Authorized Form of NameMidley, Kent; -1935; ancient parish
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionMidley, Kent
RelationshipsEcclesiastically abolished 1935 to Old Romney with Midley
SourceGuide to the Local Administrative Units of England, Frederick A. Youngs jnr, 1980

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VG 3/8b, ff.245-7MIDLEY, Kent1889V/G/3/8/b/245-7
VG 3/11b, ff.159-60MIDLEY, Kent1902V/G/3/11/b/159-60
VG 3/10b, ff.161-2MIDLEY, Kent1898V/G/3/10/b/161-2
VG 3/4c, ff.79-81MIDLEY, Kent1872V/G/3/4/c/79-81
VG 3/6b, ff.266-70MIDLEY, Kent1880V/G/3/6/b/266-70
F. Temple 8, ff. 346-53ANDERSON (William), Curate of Midley, New Romney, and Rector of Old Romney, Kent - Letters on his stipend1898F.Temple/8/346-53
VG 3/13b, ff.427-8MIDLEY, Kent1912V/G/3/13/b/427-8
VG 3/2c, ff.69-71MIDLEY, Kent1806V/G/3/2/c/69-71
Benson 135 ff.3-6BRENZETT, Kent - Letters on union with a neighbouring parish1894-1895Benson/135/3-6
VG 3/14c, ff.45-6MIDLEY, Kent; ROMNEY, OLD, Kent1935V/G/3/14/c/45-6
Benson 6 ff.26-7SMITH (Benjamin Frederick), Archdeacon of Maidstone.1883Benson/6/26-7
VG 3/9b, ff.243-4MIDLEY, Kent1893V/G/3/9/b/243-4
VG 3/12b, ff.415-16MIDLEY, Kent1907V/G/3/12/b/415-16
Reg. CranmerRegister of Thomas Cranmer1533-1556V/A/15Cranmer
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