Authorized Form of NameClerkenwell, Middlesex; St John; 1723-1931; ecclesiastical parish
Corporate NameSt John
Epithetecclesiastical parish
JurisdictionClerkenwell, Middlesex
OtherFormsOfNameSt John the Baptist
ActivityFormerly priory church (St John of Jerusalem)

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Tait 441/443CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1862Tait/409-442/425-442/441/443
Tait 440/46CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1858Tait/409-442/425-442/440/46
FP Randolph 14, f.43CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1812FP/Randolph/14/43
FP Jackson 2/455CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1883FP/Jackson/A/2/455
FP Terrick 20, ff.5-6CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. JohnFP/Terrick/20/5-6
FP Blomfield 49, ff. 90, 123CLERKENWELL, Middx., St. John1849-1850FP/Blomfield/1-60/49/90, 123
FP Blomfield 49, ff. 159, 169-70CLERKENWELL, Middx., St. John1850FP/Blomfield/1-60/49/159, 169-70
Arches C 6/78FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/C/6/78
Arches E 41/126FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/E/41/126
Arches A 36 ff. 6,7,8,11FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/A/36/6,7,8,11
FP Creighton 1/137CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1900FP/Creighton/1-3/1/137
FP Terrick 5, f.27CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. JohnFP/Terrick/5/27
FP Randolph 10/115CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1810FP/Randolph/9-12/10/115
FP Porteus 35, f.52CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1793FP/Porteus/35-36/35/52
FP Porteus 27/62CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1790FP/Porteus/24-30/27/62
FP Jackson 16Surnames Davies, E - Donaldson1870-1884FP/Jackson/D/16
FP Jackson 47Churches in the rural deaneries of Islington and St Sepulchre1862-1884FP/Jackson/E/47
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
Arches A 35 f.261FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/A/35/261
Arches D 1309FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/D/1309
Arches G 141/17FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/G/141/17
Arches G 141/19-27FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/G/141/19-27
FP XXIVOLUME XXI: Ordination Papers1748-1802FP/1-40/21
FP Randolph 13, f.78CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1810FP/Randolph/13/78
FP Terrick 1Correspondence and papers1764-1777FP/Terrick/1
FP Terrick 6, ff.26-7CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1772FP/Terrick/6/26-7
FP Osbaldeston 5, ff.103-4CLERKENWELL, Middlesex, St. John1763FP/Osbaldeston/5-7/5/103-4
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