Authorized Form of NameHadleigh, Essex; ancient parish
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionHadleigh, Essex

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FP Porteus 16, ff.176, 180HADLEIGH, Essex.1804FP/Porteus/16/176, 180
FP Howley 52/1, f.20HADLEIGH, EssexFP/Howley/52/1/20
FP Randolph 10/67HADLEIGH, Essex1810FP/Randolph/9-12/10/67
FP Blomfield 61, f. 325HADLEIGH, Essex1836FP/Blomfield/61-68/61/325
FP Terrick 21, f.196HADLEIGH, Essex1767FP/Terrick/21-23/21/196
FP Blomfield 69, ff.106-7HADLEIGH, Essex1834FP/Blomfield/69-71/69/106-7
FP Osbaldeston 6, f.3HADLEIGH, Essex1763FP/Osbaldeston/5-7/6/3
FP Blomfield 11, f. 37MAVOR (John), Rector of Hadleigh, Essex1835FP/Blomfield/1-60/11/37
FP Lowth 5, ff.124-7HADLEIGH, Essex1778FP/Lowth/4-6/5/124-7
Arches A 16BROMELEY V BEAUCHAMP1684Arches/A/16/44
FP Blomfield 18, f. 91VALLANCE (-)1839FP/Blomfield/1-60/18/91
FP Howley 48/133HADLEIGH, Essex1815FP/Howley/48-50/48/133
FP Porteus 36, f.95HADLEIGH, Essex1793FP/Porteus/35-36/36/95
FP Porteus 27/3HADLEIGH, Essex1790FP/Porteus/24-30/27/3
CM VI/24Receipt by Thomas Cooke, rector of Hadleigh, Essex, of £10 from the Archbishop for poor relief in parish.16 July 1666CM/6/24
MS 345GREGORII QUAEDAM ETC.12th century-15th centuryMSS/345
FP Blomfield 12, ff. 44, 56, 75STEWART (James Arrott), Rector of Vange, Essex1836FP/Blomfield/1-60/12/44, 56, 75
FP Terrick 15, ff.17-20HADLEIGH, Essex1770FP/Terrick/15/17-20
FP Compton 1Correspondence and papers1676-1713FP/Compton/1
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