Authorized Form of NameCouncil of the Marches; -1689
Corporate NameCouncil of the Marches
OtherFormsOfNameCouncil of the Marches of Wales
DatesAndPlacesThe Council was dissolved in 1641, but was revived with limited powers from 1660 until its abolition in 1689.
ActivityThe Council had responsibility for the government of Wales and the border counties

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CM I/96List of moneys received and disbursed by Charles Booth, clerk of the Fines [Council of the Marches], c. 1570-77. c. 1570-1577 CM/1/96
CM I/108The Lord President (Henry Sydney) to John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, vice president, concerning the circuit of sessions of the Council of the Marches. From the court.14 Aug. 1579CM/1/108
CM I/100'Articles to be conteigned in her Majesty's instructions according to certain Notes delivered for that purpose by the Right Honourable the Lord Treasurer of England'. 14 July 1586CM/1/100
CM I/89Memoranda directed to the Earl of Pembroke [Henry Herbert] suggesting an increase in the number of counsellors in the Council of the Marches. 4 Sep 1592CM/1/89
CM I/84Petition from Thomas Atkyns to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury.15 May [1592]CM/1/84
CM I/107Draft letter (? to the Archbishop) about a complaint made in the Council of the Marches CM/1/107
CM I/102Thomas Atkyns to the Archbishop 6 June 1590CM/1/102
MS 707Shrewsbury Papers1453-1666MSS/694-710/707
MS 702Shrewsbury Papers1567-1611MSS/694-710/702
MS 3192Talbot Papers1334-1557MSS/3192-3206/3192
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
CM I/111List of outstanding debts due to be paid from the fines of the Council of the Marches.1577-1579.CM/1/111
CM I/90Draft of a letter (? from Whitgift) to Lord Buckhurst.10 Jan. 1593CM/1/90
CM I/95Abstract from a royal proclamation (article 5) CM/1/95
MS 3206Talbot Papers1499-1580MSS/3192-3206/3206
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