICK, St. Edith1962-1968ICBS/FILE/11052ff31-44
ICBS 10905 ff 1-36Church name: WHAPLODE, St. Mary1909-1910ICBS/FILE/10905ff1-36
ICBS 10917 ff 25-26Church name: TETFORD, St. Mary1967ICBS/FILE/10917ff25-26
ICBS 11834 ff 31-60Church name: ULCEBY, St. Nicholas1981ICBS/FILE/11834ff31-60
ICBS 11834 ff 1-12Church name: ULCEBY, St. Nicholas1928ICBS/FILE/11834ff1-12
ICBS 11483 ff 1-17Church name: IMMINGHAM, St. Andrew1922-1924ICBS/FILE/11483ff1-17
ICBS 11346 ff 1-11Church name: SCREDINGTON, St. Andrew1916-1917ICBS/FILE/11346ff1-11
ICBS 11202 ff 31-38Church name: GARTHORPE, St. Mary1979-1980ICBS/FILE/11202ff31-38
ICBS 11940Church name: WITHAM, SOUTH, St. John the Baptist1929-1930ICBS/FILE/11940
ICBS 13724Church name: PARTNEY, St. Nicholas1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13724
ICBS 13945Church name: EWERBY, St. Andrew1961-1964ICBS/FILE/13945
ICBS 11217Church name: WADDINGWORTH, St. Margaret1913-1914ICBS/FILE/11217
ICBS 14486Church name: LEASINGHAM, St. Andrew1968-1969ICBS/FILE/14486
ICBS 11813 ff 16-23Church name: STAMFORD, St. George1938ICBS/FILE/11813ff16-23
ICBS 11266 ff 24-33Church name: BILSBY, Holy Trinity1956-1958ICBS/FILE/11266ff24-33
ICBS 12025 ff 13-23Church name: TRUSTHORPE, St. Peter1979ICBS/FILE/12025ff13-23
ICBS 12598 ff 1-8Church name: LUDBOROUGH, St. Mary1944-1945ICBS/FILE/12598ff1-8
ICBS 11794Church name: BRANT BROUGHTON, St. Helena1925-1927ICBS/FILE/11794
ICBS 12011Church name: SNARFORD, St. Lawrence1930-1932ICBS/FILE/12011
ICBS 13565 ff 12-24Church name: NAVENBY, St. Peter1977-1979ICBS/FILE/13565ff12-24
ICBS 11913 ff 1-17Church name: WINTHORPE, St. Mary1929ICBS/FILE/11913ff1-17
ICBS 12121 ff 1-33Church name: SEDGEBROOK, St. Laurence1932-1934ICBS/FILE/12121ff1-33
ICBS 11837 ff 1-22Church name: ALTHORPE, St. Oswald1927-1934ICBS/FILE/11837ff1-22
ICBS 13787Church name: MOORBY, All Saints1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13787
ICBS 12121 ff 34-52Church name: SEDGEBROOK, St. Laurence1974-1976ICBS/FILE/12121ff34-52
ICBS 12598 ff 9-14Church name: LUDBOROUGH, St. Mary1962-1968ICBS/FILE/12598ff9-14
ICBS 11963 ff 15-22Church name: MARSTON, St. Mary1932-1933ICBS/FILE/11963ff15-22
ICBS 13650 ff 7-13Church name: STROXTON, All Saints1969-1971ICBS/FILE/13650ff7-13
ICBS 11539Church name: ASHBY, St. Paul1923-1927ICBS/FILE/11539
ICBS 1563Church name: LIDLINGTON, St. Margaret1833-1834ICBS/FILE/01563
ICBS 11530Church name: STAINFIELD, St. Andrew1927-1928ICBS/FILE/11530
ICBS 11834 ff 13-30Church name: ULCEBY, St. Nicholas1974-1975ICBS/FILE/11834ff13-30
ICBS 12017Church name: STAMFORD, All Saints1930-1937ICBS/FILE/12017
ICBS 13746Church name: HOUGH-ON-THE-HILL, All Saints1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13746
ICBS 11847Church name: PONTON, GREAT, Holy Cross1925-1929ICBS/FILE/11847
ICBS 13650 ff 1-6Church name: STROXTON, All Saints1958-1961ICBS/FILE/13650ff1-6
ICBS 13253 ff 1-9Church name: ASLACKBY, St. James1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13253ff1-9
ICBS 11976 ff 1-19Church name: ASHBY-PUERORUM, St. Andrew1930-1931ICBS/FILE/11976ff1-19
ICBS 12225Church name: BOURNE, St. Peter & St. Paul (Abbey)1934-1935ICBS/FILE/12225
ICBS 15555Church name: BARKSTON, St. Nicholas1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15555
ICBS 11837 ff 23-26Church name: ALTHORPE, St. Oswald1953-1954ICBS/FILE/11837ff23-26
ICBS 12638Church name: SKELLINGTHORPE, St. Laurence1947ICBS/FILE/12638
ICBS 54Church name: BONBY, St. Andrew1818-1826ICBS/FILE/00054
ICBS 13083Church name: WHITTON, St. John the Baptist1952-1953ICBS/FILE/13083
ICBS 14472Church name: TATHWELL, St. Vedast1968-1969ICBS/FILE/14472
ICBS 12067 ff 13-18Church name: GLENTWORTH, St. Michael1937ICBS/FILE/12067ff13-18
ICBS 13624Church name: LINCOLN, St. Andrew1958ICBS/FILE/13624
ICBS 12617 ff 37-44Church name: TYDD ST. MARY, St. Mary1957-1958ICBS/FILE/12617ff37-44
ICBS 12292 ff 1-19Church name: FISHTOFT, St. Guthlac1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12292ff1-19
ICBS 12279Church name: BAG ENDERBY, St. Margaret1935ICBS/FILE/12279
ICBS 13492Church name: ASHBY CUM FENBY, St. Peter1956-1959ICBS/FILE/13492
ICBS 12292 ff 47-52Church name: FISHTOFT, St. Guthlac1978ICBS/FILE/12292ff47-52
ICBS 14062Church name: GRAYINGHAM, St. Radegunda1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14062
ICBS 2710Church name: SPITTLEGATE WITHIN, St. John1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02710
ICBS 12248Church name: MARSTON, St. Mary1935-1936ICBS/FILE/12248
ICBS 9971 ff 55-59Church name: KIRTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1973ICBS/FILE/09971ff55-59
ICBS 14986Church name: BASTON, St. John the Baptist1973-1975ICBS/FILE/14986
ICBS 11842 ff 28-45Church name: EPWORTH, St. Andrew1961-1968ICBS/FILE/11842ff28-45
ICBS 15617Church name: WELTON-LE-WOLD, St. Martin1980-1982ICBS/FILE/15617
ICBS 12005Church name: WRANGLE, St. Mary the Virgin & St. Nicholas1930-1934ICBS/FILE/12005
ICBS 14123Church name: THEDDLETHORPE, ST. HELEN, St. Helen1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14123
ICBS 14870Church name: SNARFORD, St. Lawrence1973ICBS/FILE/14870
ICBS 14231Church name: SEARBY CUM OWMBY, St. Nicholas1964-1965ICBS/FILE/14231
ICBS 15313Church name: DEEPING ST. JAMES, St. James (Priory)1979-1980ICBS/FILE/15313
ICBS 14309Church name: HAMERINGHAM, All Saints1965-1968ICBS/FILE/14309
ICBS 9734 ff 1-53Church name: ANCASTER, St. Martin1892-1894ICBS/FILE/09734ff1-53
ICBS 13515Church name: HEMSWELL, All Saints1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13515
ICBS 13845Church name: BOOTHBY GRAFFOE, St. Andrew1960-1962ICBS/FILE/13845
ICBS 12445 ff 1-4Church name: RAINWORTH, St. Simon & St. Jude1867-1870ICBS/FILE/12445ff1-4
ICBS 14181Church name: BRATTLEBY, St. Cuthbert1964-1966ICBS/FILE/14181
ICBS 12292 ff 23-34Church name: FISHTOFT, St. Guthlac1955-1959ICBS/FILE/12292ff23-34
ICBS 15147Church name: GOSBERTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1977ICBS/FILE/15147
ICBS 14147Church name: BOTTESFORD, Holy Spirit, Riddings Estate1960-1965ICBS/FILE/14147
ICBS 13266 ff 11-21Church name: SCREMBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13266ff11-21
ICBS 13106Church name: BILLINGBOROUGH, St. Andrew1952-1954ICBS/FILE/13106
ICBS 11828 ff 25-39Church name: ROPSLEY, St. Peter1965-1968ICBS/FILE/11828ff25-39
ICBS 12938 ff 1-8Church name: THREEKINGHAM, St. Peter1950-1954ICBS/FILE/12938ff1-8
ICBS 13075Church name: ALKBOROUGH, St. John the Baptist1952-1953ICBS/FILE/13075
ICBS 9468 ff 43-50Church name: HELPRINGHAM, St. Andrew1962-1965ICBS/FILE/09468ff43-50
ICBS 13767 ff 13-21Church name: KIRMINGTON, St. Helen1975ICBS/FILE/13767ff13-21
ICBS 14125Church name: COATES, St. Edith1963-1969ICBS/FILE/14125
ICBS 13297Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Luke1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13297
ICBS 13946Church name: EVEDON, St. Mary1961-1964ICBS/FILE/13946
ICBS 13217Church name: BRADLEY, St. George1953-1957ICBS/FILE/13217
ICBS 12371Church name: LOUTH, St. James1937-1938ICBS/FILE/12371
ICBS 12861 ff 22-24Church name: WESTBOROUGH, All Saints1982ICBS/FILE/12861ff22-24
ICBS 12292 ff 36-46Church name: FISHTOFT, St. Guthlac1977-1978ICBS/FILE/12292ff36-46
ICBS 8041Church name: LINCOLN, St. Andrew1876-1878ICBS/FILE/08041
ICBS 1340Church name: DUNSTABLE, St. Peter & St. Paul (Priory)1831ICBS/FILE/01340
ICBS 14561Church name: SUTTERTON, St. Mary the Virgin1969ICBS/FILE/14561
ICBS 12642 ff 13-20Church name: SAUSTHORPE, St. Andrew1961-1962ICBS/FILE/12642ff13-20
ICBS 13281Church name: YARBURGH, St. John the Baptist1954-1957ICBS/FILE/13281
ICBS 13680 ff 12-19Church name: BARDNEY, St. Laurence1969-1971ICBS/FILE/13680ff12-19
ICBS 12461Church name: HOLTON CUM BECKERING, All Saints1937-1941ICBS/FILE/12461
ICBS 12809 ff 15-22Church name: SKILLINGTON, St. James1969-1971ICBS/FILE/12809ff15-22
ICBS 12838 ff 1-9Church name: SWATON, St. Michael1950-1952ICBS/FILE/12838ff1-9
ICBS 15235Church name: LONG SUTTON, St. Mary1978ICBS/FILE/15235
ICBS 13469 ff 13-23Church name: OSBOURNBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1963-1965ICBS/FILE/13469ff13-23
ICBS 13288Church name: WILSTHORPE, St. Faith1954-1957ICBS/FILE/13288
