Authorized Form of NameHake; Andrew Augustus Gordon (1925-2003); Reverend; clergyman, social developer, activist
ForenamesAndrew Augustus Gordon
EpithetReverend, clergyman, social developer, activist
ActivitySocial Development Officer of Thamesdown; Urban and Industrial Adviser to the Christian Council of Kenya; member of the Archbishop of Canerbury's Commission on Urban Priority Areas (ACUPA)

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ACUPA/C/2/10Hake, Andrew11 Sep 1983-19 Mar 1985ACUPA/C/2/10
ACUPA/R/1/3/15Community Feb 1985 ACUPA/R/1/3/15
ACUPA/R/1/3/43Community Work (Fifth Draft) 4 Jun 1985 ACUPA/R/1/3/43
ACUPA/SG/SG5/1General23 Feb 1984-24 May 1985ACUPA/SG/SG5/1
ACUPA/SG/SG5/2/1222 Feb 198522-26 Feb 1985ACUPA/SG/SG5/2/12
CFR LRC 80/8Germany: Anglican visits: Rev Michael Bourke9 Mar 1962-12 Oct 1965CFR/4/3/10/80-8
CFR LRC 80/1Germany: Anglican visits: the British Council of Churches [BCC] delegation and Canon Waddams Oct 1945-16 Jun 1948CFR/4/3/10/80-1
CFR LRC 80/10Germany: Anglican visits: Anglican Ordinands, 1961 30 Nov 1960-12 Jul 1961CFR/4/3/10/80-10
CFR LRC 80/3Germany: Anglican visits: 'Dominion' bishops4 Jun-30 Sep 1948CFR/4/3/10/80-3
CFR LRC 80/11Germany: Anglican visits: Anglican Ordinands, 19674 Nov 1965-17 Aug 1967CFR/4/3/10/80-11
ACUPA/R/1/2/64Sub-Group 5: Social Structures, Education, Housing, Social Work, Community Jul-Sep 1984ACUPA/R/1/2/64
ACUPA/SG/SG5Sub Group 514 Nov 1983-24 Nov 1985ACUPA/SG/SG5
CFR OC 181/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Romania: Anglican Visits To1948-1968CFR/5/3/23/181-1
CFR LRC 80/4Germany: Anglican visits: Rev W Macartney and Rev F W T Craske18 Feb-20 May 1950CFR/4/3/10/80-4
CFR LRC 80/6Germany: Anglican visits: Rev A G Hake and Rev J M Free4 Mar-4 Jul 1952CFR/4/3/10/80-6
CFR LRC 80/5Germany: Anglican visits: Canon Waddams11 Jan-10 May 1950CFR/4/3/10/80-5
CFR LRC 80/7Germany: Anglican visits: Canon Satterthwaite12 Oct 1961-23 Jul 1962CFR/4/3/10/80-7
CFR LRC 80/9Germany: Anglican visits: students15 Oct 1959-24 Nov 1966CFR/4/3/10/80-9
CFR LRC 110Romania: General correspondence12 Oct 1938-5 Oct 1972CFR/4/3/21/110
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