Authorized Form of NameEngland and Wales; Court of Augmentations; 1536-1547
Corporate NameCourt of Augmentations
JurisdictionEngland and Wales
DatesAndPlacesestablished in 1536.
ActivityCreated to administer monastic properties and revenues confiscated by the crown at the Dissolution of the Monasteries. The court had its own chancellor, treasurer, lawyers, receivers and auditors. In 1547 the Court of Augmentations was amalgamated with the Court of General Surveyors, which had been established in 1542 to administer crown lands. In 1554, the roles of the Courts of Augmentations, General Surveyors, and First Fruits and Tenths were taken over by the Exchequer.
Source"Augmentations, Court of", Encyclopædia Britannica, (2005)

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CM III/43Letters patent of inspeximus at instance of Thomas Monnyng gent, of record in Court of Augmentations of lease to Anthony Ancher in 1545 of manor and rectory of Lydden, co. Kent, parcel of Langdon Priory. 12 Feb. 1584-5.12 Feb. 1585CM/3/43
CM II/12Royal inspeximus of an order of the Court of Augmentations March 1553.CM/2/12
MS 707Shrewsbury Papers1453-1666MSS/694-710/707
MS 585 pag. 489Indiculus Pensionum per H. VIII. Regem assignatarum Abbatibus &c. Coenobiorum dissolutorum, ex Archivis Regiis in Curi√Ę Augmentationis. MSS/585/173
MS 3193Talbot Papers1544-1558MSS/3192-3206/3193
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