Authorized Form of NameMinchin; Basil George Francis (1910-1987); Revd.
ForenamesBasil George Francis
Dates 1910-1987
ActivityOrdained Deacon: 24th February 1934. Ordained Priest: 1st January 1935. Education Bristol University BSc 1931
Ordination Training: College of the Resurrection Mirfield 1931. Vicar, LYNSTED (St Peter and St Paul) w Kingsdown, Canterbury, 01.01.1969–01.01.1975. Rector, NORTON (St Mary), Canterbury, 01.01.1970–01.01.1975. Six Preacher Cant Cathl, Canterbury, 01.01.1974–01.01.1983. Retired, 01.01.1976–25.04.1987.
SourceCrockford's online, viewed on 05/01/2016.

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