Authorized Form of NameHanning; Hugh Peter James (1925-); Vice-President, Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom
ForenamesHugh Peter James
EpithetVice-President, Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom
ActivityServed War, RNVR (rocketships). Leader-writer, Westminster Press, 1951–60; Defence Corresp., ITN, 1961; Consultant, IISS, 1964–70; Defence Corresp., Observer, 1963–; Defence Consultant, Guardian, 1967–69. Advr to MoD, NATO and US Govt. Dep. Dir, RUSI, 1967–70. Dir, Brit. Atlantic Cttee, 1975–82. Founder Member: ITDG, 1967; Internat. Peace Acad., NY, 1970. Mission to Biafra with Leonard Cheshire, 1969. Internat. Sec., C of E, 1972–80. Lectures to Chatham Hse, RUSI, IISS and sen. officers courses.
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