Authorized Form of NamePhotius (fl. 1900-1925); Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria
Datesfl. 1900-1925
EpithetOrthodox Patriarch of Alexandria

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Douglas 14, ff. 1-14 passimPHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1921-1924Douglas/14/1-107/1-14 passim
Douglas 12, ff. 151-2PHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1924Douglas/12/132-89/151-2
Douglas 34, ff. 43-101Papers concerning PHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1920-1925Douglas/34/43-101
Douglas 34, ff. 96-100Obituaries of PHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1925Douglas/34/43-101/96-100
MS 2913 ff. 75v-76Frere (Hugh Corrie), Archdeacon in Syria1902MSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v/75v-76
Douglas 12, ff. 343-6, 348-9PHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1925Douglas/12/190-459/343-6, 348-9
MS 2627 ff. 188-201Douglas (Canon John Albert), Hon. General Secretary to the Council on Foreign Relations[1925]MSS/2615-2650/2627/188-201
Douglas 77, f. 260Photograph1951Douglas/77/244-66/260-1/260
Douglas 35 , ff. 71-2PHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1925Douglas/35/18-263/71-2
Douglas 34, ff. 92-92aPHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1925Douglas/34/43-101/92-92a
Douglas 77, f. 244Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/244
Douglas 77, f. 261Photograph 1951Douglas/77/244-66/260-1/261
Douglas 77, f. 263Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/263
Douglas 77, f. 265Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/265
Douglas 77, f. 254Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/254
Douglas 77, f. 264Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/264
Douglas 77, f. 259Photograph of the 2nd ANGLO-CATHOLIC PILGRIMAGE 1925Douglas/77/244-66/255-9/259
Douglas 31, f. 223EVLOGIOS, Vassily Gheorgievsky, Archbishop of Volhynia; Exarch for Russians in exile under Oecumenical Patriarch, and PHOTIOS I Gregorios, Patriarch of Alexandria1923Douglas/31/45-351/223
Douglas 77, f. 256Photograph of the 2nd ANGLO-CATHOLIC PILGRIMAGE 1925Douglas/77/244-66/255-9/256
Douglas 77, f. 245Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/245
Douglas 77, f. 246Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/246
Douglas 77, f. 247Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/247
Douglas 77, f. 248Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/248
Douglas 77, f. 249Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/249
Douglas 77, f. 250Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/250
Douglas 77, f. 251Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/251
Douglas 77, f. 252Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/252
Douglas 77, f. 253Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/253
Douglas 77, f. 255Photograph of the 2nd ANGLO-CATHOLIC PILGRIMAGE 1925Douglas/77/244-66/255-9/255
Douglas 77, f. 257Photograph of the 2nd ANGLO-CATHOLIC PILGRIMAGE 1925Douglas/77/244-66/255-9/257
Douglas 77, f. 258Photograph of the 2nd ANGLO-CATHOLIC PILGRIMAGE 1925Douglas/77/244-66/255-9/258
Douglas 77, f. 262Photograph 1925Douglas/77/244-66/262
Douglas 77, f. 266Sixteenth centenary of Council of Nikaea celebrations. Group photograph at Lambeth Palace29 June 1925Douglas/77/244-66/266
Douglas 26 Papers of J.A. Douglas concerning the celebration of the sixteenth centenary of the Council of Nikea, 1925, including arrangements for a service in Westminster Abbey attended by representatives of the Orthodox Churches1925Douglas/26
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