Authorized Form of NameSumner; Mary Elizabeth (1828-1921); née Heywood; founder of the Mothers' Union
ForenamesMary Elizabeth
Epithetnée Heywood; founder of the Mothers' Union
ActivityCentral President of the Mothers' Union 1896-1909; remained Diocesan President until 1916
RelationshipsWife of George Sumner, Bishop of Guildford
Source; Cordelia Moyse, 'A History of the Mothers' Union', 2009

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MU/PHOTO/4/1aPhotographs of Mary Sumnerc.1850MU/PHOTO/4/1a
MU/CO/PRES/3/8Letter from Mary Sumner1911MU/1/CO/PRES/3/8
MU/MSS/1/2'Mary Sumner's own account of the founding of the Mothers' Union and parochial work at Old Alresford'c.1915MU/MSS/1/2
MU/MSS/1/1Account of Mary Sumner and the Bishop of Guildford's Golden Wedding Anniversary in 18981898MU/MSS/1/1
MS 4925 ff 86-97Miscellaneous letters to Edgar Jacob1886-[1919]MSS/4924-4925/4925/86-97
MU/PM/16/12/2Copy of the marriage register of Colwall Parish Church containing an entry for the marriage of Mary Heywood and George Sumnerc.1990MU/PM/16/12/2
MU/CO/PRES/1/2Correspondence file relating to the Mothers' Union memorial buttress fund1911-1913MU/1/CO/PRES/1/2
MU/CO/PRES/5Correspondence of Mary Sumner1886-1994MU/1/CO/PRES/5
MU/FIN/5/21Legal agreements regarding Mothers’ Union publications1908-1920MU/1/FIN/5/21
MU/SPK/3/1Speakers' Department addresses and related papers1963-1968MU/1/SPK/3/1
MU/MSS/1/20'The Story of Mary Sumner, the Founder of the Mothers' Union' by Mary James2001MU/MSS/1/20
MU/MSS/1/19'Mary Sumner and the Founding of the Mothers' Union, 1876-1906' by Alison Hudson2001MU/MSS/1/19
MU/NEWS/1/52News cuttings collected by the Mothers' Union1921MU/NEWS/1/52
MU/MSS/2/1Papers of Mary and George Sumner1848-1938MU/MSS/2/1
MU/NEWS/1/50News cuttings collected by the Mothers' Union1908-1909MU/NEWS/1/50
MU/PHOTO/4/1bPhotographs of Mary Sumnerc.1870-1915MU/PHOTO/4/1b
MU/PHOTO/4/2Portrait of Mary Sumnerc.1980sMU/PHOTO/4/2
MU/PHOTO/5/3Photographs of Mothers' Union members and buildings associated with the MUc.1970MU/PHOTO/5/3
MU/PM/6/1Leaflets written by Mary Sumner and other early promotional literaturec.1905-c.1910MU/PM/6/1
MU/SUMN/1/1Book of Common Prayer (Mary Sumner's prayerbook) [1885?]MU/SUMN/1/1
MU/NEWS/1/49Scrapbook of news cuttings collected by Mary Sumner1904-1908MU/NEWS/1/49
MU/NEWS/1/51News cuttings collected by the Mothers' Union1908-1921MU/NEWS/1/51
MUArchive of the Mothers' Unionc.1790-c.2000MU
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