Authorized Form of NameScotland; Parliament; 1293-1707
Corporate NameParliament
DatesAndPlaces1235 – The first mention of a Scottish Parliament (‘colloquium’)
1293 – The earliest existing record of a Scottish Parliament
1326 – The first Parliament including representatives of the commons as well as lords
1357 – The first mention of the ‘Three Estates’ (clergy, nobility and burgh commissioners)
1560 – The Reformation Parliament
1587 – Act passed creating a system for electing shire commissioners
1592 – The first Parliament to include shire commissioners
1603 – Union of the Scottish and English monarchy under James VI & I
1632 – Foundation stone of Parliament House laid
1639 – Parliament House first used for a meeting of the Scottish Parliament
1651 – Oliver Cromwell abolishes the Scottish Parliament
1660 – Restoration of the monarchy and the Scottish Parliament
1661 – The first meeting of the Scottish Parliament after the Restoration
1689 – Clerical representation in the Parliament abolished
1700 – The failure of the Darien scheme puts economic pressure on Scotland
1706 – Negotiations for the Treaty of Union begin
1707 – The Treaty of Union comes into force and the Parliament of Great Britain meets for the first time

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