Authorized Form of NameWorld Evangelical Alliance; 1846-
Corporate NameWorld Evangelical Alliance

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LC 114 ff. 244-5WORLD'S EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE.1920LC/1920/114/244-5
LC 113 ff. 173-5World's Evangelical Alliance.1920LC/1920/113/173-5
LC 140 no. 59Paper from the World's Evangelical Alliance. LC/1920/140/59
Fisher 38, ff. 173-82Calls to prayer by the WORLD'S EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/38/173-82
LC 152 ff. 294-6Greetings to the Conference, from the World's Evangelical Alliance.1930LC/1930/152/294-6
STOTT/3/22Worldwide Evangelical Fellowship - Theological CommissionSep 1975-Mar 1991STOTT/3/22
STOTT/3/8/2CEEC [Church of England Evangelical Council], 1971-19747 Jan 1971-23 Jul 1974STOTT/3/8/2
STOTT/3/11Evangelical Alliance1951-2007STOTT/3/11
LC 114 ff. 244-6, 272, 276-9, 283-4Memorials and addresses from the World's Evangelical Alliance, the Presbytery of London South, Mount View Congregational Church, the Manchester, Salford and district Federation of Evangelical Free Churches, the Presbyterian Church of England and the Conference of the Movement towards a Christian International, expressing good wishes.1920LC/1920/114/244-6, 272, 276-9, 283-4
W.Temple 54WAR 1939-452 May 1941-30 Apr 1943W.Temple/1-62/54
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