Authorized Form of NameÜrgüplü; Ali Suat Hayri (1903-1981); politician
ForenamesAli Suat Hayri
ActivityTurkish political figure. He served a brief term as prime minister of Turkey in 1965. Ürgüplü graduated from Galatasaray High School. He was the descendant of a distinguished line of Ottoman religious scholars and administrators. His father was the celebrated Sheikh ul-Islam Ürgüplü Hayri Efendi, minister of religious affairs under the Committee of Union and Progress (or Young Turk) regime of 1913-1918. After a brief career as a judge, Ürgüplü entered the Parliament in 1939 and served as Minister of Customs and Public Monopolies in the Sükrü Saracoglu cabinet in 1947-1948. He returned to the senate of Parliament in 1961 and was its chairman November 27, 1963-November 6, 1963. Ürgüplü was asked to form a non-partisan caretaker cabinet after the collapse of Premier Ismet Inönü's coalition government in 1965. The cabinet was formed on 5 February, and served until the parliamentary elections of 10 October, although it never received a vote of confidence in Parliament. Ürgüplü continued to serve in the senate until 1972.
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