Authorized Form of NameSchonherr; Albrecht (1911-2009); Bishop of Berlin-Brandenburg
EpithetBishop of Berlin-Brandenburg
ActivityStudied Theology in Tubingen and Berlin; attended Finkelwalde Seminary where he was influenced by Dietrich Bonhoeffer; President of the Conference of Protestant Church Leaders 1969-81 and President of of the Federation of Protestant Churches in the GDR; Bishop of Berlin-Brandenburg and Presiding Bishop of East Germany 1972-81. Married to the theologian Annemarie Schonherr.

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CFR CFR 43/5Archbishops of Canterbury: Archbishop Runcie: enthronement: guests1980CFR/1/3/43-5
Runcie/ELRC/1983/3East Germany1983Runcie/ELRC/1983/3
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CFR AC PHOTO ABC 14East Berlin, 1974May 1974CFR/1/6/ABC/14
CFR LRC 70/3Germany: Contacts: Bishops of Berlin-Brandenburg: Dr Albrecht Schönherr25 Nov 1970-10 Oct 1981CFR/4/3/10/70-3
CFR CFR 41Archbishops of Canterbury: Archbishop Runcie: letters of congratulation1979-1980CFR/1/3/41
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