Authorized Form of NameAlexius I (1877-1970); 14th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
ForenamesAlexius I
Epithet14th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
OtherFormsOfNameAlexis I; Sergey Simansky; Sergei Vladimirovich Simansky
DatesAndPlacesOctober 27, 1877–April 17, 1970
Activity14th Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia (1945-1970)
Formerly Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod
RelationshipsHe succeeded Sergius I
SourceEncyclopædia Britannica Online (

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CFR OC PHOTO RUS 10 PhotographsSeptember 1964CFR/5/4/RUS/10
LC 176 f. 171Alexis, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.1948LC/1948/176/171
Douglas 78, f. 69Photograph of ALEXIUS, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. 1947Douglas/78/67-84/69
W.Temple 38, ff. 372-80RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH17-23 May 1944W.Temple/1-62/38/372-80
Douglas 42, f. 122ALEXIUS, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. 1953Douglas/42/104-22/122
Douglas 42, f. 103ALEXIUS, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Douglas/42/97-103/103
Douglas 43, ff. 66-7ALEXIUS, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. 1946Douglas/43/55-99/66-7
Douglas 42, f. 95DOROTHEOS, Metropolitan of Prinkipo, deputy of Oecumenical Patriarch. 1948Douglas/42/1-96/95
MS 4932Scrapbook1969-1972MSS/4929-4935/4932
LC 174 ff. 46-50Alexis, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.1948LC/1948/174/46-50
LC 173 f. 53Alexis, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.1948LC/1948/173/53
Douglas 42, f. 93FISHER, Geoffrey Francis, Archbishop of Canterbury1948Douglas/42/1-96/93
Ramsey 324, f. 36Photographs: Official Engagements September 1964Ramsey/324/14-66/36
MS 4931Scrapbook1963-1968MSS/4929-4935/4931
MS 4935Miscellaneous press cuttings, photographs, and other papers and ephemera relating to Archbishop Ramsey and his wife, including material postdating his retirement as Archbishop 1964-2012MSS/4929-4935/4935
CFR OC PHOTO RUS 6Photographsc.1955-1962CFR/5/4/RUS/6
CFR AC PHOTO ANG 3Dr Cyril Garbett1943, 1946CFR/1/6/ANG/3
CFR AC 33/1Lambeth Conference, 1948: discussions with foreign visitors1937-1948CFR/1/5/33-1
CFR AC 41/4Lambeth Conference, 1968: ecumenical observers: Orthodox Churches1967-1968CFR/1/5/41-4
Douglas 42, ff. 101-2SERAPHIM LOUKIANOV, Patriarchal Exarch and Metropolitan to European Orthodox Russian Churches - Papers concerning transfer to Patriarchate of Moscoxv and appointment as Exarch 1946Douglas/42/97-103/101-2
CFR OC 247/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: General situation, 1951-531951-1953CFR/5/3/27/247-2
Ramsey 62, ff. 321-30, 333UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS - correspondence and papers on the Patriarch of Moscow's visit to Britain; letter to Simansky ALEXIS, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and papers on his visit to Britain1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/62/321-30, 333
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