Authorized Form of NameChurch of England in Australia; 1962-1981
Corporate NameChurch of England in Australia
RelationshipsThe antecedents of the Church were in the 19th century. Thomas Scott was appointed Archdeacon of Australia under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Calcutta in 1825, and was succeeded in 1829 by the William Grant Broughton, who was consecrated the first (and only) Bishop of Australia in 1836. Gradually, new dioceses were formed. The Diocese of Tasmania was created in 1842. Five years later, the Diocese of Australia was sub-divided into the separate Dioceses of Adelaide, Newcastle and Melbourne, and in subsequent decades the number of dioceses increased. The Church of England in Australia came into effect on 1 January 1962. From 1981 it was known as the 'Anglican Church of Australia'. For the earlier Australian Church, see: 'Anglicans in the Antipodes : an indexed calendar of the papers and correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury, 1788-1961, relating to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific', compiled and edited by Ruth Frappell, Robert Withycombe, Leighton Frappell, Raymond Nobbs (1999).

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