Authorized Form of NameFlagg; John William Hawkins (1929-2008); Presiding Bishop of Anglican Council of South America (CASA)
ForenamesJohn William Hawkins
EpithetPresiding Bishop of Anglican Council of South America (CASA)
ActivityAgricultural missionary, Chile, 1951; Chaplain and Missionary Superintendent, St Andrew’s, Asunción, Paraguay, 1959-64; Archdeacon, N Argentine, 1964-69; Diocesan Bishop of Paraguay and N Argentine, 1969-73; Asst Bishop for Chile, Peru and Bolivia, 1973-77; Bishop, Diocese of Peru, 1977; Asst Bishop, Diocese of Liverpool, 1978-86; Vicar, St Cyprian’s with Christ Church, Edge Hill, 1978-85; Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church, Waterloo, 1985-86; Hon. Assistant Bishop: of Rochester, 1986-92; of Southwell, 1992-97. Member of Anglican Consultative Council, 1974-79; Presiding Bishop of Anglican Council of South America (CASA), 1974-77. Diocesan Advr in rural ministry, and stewardship, 1993-96, and overseas relns, 1994-96, Southwell.
SourceWho's Who 2006 and Who Was Who 1897-2005 (2005)

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