Authorized Form of NameCristea; Miron (1868-1939); Patriarch of Romania
EpithetPatriarch of Romania
OtherFormsOfNameElie Cristea
ActivityAustro-Hungarian-born Romanian cleric and politician. A bishop in Hungarian-ruled Transylvania, Cristea was elected Metropolitan-Primate of the Orthodox Church of the newly unified Greater Romania in 1919. As the Church was raised to a rank of Patriarchate, Miron Cristea was enthroned as the first Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1925.

In 1938, Carol II banned political parties and established a royal dictatorship, choosing Miron Cristea to be the Prime Minister of Romania, a position from which he served for about a year, between February 11, 1938, and his death.

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Douglas 52, f. 3MIRON CRISTEA, Patriarch of Rumania, Metropolitan- elect 1921Douglas/52/3
Douglas 26, f. 37MIRON CRISTEA, Patriarch of RumaniaDouglas/26/37
Douglas 23, f. 317MIRON CRISTEA, Patriarch of RumaniaDouglas/23/317
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Douglas 52, ff. 90-6MIRON CRISTEA, Patriarch of Rumania1925Douglas/52/90-6
CFR OC PHOTO ROM 1Photographs1936CFR/5/4/ROM/1
Douglas 56, f. 216TEMPLE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury1937Douglas/56/212-43/216
Douglas 55, ff. 64-6BUXTON, Harold Jocelyn, Bishop of Gibraltar. 1936Douglas/55/24-198/64-6
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Douglas 52, ff. 211-4MIRON CRISTEA, Patriarch of Rumania1930sDouglas/52/211-4
Douglas 26, f. 118RILEY, Athelstan, chairman of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1925Douglas/26/118
Douglas 55, f. 39BOWRING, Rev. Edgar George, secretary of the Church Association. 1936Douglas/55/24-198/39
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Douglas 79, f. 13Photograph of the Anglican Delegation at the at grave of the unknown warrior in Bucharest, Romania1935Douglas/79/1-29/13
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Douglas 79, f. 21Photograph 1936Douglas/79/1-29/21
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CFR OC 182/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Romania: Visits From Romanians 1935-1977CFR/5/3/23/182-1
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Douglas 79, f. 2Photograph of a parade to celebrate the enthronement of the first Patriarch of Rumania [Romania], Bucharest1925Douglas/79/1-29/2
Douglas 79, f. 20Photograph of Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of York; Canterbury (1928) and MIRON CRISTEA, Patriarch of Rumania1936Douglas/79/1-29/20
Douglas 79, f. 14Photograph of the Anglican Delegation at the at grave of the unknown warrior in Bucharest, Romania1935Douglas/79/1-29/14
Douglas 79, f. 11Photograph of the Anglican Delegation in Bucharest, Romania1935Douglas/79/1-29/11
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CFR OC 49/1Oecumenical Patriarchate: General Church AffairsDecember 1933-October 1965CFR/5/3/5/49-1
Douglas 79, f. 23Photograph 1936Douglas/79/1-29/23
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