ICBS 13266 ff 1-10Church name: SCREMBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1954-1955ICBS/FILE/13266ff1-10
ICBS 12504 ff 1-24Church name: INGOLDMELLS, St. Peter & St. Paul1938-1943ICBS/FILE/12504ff1-24
ICBS 14784Church name: BARTON UPON HUMBER, St. Mary1972-1975ICBS/FILE/14784
ICBS 12505Church name: FISKERTON, St. Clement1938-1939ICBS/FILE/12505
ICBS 12642 ff 1-12Church name: SAUSTHORPE, St. Andrew1947-1949ICBS/FILE/12642ff1-12
ICBS 14974Church name: RESTON, NORTH, St. Edith1974-1978ICBS/FILE/14974
ICBS 11519Church name: HACEBY, St. Barbara1923-1924ICBS/FILE/11519
ICBS 14795Church name: FENTON, All Saints1972-1976ICBS/FILE/14795
ICBS 10714 f 19Church name: SILK WILLOUGHBY, St. Denys1925ICBS/FILE/10714f19
ICBS 15060Church name: SWALLOW, Holy Trinity1975-1976ICBS/FILE/15060
ICBS 15402Church name: CARLTON SCROOP, St. Nicholas1980ICBS/FILE/15402
ICBS 15212Church name: STEWTON, St. Andrew1977-1980ICBS/FILE/15212
ICBS 14272 f 10Church name: HAXEY, St. Nicholas1976ICBS/FILE/14272f10
ICBS 14282 ff 1-9Church name: WALCOT NEAR FOLKINGHAM, St. Nicholas1965-1966ICBS/FILE/14282ff1-9
ICBS 13703Church name: GAUTBY, All Saints1959ICBS/FILE/13703
ICBS 10920Church name: GRAINTHORPE, St. Clement1909-1911ICBS/FILE/10920
ICBS 13073 ff 18-20Church name: HORKSTOW, St. Maurice1974ICBS/FILE/13073ff18-20
ICBS 12823Church name: SPITTLEGATE WITHIN, St. John1950ICBS/FILE/12823
ICBS 15264Church name: SOMERCOTES, SOUTH, St. Peter1978-1979ICBS/FILE/15264
ICBS 12067 ff 1-12Church name: GLENTWORTH, St. Michael1931-1932ICBS/FILE/12067ff1-12
ICBS 11202 ff 1-30Church name: GARTHORPE, St. Mary1912-1914ICBS/FILE/11202ff1-30
ICBS 12300Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Martin1935-1938ICBS/FILE/12300
ICBS 14276Church name: BARTON UPON HUMBER, St. Peter1965ICBS/FILE/14276
ICBS 14115Church name: HEYDOUR, St. Michael & All Angels1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14115
ICBS 14659Church name: INGOLDSBY, St. Bartholomew1970-1977ICBS/FILE/14659
ICBS 7635Church name: SALTFLEETBY ST. PETER, St. Peter1873-1877ICBS/FILE/07635
ICBS 14883 ff 1-2Church name: ROTHWELL, St. Mary Magdalene1971ICBS/FILE/14883ff1-2
ICBS 12367Church name: ADDLETHORPE, St. Nicholas1936-1944ICBS/FILE/12367
ICBS 10657 ff 94-101Church name: WHAPLODE, St. John the Baptist, Whaplode Drove1979ICBS/FILE/10657ff94-101
ICBS 13454Church name: SEMPRINGHAM, St. Andrew (Abbey)1956ICBS/FILE/13454
ICBS 15293Church name: STUBTON, St. Martin1978-1979ICBS/FILE/15293
ICBS 11004Church name: HOGSTHORPE, St. Mary1910ICBS/FILE/11004
ICBS 11913 ff 18-29Church name: WINTHORPE, St. Mary1953-1955ICBS/FILE/11913ff18-29
ICBS 14522 ff 13-21Church name: BITCHFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1973-1977ICBS/FILE/14522ff13-21
ICBS 10489 ff 1-24Church name: NORTHORPE, St. John the Baptist1904-1905ICBS/FILE/10489ff1-24
ICBS 11206 ff 47-57Church name: BRIGSLEY, St. Helen1968ICBS/FILE/11206ff47-57
ICBS 13421 ff 9-17Church name: WILSFORD, St. Mary1969-1970ICBS/FILE/13421ff9-17
ICBS 13966Church name: INGHAM, All Saints1962-1964ICBS/FILE/13966
ICBS 11461 ff 1-18Church name: RIPPINGALE, St. Andrew1922ICBS/FILE/11461ff1-18
ICBS 12677Church name: MANBY, St. Mary1948-1949ICBS/FILE/12677
ICBS 9468 ff 51-58Church name: HELPRINGHAM, St. Andrew1969-1970ICBS/FILE/09468ff51-58
ICBS 13098Church name: MARKET RASEN, St. Thomas1948-1954ICBS/FILE/13098
ICBS 12938 ff 44-54Church name: THREEKINGHAM, St. Peter1972-1977ICBS/FILE/12938ff44-54
ICBS 13073 ff 7-17Church name: HORKSTOW, St. Maurice1972-1973ICBS/FILE/13073ff7-17
ICBS 12933 ff 22-29Church name: PICKWORTH, St. Andrew1973-1977ICBS/FILE/12933ff22-29
ICBS 14396 ff 12-14Church name: ORMSBY, SOUTH, CUM KETSBY, St. Leonard1973ICBS/FILE/14396ff12-14
ICBS 13697 ff 6-12Church name: SAXBY, All Saints1970-1974ICBS/FILE/13697ff6-12
ICBS 13298 ff 23-32Church name: CHERRY WILLINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1965-1967ICBS/FILE/13298ff23-32
ICBS 13469 ff 24-27Church name: OSBOURNBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1965ICBS/FILE/13469ff24-27
ICBS 13215 ff 17-23Church name: OWSTON FERRY, St. Martin1976ICBS/FILE/13215ff17-23
ICBS 1817Church name: CARLTON, LITTLE, St. Edith1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01817
ICBS 13032 ff 11-32Church name: HECKINGTON, St. Andrew1964-1970ICBS/FILE/13032ff11-32
ICBS 13811 ff 1-13Church name: BLYTON, St. Martin1960ICBS/FILE/13811ff1-13
ICBS 13734Church name: ASWARDBY, St. Helen1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13734
ICBS 13597Church name: MANTHORPE, St. John the Evangelist1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13597
ICBS 13134Church name: SALTFLEETBY ALL SAINTS, All Saints1952-1960ICBS/FILE/13134
ICBS 13373Church name: WINTERINGHAM, All Saints1955-1962ICBS/FILE/13373
ICBS 13413 ff 20-36Church name: SYSTON, St. Mary1978-1979ICBS/FILE/13413ff20-36
ICBS 14883 ff 3-6Church name: ROTHWELL, St. Mary Magdalene1973ICBS/FILE/14883ff3-6
ICBS 13253 ff 19-25Church name: ASLACKBY, St. James1978ICBS/FILE/13253ff19-25
ICBS 14089 ff 1-10Church name: HARLAXTON, St. Mary & St. Peter1963-1965ICBS/FILE/14089ff1-10
ICBS 13298 ff 33-40Church name: CHERRY WILLINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1972ICBS/FILE/13298ff33-40
ICBS 13304Church name: GREATFORD, St. Thomas a Becket1954-1962ICBS/FILE/13304
ICBS 13680 ff 1-11Church name: BARDNEY, St. Laurence1958-1965ICBS/FILE/13680ff1-11
ICBS 13433 ff 1-4Church name: CAREBY, St. Stephen1956ICBS/FILE/13433ff1-4
ICBS 13697 ff 1-5Church name: SAXBY, All Saints1959ICBS/FILE/13697ff1-5
ICBS 14728Church name: BARNETBY-LE-WOLD, St. Barnabas1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14728
ICBS 13250Church name: WASHINGBOROUGH, St. John1954ICBS/FILE/13250
ICBS 13432Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Andrew1955-1956ICBS/FILE/13432
ICBS 14693Church name: WILLINGHAM, NORTH, St. Thomas1970-1971ICBS/FILE/14693
ICBS 13391 ff 1-9Church name: CARLTON, NORTH, Parish Church1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13391ff1-9
ICBS 14517Church name: LEVERTON, St. Helen1968-1970ICBS/FILE/14517
ICBS 13809Church name: NEWTON-ON-TRENT, St. Peter1960-1961ICBS/FILE/13809
ICBS 13530 ff 1-4Church name: TOYNTON, HIGH, St. John the Baptist1957ICBS/FILE/13530ff1-4
ICBS 1412Church name: OSGATHORPE, St. Mary1832ICBS/FILE/01412
ICBS 13587Church name: DODDINGTON, DRY, St. James1957-1975ICBS/FILE/13587
ICBS 11871 ff 1-17Church name: THURLBY, St. Firmin1928-1929ICBS/FILE/11871ff1-17
ICBS 13469 ff 1-12Church name: OSBOURNBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1956-1962ICBS/FILE/13469ff1-12
ICBS 13971Church name: CROXBY, All Saints1961-1969ICBS/FILE/13971
ICBS 12810 ff 1-10Church name: REEPHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1950ICBS/FILE/12810ff1-10
ICBS 13413 ff 9-19Church name: SYSTON, St. Mary1976-1978ICBS/FILE/13413ff9-19
ICBS M0218Church name: SKIRBECK, School Chapel1875ICBS/FILE/M0218
ICBS 13487 ff 1-23Church name: NETTLEHAM, All Saints1956-1957ICBS/FILE/13487ff1-23
ICBS 13557Church name: BURRINGHAM, St. John the Baptist1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13557
ICBS 13530 ff 5-10Church name: TOYNTON, HIGH, St. John the Baptist1970-1971ICBS/FILE/13530ff5-10
ICBS 13717 ff 7-16Church name: CANDLESBY, St. Benedict1966-1969ICBS/FILE/13717ff7-16
ICBS 13060Church name: CONISHOLME, St. Peter1952-1954ICBS/FILE/13060
ICBS 14532 ff 12-15Church name: UTTERBY, St. Andrew1974ICBS/FILE/14532ff12-15
ICBS 13420Church name: GAYTON-LE-MARSH, St. George1955-1963ICBS/FILE/13420
ICBS 13650 ff 14-19Church name: STROXTON, All Saints1980-1981ICBS/FILE/13650ff14-19
ICBS M0001Church name: TYDD ST. MARY, Mission Church1859ICBS/FILE/M0001
ICBS 13922Church name: LANGTON BY SPILSBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1961ICBS/FILE/13922
ICBS 11871 ff 18-28Church name: THURLBY, St. Firmin1949-1951ICBS/FILE/11871ff18-28
ICBS 11963 ff 23-32Church name: MARSTON, St. Mary1980ICBS/FILE/11963ff23-32
ICBS 15053Church name: MARTON, St. Margaret1975ICBS/FILE/15053
ICBS 13811 ff 14-18Church name: BLYTON, St. Martin1961ICBS/FILE/13811ff14-18
ICBS 12152Church name: GEDNEY, St. Mary Magdalene1932-1934ICBS/FILE/12152
