Authorized Form of Name|Battell; Colin Frank (1944-); priest
ForenamesColin Frank
ActivityOrdained deacon 1968; priest 1969; Curate, Wellingborough St. Mary, 1968-1971; Philip Usher Memorial Scholar 1970-1971; Curate of Wanstead St Mary 1971-76; Chaplain in Ethiopia 1976-93; Hon Canon All Saints' Cathedral, Cairo 1986-; RC priest 1994 and member of the community at Ampleforth.

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CFR AOC 80Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Contacts: Abba Tekle Haimanot1976-1981CFR/2/3/4/80
Runcie/EAOC/1982/11Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Contacts1982Runcie/EAOC/1982/11
CFR CFR DOC 2/65-154CFR Meetings: bound documents series 223 October 1980CFR/1/2/2/9/94
CFR CFR DOC 2/65-154CFR Meetings: bound documents series 222 December 1978CFR/1/2/2/9/57
PUMF 2/6Report 3117 Jan. 1972PUMF/2/6
PUMF 2/4Report 29[1971]PUMF/2/4
CFR AOC 68/2Ethiopian Orthodox Church: General Situation1976-1981CFR/2/3/4/68-2
CFR AC 9/1Anglican Chaplaincies Abroad: Africa and the Far East: Addis Ababa1963-1979CFR/1/5/9-1
CFR AOC 71Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Anglican Chaplains1941-1982CFR/2/3/4/71
Runcie/EG/1985/2Miscellaneous: Colin Battell, Robert Block, Rev Brandreth1985Runcie/EG/1985/2
Runcie/EAOC/1988/11Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Patriarchs1988Runcie/EAOC/1988/11
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