Authorized Form of NameEvangelical Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission; 1977-1984
Corporate NameEvangelical Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission
ActivityA series of three meetings which took place over a period of seven years - Venice in 1977, Cambridge in 1982 and Landévennec in France in 1984.
Source'John Stott: A Global Ministry' by Timothy Dudley-Smith, Inter-Varsity Press, Leicester: 2001, pp. 207-209, 267-268 and, accessed 19 Jul 2013

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STOTT/3/10/1ERCDOM [Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission] I4 Dec 1975-24 May 1977STOTT/3/10/1
STOTT/3/10ERCDOM [Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission]4 Dec 1975-2 Jun 2000STOTT/3/10
STOTT/3/10/2ERCDOM [Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission] - Regional Dialogue29 Jun 1978-12 May 1980STOTT/3/10/2
STOTT/6/2NewslettersFeb 1967-May 2007 STOTT/6/2
STOTT/6/1/24Travel diary 198616 Jan-22 Nov 1986STOTT/6/1/24
STOTT/3/10/3ERCDOM [Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission] II24 Aug 1978-20 Mar 1982STOTT/3/10/3
STOTT/3/10/5ERCDOM [Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission] Final Report15 Oct 1984-2 Jun 2000STOTT/3/10/5
STOTT/4/2/11/2/6Correspondence between John Stott and Leighton Ford. 26 Aug 1976-8 Aug 1979STOTT/4/2/11/2/6
STOTT/5/24Roman Catholic ChurchNov 1964-25 Jul 2000STOTT/5/24
STOTT/3/12/2EFAC [Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion] correspondence27 Mar 1986-9 Dec 1997STOTT/3/12/2
STOTT/3/10/4ERCDOM [Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission] III17 Apr 1982 - 17 Dec 1984STOTT/3/10/4
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