ICBS 13487 ff 24-26Church name: NETTLEHAM, All Saints1962ICBS/FILE/13487ff24-26
ICBS 13901Church name: GONERBY, GREAT, St. Sebastian1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13901
ICBS 14884 ff 1-8Church name: BYTHAM, LITTLE, St. Medard1973ICBS/FILE/14884ff1-8
ICBS 14097 ff 10-15Church name: BLYBOROUGH, St. Alkmund1979ICBS/FILE/14097ff10-15
ICBS 15118Church name: CANWICK, All Saints1976-1977ICBS/FILE/15118
ICBS 9817Church name: SAXBY, St. Helen1894-1896ICBS/FILE/09817
ICBS 15421Church name: BASSINGHAM, St. Michael1980-1981ICBS/FILE/15421
ICBS 11606 ff 1-17Church name: THEDDLETHORPE, ALL SAINTS, All Saints1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11606ff1-17
ICBS 13967Church name: CAMMERINGHAM, St. Michael1962-1966ICBS/FILE/13967
ICBS 14757Church name: MAREHAM-LE-FEN, St. Helen1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14757
ICBS 13794Church name: LOUTH, St. Michael1960ICBS/FILE/13794
ICBS 14396 ff 1-11Church name: ORMSBY, SOUTH, CUM KETSBY, St. Leonard1966-1973ICBS/FILE/14396ff1-11
ICBS 12838 ff 10-19Church name: SWATON, St. Michael1973-1977ICBS/FILE/12838ff10-19
ICBS 13842Church name: WORLABY, St. Clement1960ICBS/FILE/13842
ICBS 9971 ff 53-54Church name: KIRTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1954ICBS/FILE/09971ff53-54
ICBS 14154Church name: LIMBER, GREAT, St. Peter1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14154
ICBS 11540Church name: CROSBY, St. George1923-1927ICBS/FILE/11540
ICBS 12574Church name: FARFORTH, St. Peter1940ICBS/FILE/12574
ICBS 12827Church name: FISKERTON, St. Clement1950-1957ICBS/FILE/12827
ICBS 11976 ff 20-32Church name: ASHBY-PUERORUM, St. Andrew1957-1961ICBS/FILE/11976ff20-32
ICBS 12680Church name: SKEGNESS, St. Clement1948-1950ICBS/FILE/12680
ICBS 12891 ff 1-20Church name: STAMFORD, St. John the Baptist1950-1953ICBS/FILE/12891ff1-20
ICBS 14084 ff 1-17Church name: FOLKINGHAM, St. Andrew1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14084ff1-17
ICBS 14971 ff 1-13Church name: WITHAM, NORTH, St. Mary the Virgin1973-1975ICBS/FILE/14971ff1-13
ICBS 13485Church name: MOORHOUSES, St. Laurence1956-1958ICBS/FILE/13485
ICBS 13850Church name: ASGARBY, St. Andrew1960-1964ICBS/FILE/13850
ICBS 15648Church name: WADDINGHAM, St. Mary & St. Peter1982-1983ICBS/FILE/15648
ICBS 14138Church name: WOOTTON, St. Andrew1963-1964ICBS/FILE/14138
ICBS 14940Church name: FALDINGWORTH, All Saints1974ICBS/FILE/14940
ICBS 13253 ff 10-18Church name: ASLACKBY, St. James1967-1968ICBS/FILE/13253ff10-18
ICBS 10996 ff 22-32Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Augustine1934-1935ICBS/FILE/10996ff22-32
ICBS 15475Church name: BARNETBY-LE-WOLD, St. Barnabas1981ICBS/FILE/15475
ICBS 14532 ff 1-11Church name: UTTERBY, St. Andrew1968-1974ICBS/FILE/14532ff1-11
ICBS 15684Church name: LINCOLN, St. Botolph1982ICBS/FILE/15684
ICBS 10856 ff 31-51Church name: HORSINGTON, All Saints1934-1935ICBS/FILE/10856ff31-51
ICBS 12617 ff 45-55Church name: TYDD ST. MARY, St. Mary1959-1961ICBS/FILE/12617ff45-55
ICBS 12696Church name: HOGSTHORPE, St. Mary1948-1955ICBS/FILE/12696
ICBS 12809 ff 1-6Church name: SKILLINGTON, St. James1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12809ff1-6
ICBS 11134Church name: CADNEY, All Saints1912-1913ICBS/FILE/11134
ICBS 12929 ff 21-42Church name: BOTTESFORD, St. Peter ad Vincula1969-1971ICBS/FILE/12929ff21-42
ICBS 12809 ff 7-14Church name: SKILLINGTON, St. James1960ICBS/FILE/12809ff7-14
ICBS 12627 ff 1-18Church name: WELBOURN, St. Chad1946-1947ICBS/FILE/12627ff1-18
ICBS 15200Church name: LUDDINGTON, St. Oswald1977-1978ICBS/FILE/15200
ICBS 14509Church name: APPLEBY, St. Bartholomew1968-1970ICBS/FILE/14509
ICBS 13569 ff 10-18Church name: DORRINGTON, St. James1971ICBS/FILE/13569ff10-18
ICBS 15271Church name: SOMERSBY, St. Margaret1978ICBS/FILE/15271
ICBS 13848 ff 19-25Church name: FILLINGHAM, St. Andrew1977-1980ICBS/FILE/13848ff19-25
ICBS 12141 ff 1-37Church name: CARLBY, St. Stephen1932-1936ICBS/FILE/12141ff1-37
ICBS 13745Church name: LINWOOD, St. Cornelius1957-1965ICBS/FILE/13745
ICBS 10971Church name: GAINSBOROUGH, Holy Trinity1910-1911ICBS/FILE/10971
ICBS 12672 ff 1-8Church name: MORTON, St. John the Baptist1948ICBS/FILE/12672ff1-8
ICBS 9750 ff 19-20Church name: BONBY, St. Andrew1907ICBS/FILE/09750ff19-20
ICBS 14997 ff 1-5Church name: BIGBY, All Saints1974-1975ICBS/FILE/14997ff1-5
ICBS 14646Church name: WAINFLEET ST. MARY, St. Mary1970ICBS/FILE/14646
ICBS 13662Church name: TALLINGTON, St. Lawrence1958-1965ICBS/FILE/13662
ICBS 13683Church name: KIRKBY, EAST, St. Nicholas1959ICBS/FILE/13683
ICBS 14272 ff 1-9Church name: HAXEY, St. Nicholas1965-1967ICBS/FILE/14272ff1-9
ICBS 14097 ff 1-9Church name: BLYBOROUGH, St. Alkmund1963ICBS/FILE/14097ff1-9
ICBS 11720Church name: DEEPING, WEST, St. Andrew1926-1930ICBS/FILE/11720
ICBS 13895Church name: KEAL, WEST, St. Helen1960-1961ICBS/FILE/13895
ICBS 13932Church name: SPILSBY, St. James1961-1968ICBS/FILE/13932
ICBS 13957 ff 12-20Church name: BUTTERWICK, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1974-1979ICBS/FILE/13957ff12-20
ICBS 15148Church name: SKIRBECK, Holy Trinity1977ICBS/FILE/15148
ICBS 13950Church name: SOMERBY, OLD, St. Mary Magdalene1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13950
ICBS 15127Church name: HAGWORTHINGHAM, Holy Trinity1976-1978ICBS/FILE/15127
ICBS 13636Church name: METHERINGHAM, St. Wilfrid1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13636
ICBS 12401Church name: WOOD ENDERBY, St. Benedict1937-1938ICBS/FILE/12401
ICBS 15176Church name: DENTON, St. Andrew1977ICBS/FILE/15176
ICBS 12551Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Giles, Scartho1939-1940ICBS/FILE/12551
ICBS 11705 ff 38-47Church name: CORBY, St. John the Evangelist, Corby Glen1973-1974ICBS/FILE/11705ff38-47
ICBS 7961Church name: SOMERBY, OLD, St. Mary Magdalene1876ICBS/FILE/07961
ICBS 12267 ff 18-29Church name: GLENTHAM, St. Peter1974-1976ICBS/FILE/12267ff18-29
ICBS M0161Church name: KELSEY, NORTH, Mission Church1873ICBS/FILE/M0161
ICBS 11849Church name: HALE, GREAT, St. John the Baptist1928-1930ICBS/FILE/11849
ICBS 14971 ff 14-17Church name: WITHAM, NORTH, St. Mary the Virgin1978ICBS/FILE/14971ff14-17
ICBS 15374Church name: BRINKHILL, St. Philip1979-1980ICBS/FILE/15374
ICBS 15330Church name: IRBY, St. Andrew1979-1980ICBS/FILE/15330
ICBS 10622 ff 32-43Church name: SOMERBY, NEW, St. Anne1957-1958ICBS/FILE/10622ff32-43
ICBS M0020Church name: GRIMSBY, School Chapel1859ICBS/FILE/M0020
ICBS 13534Church name: ALFORD, St. Wilfrid1956-1957ICBS/FILE/13534
ICBS 13878 ff 11-37Church name: LANGWORTH, St. Hugh1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13878ff11-37
ICBS 15038Church name: LINCOLN, All Saints, Bracebridge1975ICBS/FILE/15038
ICBS 15438Church name: DODDINGTON, St. Peter1980-1981ICBS/FILE/15438
ICBS 11842 ff 1-16Church name: EPWORTH, St. Andrew1928-1929ICBS/FILE/11842ff1-16
ICBS 14884 ff 9-19Church name: BYTHAM, LITTLE, St. Medard1979-1981ICBS/FILE/14884ff9-19
ICBS 11828 ff 1-13Church name: ROPSLEY, St. Peter1927-1928ICBS/FILE/11828ff1-13
ICBS 14902Church name: LANGTOFT, St. Michael & All Angels1973ICBS/FILE/14902
ICBS 8198Church name: TOYNTON, ST. PETER, St. Peter1876-1879ICBS/FILE/08198
ICBS 10572 ff 39-51Church name: MARTON, St. Margaret of Antioch1952-1955ICBS/FILE/10572ff39-51
ICBS 15511Church name: STAPLEFORD, All Saints1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15511
ICBS 15431Church name: GAINSBOROUGH, St. John the Divine1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15431
ICBS 14522 ff 1-12Church name: BITCHFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1968-1969ICBS/FILE/14522ff1-12
ICBS 7636Church name: UPTON, All Saints1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07636
ICBS 12581Church name: GRASBY, All Saints1940ICBS/FILE/12581
ICBS 13680 ff 20-33Church name: BARDNEY, St. Laurence1980ICBS/FILE/13680ff20-33
ICBS M0003Church name: GRIMSBY, Mission Church1859ICBS/FILE/M0003
ICBS 7152Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Luke1870ICBS/FILE/07152
ICBS 13651Church name: WYVILLE, St. Catherine1958-1962ICBS/FILE/13651
