Authorized Form of NameJans; Peter Joseph (fl 1930-1980); Old Catholic Bishop
ForenamesPeter Joseph
Datesfl 1930-1980
EpithetOld Catholic Bishop
ParallelFormsOfNamePetrus Josephus Jans
ActivityOld Catholic Bishop of Deventer

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Ramsey 69, f. 268Biographical note on Petrus Josephus JANS, bishop of Deventer1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/69/268
CFR AC PHOTO MISC 14World Episcopal FellowshipApril 1964CFR/1/6/MISC/14
CFR CFC DOC OCC 1-44Churches in Full Communion: bound documents7 July 1959CFR/3/2/2/25
Ramsey 104, ff. 95-6Petrus Josephus JANS, bishop of Deventer1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/104/95-6
CFR AC PHOTO ABC 9Archbishop Ramsey's enthronement28 June 1961CFR/1/6/ABC/9
CFR CFC 13/2Old Catholic Church: general: Interconsecrations and the Anglican Succession: Consecrations passing on the Old Catholic Succession1936-1960CFR/3/3/1/13-2
CFR CFC 44/3Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: ContactsOct 1979-Jan 1980CFR/3/3/2/44-3
CFR CFC 15Old Catholic Church: general: Anglican-Methodist Scheme: Old Catholic reactions and comments20 March 1963-4 Aug 1969CFR/3/3/1/15
CFR CFC 44/2 Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: ContactsMay 1959-Feb 1960CFR/3/3/2/44-2
CFR CFC 40/1Old Catholic Church: general: Wider Episcopal FellowshipAug 1956-Aug 1964CFR/3/3/1/40-1
CFR CFC 41Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: General CorrespondenceJan 1948-Feb 1974CFR/3/3/2/41
CFR G 20/1International League for Apostolic Faith and Order1958-1967CFR/1/4/20-1
CFR CFC 19Old Catholic Church: general: Anglican-Old Catholic Conversations: Oxford23 Jan 1965-19 Jul 1966CFR/3/3/1/19
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