Authorized Form of NameSanter; Mark (1936-); Bishop of Birmingham
EpithetBishop of Birmingham
Activity d 63 p 64 c 81. Tutor Cuddesdon Coll 63-67; C Cuddesdon Ox 63-67; Fell and Dean Clare Coll Cam 67-72; Tutor 68-72; Prin Westcott Ho Cam 73-81; Hon Can Win Cathl 78-81; Area Bp Kensington Lon 81-87; Bp Birm 87-02; rtd 02
SourceCrockford's Clerical Directory

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Ramsey 245, ff. 185-186Westcott House1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/245/185-186
CSA/3/3/6Letter to Mother Lillian from Bishop of Kensington [Mark Santer] proposing retirement of Sr Denzil 17 July 1986CSA/3/3/6
Monte/O/4/6Police and Criminal Evidence Bill24th March 1983-20th June 1983Monte/O/4/6
CFR LRC 70/4Germany: Contacts: Bishops of Berlin-Brandenburg: Dr Gottfried Forck4 Sep- 27 Nov 1981CFR/4/3/10/70-4
CFR RC 10/3Relations with the Vatican: Contacts: Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity: Cardinal Willebrands1974-1976CFR/6/3/1/10-3
Ramsey 284, ff. 110-114Westcott House Appeal 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/284/110-114
CSA/3/3/12Correspondence between Mother Lillian and Bishop Mark Santer concerning ordination of London Sisters as Deacons16 December 1986-29 December 1986CSA/3/3/12
Runcie/MAIN/1989/558Whinney, Bishop Michael1989Runcie/MAIN/1989/558
AOJDD/114A.O.J.D.D. numbered paper18 July 1975AOJDD/114
AOJDD/169A.O.J.D.D. numbered paper1977AOJDD/169
Runcie/MAIN/1983/174London, Diocese1983Runcie/MAIN/1983/174
ARCIC/2/171A.R.C.I.C. II numbered paper ARCIC-II/67Jun 1987ARCIC/2/171
CSA/10/25Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament1979-1986CSA/10/25
CSA/13/17Papers regarding Deaconesses ordained as Deacons1980-1991CSA/13/17
CFR OC 25/2Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): The FilioqueJanuary 1974-December 1977CFR/5/3/2/25-2
Runcie/MAIN/1988/120Birmingham, Bishop of1988Runcie/MAIN/1988/120
Runcie/MAIN/1989/280General Synod November session: Presidential Address1989Runcie/MAIN/1989/280
CFR OC 18/3Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Joint Sub-Commission Meetings 4 December 1974-27 August 1975 CFR/5/3/2/18-3
CFR RC 10/2Relations with the Vatican: Contacts: Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity: Cardinal Willebrands1971-1972CFR/6/3/1/10-2
CFR OC 21/2Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Theological Sub-Commission Meetings, 197723 February 1977-13 August 1977CFR/5/3/2/21-2
Coggan 61, ff.185-330Theological Colleges and Training9 Mar 1976-23 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/61/185-330
Runcie/ACC/65Primates' Standing Committee: correspondence1989-1990Runcie/ACC/65
ARCIC/2/246Christian Unity and Communion in Christ16 Jun 1988ARCIC/2/246
ARCIC/2/227Letter to all members of ARCIC-IIOct 1988ARCIC/2/227
ARCIC/2/235Correspondence between the Revd Prof John Pobee and the Rt Revd Mark Santer25 Nov 1988ARCIC/2/235
Runcie/PERSONAL/PVT/6Runcie marriage1985-1986Runcie/PERSONAL/PVT/6
CSA/11/34Sister Vernon (Vernon Margarita Brooks Ballard, #133)1956-1983CSA/11/34
Runcie/MAIN/1990/366Medical ethics: main file1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/366
ARCIC/2/210Notes of ARCIC-II Steering Committee discussion15-17 Jun 1988ARCIC/2/210
ARCIC/2/222Note on conversations between Bishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Bishop Mark Santer, Father Kevin Mcdonald and Revd Christopher Hill6 Aug 1988ARCIC/2/222
Ellison P/20/6/5, f. 39Ellison with assembled clergyc. 1980-1981Ellison/P/20/6/5/39
Ramsey 266, ff. 209-232Theological Colleges: General1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/266/209-232
Runcie/ERCC/1987/9Vatican: ARCIC1987Runcie/ERCC/1987/9
Runcie/ERCC/1987/15Great Britain: beatification of 85 Martyrs1986-1987Runcie/ERCC/1987/15
ARCIC/2/273Comment on ARCIC-II, 'Church as Communion'14 Jan 1991ARCIC/2/273
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