ICBS 14708Church name: FERRIBY, SOUTH, St. Nicholas1970-1972ICBS/FILE/14708
ICBS 556Church name: ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, St. Helen1824-1830ICBS/FILE/00556
ICBS 12752Church name: HORBLING, St. Andrew1949ICBS/FILE/12752
ICBS 12617 ff 21-36Church name: TYDD ST. MARY, St. Mary1954-1955ICBS/FILE/12617ff21-36
ICBS 1011Church name: BUTTERWICK, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1828-1841ICBS/FILE/01011
ICBS 15364Church name: WAITHE, St. Martin1979-1980ICBS/FILE/15364
ICBS 39Church name: FENNY STRATFORD, St. Martin1818-1824ICBS/FILE/00039
ICBS M1471 ff 1-11Church name: HARROWBY, Ascension1954-1956ICBS/FILE/M1471ff1-11
ICBS M1526Church name: HOLBEACH CLOUGH, St. Martin1969-1971ICBS/FILE/M1526
ICBS 145Church name: SILSOE, St. James the Great1819-1831ICBS/FILE/00145
ICBS 994Church name: OAKLEY, St. Mary1828-1830ICBS/FILE/00994
ICBS 203Church name: NEWPORT PAGNELL, St. Peter & St. Paul1819-1822ICBS/FILE/00203
ICBS 650Church name: TETFORD, St. Mary1825-1827ICBS/FILE/00650
ICBS 2261Church name: MARKET BOSWORTH, St. Peter1837ICBS/FILE/02261
ICBS 2510Church name: WESTON, All Saints1839-1842ICBS/FILE/02510
ICBS 1553Church name: MARLOW, GREAT, All Saints1833-1836ICBS/FILE/01553
ICBS 851Church name: LUTON, St. Mary1827-1829ICBS/FILE/00851
ICBS 1341Church name: HORWOOD, GREAT, St. James1831-1832ICBS/FILE/01341
ICBS 810Church name: KINGS LANGLEY, All Saints1827ICBS/FILE/00810
ICBS 1816Church name: CARLTON, CASTLE, Holy Cross1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01816
ICBS 26Church name: RIDGMONT, All Saints1818-1820ICBS/FILE/00026
ICBS 2079Church name: DONISTHORPE, St. John the Evangelist1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02079
ICBS 2730Church name: ATTENBOROUGH, St. Mary Magdalene1840-1848ICBS/FILE/02730
ICBS 3390Church name: NOTTINGHAM, Christ Church, New Radford1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03390
ICBS 3539Church name: SEER GREEN, Holy Trinity1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03539
ICBS 1395Church name: STEWKLEY, St. Michael & All Angels1831-1835ICBS/FILE/01395
ICBS 3947Church name: ORMSBY, NORTH, St. Helen1847-1849ICBS/FILE/03947
ICBS 4029Church name: THORESBY, NORTH, St. Helen1848-1849ICBS/FILE/04029
ICBS 4907Church name: POTTER HANWORTH, St. Andrew1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04907
ICBS 4699Church name: CINDER HILL, Christ Church1852-1857ICBS/FILE/04699
ICBS 4669Church name: HARRINGTON, St. Mary1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04669
ICBS 5464Church name: SCARTHO, St. Giles1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05464
ICBS 5384Church name: CALTHORPE, LITTLE, St. Helen1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05384
ICBS 5819Church name: CAISTOR, St. Peter & St. Paul1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05819
ICBS 14901Church name: CAISTOR, St. Peter & St. Paul1973-1976ICBS/FILE/14901
ICBS 6622Church name: NORMANBY-LE-WOLD, St. Peter1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06622
ICBS 6755Church name: BARKWITH, EAST, St. Mary the Virgin1868ICBS/FILE/06755
ICBS 7352Church name: TOYNTON, HIGH, St. John the Baptist1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07352
ICBS 7799Church name: SPRIDLINGTON, St. Hilary1873-1875ICBS/FILE/07799
ICBS 8329Church name: SUTTON, ST. JAMES, St. James1878-1879ICBS/FILE/08329
ICBS 8184Church name: BRINSLEY, Holy Trinity1876-1879ICBS/FILE/08184
ICBS 8440Church name: WINTHORPE, St. Mary1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08440
ICBS 8509Church name: EAKRING, St. Andrew1879-1881ICBS/FILE/08509
ICBS 9151Church name: ANDERBY, St. Andrew1886-1887ICBS/FILE/09151
ICBS 10036Church name: SEMPRINGHAM, St. Andrew (Abbey)1897-1898ICBS/FILE/10036
ICBS 12617 ff 56-62Church name: TYDD ST. MARY, St. Mary1979ICBS/FILE/12617ff56-62
ICBS 9598Church name: BARNOLDBY LE BECK, St. Helen1891-1892ICBS/FILE/09598
ICBS 10171 ff 1-29Church name: SURFLEET, St. Laurence1899-1901ICBS/FILE/10171ff1-29
ICBS 10013Church name: SEARLE, NORTH, All Saints1897-1899ICBS/FILE/10013
ICBS 10302 ff 1-44Church name: GREETHAM, All Saints1901-1904ICBS/FILE/10302ff1-44
ICBS 11252 ff 1-24Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Stephen1914-1915ICBS/FILE/11252ff1-24
ICBS 10340 ff 1-26Church name: GAINSBOROUGH, St. John the Divine1901-1903ICBS/FILE/10340ff1-26
ICBS 724Church name: SUTTON CHENEY, St. James1825-1827ICBS/FILE/00724
ICBS 5877Church name: HATCLIFFE, St. Mary1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05877
ICBS 15448Church name: BUTTERWICK, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1981ICBS/FILE/15448
ICBS 12672 ff 18-25Church name: MORTON, St. John the Baptist1967-1971ICBS/FILE/12672ff18-25
ICBS 12448Church name: UFFINGTON, St. Michael & All Angels1938ICBS/FILE/12448
ICBS 14167Church name: MARTIN, Holy Trinity1964-1966ICBS/FILE/14167
ICBS 12553 ff 1-19Church name: OWMBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1939-1943ICBS/FILE/12553ff1-19
ICBS 13486Church name: WILKSBY, All Saints1956-1959ICBS/FILE/13486
ICBS 12672 ff 9-17Church name: MORTON, St. John the Baptist1950-1951ICBS/FILE/12672ff9-17
ICBS 13342 ff 9-39Church name: PINCHBECK, St. Mary1980-1981ICBS/FILE/13342ff9-39
ICBS 15337Church name: STRAGGLETHORPE, St. Michael & All Angels1979-1980ICBS/FILE/15337
ICBS 11867 ff 39-49Church name: STOW BY GAINSBOROUGH, St. Mary the Virgin1963-1964ICBS/FILE/11867ff39-49
ICBS 11867 ff 1-38Church name: STOW BY GAINSBOROUGH, St. Mary the Virgin1927-1934ICBS/FILE/11867ff1-38
ICBS 12141 ff 39-66Church name: CARLBY, St. Stephen1981ICBS/FILE/12141ff39-66
ICBS 11911Church name: BOSTON, St. Botolph1928-1931ICBS/FILE/11911
ICBS 5762Church name: MARKET RASEN, St. Thomas1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05762
ICBS 13200Church name: BARKSTON, St. Nicholas1954-1961ICBS/FILE/13200
ICBS 14049Church name: ELKINGTON, SOUTH, All Saints1962-1969ICBS/FILE/14049
ICBS 11813 ff 1-15Church name: STAMFORD, St. George1927-1928ICBS/FILE/11813ff1-15
ICBS 12508 ff 46-57Church name: MALTBY-LE-MARSH, All Saints1952-1953ICBS/FILE/12508ff46-57
ICBS 14053Church name: MAREHAM-ON-THE-HILL, All Saints1962-1964ICBS/FILE/14053
ICBS 12891 ff 21-58Church name: STAMFORD, St. John the Baptist1980-1982ICBS/FILE/12891ff21-58
ICBS 12617 ff 1-20Church name: TYDD ST. MARY, St. Mary1946-1952ICBS/FILE/12617ff1-20
ICBS 14404 ff 1-13Church name: POTTER HANWORTH, St. Andrew1966-1967ICBS/FILE/14404ff1-13
ICBS 12810 ff 11-27Church name: REEPHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1979-1980ICBS/FILE/12810ff11-27
ICBS 13215 ff 1-16Church name: OWSTON FERRY, St. Martin1954-1955ICBS/FILE/13215ff1-16
ICBS 13342 ff 1-8Church name: PINCHBECK, St. Mary1955ICBS/FILE/13342ff1-8
ICBS 13433 ff 5-13Church name: CAREBY, St. Stephen1965-1971ICBS/FILE/13433ff5-13
ICBS 13641Church name: HAUGH, St. Leonard1958-1960ICBS/FILE/13641
ICBS 10622 ff 44-58Church name: SOMERBY, NEW, St. Anne1958-1962ICBS/FILE/10622ff44-58
ICBS 14402Church name: CAYTHORPE, St. Vincent1966-1967ICBS/FILE/14402
ICBS 1669Church name: WELWYN, St. Mary the Virgin1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01669
ICBS 13840Church name: BROCKLESBY, All Saints1960-1962ICBS/FILE/13840
ICBS 15444Church name: GREETHAM, All Saints1981-1983ICBS/FILE/15444
ICBS 2062Church name: POTTON, St. Mary1836-1838ICBS/FILE/02062
ICBS 12861 ff 1-21Church name: WESTBOROUGH, All Saints1950-1955ICBS/FILE/12861ff1-21
ICBS 13888 ff 1-21Church name: RAITHBY, St. Peter1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13888ff1-21
ICBS 2273Church name: CANDLESBY, St. Benedict1838ICBS/FILE/02273
ICBS 10196 ff 53-54Church name: BELSHFORD, St. Peter & St. Paul1960ICBS/FILE/10196ff53-54
ICBS M0335Church name: STURTON, Mission Church1879ICBS/FILE/M0335
ICBS M0178Church name: ROLLESTON, Mission Church, Fisherton1873ICBS/FILE/M0178
ICBS M0220Church name: GREASLEY, Mission Church1875ICBS/FILE/M0220
ICBS M0091Church name: MANSFIELD, Mission Church, Stockwell Gate1870ICBS/FILE/M0091
ICBS M0032Church name: METHERINGHAM, Mission Church1860ICBS/FILE/M0032
ICBS M0081Church name: HOLBEACH DROVE, Mission Church1869ICBS/FILE/M0081
