Authorized Form of NameHadjis; Meliton (1913-1989); Metropolitan of Chalcedon
EpithetMetropolitan of Chalcedon
ActivityMetropolitan of Heliopolis and Theira 1960-1966; Metropolitan of Chalcedon 1966-1990
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CFR OC 57/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Demetrios IJanuary 1975-December 1978CFR/5/3/5/57-2
CFR OC 56/3Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I: Visit To LambethOctober 1967-November 1967CFR/5/3/5/56-3
CFR OC 54/4Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I March 1972-March 1973CFR/5/3/5/54-4
CFR OC 60/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: Contact: Professor Basil AnagnostopoulosJanuary 1963-June 1971CFR/5/3/5/60-2
CFR OC 49/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: General Church AffairsFebruary 1967-March 1980CFR/5/3/5/49-2
CFR OC 57/1Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Demetrios IJune 1970-December 1974CFR/5/3/5/57-1
CFR OC 56/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I: Visit To LambethNovember 1967-April 1968CFR/5/3/5/56-2
CFR OC 56/5Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I: Visit To LambethOctober 1967-December 1967CFR/5/3/5/56-5
CFR OC 75/1Oecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Western Europe: Austria January 1957-April 1975CFR/5/3/6/75-1
CFR OC 59/3Oecumenical Patriarchate: Contacts: Metropolitans And BishopsNovember 1953-April 1980CFR/5/3/5/59-3
CFR OC 49AOecumenical Patriarchate: Anniversary Of The Council Of Constantinople February 1981-June 1981CFR/5/3/5/49A
CFR OC 15/1Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Joint Dialogue, 1968-197214 August 1968-12 October 1972CFR/5/3/2/15-1
CFR OC 12/1Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Jerusalem Meeting, September, 19697 December 1968-12 December 1969CFR/5/3/2/12-1
Runcie/EOC/1990/17Ecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Demetrios1990Runcie/EOC/1990/17
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