Authorized Form of NameChurch of England; Archbishopric in Jerusalem
Corporate NameChurch of England
SubordinateArchbishopric in Jerusalem

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Ramsey 135, ff.205-6Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/135/205-6
Fisher 205, ff. 5-72 passimFormation of the Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/205/5-72 passim
Fisher 265, ff. 9-17 passimArchbishopric in JERUSALEM1960Fisher/1-271/261-271/265/9-17 passim
Ramsey 159, ff.264-6, 282-7, 294Correspondence and papers on the administration of archbishopric in JERUSALEM1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/159/264-6, 282-7, 294
Ramsey 159, ff.284-6Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1957Ramsey/4-287/1969/159/284-6
Ramsey 181, ff.161-2, 169-74Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/181/161-2, 169-74
Ramsey 135, ff.11-115 passimCorrespondence and papers on the future of the archbishopric in and diocese of JERUSALEM1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/135/11-115 passim
Fisher 245, f. 166Formation of the Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/245/166
Coggan 11, ff.66-73Egypt5 Dec 1974-20 Mar 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/11/66-73
Ramsey 135, ff.137-8, 151, 176Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/135/137-8, 151, 176
Ellison O/1/1/79Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association29 Sep 1975-22 July 1980Ellison/O/1/1/79
Fisher 245, ff. 133-51Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/245/133-51
Fisher 265, ff. 8, 15Modification of the declaration of assent for use in the Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1961Fisher/1-271/261-271/265/8, 15
Ramsey 181, ff.161-234 passimCorrespondence and papers on the future of the archbishopric in JERUSALEM1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/181/161-234 passim
Ramsey 159, ff.310-20Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/159/310-20
Ramsey 136, ff.55-6Correspondence and papers on the future of the archbishopric in and diocese of JERUSALEM1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/136/55-6
Ramsey 146, ff.303-7ALLISON (Oliver Claude), bishop in the Sudan.1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/146/303-7
Ramsey 250, ff. 335-338Cragg, Bishop Kenneth1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/250/335-338
Ramsey 181, ff.157, 168CRAGG (Albert Kenneth), warden of St. Augustine's College Canterbury1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/181/157, 168
BMU/OV/ME/1Archbishopric in Jerusalem1975-1976BMU/10/25/6/1
Fisher 189, ff. 1-74Formation of the Archbishopric in JERUSALEM; position of Arab Christians in the Diocese in JERUSALEM; Diocese in JORDAN, LEBANON AND SYRIA - foundation of the diocese; Diocese in the SUDAN - inclusion of the diocese in the Jerusalem archbishopric1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/189/1-74
LC 251Lambeth Conference 1968: Post-conference: the Jerusalem Archbishopric1967-1968LC/1968/246-251/251
Fisher 175, ff. 14-124Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/175/14-124
Fisher 188, ff. 208-333Diocesan affairs1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/188/208-333
Fisher 247, ff. 124-37 passimSt Augustine's College, City of CANTERBURY - reorganisation and work as a study centre for the Anglican Communion; formation of the Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/247/124-37 passim
Fisher 266, ff. 42-54Proposed transfer of jurisdiction over the diocese in North Africa to the Archbishopric in JERUSALEM1961Fisher/1-271/261-271/266/42-54
Ramsey 159, ff.264-5, 294, 301-2, 305-7, 309, 321-42Correspondence and papers on the appointment of an assistant bishop in the archbishopric in JERUSALEM1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/159/264-5, 294, 301-2, 305-7, 309, 321-42
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