ICBS M0192Church name: GRIMSBY, Mission Church1874ICBS/FILE/M0192
ICBS M0817Church name: POINTON, Christ Church1892-1893ICBS/FILE/M0817
ICBS M0358Church name: NOTTINGHAM, Emmanuel1879-1880ICBS/FILE/M0358
ICBS M0230Church name: MANSFIELD, Mission Church, Quarry Lane1875ICBS/FILE/M0230
ICBS M0286Church name: SAXILBY, Mission Church1877ICBS/FILE/M0286
ICBS M0323Church name: GRANTHAM, School Chapel, New Somerby1878-1879ICBS/FILE/M0323
ICBS 402Church name: IVER, St. Peter1822ICBS/FILE/00402
ICBS M0402Church name: ALFORD, Mission Church, The Rookery1879-1880ICBS/FILE/M0402
ICBS M0414Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Alban, Snenton1881ICBS/FILE/M0414
ICBS M0518Church name: GRANTHAM, Mission Church, New Somerby1883ICBS/FILE/M0518
ICBS M0765Church name: POINTON, St. Hugh, Pointon Fen1892-1895ICBS/FILE/M0765
ICBS 4024Church name: SALEBY, St. Margaret1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04024
ICBS 1503Church name: WYCOMBE, WEST, St. Lawrence1832ICBS/FILE/01503
ICBS M1257Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Hugh1910ICBS/FILE/M1257
ICBS 7069Church name: HOLBEACH, All Saints1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07069
ICBS M1086Church name: GOSBERTON, Mission Church1902ICBS/FILE/M1086
ICBS M1471 ff 12-23Church name: HARROWBY, Ascension1967-1969ICBS/FILE/M1471ff12-23
ICBS M1174Church name: BRACEBRIDGE HEATH, St. John the Evangelist1907ICBS/FILE/M1174
ICBS M1261Church name: IMMINGHAM, Mission Church, Immingham Dock1910-1911ICBS/FILE/M1261
ICBS 5698Church name: MANTON, St. Hibald1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05698
ICBS 1483Church name: BLEDLOW, St. Paul, Bledlow Ridge1832ICBS/FILE/01483
ICBS M1415Church name: BRANSTON, Mission Church, Branston Fen1931ICBS/FILE/M1415
ICBS M1363Church name: COATES, LITTLE, Good Shepherd1924ICBS/FILE/M1363
ICBS 6689Church name: MELTON ROSS, Ascension1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06689
ICBS 461Church name: LOUTH, St. James1823-1827ICBS/FILE/00461
ICBS 6641Church name: DONINGTON, St. Mary & Holy Rood1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06641
ICBS 4858Church name: CAYTHORPE, St. Vincent1855ICBS/FILE/04858
ICBS 4306Church name: CARLTON ON TRENT, St. Mary1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04306
ICBS 13569 ff 1-9Church name: DORRINGTON, St. James1957-1964ICBS/FILE/13569ff1-9
ICBS 11052 ff 1-30Church name: ANWICK, St. Edith1911-1916ICBS/FILE/11052ff1-30
ICBS 10803 ff 1-32Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Paul1908-1909ICBS/FILE/10803ff1-32
ICBS 11123Church name: THORPE-ON-THE-HILL, St. Michael1912-1913ICBS/FILE/11123
ICBS 2246Church name: BILLESDON, St. John the Baptist1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02246
ICBS 1345Church name: KIMBLE, GREAT, St. Nicholas1831-1832ICBS/FILE/01345
ICBS 1809Church name: BRAMPTON, St. Mary1835ICBS/FILE/01809
ICBS 2494Church name: FLAWBOROUGH, St. Peter1839ICBS/FILE/02494
ICBS 2724Church name: STEVENAGE, St. Nicholas1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02724
ICBS 1194Church name: CAYTHORPE, St. Vincent1830-1832ICBS/FILE/01194
ICBS 5316Church name: LANEHAM, St. Peter1858-1868ICBS/FILE/05316
ICBS 7445Church name: WELBY, St. Bartholomew1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07445
ICBS 6987Church name: BLEASBY, St. Mary1869-1870ICBS/FILE/06987
ICBS 7633Church name: HIBALDSTOW, St. Hybald1873-1878ICBS/FILE/07633
ICBS 7968Church name: SKENDLEBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1876-1878ICBS/FILE/07968
ICBS 8889Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Anthony (Priory), Lenton1882-1884ICBS/FILE/08889
ICBS 10124Church name: WITHAM, SOUTH, St. John the Baptist1898-1901ICBS/FILE/10124
ICBS 10401 ff 1-26Church name: SKEGNESS, St. Matthew1902-1904ICBS/FILE/10401ff1-26
ICBS 12553 ff 20-39Church name: OWMBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1972-1973ICBS/FILE/12553ff20-39
ICBS 11206 ff 1-35Church name: BRIGSLEY, St. Helen1912-1913ICBS/FILE/11206ff1-35
ICBS 11483 ff 18-33Church name: IMMINGHAM, St. Andrew1956-1957ICBS/FILE/11483ff18-33
ICBS 2763Church name: OXTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1840-1841ICBS/FILE/02763
ICBS 13544Church name: GREETWELL, All Saints1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13544
ACCM/CAND/SEL/11/21Diocese of Lincoln1959-1978ACCM/2/1/13/10/21
CC/ARCH/4/21/29Swallowbeck, Lincolnshire; St. George. Diocese: Lincoln1958-1958CC/ARCH/4/21/29
CC/ARCH/4/21/4Bourne, Lincolnshire. Diocese: Lincolnc.1962-c.1962CC/ARCH/4/21/4
CC/ARCH/4/21/12Grimsby, Lincolnshire; St. Mark. Diocese: Lincoln1958-1958CC/ARCH/4/21/12
ICBS 1788Church name: CHEDDINGTON, St. Giles1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01788
ICBS 7900Church name: COLSTERWORTH, St. John the Baptist1874-1877ICBS/FILE/07900
CC/ARCH/4/21Diocese of LincolnCC/ARCH/4/21
CC/ARCH/4/21/5Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire; St. John. Diocese: Lincolnnd-ndCC/ARCH/4/21/5
CC/ARCH/4/21/28Swallowbeck, Lincolnshire; St. George. Diocese: Lincoln1966-c.1971CC/ARCH/4/21/28
CC/ARCH/4/21/1Birchwood, Lincolnshire . Diocese: Lincoln1976-1976CC/ARCH/4/21/1
CC/ARCH/4/21/16Immingham, Lincolnshire; St. John. Diocese: Lincolnc.1968-1971CC/ARCH/4/21/16
CC/ARCH/4/21/8Frodingham, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire; St. Lawrence. Diocese: Lincoln1965-1965CC/ARCH/4/21/8
CC/ARCH/4/21/13Grimsby, Lincolnshire; St. Mark. Diocese: Lincoln1949-c.1950CC/ARCH/4/21/13
CC/ARCH/4/21/3Boultham, Lincolnshire. Diocese: Lincoln1965-1971CC/ARCH/4/21/3
CC/ARCH/4/21/32Yaddlethorpe, Lincolnshire. Diocese: Lincoln1960-1960CC/ARCH/4/21/32
CC/ARCH/4/21/22Little Coates, Lincolnshire; St. Michael. Diocese: Lincolnc.1955-c.1955CC/ARCH/4/21/22
CC/ARCH/4/21/18Lincoln, Lincolnshire; St. Giles. Diocese: Lincoln1957-c.1958CC/ARCH/4/21/18
CC/ARCH/4/21/20Lincoln, Lincolnshire; St. Mary le Wigford. Diocese: Lincoln1963-c.1964CC/ARCH/4/21/20
CC/ARCH/4/21/11Grimsby, Lincolnshire; St. Martin. Diocese: Lincoln1955-1955CC/ARCH/4/21/11
CC/ARCH/4/21/24Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire; All Saints. Diocese: Lincoln1966-1971CC/ARCH/4/21/24
Tait 228 ff. 43-50Diocese of LICHFIELD and Diocese of LINCOLN1877Tait/161-296/228/43-50
Tait 253 ff. 296-9WORDSWORTH (Christopher), Bishop of Lincoln1879Tait/161-296/253/296-9
ICBS 791Church name: SLOUGH, St. Mary1826-1837ICBS/FILE/00791
ICBS 691Church name: MARKFIELD, St. Michael1825-1827ICBS/FILE/00691
ICBS 2060Church name: HALTON, WEST, St. Etheldreda1836-1837ICBS/FILE/02060
ICBS 1471Church name: TINGEWICK, St. Mary Magdalene1832-1834ICBS/FILE/01471
ICBS 1299Church name: CONGERSTONE, St. Mary the Virgin1830-1834ICBS/FILE/01299
ICBS 1701Church name: LOUGHBOROUGH, Emmanuel1834-1839ICBS/FILE/01701
ICBS 2355Church name: WALTHAM-ON-THE-WOLDS, St. Mary Magdalene1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02355
ICBS 2525Church name: CHOLESBURY, St. Laurence1839-1840ICBS/FILE/02525
ICBS 2951Church name: COSTOCK, St. Giles1847-1849ICBS/FILE/02951
ICBS 2982Church name: HATCLIFFE, St. Mary1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02982
ICBS 3087Church name: STONE, St. John the Baptist1842-1844ICBS/FILE/03087
ICBS 4494Church name: SLEAFORD, NEW, St. Denys1851-1854ICBS/FILE/04494
ICBS 5744Church name: BELLEAU, St. John the Baptist1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05744
ICBS 5631Church name: CAYTHORPE, St. Vincent1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05631
ICBS 6017Church name: COLLINGHAM, SOUTH, St. John the Baptist1862-1863ICBS/FILE/06017
ICBS 8169Church name: GOXHILL, All Saints1876-1879ICBS/FILE/08169
ICBS 8383Church name: FRISKNEY, All Saints1879-1880ICBS/FILE/08383
ICBS 8625Church name: NETTLEHAM, All Saints1881-1884ICBS/FILE/08625
ICBS 9643Church name: SALTFLEETBY ALL SAINTS, All Saints1892-1898ICBS/FILE/09643
ICBS 10453Church name: STURTON, GREAT, All Saints1903-1904ICBS/FILE/10453
ICBS 11266 ff 1-23Church name: BILSBY, Holy Trinity1914-1918ICBS/FILE/11266ff1-23
ICBS 14997 ff 6-22Church name: BIGBY, All Saints1979ICBS/FILE/14997ff6-22
ICBS 11758Church name: THORESBY, NORTH, St. Helen1927-1929ICBS/FILE/11758
