Authorized Form of NameSevenoaks, Kent; St Nicholas; ancient parish
Corporate NameSt Nicholas
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionSevenoaks, Kent
AdminStatusPeculiar jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury
SourceGuide to the Local Administrative Units of England, Frederick A. Youngs jnr, 1980; (for dedication)

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VG 3/9c, ff.128-9SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1893V/G/3/9/c/128-9
Tait 183 ff. 220-42SEVENOAKS, Kent1872Tait/161-296/183/220-42
Tait 211 ff. 208-15SEVENOAKS, Kent1875Tait/161-296/211/208-15
VG 3/7c, ff.130-1SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1885V/G/3/7/c/130-1
Tait 231 ff. 202-19SEVENOAKS, Kent1877Tait/161-296/231/202-19
VG 3/10c, ff.29-30SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1898V/G/3/10/c/29-30
VG 3/5c, ff.113-14SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1876V/G/3/5/c/113-14
VG 3/6c, ff.109-10SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1880V/G/3/6/c/109-10
Tait 218 ff. 1-13SEVENOAKS, Kent1876Tait/161-296/218/1-13
Tait 239 ff. 148-56SEVENOAKS, Kent1878-1879Tait/161-296/239/148-56
Tait 219 f. 257SEVENOAKS, Kent1876Tait/161-296/219/257
Davidson 109, ff.380-6SEVENOAKS, Kent, St. Nicholas.1905Davidson/27-217/109/380-6
Tait 231 f. 201PRICHARD (Albert Hermann), Curate of SEVENOAKS, Kent[1877]Tait/161-296/231/201
Tait 263 ff. 79-82SEVENOAKS, Kent1880Tait/161-296/263/79-82
Tait 280 ff. 377-89EDWARDS (Arthur William Henry), Curate of SEVENOAKS, Kent1882Tait/161-296/280/377-89
MS 1115/18SEVENOAKS, Kent1717MSS/1115/18
VG 3/4d, ff.32-5SEVENOAKS, Kent, St John the Baptist; SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1872V/G/3/4/d/32-5
VH 55/2b, ff.111-17SEVENOAKS, Kent1807V/H/55/2/b/111-17
VG 3/3b, ff.190-1SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1864V/G/3/3/b/190-1
MS 1134A/6, ff.132-5SEVENOAKS, Kent1758MSS/1134A/5-6/6/132-5
Tait 197 ff. 217-22UTTERTON (John Sutton), Suffragan Bishop of Guildford1874Tait/161-296/197/217-22
Tait 200 ff. 41-55SIDEBOTTOM (Henry Francis), Rector of Sevenoaks, Kent1874Tait/161-296/200/41-55
CM XII/23Copy of an indenture of grant30 Nov. 1537CM/12/23
CM 48/2-6Presentation Deeds for the rectory and vicarage of Sevenoaks, Kent1661-1706CM/48/2-6
VG 3/8c, ff.123-4SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1889V/G/3/8/c/123-4
VG 3/11b, ff.308-9SEVENOAKS, Kent, St Nicholas1902V/G/3/11/b/308-9
VH 34/26Parish Register Transcripts1670-1849V/H/34/26
VH 55/1, pp.213-20SEVENOAKS, Kent1788V/H/55/1/213-20
CM V/145Grant 21 Nov. 1458CM/5/145
VHPeculiar JurisdictionV/H
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