Authorized Form of NameChandler; Edward (1668?-1750); Bishop of Durham
EpithetBishop of Durham
DatesAndPlacesBishop of Lichfield 1717; Bishop of Durham 1730
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)

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MS 2029, p. 34Autograph of Edward Chandler, Bishop of Durham (1730)MSS/2028-2029/2029/34a
MS 1373 f. 67Correspondence of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian, 1713-45.2 November 1727MSS/1373/67
MS 1373 f. 92Correspondence of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian, 1713-45.6 November 1730MSS/1373/92
MS 2029, p. 178Autograph of Edward Chandler, Bishop of Durham (1730)MSS/2028-2029/2029/178
F II/58/7Chandler (Edward) D.D.F/2/58/7
F I/F f 128vCHANDLER Edward8 Nov 1717F/1/7F/128v-b
VB 1/7/310Chandler, Edward (Canon of Lichfield Cath.)1731V/B/1/7/310-a1
MS 1373 f. 77Correspondence of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian, 1713-45.9 May 1728MSS/1373/77
MS 1373 f. 96Correspondence of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian, 1713-45.23 January 1731MSS/1373/96
MS 1373 f. 79Correspondence of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian, 1713-45. 6 June 1728MSS/1373/79
FP Robinson 1Correspondence and papers1713-1723FP/Robinson/1
MS 930Miscellaneous Papers1590-1714MSS/929-942/930
SPG V. 272, 295Chandler, Edward, Bp.SPG/5/272, 295
MS 3152 (ff. 117-52)Letters to David Wilkins, scholar1724-1743MSS/3152/115-152
VB 1/6/256Chandler, Edward (Canon of Lichfield Cath.)1717V/B/1/6/256-a1
VB 1/6/255Chandler, Edward (Canon of Lichfield Cath.)1717V/B/1/6/255-a1
F V/1/VII f 56vPEMBER, JOHN6 January 1718F/5/1/7/56v-a
F V/1/VIII f 127JACKSON, RICHARD9 October 1724F/5/1/8/127-b
F V/1/IX f 81HUNTLEY, RICHARD28 April 1727F/5/1/9/81
F V/1/IX f 136JACKSON, EDWARD7 January 1729F/5/1/9/136-b
F V/1/X f 96vSHILLINGFLEET, ROBERT18 July 1732F/5/1/10/96v
F V/1/X f 133CHANDLER, WADHAM16 May 1733F/5/1/10/133
F V/1/XI f 107vNEALE, GEORGE12 September 1738F/5/1/11/107v
FP IXVOLUME IX: General Correspondence1703-1733FP/1-40/9
VB 1/7/298Chandler, Edward (Canon of Lichfield Cath.)1730V/B/1/7/298-a3
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