ICBS 13193Church name: LINCOLN, St. Mary-below-Hill1952-1961ICBS/FILE/13193
ICBS 12685Church name: SIBSEY, St. Margaret1947-1949ICBS/FILE/12685
ICBS 13891Church name: STAINBY, St. Peter1961-1969ICBS/FILE/13891
ICBS 62Church name: WARBOYS, St. Mary Magdalene1818-1833ICBS/FILE/00062
ICBS 13937Church name: LINCOLN, St. John the Baptist, Ermine East1961-1963ICBS/FILE/13937
ICBS 824Church name: CRAWLEY, NORTH, St. Firmin1827ICBS/FILE/00824
ICBS 1115Church name: HOSE, St. Michael1829-1837ICBS/FILE/01115
ICBS 418Church name: LEICESTER, St. Nicholas1822-1830ICBS/FILE/00418
ICBS 542Church name: KEMPSTON, All Saints1824ICBS/FILE/00542
ICBS 1034Church name: KNOSSINGTON, St. Peter1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01034
ICBS 557Church name: HERTFORD, All Saints1824-1826ICBS/FILE/00557
ICBS 1410Church name: EASTON, GREAT, St. Andrew1831-1832ICBS/FILE/01410
ICBS 885Church name: DINTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1827-1831ICBS/FILE/00885
ICBS 967Church name: HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, St. John, Boxmoor1828-1830ICBS/FILE/00967
ICBS 935Church name: HATHERN, St. Peter & St. Paul1828ICBS/FILE/00935
ICBS 938Church name: HEATH AND REACH, St. Leonard1828-1830ICBS/FILE/00938
ICBS 949Church name: KELSEY, SOUTH, St. Mary1828-1830ICBS/FILE/00949
ICBS 997Church name: ARNESBY, St. Peter1828-1829ICBS/FILE/00997
ICBS 1292Church name: MISSENDEN, GREAT, St. Peter & St. Paul1830-1831ICBS/FILE/01292
ICBS 1133Church name: MARKYATE, St. John the Baptist1829-1834ICBS/FILE/01133
ICBS 1112Church name: EDLESBOROUGH, St. Mary the Virgin1829-1831ICBS/FILE/01112
ICBS 1244Church name: PADBURY, St. Mary the Virgin1830-1832ICBS/FILE/01244
ICBS 1597Church name: CASTLE DONINGTON, St. Edward the Martyr1833-1836ICBS/FILE/01597
ICBS 1896Church name: FLITTON, St. John the Baptist1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01896
ICBS 1914Church name: WILDSWORTH, St. John the Baptist1835-1840ICBS/FILE/01914
ICBS 1900Church name: LUTTERWORTH, St. Mary1835-1838ICBS/FILE/01900
ICBS 2204Church name: ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, Holy Trinity1837-1840ICBS/FILE/02204
ICBS 2931Church name: NOTTINGHAM, Holy Trinity, Lenton1841-1843ICBS/FILE/02931
ICBS 3321Church name: BOVINGDON, St. Laurence1843-1846ICBS/FILE/03321
ICBS 2944Church name: SANDON, All Saints1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02944
ICBS 3029Church name: ASTON CLINTON, St. Leonard, St. Leonards1842-1844ICBS/FILE/03029
ICBS 3214Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Paul, Hyson Green1843-1844ICBS/FILE/03214
ICBS 3278Church name: OWSTON, St. Martin1843-1844ICBS/FILE/03278
ICBS 3316Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Mary the Virgin, Bulwell1843-1851ICBS/FILE/03316
ICBS 3355Church name: IPPOLLITTS, St. Ippolyts1844ICBS/FILE/03355
ICBS 3678Church name: WOODHALL SPA, St. Andrew1845-1849ICBS/FILE/03678
ICBS 3844Church name: ASHBY CUM FENBY, St. Peter1846-1848ICBS/FILE/03844
ICBS 4036Church name: MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE, St. Edmund1848-1853ICBS/FILE/04036
ICBS 4119Church name: WINTERINGHAM, All Saints1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04119
ICBS 4352Church name: WALCOTT, St. Oswald1850-1852ICBS/FILE/04352
ICBS 4577Church name: HOGSTHORPE, St. Mary1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04577
ICBS 4671Church name: LINCOLN, St. Michael on the Mount1853-1857ICBS/FILE/04671
ICBS 4808Church name: TRESWELL, St. John the Baptist1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04808
ICBS 4742Church name: SKELLINGTHORPE, St. Laurence1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04742
ICBS 4786Church name: NEWARK, St. Mary Magdalene1852-1856ICBS/FILE/04786
ICBS 4797Church name: MANSFIELD, St. John1854-1856ICBS/FILE/04797
ICBS 4904Church name: STICKNEY, St. Luke1855-1856ICBS/FILE/04904
ICBS 4974Church name: BURRINGHAM, St. John the Baptist1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04974
ICBS 4945Church name: FULLETBY, St. Andrew1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04945
ICBS 4957Church name: BARHOLME, St. Martin1856-1857ICBS/FILE/04957
ICBS 5218Church name: BARTON UPON HUMBER, St. Peter1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05218
ICBS 5037Church name: HYKEHAM, NORTH, All Saints1856-1858ICBS/FILE/05037
ICBS 5072Church name: SUTTON BONNINGTON, St. Michael1856-1858ICBS/FILE/05072
ICBS 5165Church name: GRIMSBY, St. James1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05165
ICBS 5482Church name: FOSTON, St. Peter1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05482
ICBS 5438Church name: KIRTON IN LINDSEY, St. Andrew1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05438
ICBS 5418Church name: LANGTOFT, St. Michael & All Angels1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05418
ICBS 5417Church name: KIRMINGTON, St. Helen1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05417
ICBS 5497Church name: LOWDHAM, St. Mary1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05497
ICBS 5448Church name: BASSINGHAM, St. Michael1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05448
ICBS 5676Church name: REEPHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05676
ICBS 5546Church name: LUDBOROUGH, St. Mary1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05546
ICBS 5798Church name: SUTTERTON, St. Mary the Virgin1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05798
ICBS 5948Church name: PARTNEY, St. Nicholas1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05948
ICBS 5797Church name: WADINGHAM, St. Mary1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05797
ICBS 5824Church name: TETNEY, St. Peter & St. Paul1861-1862ICBS/FILE/05824
ICBS 5857Church name: FOTHERBY, St. Mary1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05857
ICBS 5954Church name: MINTING, St. Andrew1862-1863ICBS/FILE/05954
ICBS 6127Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Saviour1863-1865ICBS/FILE/06127
ICBS 6055 ff 1-29Church name: ALTHORPE, St. Oswald1862-1869ICBS/FILE/06055ff1-29
ICBS 6777Church name: HABROUGH, St. Margaret1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06777
ICBS 6221Church name: SPRINGTHORPE, St. George & St. Laurence1863-1866ICBS/FILE/06221
ICBS 6306Church name: MATTERSEY, All Saints1864-1867ICBS/FILE/06306
ICBS 6332Church name: ARNOLD, St. Mary1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06332
ICBS 6413Church name: SCARLE, SOUTH, St. Helen1865-1876ICBS/FILE/06413
ICBS 6438Church name: RESTON, NORTH, St. Edith1865-1868ICBS/FILE/06438
ICBS 6571Church name: LEGBOURNE, All Saints1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06571
ICBS 6642Church name: METHERINGHAM, St. Wilfrid1867-1870ICBS/FILE/06642
ICBS 6489Church name: SNITTERBY, St. Nicholas1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06489
ICBS 6882Church name: BARROW-UPON-HUMBER, Holy Trinity1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06882
ICBS 6890Church name: ATTENBOROUGH, St. Mary Magdalene1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06890
ICBS 6599Church name: UPTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06599
ICBS 6574Church name: MARSH, EAST, St. Andrew1866-1871ICBS/FILE/06574
ICBS 6896Church name: CAUNTON, St. Andrew1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06896
ICBS 6663Church name: BINBROOK, St. Mary & St. Gabriel1867-1881ICBS/FILE/06663
ICBS 6659Church name: MOULTON, All Saints1867ICBS/FILE/06659
ICBS 6661Church name: HARMSTON, All Saints1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06661
ICBS 6669Church name: SCARRINGTON, St. John of Beverley1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06669
ICBS 6681Church name: BARKWITH, WEST, All Saints1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06681
ICBS 6757Church name: HEAPHAM, All Saints1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06757
ICBS 6762Church name: SEMPRINGHAM, St. Andrew (Abbey)1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06762
ICBS 6768Church name: ALFORD, St. Wilfrid1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06768
