Authorized Form of NameMew; Peter (1619-1706); Bishop of Winchester
EpithetBishop of Winchester
OtherFormsOfNamePeter Mews
ActivityPresident of St John's College, Oxford 1667-73, bishop of Bath and Wells 1672-84, bishop of Winchester 1684-1706.
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography online

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VB 1/5/255Mew, Peter, S.T.P., (Mews, Peter), Bp. elect Bath and Wells1707V/B/1/5/255-a1
F I/D f 57MEW [MEWS] Peter LL.D.20 Jan 1673F/1/5D/57-c
F I/D f 71vMEWS Peter13 Dec 1673F/1/5D/71v-a
F II/13/51Mews, Peter D.L.Jan 1673F/2/13/51
MS 930Miscellaneous Papers1590-1714MSS/929-942/930
SPG VI. 12, 16Mews, Peter, Bp.SPG/6/12, 16-c
MS 931Miscellaneous Papers1587-1715MSS/929-942/931
Arches Ee 6 ff. 26-29,43-49WINCHESTER V MORLEY1685Arches/Ee/6/26-29,43-49
F V/1/II f 100vASTON, JAMES M.A.1674F/5/1/2/100v-b
F V/1/II f 114SANDYS, EDWIN M.A.10 June 1674F/5/1/2/114-a
F V/1/II f 121vPOTENGER, JOHN3 February 1676F/5/1/2/121v
F V/1/II f 141MUNDY, JOHN M.A.25 May 1677F/5/1/2/141-a
F V/1/III f 40vTHIRLBY, CHARLES3 June 1673F/5/1/3/40v-b
F V/1/III f 83vJONES, MORGAN4 February 1681F/5/1/3/83v-b
F V/1/IV f 6WHITE, JOHN25 September 1686F/5/1/4/6-b
F V/1/IV f 42FULHAM, GEORGE20 November 1689F/5/1/4/42-a
F V/1/IV f 60vHODGES, MOSES8 December 1690F/5/1/4/60v-b
CM XI/92Royal letters patent setting up a commission to reform the liturgy and canons and ecclesiastical courts.17 Sep. 1689CM/11/92
Reg. Sancroft 2Register of William Sancroft1678-1691V/A/25Sancroft2
MS 929Miscellaneous Papers1611-1723MSS/929-942/929
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
Arches A 4 ff. 69,78,104,122COKER V MEW1665Arches/A/4/69,78,104,122
VB 1/3/183Mew, Peter, S.T.P., (Mews, Peter), Bp. elect Bath and Wells1673V/B/1/3/183-a2
Arches A 8 ff. 107,123,127,136MEWS V JACKSON AND AUDLEY1671Arches/A/8/107,123,127,136
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