Authorized Form of NameLamplugh; Thomas (c1615-1691); Archbishop of York
EpithetArchbishop of York
DatesAndPlacesBaptised 1615. Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, and subsequently (1676) Bishop of Exeter and (1688) Archbishop of York
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)

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F I/D f 9vLAMPLUGH Thomas D.D.28 Jun 1670F/1/5D/9v-b
F II/11/74a-bLAMPLUGH Thomas D.D.28 Jun 1670F/2/11/74a-b
F I/D f 138LAMPLUGH Thomas D.D.11 Nov 1676F/1/5D/138-a
F V/1/III f 28READE, WILLIAM13 December 1679F/5/1/3/28-b
MS 3152 (f. 50)Letter19 September 1649MSS/3152/50
F II/17/60Lamplugh, Thomas D.D.11 Nov 1676F/2/17/60
Arches A 2 ff. 23-24,27,30,41,49,69,76BAYLYE V LAMPLUGH1661-1662Arches/A/2/23-24,27,30,41,49,69,76
Arches G 7/2BAYLYE V LAMPLUGH1661Arches/G/7/2
VB 1/3/287Lamplugh, Thomas1676V/B/1/3/287-a4
Arches D 129BAYLYE V LAMPLUGH1662Arches/D/129
F V/1/III f 48KENDALL, NICHOLAS4 April 1681F/5/1/3/48-b
F V/1/IV f 34vBUDGELL, GILBERT25 October 1681F/5/1/4/34v-b
F V/1/IV f 41ALEXANDER THOMAS17 February 1690F/5/1/4/41
CM XI/92Royal letters patent setting up a commission to reform the liturgy and canons and ecclesiastical courts.17 Sep. 1689CM/11/92
VB 1/3/287Wiseman, Sir Robert1676V/B/1/3/287-a7
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