ICBS 6909Church name: THOROTON, St. Helena1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06909
ICBS 6989Church name: LINCOLN, St. Peter in Eastgate1869-1871ICBS/FILE/06989
ICBS 7158Church name: BURTON PEDWARDINE, St. Andrew1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07158
ICBS 7188Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Peter, Radford1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07188
ICBS 7565Church name: HEALING, St. Peter & St. Paul1873-1876ICBS/FILE/07565
ICBS 7882 ff 1-27Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Augustine, New Basford1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07882ff1-27
ICBS 7316Church name: SALMONBY, St. Margaret1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07316
ICBS 7291Church name: BRIDGFORD, WEST, St. Giles1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07291
ICBS 7364Church name: ASHBY, WEST, All Saints1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07364
ICBS 7427Church name: HUCKNALL, St. James, Hucknall Torkard1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07427
ICBS 7492Church name: COCKERINGTON, SOUTH, St. Leonard1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07492
ICBS 7608Church name: GEDNEY HILL, Holy Trinity1873-1878ICBS/FILE/07608
ICBS 8151Church name: BARDNEY, St. Laurence1877-1878ICBS/FILE/08151
ICBS 7747Church name: GONERBY, GREAT, St. Sebastian1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07747
ICBS 7759Church name: LINCOLN, All Saints, Bracebridge1874-1875ICBS/FILE/07759
ICBS 8002Church name: LINCOLN, St. Paul in the Bail1876-1881ICBS/FILE/08002
ICBS 7881Church name: BUCKNALL, St. Margaret of Antioch1875-1882ICBS/FILE/07881
ICBS 7856Church name: NAVENBY, St. Peter1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07856
ICBS 7882 ff 28-49Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Augustine, New Basford1882-1885ICBS/FILE/07882ff28-49
ICBS 8020Church name: MARKET DEEPING, St. Guthlac1876-1879ICBS/FILE/08020
ICBS 8059Church name: LEVERTON, NORTH, St. Martin1876-1880ICBS/FILE/08059
ICBS 8099Church name: CLEE, St. John the Evangelist, New Clee1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08099
ICBS 8289Church name: LENTON, St. Peter1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08289
ICBS 8170Church name: MARKET RASEN, St. Thomas1877-1878ICBS/FILE/08170
ICBS 8272Church name: SPILSBY, St. James1878-1879ICBS/FILE/08272
ICBS 8715Church name: LEVERTON, St. Helen1882-1883ICBS/FILE/08715
ICBS 12938 ff 32-43Church name: THREEKINGHAM, St. Peter1966-1972ICBS/FILE/12938ff32-43
ICBS 9007Church name: SALTFLEETBY ST. CLEMENT, St. Clement1885-1886ICBS/FILE/09007
ICBS 9244Church name: OWERSBY, St. Martin1888-1893ICBS/FILE/09244
ICBS 10254Church name: CHAPEL ST. LEONARDS, St. Leonard1900-1901ICBS/FILE/10254
ICBS 9386 ff 51-62Church name: NORMANBY BY SPITAL, St. Peter1972ICBS/FILE/09386ff51-62
ICBS 9468 ff 1-20Church name: HELPRINGHAM, St. Andrew1890-1891ICBS/FILE/09468ff1-20
ICBS 10410 ff 1-27Church name: MUMBY, St. Thomas1902-1904ICBS/FILE/10410ff1-27
ICBS 9519Church name: NORMANTON, St. Nicholas1890-1900ICBS/FILE/09519
ICBS 9641Church name: KIRKBY UNDERWOOD, St. Mary & All Saints1892-1893ICBS/FILE/09641
ICBS 9971 ff 38-52Church name: KIRTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1948-1950ICBS/FILE/09971ff38-52
ICBS 9881Church name: HALE, GREAT, St. John the Baptist1895-1897ICBS/FILE/09881
ICBS 10152Church name: STICKNEY, St. Luke1899ICBS/FILE/10152
ICBS 10328 ff 21-46Church name: GUNNESS, St. Barnabas1948-1953ICBS/FILE/10328ff21-46
ICBS 10398Church name: TOYNTON, ALL SAINTS, All Saints1902-1905ICBS/FILE/10398
ICBS 13298 ff 1-21Church name: CHERRY WILLINGHAM, St. Peter & St. Paul1955ICBS/FILE/13298ff1-21
ICBS 15683Church name: LEAKE, OLD, St. Mary the Virgin1982-1983ICBS/FILE/15683
ICBS 12178Church name: FRODINGHAM, St. Laurence1933-1934ICBS/FILE/12178
ICBS 10545 ff 1-41Church name: KEELBY, St. Bartholomew1904-1906ICBS/FILE/10545ff1-41
ICBS 10714 ff 1-18Church name: SILK WILLOUGHBY, St. Denys1906-1910ICBS/FILE/10714ff1-18
ICBS 11186 ff 1-15Church name: LEGSBY, St. Thomas1912-1914ICBS/FILE/11186ff1-15
ICBS 10996 ff 1-21Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Augustine1910-1912ICBS/FILE/10996ff1-21
ICBS 11322 ff 1-47Church name: HUTTOFT, St. Margaret1911-1916ICBS/FILE/11322ff1-47
ICBS 12888Church name: BRACEBY, St. Margaret1950ICBS/FILE/12888
ICBS 12530Church name: LINCOLN, Holy Cross, Boultham1938-1942ICBS/FILE/12530
ICBS 12231Church name: STRUBBY, St. Oswald1934-1935ICBS/FILE/12231
ICBS 12938 ff 9-31Church name: THREEKINGHAM, St. Peter1961-1964ICBS/FILE/12938ff9-31
ICBS 12366Church name: BRUMBY RURAL, St. Hugh, Old Brumby1936-1939ICBS/FILE/12366
ICBS 12206Church name: LINCOLN, St. Giles1930-1937ICBS/FILE/12206
ICBS 12933 ff 1-21Church name: PICKWORTH, St. Andrew1948-1951ICBS/FILE/12933ff1-21
ICBS 15444aChurch name: ASHBY-PUERORUM, St. Andrew1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15444a
ICBS 1125Church name: BIGGLESWADE, St. Andrew1829-1834ICBS/FILE/01125
ICBS 2154Church name: FLAUNDEN, St. Mary Magdalene1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02154
ICBS 2505Church name: HOLBEACH, St. John, Holbeach Fen1839-1840ICBS/FILE/02505
ICBS 3012Church name: STEEPLE CLAYDON, St. Michael & All Angels1842ICBS/FILE/03012
ICBS 3382Church name: MORTON, St. Paul1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03382
ICBS 4908Church name: LINCOLN, St. Peter at Arches1851-1856ICBS/FILE/04908
ICBS 5146Church name: BECKINGHAM, All Saints1857-1858ICBS/FILE/05146
ICBS 5471Church name: WELTON, St. Mary1859ICBS/FILE/05471
ICBS 5511Church name: HORNCASTLE, St. Mary1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05511
ICBS 5684Church name: TORRINGTON, WEST, St. Mary the Virgin1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05684
ICBS 6686Church name: SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD, St. Mary Magdalene1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06686
ICBS 6940Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Andrew1869-1872ICBS/FILE/06940
ICBS 8382Church name: THIMBLEBY, St. Margaret1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08382
ICBS 8802 ff 1-37Church name: NOTTINGHAM, Emmanuel1883-1885ICBS/FILE/08802ff1-37
ICBS 9096Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Paul1886-1895ICBS/FILE/09096
ICBS 9481Church name: WHITTON, St. John the Baptist1889-1894ICBS/FILE/09481
ICBS 10135Church name: HOLLAND, NEW, Christ Church1899-1912ICBS/FILE/10135
ICBS 10178Church name: CASTLE BYTHAM, St. James1899-1900ICBS/FILE/10178
ICBS 10217Church name: HACCONBY, St. Andrew1900-1902ICBS/FILE/10217
ICBS 10952Church name: SCOPWICK, Holy Cross1910-1911ICBS/FILE/10952
ICBS 11133Church name: STEEPING, LITTLE, St. Andrew1912-1913ICBS/FILE/11133
ICBS 13566Church name: LONG SUTTON, St. James1957-1961ICBS/FILE/13566
ICBS 15445Church name: SWARBY, St. Mary & All Saints1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15445
ICBS M1537Church name: LINCOLN, Brant Road Church Centre1975-1977ICBS/FILE/M1537
ICBS 947Church name: NEWBOLD VERDON, St. James1828-1833ICBS/FILE/00947
ICBS 2290Church name: CARLTON, GREAT, St. John the Baptist1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02290
ICBS 2973Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. John the Baptist1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02973
ICBS 2868Church name: MARKYATE, St. John the Baptist1841-1843ICBS/FILE/02868
ICBS 3209Church name: KIMBERLEY, Holy Trinity1843-1847ICBS/FILE/03209
ICBS 1507Church name: NEWTON HARCOURT, St. Luke1832-1835ICBS/FILE/01507
ICBS 5302Church name: CLEE, Holy Trinity1858-1859ICBS/FILE/05302
ICBS 6209Church name: STOW BY GAINSBOROUGH, St. Mary the Virgin1864-1878ICBS/FILE/06209
ICBS 7155Church name: CONINGSBY, St. Michael & All Angels1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07155
ICBS 7918Church name: BRANSTON, All Saints1874-1876ICBS/FILE/07918
ICBS 8194Church name: SUTTON BONNINGTON, St. Michael1871-1880ICBS/FILE/08194
ICBS 8276Church name: RADCLIFFE-ON-TRENT, St. Mary1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08276
