Authorized Form of NameWhipple; Henry Benjamin (1823-1901); bishop of Minnesota
ForenamesHenry Benjamin
Epithetbishop of Minnesota
SourceWho was Who

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LC 25 ff. 233-6Letters from Whipple (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.LC/1888/25/233-6
LC 18 ff. 192-3WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1888LC/1888/18/192-3
LC 13 ff. 83-4Letters from Whipple (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota. LC/1878/13/83-4
LC 43 ff. 30-1, 91, 125WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1897LC/1897/43/30-1, 91, 125
LC 42 ff. 166-7WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1897LC/1897/42/166-7
LC 37 no. 80Photograph of WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1888LC/1888/37/80
LC 19 ff. 34, 198-9, 223, 319-20WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1888LC/1888/19/34, 198-9, 223, 319-20
Tait 99 ff. 175-6WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), Bishop of Minnesota1879Tait/76-104/99/175-6
LC 41 ff. 15-17, 64, 68-9WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1897LC/1897/41/15-17, 64, 68-9
LC 17 ff. 64-5WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1888LC/1888/17/64-5
LC 11 ff. 150-1Letter from Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota, approving a conference and mentioning mission work among the Sioux Indians.4 November 1876LC/1878/11/150-1
LC 12 ff. 20-3Letter from Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota, accepting the invitation and explaining why he thinks the Conference is necessary.14 January 1878LC/1878/12/20-3
LC 38 ff. 59-61, 213-14WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1897LC/1897/38/59-61, 213-14
Tait 86 ff. 51-2Congratulatory letter from WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), Bishop of Minnesota1869Tait/76-104/86/51-2
Tait 178 ff. 109-10, 113-20WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), Bishop of Minnesota1871Tait/161-296/178/109-10, 113-20
MS 2021, f.24Photograph of Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota1862MSS/2021/24
Benson 96 ff.135-6WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin) , Bishop of Minnesota.1891Benson/96/135-6
LC 27 ff. 188-9, 212-13Letters from Whipple (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.LC/1888/27/188-9, 212-13
LC 39 f. 48WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), bishop of Minnesota.1897LC/1897/39/48
LC 45 ff. 22-3Letter from Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota, suggesting the discussion of foreign missions and reunion.28 September 1895LC/1897/45/22-3
Longley 6 ff.302-306Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota3 September 1867Longley/6/302-306
Tait 104 ff. 114-20WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), Bishop of Minnesota1888Tait/76-104/104/114-20
Tait 214 ff. 411-14WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), Bishop of Minnesota1875Tait/161-296/214/411-14
SSJE/6/1/2/8/6Letter from Fr. Benson to Fr. Page3 Jun 1892SSJE/6/1/2/8/6
Tait 89 f. 284WHIPPLE (Henry Benjamin), Bishop of Minnesota1871Tait/76-104/89/284
LC 28 f. 169Speech by John Edwin Sandys, Public Orator of the University of Cambridge, on the presentation for the honorary degree of William Thomson, Archbishop of York, Robert Knox, Archbishop of Armagh, William Conyngham Plunket, 4th Baron Plunket Archbishop of Dublin, William Piercy Austin, Bishop of Guiana, John Medley, Bishop of Fredericton, Edward Ralph Johnson, Bishop of Calcutta, Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota and Henry Cadman Potter, Bishop of New York (printed).18 July 1888 LC/1888/28/169
Longley 6 ff.190-191Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota18 June 1867Longley/6/190-191
Longley 7 ff. 217-218vLetter to Charles Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury from Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota 22 November 1865Longley/7/217-218v
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