Authorized Form of NameUniversity of Oxford; The Queen's College
Corporate NameUniversity of Oxford
SubordinateThe Queen's College

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W.Temple 46, f. 210William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury12 Nov 1925W.Temple/1-62/46/210
COMM VIa/12 pp.14, 109Queen's College Oxford.COMM/6A/12/14,109
COMM VIa/9 p.384Queen's College Oxford.COMM/6A/9/384
F I/Vv f. 117rMuniment book1537F/1/1Vv/117r
MS 4433Miscellaneous papers1691-c.1748MSS/4400-4433/4433
FP IXVOLUME IX: General Correspondence1703-1733FP/1-40/9
FP XIVOLUME XI: General Correspondence1626-1723FP/1-40/11
FP XIIVOLUME XII: General Correspondence1724-1743FP/1-40/12
FP XIVVOLUME XIV: General Correspondence1761-undatedFP/1-40/14
FP XXVIIVOLUME XXVII: Ordination Papers1750-1819FP/1-40/27
FP XXVIIIVOLUME XXVIII: Ordination Papers1755-1819FP/1-40/28
FP XXXIIVOLUME XXXII: Ordination Papers1730-1821FP/1-40/32
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