ICBS 10196 ff 1-52Church name: BELSHFORD, St. Peter & St. Paul1899-1901ICBS/FILE/10196ff1-52
ICBS 10917 ff 1-24Church name: TETFORD, St. Mary1909-1911ICBS/FILE/10917ff1-24
ICBS 5200Church name: RAVENDALE, EAST, St. Martin1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05200
ICBS 11094Church name: WALESBY, St. Mary1911-1915ICBS/FILE/11094
ICBS 23Church name: WAINFLEET ALL SAINTS, All Saints1818-1845ICBS/FILE/00023
ICBS 2212Church name: WELTON-LE-WOLD, St. Martin1837-1839ICBS/FILE/02212
ICBS 359Church name: SWANNINGTON, St. George1821-1826ICBS/FILE/00359
ICBS 1069Church name: BARNETBY-LE-WOLD, St. Mary1829ICBS/FILE/01069
ICBS 1385Church name: STAMFORD, St. Michael1831-1837ICBS/FILE/01385
MS 577 pag. 261Letter of Sr John Lambe to the Archbp. [William Laud]MSS/577/85
CM XIII/58Subscription book of the clergy and schoolmasters of the dioceses of Lincoln, Coventry & Lichfield and Oxford1559CM/13/58
QAB/7/7/PM21Diocese of LincolnQAB/7/7/PM21
MS 930Miscellaneous Papers1590-1714MSS/929-942/930
MS 5163Letter from C. Lincoln [Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln] March 1869 MSS/5163
MS 933Miscellaneous Papers1605-1714MSS/929-942/933
MS 3445, ff.71-4Lincoln, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3445/71-74
MS 3446, ff.33-4, 95-8, 176Lincoln, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3446/33-34, 95-98, 176
MS 3448The Paul Report1962MSS/3444-3458/3448
MS 3451Replies1962MSS/3444-3458/3449-3455/3451
MS 1907'A Repertory of the Endowments of Vicarages', by Andrew Coltee Ducarel1772MSS/1907-1908/1907
FP Porteus 15, ff.73-5 passimNumbers of non-resident clergy by diocese.1804-1807FP/Porteus/15/73-5 passim
CM V/7A list of procurations in the diocese of Lincoln during a sede vacante visitation (account by William Stirrop for the visitation of the Dean, Roger Parker, as official) Beds., and Bucks., only. 1613CM/5/7
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
Reg. Laud 2Register of William Laud1637-1642V/A/22Laud2
Reg. Sancroft 2Register of William Sancroft1678-1691V/A/25Sancroft2
ICBS M0052Church name: SPALDING, School Chapel1865ICBS/FILE/M0052
ICBS M0270Church name: KIRKBY-IN-ASHFIELD, Mission Church, East Kirkby1877ICBS/FILE/M0270
ICBS M1174aChurch name: BRACEBRIDGE HEATH, St. John the Evangelist1969-1970ICBS/FILE/M1174a
ICBS M1496Church name: TONGUE END, St. Michael1960-1962ICBS/FILE/M1496
ICBS 229Church name: WHAPLODE, St. John the Baptist, Whaplode Drove1820-1845ICBS/FILE/00229
ICBS 1673Church name: BRICKHILL, BOW, All Saints1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01673
ICBS 1184Church name: NEWPORT PAGNELL, St. Peter & St. Paul1828-1830ICBS/FILE/01184
ICBS 1963Church name: MARKFIELD, St. Peter, Copt Oak1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01963
ICBS 1964Church name: BARROW UPON SOAR, St. Paul, Woodhouse Eaves1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01964
ICBS 2046Church name: TUGBY, St. Thomas a Becket1836-1838ICBS/FILE/02046
ICBS 3338Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1843-1848ICBS/FILE/03338
ICBS 3660Church name: SKIRBECK, Holy Trinity1845-1849ICBS/FILE/03660
ICBS 4489Church name: LINCOLN, St. Peter at Gowts1852-1853ICBS/FILE/04489
ICBS 5070Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Matthias, Snenton1856-1868ICBS/FILE/05070
ICBS 5154Church name: NOTTINGHAM, St. Leodegarius, Basford1857-1860ICBS/FILE/05154
ICBS 5571Church name: MIDDLE RASEN, St. Peter & St. Paul1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05571
ICBS 6191Church name: COTES, NORTH, St. Nicholas1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06191
ICBS 6248Church name: THEDDLETHORPE, ST. HELEN, St. Helen1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06248
ICBS 6512Church name: GEDNEY DROVE END, Christ Church, Dawsmere1866-1870ICBS/FILE/06512
ICBS 6903Church name: SKEGBY, St. Mary Magdalene1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06903
ICBS 13565 ff 1-11Church name: NAVENBY, St. Peter1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13565ff1-11
ICBS 13767 ff 1-12Church name: KIRMINGTON, St. Helen1959-1960ICBS/FILE/13767ff1-12
ICBS 14616Church name: DEEPING ST. NICHOLAS, St. Nicholas1969-1970ICBS/FILE/14616
ICBS 13509Church name: COLEBY, All Saints1957-1964ICBS/FILE/13509
ICBS 13484Church name: REVESBY, St. Laurence1956-1958ICBS/FILE/13484
ICBS 15020Church name: BIRCHWOOD, St. Luke & St. Martin1974-1976ICBS/FILE/15020
ICBS 13998Church name: MARKBY, St. Peter1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13998
ICBS 7204Church name: NEWARK, St. Leonard1870-1873ICBS/FILE/07204
ICBS 7751Church name: HARBY, All Saints1874-1878ICBS/FILE/07751
ICBS 7940Church name: GIRTON, St. Cecilia1875-1880ICBS/FILE/07940
ICBS 11171 ff 1-46Church name: LEAKE, OLD, St. Mary the Virgin1913-1926ICBS/FILE/11171ff1-46
ICBS 12508 ff 1-46Church name: MALTBY-LE-MARSH, All Saints1935-1952ICBS/FILE/12508ff1-46
ICBS 13740Church name: GRIMSBY, St. Mark1958-1960ICBS/FILE/13740
ICBS 13032 ff 1-10Church name: HECKINGTON, St. Andrew1952-1959ICBS/FILE/13032ff1-10
ICBS 10577 ff 1-46Church name: SKIRBECK, St. Nicholas1905-1907ICBS/FILE/10577ff1-46
ICBS 10622 ff 1-31Church name: SOMERBY, NEW, St. Anne1905-1910ICBS/FILE/10622ff1-31
ICBS 10657 ff 1-87Church name: WHAPLODE, St. John the Baptist, Whaplode Drove1906-1908ICBS/FILE/10657ff1-87
ICBS 11070Church name: SKIRBECK QUARTER, St. Thomas1911-1912ICBS/FILE/11070
ICBS 12553 ff 40-47Church name: OWMBY, St. Peter & St. Paul1980ICBS/FILE/12553ff40-47
ICBS 12929 ff 1-20Church name: BOTTESFORD, St. Peter ad Vincula1951-1956ICBS/FILE/12929ff1-20
ICBS 15244Church name: MABLETHORPE, St. Mary1978-1979ICBS/FILE/15244
ICBS 15637Church name: CLEETHORPES, St. Aidan, New Cleethorpes1981-1982ICBS/FILE/15637
MS 639MISCELLANY16th century-17th centuryMSS/639
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
MS 940Miscellaneous Papers1186-1640MSS/929-942/940
FP Jackson 20Surnames Galloway - Gregory1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/20
RCED/7Visitation Articles1899-1905RCED/7
Tait 217 ff. 207-16, 220-1LINCOLN, Diocese of1876Tait/161-296/217/207-16, 220-1
Ramsey 339/45/3Crown Appointments: Bishops Suffragan and Assistant: Individual Dioceses: Hereford-St.Albans1964-1968Ramsey/339/45-3
MS 4733Armorialc. 1692-1694MSS/4732-4733/4733
CC/ARCH/4/21/2Boultham-Hartsholne, Lincolnshire; St. Mary Magdalen. Diocese: Lincoln1956-1965CC/ARCH/4/21/2
CC/ARCH/4/21/21Lincoln, Lincolnshire; St. Nicholas. Diocese: Lincoln1951-c.1953CC/ARCH/4/21/21
CC/ARCH/4/21/31Waltham, Lincolnshire; All Saints. Diocese: Lincoln1969-c.1970CC/ARCH/4/21/31
ICBS 10572 ff 1-38Church name: MARTON, St. Margaret of Antioch1904-1908ICBS/FILE/10572ff1-38
CC/ARCH/4/21/6Ermine, Lincolnshire; St. John the BaptiSt. Diocese: Lincoln1956-1956CC/ARCH/4/21/6
CC/ARCH/4/21/7East Common Lane, Frodingham , Lincolnshire; All Saints. Diocese: Lincoln1953-c.1954CC/ARCH/4/21/7
CC/ARCH/4/21/9Ashby (Grange Lane), Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire; St. Catherine. Diocese: Lincoln1954-c.1955CC/ARCH/4/21/9
CC/ARCH/4/21/10Gainsborough, Lincolnshire; St. George. Diocese: Lincoln1968-1968CC/ARCH/4/21/10
CC/ARCH/4/21/14Gunness (or Gunhouse), Lincolnshire; St. Barnabas. Diocese: Lincoln1950-c.1953CC/ARCH/4/21/14
CC/ARCH/4/21/15Harrowby, Grantham, Lincolnshire; Ascension. Diocese: Lincolnc.1956-c.1956CC/ARCH/4/21/15
CC/ARCH/4/21/17Langworth, Lincolnshire; St. Hugh. Diocese: Lincolnc.1962-c.1962CC/ARCH/4/21/17
CC/ARCH/4/21/19Ermine, Lincoln, Lincolnshire; St. John the BaptiSt. Diocese: Lincoln1961-1963CC/ARCH/4/21/19
CC/ARCH/4/21/23Willows Estate, Little Coates, Lincolnshire; St. Michael. Diocese: Lincoln1968-c.1969CC/ARCH/4/21/23
CC/ARCH/4/21/25Lincoln Gardens Estate, Old Brumby, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. Diocese: Lincoln1954-c.1955CC/ARCH/4/21/25
CC/ARCH/4/21/26Skegness, Lincolnshire; St. Clement. Diocese: Lincoln1955-1965CC/ARCH/4/21/26
CC/ARCH/4/21/30Waddington, Lincolnshire. Diocese: Lincoln1951-c.1954CC/ARCH/4/21/30
CC/OF/NB21Diocese of Lincoln New Benefice FilesCC/OF/NB/21
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