Authorized Form of NameHenri IV (1553-1610); King of France and Navarre
SurnameHenri IV
TitleKing of France and Navarre
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography (under princess Henrietta Maria)

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MS 656, f. 147Letter from HENRI IV, King of France, to DONYMES [-].MSS/647-662/656/147
MS 652, f. 32r-vHENRI IV, King of France.[1595]MSS/647-662/652/32r-v
MS 659, ff. 55, 274HENRI IV, King of France.MSS/647-662/659/55, 274
MS 652, ff. 58-64HENRI IV, King of FRANCE.1595MSS/647-662/652/58-64
MS 653, f. 33Proposals by ORSINI (Virginio), Duke of Bracciano and Selci; Florentine Ambassador in England, to HENRI IV, King of France.MSS/647-662/653/33
MS 650, ff. 123-4Memorandum of debts to ELIZABETH I, Queen of England, HENRI IV, King of FRANCE.1595MSS/647-662/650/123-4
MS 652, ff. 263, 267Letter from HENRI IV, King of France, to DEVEREUX (Robert), 2nd Earl of Essex.MSS/647-662/652/263, 267
MS 652, f. 276Correspondence between HENRI IV, King of France, and BACON (Anthony), Secretary to the Earl of Essex.MSS/647-662/652/276
MS 656, f. 115Letter from HENRI IV, King of France, to DEVEREUX (Robert), 2nd Earl of Essex. MSS/647-662/656/115
MS 656, f. 366Correspondence between HENRI IV, King of France, and ELIZABETH I, Queen of England. 1596MSS/647-662/656/366
MS 658, f. 101Letter from HENRI IV, King of France, to LA FONTAINE (Robert de), French minister and agent in London.1596MSS/647-662/658/101
MS 659, f. 319Letters from TOUR D'AUVERGNE (Henri de la), Duc de Bouillon.[1595]MSS/647-662/659/319
MS 659, ff. 354-5Letter from HENRI IV, King of France, to DEVEREUX (Robert), 2nd Earl of Essex. MSS/647-662/659/354-5
MS 652, f. 75Letter from HENRI IV, King of France, to ST. PAUL (Fran├žois de), Seigneur de Bidossan.1595MSS/647-662/652/75
MS 656, f. 330HENRI IV, King of France.MSS/647-662/656/330
MS 659, ff. 113v, 185-6HENRI IV, King of France.1596MSS/647-662/659/113v, 185-6
MS 3205Talbot Papers1506-1612MSS/3192-3206/3205
MS 2006Notes on church government[1547-1603]MSS/2000-2019/2006
MS 652, f. 49Letter from DUPERRON (Jacques Davy), Bishop of Evreux, Cardinal (1604), to HENRI IV, King of France.1595MSS/647-662/652/49
MS 3201Talbot Papers1589-1605MSS/3192-3206/3201
MS 3200Talbot Papers1583-1600MSS/3192-3206/3200
MS 3197Talbot Papers1571-1581MSS/3192-3206/3197
MS 3199Talbot Papers1570-1599MSS/3192-3206/3199
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
MS 2007Papers concerning the Archpriest controversy, and in particular the appeal by the secular priests to the Pope in 1602.1553-1603MSS/2000-2019/2007
MS 953MISCELLANY1595-1715MSS/953
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
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