Authorized Form of NameMethodios (1925-2006); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain
EpithetArchbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain
ActivityEntered Holy Orders 1947 when ordained a deacon. Ordained as a priest 1950. Attended theTheology Faculty of Athens University, receiving his bachelor degree in Theology in 1952. Continued his studies at the Manchester University in Great Britain from which he received a PhD in Philosophy in 1962. Senior priest Hellenic Orthodox Community in Germany, Munich from 1951-4. Senior secretary of the Alexandria Patriarchate 1945-6. Senior priest Hellenic Orthodox Community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia serving 1958-60. Served as a teacher at the communities' Greek School. From 1966-8 secretary of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greecedios. In 1970, appointed professor of theology at the Edinburgh University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Co-chairman AOJDD 22/2/1980. In 1984 joined the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts as a professor. Metropolitan of Axum (Aksum) in Ethiopia November 29, 1968-1979; Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain 1979-1988; Archbishop of Pisidia 1988-2006
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AOJDD/90A.O.J.D.D. numbered paper1974AOJDD/90
AOJDD/208A.O.J.D.D. numbered paper22 Feb 1980AOJDD/208
AOJDD/214AA.O.J.D.D. numbered paperc.1980AOJDD/214A
AOJDD/214A.O.J.D.D. numbered paperc.1980AOJDD/214
AOJDD/215A.O.J.D.D. numbered paperJuly 1980AOJDD/215
Runcie/STA/SUB/2Archdiocese of Thyateira1979Runcie/STA/SUB/2
Runcie/EOC/1985/15Ecumenical Patriarchate: England, St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge1984-1985Runcie/EOC/1985/15
Runcie/EOC/1984/4AOJDD: Archbishop Methodios1983-1984Runcie/EOC/1984/4
CFR OC 49AOecumenical Patriarchate: Anniversary Of The Council Of Constantinople February 1981-June 1981CFR/5/3/5/49A
Runcie/EOC/1987/16Visit from Ecumenical Patriarch: speeches, communique, press1987-1988Runcie/EOC/1987/16
CFR OC 29/1Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: General12 August 1970-8 December 1975CFR/5/3/2/29-1
CFR OC 27/2Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Steering CommitteesJanuary 1976-25 March 1981CFR/5/3/2/27-2
CFR OC 29-3Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: General2 February 1978-23 March 1981CFR/5/3/2/29/3
Runcie/EOC/1988/20Ecumenical Patriarchate: Great Britain: Archbishop Gregorios1988Runcie/EOC/1988/20
Runcie/EOC/1988/19Ecumenical Patriarchate: Great Britain: Archbishop Methodios1988Runcie/EOC/1988/19
CFR OC 42General Orthodox Matters: Relations With Other ChurchesJuly 1967-December 1973CFR/5/3/4/42-3
CFR OC 34/3Anglican Relations General: Subjects Of Controversy, Anglican-Methodist Reunion Scheme14 December 1968-16 May 1969CFR/5/3/3/34-3
CFR OC PHOTO OEC 9 Photographs4 November 1979CFR/5/4/OEC/9
CFR OC PHOTO OEC 10Photographs29 April 1980CFR/5/4/OEC/10
CFR OC 85/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Alexandria: Contacts, 1958-801968-1976CFR/5/3/8/85-1
CFR OC 30/4Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Orthodox Membership Of 8 June 1977-25 October 1981CFR/5/3/2/30-4
CFR OC 146/4Individual Orthodox Churches: Jerusalem: Patriarchs 1977-1981CFR/5/3/19/146-4
CFR OC 132/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Greece: Contacts: Metropolitans And Bishops1946-1982CFR/5/3/17/132-1
CFR OC 72Oecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Great Britain: Archbishop MethodiosOctober 1979-November 1981CFR/5/3/6/72
CFR OC 22/1Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Special Joint Meeting, Athens, 197819 October 1977-14 March 1978CFR/5/3/2/22-1
Runcie/PHOTO/E/AC/6Days of Recollection 19846-9 April 1984Runcie/PHOTO/E/AC/6
CFR OC 49/1Oecumenical Patriarchate: General Church AffairsDecember 1933-October 1965CFR/5/3/5/49-1
CFR OC 30/3Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican Membership Of 4 March 1974-4 August 1981CFR/5/3/2/30-3
Runcie/EOC/1987/35Ukrainian Orthodox: USA1987Runcie/EOC/1987/35
EV 2/1/3Episcopi Vagantes: African Orthodox Church31/12/1946 - 11/08/1971EV/2/1-3
CFR OC 49/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: General Church AffairsFebruary 1967-March 1980CFR/5/3/5/49-2
CFR OC 23Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Joint Commission Meeting, Llandaff, 19801 October 1979-18 October 1980CFR/5/3/2/23
CFR OC 74/2Oecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Great Britain: Orthodox Clergy And Parishes,April 1966-March 1981CFR/5/3/6/74-2
Runcie/EOC/1988/13Ecumenical Patriarchate: AOJDD co-chairmanship1988Runcie/EOC/1988/13
Runcie/ERCC/1987/2Vatican: contacts: Cardinals Willebrands and Ratzinger1987Runcie/ERCC/1987/2
Runcie/EOC/1983/5Archbishop Methodios1983Runcie/EOC/1983/5
Runcie/EOC/1988/17Ecumenical Patriarchate: General: women in Diaspora1987-1989Runcie/EOC/1988/17
Runcie/EOC/1987/21Great Britain1987Runcie/EOC/1987/21
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