Authorized Form of NameRenovationist Church; 1922-1946
Corporate NameRenovationist Church
OtherFormsOfNameLiving Church; Orthodox Russian Church; Orthodox Church in USSR
RelationshipsThere were apparently other church movements with the same name

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Douglas 47, ff. 306-7AMBROSIUS, A.M. Raynes, Bishop consecrated in Living Church1938Douglas/47/290-308/306-7
Douglas 41, ff. 124-202Papers concerning claims in the LIVING CHURCH, Russian Orthodox schismatic church1924-1939Douglas/41/124-202
Douglas 4, ff. 14-6AMBROSIUS, A.M. Raynes, Bishop consecrated in Living Church1938Douglas/4/1-27/14-6
Davidson 472, ff.114-96RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH. Davidson/218-516/472/114-96
Douglas 42, f. 166DOUGLAS, John Albert, Hon. Canon of Southwark (1924 ); Rector of St. Michael Paternoster Royal and honorary general secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations (1933) 1938Douglas/42/124-208/166
Douglas 78, f. 82Photograph of AMBROSIUS, A.M. Raynes, Bishop consecrated in Living Church1938Douglas/78/67-84/82
Douglas 40, ff. 20-1TIKHON, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia1924Douglas/40/1-31/20-1
Douglas 40, ff. 62-134Russian and other newspaper reports1925-1927Douglas/40/62-134
Douglas 78, f. 83Photograph of AMBROSIUS, A.M. Raynes, Bishop consecrated in Living Church1938Douglas/78/67-84/83
Davidson 479, ff.134-74RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.Davidson/218-516/479/134-74
Davidson 471, ff.125-49, 204-9, 232-44RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.1923Davidson/218-516/471/125-49, 204-9, 232-44
Douglas 34, f. 258Patriarch MELETIOS METAXAKIS of Alexandria1927Douglas/34/250-347/258
Douglas 39Papers of J.A. Douglas concerning the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, and in particular the Soviet attitude towards religion, the sufferings of the Patriarch Tikhon and other Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic clergy, and the development of the Living Church1918-1923Douglas/39
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