Authorized Form of NameNationwide Festival of Light; 1971-1983; pressure group
Corporate NameNationwide Festival of Light
Epithetpressure group
OtherFormsOfNameCARE [Christian Action Research and Education]
Activity"The Festival of Light, as CARE was known then, started as a vision for drawing attention to moral pollution in Britain, and pointing people to Jesus. 1971 saw the launching rally for the Nationwide Festival of Light, held in Westminster Central Hall. The climax to the Festival took place on 25 September 1971 in London. The crowd in Trafalgar Square heard proclamations to the Government, the media and church leaders. Then they marched to Hyde Park. By early evening, 60,000 were present. There was music, preaching and prayer to complete a joyful occasion. In 1983 the Executive Committee took the decision to change the name of NFOL to CARE (Christian Action Research and Education)."

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