Authorized Form of NameTalbot; George (c.1522-1590); 6th earl of Shrewsbury
Title6th earl of Shrewsbury
DatesAndPlacesknight bachelor 1547; member of the council of the north May 1549-1590; captain-general of the footmen in the army in the north 1557; knight of the Garter 1561; joint lieutenant-general in the north, and lord lieutenant of the counties of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire 1565
ActivityCustodian of Mary, queen of Scots
RelationshipsOn 28 April 1539, in London, he married Lady Gertrude (d. 1566/7), eldest daughter of Thomas Manners, first earl of Rutland, and his second wife, Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Paston of Paston, Norfolk.
He had seven children with his first wife:
Francis, Lord Talbot, who in 1562 married Anne, daughter of William Herbert, first earl of Pembroke, but who pre-deceased his father;
Gilbert Talbot (d. 1616), who became the seventh earl;
Edward, who succeeded his brother Gilbert as the eighth earl;
Catherine, who in 1563 married Henry, Lord Herbert; Mary, who married Sir George Savile of Barrowby, Lincolnshire;
and Grace, who married Henry, eldest son and heir of Sir William Cavendish of Chatsworth.
His second wife, whom he married in London on 1 November 1567, was the thrice-widowed Elizabeth, Lady St Loe, better known to posterity as Bess of Hardwick.Although Shrewsbury had no children with his second wife, his son Gilbert and daughter Grace married children of Bess's from her second marriage, to Sir William Cavendish.
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)

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